The Spiritual Nature of the Heart – The Seat of the Lower Soul

While many perceive the heart as being the “spiritual center” of the body and the aspect where divine knowledge is received and processed by the body, this is not an entirely accurate model, and is the result of misinterpretation of various sorts. In order to look at this from a different model, that will allow us to see it in a new way, the spiritual body is laid out as an energetic hierarchy of “spiritual centers” that acts as an operational system for bringing pure consciousness into the material body, giving it life, while animating it with a personality. This 7-fold hierarchy, is further broke down into an upper triad and a lower triad, joined together by the heart-center. It’s also looked at as the upper triad being of the spirit-mind, and the lower tetrad (4) being of the material body, of which the heart is included as the highest aspect of our lower nature. The heart represents the horizontal plane of the material reality, and the mind (the upper 3) as the vertical plane in which divine energy as consciousness flows down from “above”, entering the body through the three upper centers of the head and brain, which controls the body through the nervous system and the endocrine system. When these two (mind and body) intersect as a vertical and horizontal flow of intelligent energy, it forms a cross representing equilibrium as a unified being that’s both mind and body, divine and animal.

The 3 upper chakras represent the Supernal as the trinity or 3-fold nature of the mind and consciousness as a gradient between higher and lower aspects of itself. It exists in its original state as 3-fold in nature, and is not manifest or formed in the physical sense (which is represented by 4, or the cube), but acts to create an “inner state” that becomes the basis for the outer physical equivalent. Consciousness is not “of the brain”, but rather operates the brain as the regulatory organ of the body. This trinity as a triad is based purely on thought and imagination which forms the basis as a conceptualization or internal representation that provides the template for physical manifestation as its outer expression. The mind is the faculty in which energy as intelligence is shaped into an image as the perceptual model or vibratory frequency that’s superimposed over the outer world (looked through), producing a corresponding outer expression.

Intelligence as qualities of consciousness in their purely potential state, enter the body through the crown chakra as the active component, that’s received by the Pineal as the passive receptor, and formed into an astral image in the imagination, which is then developed into an applicable idea by continuing to think about it. Our inner voice thinks and speaks it into reality by stimulating and informing the body. Our thoughts as imagined ideas, operate the nervous system through electrical impulses as a form of communication where the mind actually operates the body through the nervous system of the spine, stimulating the endocrine system which produces hormones as the chemical equivalent of our thoughts, that both alter the body’s vibratory-conscious state, and produce internal biological operations and natural behaviors that are all a part of the same idea. And through this creative process, bring the invisible imagined idea into existence as a physical correspondence.

vitruvian man

The heart center, the first lower energy center to receive the formulated idea as an imagined thought, absorbs the electrical impulses, altering the chemistry of the blood, which circulates throughout the body modifying and regulating the state of all the material organs to vibrate at the same rate, while also connecting us to that idea in the outside world. It’s through the heart that we both send and receive information of a sensory nature. By altering the chemistry of the blood through electrical impulses, we alter the state and health of the entire body. The adrenals produce the emotions of the thought, the kidneys act as a filtering system, and the sexual organs energize and give birth to the idea as a living offspring.

The heart is the seat of the soul for the “lower soul”, associated with material reality and the animal body. It’s through the heart that we radiate and absorb information from and about our physical environment that’s sensory in nature, and driven by the sexual impulse, which regulates its intensity. Emotions are the language of the material realm that act to regulate our lower nature through automatic behaviors that require “no thought” to produce. All emotional energy which is being projected by everything around us is received into the body through the heart, where the information is separated into whatever is pertinent to every aspect in producing an experience of it, then distributed to that organ or aspect for processing and integration as a means of adjusting the state of the body to match its environment. Out of literally billions of bits of information being received continuously from the environment at any given moment, only 8 to 40 bits is sent to the brain for sensory processing and decoding, while the rest is downloaded into the body as “intuition”. It’s through our “gut feeling” that we accurately read and understand the outside world.

It’s not through our thoughts that we connect with the outside world, but rather through feeling sensations and emotions. On the physical plane, which is governed by our subconscious mind and lower, instinctual nature, we are being “operated“ in a largely instinctual fashion to behave according to the emotions we’re experiencing without actually thinking (reasoning) or consciously making a decision. Anytime we’re in our emotions as a reactive state, or being “charged”, we’re predominately unconscious and our emotions take control and begin directing and determining our thoughts, which is our creative power.

The seat of the human soul, as our personal and individual soul, lies in the 5th chakra, which functions as our voice, which in the silent mode is “thought”, and in its outer mode is speaking and talking. What we speak, is a reflection of our inner thoughts and is the willful action that serves to call forth the reality of our thoughts by organizing the elements of the outer environment to match our inner imaginings. Thought is vibration as pure consciousness that’s formed into an idea through the imagination, which adapts it to individual mind, modifying it, and becomes their own personal thoughts. Our thoughts come as both an inner hearing or knowing and as an image or vision. What we picture and see in our minds eye, we think about by defining, assigning attributes and meaning, explaining through reasoning, describing as a form of observing, and conforming it in a way that can be applied meaningfully to our everyday life in order to self-create by way of them. We first create (develop) an idea internally by thinking about it, as an internal dialogue that shapes and conforms it, then by speaking it, transmitting that same idea to others and the outside world, forming it in their minds as well, as a way of initiating, eliciting cooperation and attracting it as a joint reality and outer experience of what originates as an internal experience.


The heart is the receptor for material information, and the Pineal is the passive receptor for spiritual, conscious information that’s not born of the material realm, but comes in intact and whole. Thought and sensory feeling, is when pure thought moves down into the material realm of the body, where it stimulates and produces the sensory-emotional equivalent, which is necessary to attract and transmit and produce the behaviors for manifesting it as an actual outer experience. In the material realm, thought and emotion are always married as masculine and feminine aspects of each other, and are always equivalent as complementary opposites. One influences and produces the other, and one is always the natural response of the other in a cause and effect relationship. The only question is, which one is active and therefore dominant, and which one is non-active and therefore acting as the passive vehicle for the other. Thoughts are either producing the emotions that are of the same nature, or emotions are producing thoughts of the same nature. Our mind is either operating our body, or our body is operating our mind. In the ideal situation, this moves back and forth based on what is most appropriate and needed for adjustment of our overall being of which they’re both a part, yet the mind should always be in constant control of utilizing this regulatory process by using the body as a passive receptor for information obtained from the environment, by rendering itself passive to the body, or by allowing instinct as immediate and automatic reaction of an emotional nature to act as a means of protecting and preserving the body in a healthy state.

Just as the heart connects and regulates the flow of information from both the upper and lower in a harmonious fashion, the human soul connects and acts as a medium for the higher soul (self) and the lower soul (animal), and formulates itself out of the combination. The individual soul draws down archetypal identities from the universal soul as a means for shaping itself as an individual that’s unique from everyone else and self-determined, while also being able to draw on the personality of the lower self, which is emotional in nature and lacks individuality and sees itself as part of a greater whole in which it’s just like everybody else (the herd mentality). The lower self operates out of conformity that robs us of our individuality and ability to willfully self-create by investing us in the group mind of mass consciousness of an animal like nature where we’re merely a part of a species driven by instinct regulated by emotions. We fall prey to automated behavior that are self-creative and come without thought or reasoning.

Likewise, there are two kinds of intuition; one of the material plane where we receive information “about” the material plane as a whole, which is received and distributed through the heart, and of the spiritual plane that contains higher knowledge of things not of the material plane, which is summarized through the throat and comes as “thoughts of a universal nature” (non-personal). While many think intuition is a function of the Pineal, this isn’t entirely accurate, the Pineal receives ideas as imagery, but thought as our inner hearing metabolizes and discerns what’s received, vibrating it outwardly. Intuition is of a unified nature, which comes by developing our intuition in a conscious manner, and acts to identify the spiritual component that underlies and acts to motivate material reality as seeing into its inner nature, and knowing it as it actually is, rather than as it appears outwardly. Higher forms of intuition come as a marriage of mind and heart.

Dr. Linda Gadbois