Business Projects – Church Ranch Veterinary Wellness Center

Church Ranch Veterinary Wellness Center

Westminster, Colorado


30,000 sq. ft, veterinary hospital (largest in Colorado, maybe the whole country), full service state-of-the-art hospital with multiple surgical (laser) suites, dentistry, Endoscopy, Radiology, Ambulance Service, Training Center and Pet Resort with VIP Suites, and Travel Agency.

Project took 2 years to fully design, and a little over a year to build. I used an entirely new business model for floorplan and functionality, and for the standards and method of practice. I was hired as a management consultant in the previous practice, then was asked to help design and build the new practice. I served as the business partner/owner, project manager for the construction phase, and acting CEO from 2000 – 2008.

It was the first Veterinary Hospital of it’s kind, the largest in the state of Colorado, and maybe in the United States. We opened for business on Ground Hog day (Feb. 2nd.) 2004.  We were awarded “Hospital of the Year” by the Veterinary Hospital Management Association, for 2 years in a row: 2004 & 2005

I then toured the country giving presentations and teaching workshops on the unique design, flow pattern, and management structured required to run it.

CRVWC_entry_wayDesigned to look like “Old Colorado Mining Building”

CRVWC_pet_taxiPet Taxi and Ambulance

CRVWC_DentalDental Suite

CRVWC_endoscopyEndoscopy – rigid and flexible

CRVWC_treatmentTreatment Area

CRVWC_treatment_wet_tablesTreatment Area

Treatment area with large ICU and surgery observation windows on both sides, and an open ceiling with skylights for natural lighting during the day

CRVWC_exam_roomExam room

CRVWC_exam_2Exam room

CRVWC_exam_liftExam with lift table

Exam rooms were set up on a “Pod” method where 1 Doctor worked 3 exam rooms with a nurse and assistant out of a business alcove that was complete with computer station, and small pharmacy with supplies, which worked in a rhythmic format based on high density scheduling.

CRVWC_business_alcoveBusiness alcove – a “pod” serviced 3 exam rooms and a medical team


CRVWC_labLab area

A open hallway with a pharmacy on one side and the lab on the other side, centralized and adjacent to the treatment area

CRVWC_surgerySurgery Suite – Laser surgery

CRVWC_live_surgeryDouble Surgery Suite with heated tables

Double surgery suite capable of conducting 3 surgeries at the same time. Tables were hydraulic and heated.

CRVWC_boardingPet Lodging with VIP suites

CRVWC_daycareDoggy Daycare

Pet Resort – Lodging, VIP Suites (small room with a window, bed, glass door, and TV) and Doggy Daycare, with a Jacuzzi for physical therapy and recovery.

This was the first Veterinary Hospital of it’s kind and design, and won several awards, including Hospital of the Year 2 years in a row, and most innovative floor plan for greatly improving service times, privacy, and a personalized experience for the client and patients.

I conducted workshops and toured internationally doing seminars and providing personal consulting for doctor Entrepreneurs, Practice owners, and Management staff.

Business Consultation

Professional Development


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