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Dr. Linda Gadbois

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Bring the “Art” back into Practicing”

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Services for Pursuing Excellence in your Field

My services are best suited for anyone whose profession requires them to “perform” their service while employing advanced communication skills and skill in applied psychology, and develop beneficial long term relationships with their clients or patients. Anyone who works with others in a direct fashion to help them achieve optimal results of some kind.

Any professional who is in a leadership role, manages others, trains or teaches others, instructs and guides, counsels, or who mediates and negotiates.

Those whose method and style of practicing requires them to practice with high morals and well-defined ethics. Whose spiritual life is a priority in everything they do.

Mastery - wearing many hats

Key Benefits:

• We help you to develop the skills to master your own state-of-mind.

• Improve your psychological skills and your ability to be more effective in all areas of your life.

• Learn the actual skill for activating latent potential and calling it forth to develop it into a natural part of your personality.

• Learn how to apply the knowledge you have to produce desired results.

• Learn how to increase the quality of your life by forming more empowering perceptions and relationships.

• Use your mind and the power of choice and will to transform your life.

• Learn how to Self-Create – strategically participate in the creative process to manifest your ideals.

• Walk your Talk.

• Learn what it means to co-create a more fulfilling and purpose driven life.

• Take control of your Life – become the person you want to be.

Balance and mastery

If this is the first time you’re considering my services, I offer complementary consultations to make sure we can provide you with the services you need and to ensure we’re a good fit:

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is designed to be a form of coaching where we first learn skills and different methods for consciously creating, then we practice implementing them into your day-to-day routines to produce observable results. It’s not enough to “know” the concepts and ideas behind techniques, but you have actually have to be able to “live the knowledge” transforming it into personal experience. When we create experiences of knowledge we acquire it as wisdom. The experience allows for self-realization that integrates the knowledge into our “core model” (paradigm) that serves as a perceptual lens that structures our personal reality as a correspondence.

No where in our educational system are we taught how our own mind-body system operates or the skill required in operating it in an intentional and deliberate manner in order to self-create. Personal skills empower you with the ability to express yourself in new and more dynamic ways as a means of actively creating within your own life and transforming it intentionally as a result. My services are designed to not only educate and inform you on self-knowledge, but to also provide the instruction necessary for “how to actually do it” by applying it in your life to create immediate results. I help you turn knowledge into practical skills through actual application.

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Areas of Your Life I can help You Create, Develop, and Transform

• Achieving Self-Mastery and the ability to consciously create your life with intention and purpose

•  Learn to create and maintain Relationships that help transform and grow you in very positive ways

• Creating passionate relationships that are intimate, gratifying and deeply fulfilling

• Professional development for personal excellence and enhanced performance

• Mind – spiritual development as daily practice

• Excellent physical, emotional and mental health

• The ability to express yourself in new and more creative ways

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Mentoring differs from Coaching in the sense that you practice “how your Being” or the quality in which you perform the act as much as the act itself. It’s “how” we do things that becomes true expressions of our personal style. We practice various techniques and “skill sets” by first embodying the proper “qualities” and state-of-mind that are most appropriate for performing the desired task and enhancing our ability to express ourselves. We form awareness of how you’re using your mind currently to create your perceptions, form inner representations, what you tell your self about things that give them meaning, which form basic attitudes that have natural behaviors inherent in them. We then consciously design “new programs” to literally rewire your mind to run a new program that will produce different results. I help you to know how to actually use skills within your own life to become a conscious and powerful creator.

A mentor acts like an objective observer to help you stay focused on the skill at hand, while giving you consistent feedback and helping you to modify your approach accordingly. .

If you’ve ever suffered the frustration of knowing how powerful knowledge is, but just can’t seem to figure out how to actually use it, apply it to a variety of situations, or develop the outlook or attitude that would help you to “pull it off,” then mentoring would be a valuable service to consider. It would provide you with a creative, collaborative, thinking partner who could coach you through developing the action plan, help you develop the proper quality of character, witness the process, then discuss and evaluate the results, and alter the strategy to optimize effectiveness, then cheer-lead you on to repeating and ultimately perfecting your performance.

On top of the world

Mentoring will Provide You with:

• Instruction on “how to” apply the knowledge within your daily life

Coach for ongoing and continuous support

Advise and give ongoing Guidance

Counseling for personal Healing

Develop personal skills in all areas of your life – significantly improving the quality of your life

Create more gratifying and fulfilling experiences

Become empowered in your own life by having more choices of tools to work with

The ability to not only control your emotions, but use them as a tool for influencing others

Become fully awake in your daily life

Heal yourself of unproductive/sabotaging tendencies that are ultimately destructive

Transforming negative qualities and traits into positive and creative ones

Transforming habitual behaviors and addictions

Creating a vision for yourself and your life then strategically executing it

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The journey in life begins the minute you commit to your vision,

and then take the action necessary to make your vision a reality . . .

The hardest part of any journey is taking the first step . . .

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Mentoring for Personal Transformation

Spiritual Mentoring and Counseling


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