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Shamans are probably what can be considered the original Holistic Doctors. They worked from an extensive knowledge base of Natural and Spiritual Sciences that perceive the person as whole rather than parts that were independent of the whole. They are taught out of what we might call right-brain, lunar knowledge, that perceives life as unified and in a state of interconnection as a dynamic relationship . They are trained to use their intuitive faculties of unity, interconnectedness and synthesis to form basic perceptions. They have great abilities to interpret symbolic imagery and have an acute knowledge of the Law of Correspondences, Analogies, and the dynamic use of storytelling as Metaphor.

In all Esoteric Teachings, everything is broke down into energetic terms as the essential nature that underlies all living systems as the point where all of life exists in an intimate relationship of interdependence. This is to not only view all of life from its most fundamental level, but also because it allows a neutral model that can be used to interpret and conceive of all living systems in terms of behavior and interactive qualities. It allows a rich comprehension of energy as feeling qualities, emotions, belief complexes and habitual attitudes and how these manifest into various physical effects. Physical effects that not only determined character development of the individual, but also what illness and diseases they were prone to as an energetic correspondence within the Chakra system of the body. By developing their spiritual faculties or super-senses to a high level allows them to perceive the underlying nature governing all of life which is the “causal realm”.

Dreaming into Being by Linda Gadbois

In purely energetic terms, at the base level of plasma, which can be thought of as the stuff of thought-forms that coagulate within the astral field of the etheric body, what becomes expressed is based on an imbalance. The imbalance is created as a polar emphasis on a particular quality, aspect or attribute. Because disease is always due to an imbalance brought on by pressure or by where, or in what way the system is being stressed, in order to bring the system back into equilibrium, you have to introduce the polar opposite in order to shift the degree of emphasis. Energy, in its neutral and natural state, has an intelligence of its own that always seeks to equalize a living energetic system. To balance and restore it back into a harmonious state.

We have to form an understanding of energy as qualities of vibratory frequencies, which when identified through a form of classification, form a whole chain-of-association in terms of colors, sounds, aromas, herbs, plants, stones, function of objects, geometric shapes, and so on. To increase an effect and quicken the time necessary to manifest, you must increase the correspondences. Create a harmonious state. The greater the correspondences, the more immediate the natural effect. This was performed through various ceremonies, rituals, charms and spells that were considered miraculous and therefore referred to as Magic. This works off of the principle of “like begets like”. We attract to us, and are attracted by things of a similar nature or vibratory quality. Increase the likeness and we increase the attractive ability.

The primary basis for “likeness” as our soul’s essence or nature, also recognized that our bodies are the product of our environment. Our bodies are made of and sustained by the same material substances that exist naturally in our immediate surroundings. So all materials as corresponding elements were present and gathered within our immediate environment, the one of our daily life. No exotic elements from other places were brought in because they were not of a like nature to us in the ultimate sense. Natural healing took place through food, herbs, flowers, stones and the energetic influence of the people you were in direct relationship with in your everyday life.

Shamanic trance

Shamans as Psychologist

Shamans posses great psychological skills, and psychic abilities that come from well-developed spiritual faculties. Through an understanding that the primary and intimate understanding of the interconnectedness of the mind-body and how they exist in a natural alignment or form of atonement. They exist as intimate and indigenous correspondences of the Soul or Higher Mind. The problem that most people have in understanding this is they don’t recognize and remain unaware of the subconscious, or higher conscious aspects of their own nature. Of their true “Self”. Shamans always tune into the essence of the soul and consciousness of all living systems and perceive everything as a harmonic correspondence or a kind of chain-of-association.

Shamans are what can be considered the first psychologist. Back when the mind-body were considered one thing and not broke up into fragmented parts to be dealt with separately. This is because psychology is basically the energetic expression of an indigenous system. By tuning into the subconscious, invisible realms of conscious energy, they could identify a contradiction in what the conscious mind was making up and perceived as real and what the subconscious, energetic body was actually formed of. Shamans can realize areas where the individual was unconscious, aspects and traits they were in denial around and had repressed as a result by judging them as being undesirable or bad in some way.

By journeying to the lower worlds of the subconscious mind, the level of the shadow, they can heal fragmented aspects by simply integrating them back into the system as a natural aspect of the personality. Once it is fully integrated and able to be expressed in a healthy and natural way, it is discharged energetically, and healed spontaneously as a result by reestablishing harmony and inner peace. It resolves inner conflict that serves to fragment consciousness.

Soul Retrieval

Shamans, not only view the mind-body as a whole energetic system of vibratory essence, but also work from the fundamental level of the soul as the creator of the personality which forms the identity which spontaneously births the ego when undergoing external stress. The Mind, when traumatized, fragments into dissociated aspects of itself. These aspects become sub-personalities that remain within the individual as non-cohesive and as a form of internal conflict as self-sabotage. Aspects of the self that work against each other through a form of contradiction as different perspectives with different agendas which operate primarily outside of our conscious awareness.

Shamans work with a form of hypnosis to reintegrate fragmented aspects into a form of coherence. Fragmented aspects of the mind that can’t be integrated, because they are not indigenous to the soul, they are walk-ins, attachments or possessions, are interpreted for their value and purpose, and then released from the system. They are returned to the Universe of life-force energies to be recycled or reassigned in a way that they can benefit someone else.

When a soul/mind is traumatized and aspects of it shatter, and other entities take their place, the soul becomes diminished and looses power. This is easy to identify in those who have bad experiences and “are never the same” again. It’s almost as if it changes “who” and how they are. Their personality and basic behavior changes immediately after the event that traumatized them. The Mind, once fragmented or shattered often doesn’t regain the lost parts. They have to be “called back”. Aspects are retrieved and integrated back into the soul in order for the soul to regain its power and original fullness of its energetic essence.

Soul Doctor


So Shamans heal not only the body and mind, but also the soul. They are the truest form of Holistic Practitioner. Soul healing directly deals with karma and residual energetic imprinting that forms behavioral tendencies in the current life. So healing performed by a Shaman is restoring the “whole Self” to an equalized state of harmony. This is true healing that takes place at the most fundamental level of the soul’s energetic essence. This is the primal aspects of the “Self” that forms a complex of energetic information that is carried from life-time to life-time. The energetic essence that becomes the primary building blocks for evolving forms of physical expression within different circumstances and conditions that is of the same nature and likeness.

Shamanic Journeying

Transformation - altered states

Shamanic journeying to the underworld is a sophisticated and highly developed form of rapport, hypnosis and magnetism. It’s a true form of what we might call inter-dimensional shifting. The journey to the underworld is symbolic of the lower-mind of the body and in nature as the instinctual field as the greater mind-field that pervades and connects all of life. Animal spirits are living forces as qualities of consciousness. Our subconscious mind is our instinctual mind and speaks the language of symbolism. The languages of images, qualities, emotions, colors, and relates to metaphors. It is archetypal in nature. Shamans deeply connect to nature, animals, cycles, the cosmos and the invisible realms of subtle energy.

Shamans – as originally formed from Hermetic Sciences – as art and science before they became separated, were viewed as the right-brain and left-brain function of the same thing. Science was recorded, communicated and passed down through art as objective symbolism that had to be interpreted in order to be understood. This required great knowledge of Universal Principles known as the Natural Sciences and Healing Arts. Science was the knowledge; art was the application and performance of the knowledge.

Knowledge had to be intuited to be understood for its practical value. It had to be interpreted through the imagination of the individual. It operated as principles that when interpreted, were done so through the application to specific life circumstances, eras of time and natural cycles, and by the individual mind in who was applying it. This unique feature made it a “living system” of holistic knowledge that maintained its power and potency throughout the ages.

Each time it was used, it formed a new variation as a probability of the same principles as applied to unique circumstances and situations through the mental filters of the individual. The knowledge, because it had to be interpreted, was personalized by the individual which worked perfectly according to their level of development, beliefs and values. Because knowledge can only be apprehended through experience, the art of interpretation required the imagination of the individual to first create an internal experience that was used to shape and give definition to the outer experience. Meaning as the basis for experience, became the common denominator.

Past Life Regression – Soul Recognition

Through the gateway to other states and dimensions

Spiritual Healing is healing that deals with the “source” as the soul/spirit, or the eternal self. It is healing that addresses the cause rather than manipulating the effect. It does not seek to heal the body, although it can and ultimately does, but rather heals the energetic imprint or conditioned pattern as an emotional belief that creates a complex or interactive dynamic, which causes problems or manifests in very undesirable ways. Shamanism works at the multidimensional level of the Soul which spans many life-times simultaneously. What some don’t realize is that any aspect healed at the soul level in “one life”, spontaneously heals the same aspect in “all lives”. The Oversoul or Higher Self, is creating at multiple dimensions all at the same time. The perception of time is a man-made (produced by the mind) concept necessary for creating experience. We create a model of past and present in order to create a linear and logical experience of multiple lives, but in reality, they are all unfolding in the same moment.

Another way we can look at this, is that we exist as not only multidimensional Beings, but on multiple levels of existence while living multiple lives all based on the same Soul essence. Quantum Physics tells us that time doesn’t really exist, and while logically we have difficulty perceiving this, we can experience it when we regress into what we refer to as past lives. In Shamanism, various levels of experience accessible through what we call hypnotic trance, is referred to as Journeying to the Underworld. Into the subconscious mind which is memory based and emotionally driven. This journeying into the self, allows for soul recognition at the various levels of existence.

This is the true power of Past Life Regression as a profound healing modality. It’s not to glorify or take an ego interest in another existence, it is to recognize “patterns” as life themes that are being played out at multiple levels. Though we have trouble seeing our own tendencies in our current life because we are directly associated to them, and have a mental model that perfectly creates them, when we see the same idea or pattern as a dynamic being acted out in a life that we are dissociated from, like looking at someone else’s life, we can see the tendencies clearly. Because the same consciousness that is living both lives is doing the “seeing”, acting as the witness, it allows immediate recognition of those same tendencies in the current life. Once we are able to see our own tendencies, make what is unconscious, conscious, it not only loses its power over us, but we can now correct it by making new choices in the present situations that it is being expressed.

The space between dimensions

We can only heal what we are aware of. We can only work consciously in our life through self-awareness and the ability to self-direct as a result. The significance of Past Life Experience in healing is that we are acting out the same patterns of cause and effect, the same Karma. We are acting it out in both (all) lives because the same soul (ours) is living at multiple levels and being shaped by the same qualities, tendencies and characteristics. Sometimes, just the experience of them is all it takes. Once we make the connection of the same ideas as themes being acted out on multiple stages within different settings, we heal it simply by virtue of becoming conscious of it. Most patterns only grip us and act to control our life in some way because we are unaware of them and don’t recognize our part in acting them out. We are asleep to them. They form unconscious impulses or a series of triggered emotional reactions that run whole programs as behavioral patterns. It’s like hitting an icon on your desktop, which activates and runs a predetermined program that operates within a structured design that only performs certain functions. Triggered emotional reactions run the same behavioral dynamics every time they are triggered, and are completely predictable.

So what we call spiritual healing is a form of self-knowledge as soul-recognition. Bringing what is unconscious as shadow aspects into the light of awareness where we can see what compels them, triggers them as a chain-reaction, and in what ways we fall asleep to them when they are activated. We can see the illusion we create that justifies and serves to co-create them as a natural part of our psyche. Like being possessed by an emotional entity we imagine to be beyond our control. All healing is self-healing. We are only healed through the actual experience, not as an intellectual interpretation dictated by somebody else. Past Life Regression is only meaningful through personal experience, not through psychic interpretation of someone else telling you about a life. We only learn and fully self-realize, through the experience of it.

Esoteric Sciences

Shaman journey through the astral plane

The term esoteric meaning: inner, hidden, secret, feminine aspect or belonging to the select few; was deemed so because it took a higher level of knowledge and intuitive ability to understand. It also deals with the invisible, energetic realms of subtle energy and an acute ability to work with it skillfully, which warranted the term “magick”. Like a miracle, its operations could be observed, and effects real, but not explained or understood by those who lacked knowledge. It took an in-depth knowledge of the Spiritual Arts and Natural Sciences which could only be obtained through devoted study, personal application, or by living/practicing the knowledge to create a personal experience of it, which took years of patience and discipline. This devoted practice was only undertaken by an initiate.

Exoteric, meaning: outer, external and common; became the basis for religion because it could be communicated to the general public without any special knowledge or abilities. This formed the original separation of spiritual sciences and religious practices. Exoteric requires you to except someone else’s ideas about the spiritual realms of Mind and body, and therefore deny the most primary aspect of esoteric practices which is to always base knowledge on personal experience, never accept someone else’s truth over your own.

Esoteric Sciences rest on the basis that God as a form of mental concept, exists within you, as you. That Nature and all of Life is God as Life-Force Energy that exists at different vibratory frequencies. Personal experience of God is the only way you can know God. Exoteric teaches separation that is twice and thrice removed. It teaches not only that God is outside of you, separated from you, but that you can only access God through the Church and its clergy. Religion in general teaches a reliance on someone else’s interpretation of Holy Scripture. It requires someone else to do your biding for you. It teaches that some have a stronger and more intimate connection with and to God, and therefore know more than you do.

Yet separation, in the ultimate sense not only represents the dual and polar nature of all living forces, but also creates the basis for union and merging back into the whole. This is represented in Alchemy as the Chemical Marriage that sets the basis for spiritualization as a form of purified mind/body that is returned to its original state of unified harmony that forms coherence. Coherence shifts the entire system to a higher vibration and level of consciousness.

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Alchemy – The Art of Personal Transformation

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