Mind / Body Integration

The chakra system of the Subtle Body

Mind-Body Integration is a holistic approach that always keeps the spirit, soul, mind, emotions and physical body synthesized as an organic Eco-system that’s different aspects and functions of the same thing.

Mind / Body Integration is the basic study of how the Mind acts to directly affect the body through various thought-forms as imaginary realities that have an emotional charge around them that form and express beliefs which produce corresponding physical effects or symptoms. In order to gain a clear understanding of this, we have to view the mind through an energetic model, because we first have to define what we mean by “mind”.

The mind, or mind-field as it’s often called, is the energetic essence as positively charged plasma that envelops and informs the body as causal. Energy as primal consciousness (intelligence as Laws that have living patterns inherent in them as behavioral dynamics) stimulates a chain of events that ultimately produce a physical expression of an analogous correspondence. It produces a physical effect of the same nature and likeness through the creative process. The physical is the “effect”, or end result, as the full expression of primal intelligence that stimulates and forms correlating chemistry that literally alters the structure of the body at the cellular level.

Aura (electromagnetic field) of the body. Colors indicate frequencies as qualities currently being embodied, emphasized and expressed at the current moment. Though we have predominant colors as an inherent part of our Soul’s vibratory matrix that stay with us throughout our lifetime, we also fluctuate as phases that stimulate, bring out and express individual qualities based on what were dealing with in our daily life.

Quantum Mind and the Holographic Universe

The body is animated, informed, and fully operated as a by-product of the mind. The mind is the electromagnetic field surrounding the body known as the aura (analogous to the aurora borealis) that also resides in the body as a grounded antenna (rod), that radiates outward in a torus pattern that forms a circular and spiraling doughnut, or tubular shaped flow that creates an egg-like shape as an oval or ovum. It expands and projects outward, then folds back on and into it self, forming a cyclical and rhythmic motion.

The mind works as a systematic and instantaneous stimulus that forms a step-down process of energy becoming matter. It’s an electrical impulse that prompts a chain-of-events that modify and alter the physical body at the cellular level, forming a corresponding and unified “state”. Feelings, form a vibratory frequency that communicates “as” an inspired idea that acts to naturally stimulate a corresponding thought-process as a dynamic unfolding.

When an inspired, metaphorical idea is held in the mind and concentrated on, it evolves into whole realities as living scenarios, that serve to generate corresponding emotions in response to how we form and present the idea to ourselves. The emotions generated in response to our own imaginary thoughts stimulate and secrete hormones through our Endocrine system that act to alter our biological state to match our mental state, creating a congruent experience. Our state-of-mind as our mood determines what we focus on, what perspective we take in how we think about things and how we develop ideas internally to give them meaning. Our feelings, thoughts, emotions and physiology are always aligned and fully expressing the same idea as a personal reality.

We get a feeling (vibration as a pattern/ idea), that then stimulates thought-process of the same nature forming a conceptualized reality, that then stimulate our endocrine system producing corresponding emotions as a natural response to our own thoughts. The interactive quality of the emotions strongly influences how we continue to develop the thoughts as an imaginary reality that forms our inner state. This tunes us to a vibratory frequency that becomes a psychological filter that determines our perception. Our perception matches our inner state as our mood. Our inner state as an imaginary reality expresses the feeling-idea as a story-line that is congruent to the individual identity as an expression created through adaptation that reinterprets it to form a believable and therefore “real” experience. Whatever we believe and fully imagine as an “inner-reality” becomes a template for structuring our external reality as a physical expression or end result.

The Energy Centers of the Body and the Organic Flow of Life-Force Energy


The chakra system of the body creates a form of map of the step-down process for how energy becomes matter. The chain-reaction set into motion by the vibratory frequency as an idea that contains a whole reality in it, forms a corresponding expression at the cellular, biochemical level, producing physical effects as sensations that are distinctly felt within specific areas of the body. The area of our body in which we experience the sensation, which is in reality resonance that forms energetic sympathy, reveals what area, internal system, or major organ shares the corresponding vibration as symbolically being of the same nature, or frequency. The emotional thoughts as a self-created internal, imagined reality form a distinct sensation (tingling, rushing, buzzing, shallow, sinking, heavy, fluttery, etc.) in a specific area of our body. Those thoughts, held in the body (mind) and thought about regularly, lived out repeatedly and habitually in the imagination, will produce a physical effect in the area or organ of the sensation. This is so accurate (based on law) that it can be diagnosed as a prediction, which is the ultimate form of preventative medicine.

The flow of energy as a torus (product of two circles -vesica piscis) as a spiraling, 3-dimensional doughnut shape. This is the basis for what’s called “heart-math”. The heart has the strongest energy field of the entire body and is where the information gathered in the outer rings enter the body to then be distributed and circulated forming the holographic effect.

Mind / Body Integration at its most fundamental level keeps the soul as the “self” fully unified and synthesized and uses this step-down process of energy-forming-matter as a tool for self-creation as self-expression that’s also self-healing. All healing is done at the causal (internal) level of our own mind, and is therefore self-perpetuating. We heal ourselves by how we use our mind as a creative tool. Healing at the eternal level of the soul (energetic essence) is achieved through self-mastery that requires us to choose, and then willfully act out that choice to produce a living reality as our physical body and our life’s story. We are always in charge of our own development and destiny. From a spiritual perspective, we are fully empowered to become whomever we choose to be by our ability to master our own mind and will to create according to our level of consciousness as a direct expression that demonstrates it by becoming it.

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