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Mind-Body Integration is a holistic model and approach that always keeps the spirit, mind, and physical body synthesized as an organic Eco-system that exists simultaneously on different levels as different aspects that play complementary roles in producing a single reality. One of the problems we have in understanding how our own mind works comes in realizing that we actually have two aspects of our mind that are polar opposites of each other, and work harmoniously in producing what we experience as a single reality. Each aspect of our mind plays a different role and specialized function in creating the same thing. While we tend to think of the “mind and body” as being different things that are combined in forming a single being, they are actually diametrical reflections of each other, where the conscious mind forms the subtle body which acts as a blueprint for generating and maintaining the physical body, and the physical body is a byproduct of the subconscious mind, formed as a mirror image or outgrowth of the subtle body. All changes in the physical form come as a direct correspondence to changes made in the subtle or astral form.

Mind / Body Integration is the basic study of how the Mind acts to directly affect the body through thinking and forming ideas into imaginary realities that give rise to correlated emotions that determine how the ideas become expressed in producing a physical correspondence. Our conscious mind uses the subconscious mind as the vehicle for “experiencing itself”, by first forming the “type of experience” it wants internally as a “virtual memory”, that the subconscious uses in place of an actual memory to produce an analogous reality. As we think and imagine our thoughts as inner experiences that imitate actual memories, we literally program our subconscious to produce the reality that corresponds to our thoughts. As we think and emote, we keep our physical body in the same energetic state as our mind. Any imaginary idea we form and then sensationalize so that it mimics an actual experience, serves to “program” our subconscious with the thematic pattern of that idea, which it uses to form an equivalent material reality that provides us with more of that same type of experience and feeling. Any thoughts that have a strong emotional component produce corresponding physical effects or symptoms, not only in the body, but as a corresponding outer experience. In order to gain a clear understanding of this fundamental process of self-creation, we have to view the mind through an energetic model, because we have to begin by defining what we mean when we use the term “mind”.

The mind is an electromagnetic energy-field surrounds and permeates the physical body and is comprised of positively charged plasma that envelops and informs the body as its causal force or creator. This electric-causal force is produced by the higher aspect of the mind referred to as the conscious mind of “will”, which is the “structuring mechanism” associated with “thought”. Energy as primal consciousness (intelligence as living patterns that express as behavioral dynamics) stimulates a chain reaction of correlated events that ultimately produce a physical form as an analogy. The mind produces an outer reflection of itself through a dynamic creative process that illustrates how thoughts become things. As we think we perceive the outer reality of our thoughts as a reflection of our own nature and essence, and our physical body is an inherent part of that same reality. What we experience as the material world that exists all around us is an “effect” or mental projection of our own mind and soul. The vibratory frequency of our mind is an expression of primal intelligence that acts to produce correlating chemistry in our body that literally alters the structure of our body at the cellular level.

The mind surrounds, permeates, and encapsulates the body in what appears as a spherical, egg shape or oval, producing a form of coronal discharge as an aura (electromagnetic field) that surrounds of the body. The colors that make up our aura at any given moment are formed by the frequencies we’re embodying as qualities, modes of consciousness, and emotions currently being amplified and expressed. Though we have predominant colors that are an inherent part of our Soul’s vibratory matrix or Signature Vibration, which stay with us throughout our lifetime as a habitual state of mind and life theme, we also fluctuate through different phases and stages of our life that stimulate, bring out and express individual qualities based on what we’re associating with and dealing with in our daily life.

brain hologram

Quantum Mind and the Holographic Universe

The body is animated, informed, and fully operated as a by-product of the mind. The mind is the electromagnetic field surrounding the body known as the aura (analogous to the aurora borealis) that also resides in the body as a grounded antenna (rod), that radiates outward forming a toroidal pattern that resembles a circular, self-contained sphere of circulating energy. All energy flows in a spiraling or circular movement as a circuit or current based on frequency. This sphere of conscious energy is charged with the frequency of our thoughts and emotions, and is always in an embryonic and malleable state of taking in an idea in it’s seed (archetypal) form, gestating and building it out of our own essence, imbuing it with the same qualities and characteristics as we have, and then birthing it outwardly as a means of experiencing ourselves through our own self-reflection. This dynamic field of charged energy expands and projects outward reshaping everything into an analogous image, perceiving itself on a greater and more inclusive level, and then reverses polarity, and draws its own self-produced image back into itself as an experience that’s translated into a memory. The new memory formed is a variation of its own signature frequency, and as it’s integrated, it serves to evolve the very memory that birthed it. This functions as a constant cycle and rhythmic motion.

The mind exists fundamentally as a “frequency” (holographic model) that acts on the greater field around it to stimulate (electrify) it causing it to organize into a corresponding pattern of the same nature and archetypal theme. It works in a systematic and instantaneous manner as a form of step-down process that converts pure energy into an outer material form, allowing it to perceive and experience itself through its own outer image or garment. The mind is what shapes our perception, and the entire material world is only “knowable” through our ability to perceive it. Our perception is formed out of the “perceptual lens” we “look through”, which is comprised of a dynamic series of mental filters formed out of our beliefs, values, preferences, and memory, all of which comprise our mental paradigm.

Energy becomes matter through our minds ability to form an outer image of itself. Our conscious mind of “thought and will” governs and regulates our physical body (subconscious) using electrical impulses that work through our nervous system to regulate the chemistry of the body keeping it in the same energetic state as our mind. Our mental state at any given moment produces equivalent changes in our physical body, all of which are simultaneously reflected in our outer environment. Our mind and body are always in a coherent and harmonious state, because they’re two complementary aspects of the same mind which work in harmony with each other in forming what we experience as a “single reality”.

Our physical body and what we call the “consciousness of the body” is actually our subconscious, and our subconscious is programmed and directed on what to create using our conscious mind of thought, feeling, and imagination. Whatever thoughts we entertain on a regular basis, which are a byproduct of our mental paradigm, serve as a “directive” that instructs the subconscious on what to build into a material reality, both inwardly as our physical body, and outwardly as the physical reality that’s an extension of our body. All aspects of the material world are formed out of our subconscious, and our subconscious is “seeded” with ideas using our conscious mind of thought and intention. One is always a direct reflection and correspondence of the other, because they’re both formed out of the same mental frequency on different levels and scales, and play different roles in creating the same thing.

When an inspired, metaphorical idea is held in the mind and concentrated on, it evolves into whole realities as living scenarios, that serve to generate corresponding emotions in response to how we form and present the idea to ourselves. The emotions generated in response to our own imaginary thoughts stimulate and secrete hormones through our Endocrine system that act to alter our biological state to match our mental state, creating a congruent experience. Our state-of-mind as our mood determines what we focus on, what perspective we take in how we think about things and how we develop ideas internally to give them meaning. Our feelings, thoughts, emotions and physiology are always aligned and fully expressing the same idea as a personal reality.

Toroidal field of the mind

We get a feeling (vibration as a pattern/ idea), that then stimulates thought-process of the same nature forming a conceptualized reality, which then acts to stimulate our endocrine system producing corresponding emotions as a natural response to our own thoughts. The interactive quality of the emotions strongly influences how we continue to develop the thoughts as an imaginary reality that forms our inner state. This tunes us to that idea as a vibratory frequency that becomes a psychological filter that determines our perception. Our perception of the outer world matches the inner world of our mood. Our mood forms an imaginary reality that expresses how we feel as a story-line formed through a conversation we’re always having with ourselves. As we talk to ourselves we form the reality of our thoughts on the inner plane of our imagination which sets the vibratory frequency for producing an equivalent outer reality, providing us with the means for experiencing ourselves through and as our own thoughts. Whatever we believe and form as a “possible experience” on the inner plane of our imagination, coupled with strong emotions, becomes an energetic template for structuring our external reality to produce an “actual experience” of the same nature and kind. Whatever we imagine with intensity we use as the means for shaping ourselves through the direct experience it produces.

The term “mind body integration” in the most basic sense of the idea it conveys, is a misnomer, because the mind and body exist in a constant state of synthesis while representing different parts of our essential nature. The only thing that makes it appear to be separate, and therefore needing to be integrated, comes in the fact that we have suppressed and disowned certain parts of our own nature and character, where we’ve lost awareness of them, yet they still remain an active part of our overall character and continue to manifest as a part of our outer experiences, causing us to not recognize them as being our own manifestation. This also arises due to the fact that we don’t understand the dual aspects of our own mind and nature. Our subconscious, which is the consciousness associated with our body and what produces our outer perception of reality, is instinctual and animalistic (our body is mammalian), driven by emotions and memory, whereas our conscious mind is creative and willful, and is what acts to take an idea, imagine it as an experience, and use it as a substitute for actual memory in order to direct the subconscious on what to create by building it into the outer reality of perception. So the idea of “integration”, in the most basic sense, means to become aware of the parts of yourself you’ve disowned and rejected, bring them into the light of your rational mind where they can be integrated by finding a healthy and appropriate way to express them. As you express these parts of your character to form experiences, and you draw your experiences back into your mind and convert them to memory, you synthesize them harmoniously into your mental paradigm and they no longer appear to be foreign or antagonistic, where they create in an unconscious way.

Subtle Body

The Energy Centers of the Body and the Organic Flow of Life-Force Energy

The chakra system of the body creates a form of map of the step-down process for how conscious energy becomes matter. The chain-reaction set into motion by the vibratory frequency of thoughts that express an idea as a possible reality, forms a correlated expression at the cellular, biochemical level, producing physical effects as sensations that are felt distinctly in certain areas of the body. Our thoughts produce sensations in particular areas of our body through sympathetic resonance, which reveals what area of our life, internal system, or major organ shares a corresponding vibration in terms of being of the same nature, function, or vibration. Emotional thoughts formed as an imaginary reality that imitates an actual experience, produce a distinct sensation (tingling, rushing, buzzing, shallow, sinking, heavy, fluttery, etc.) in the correlated area of the body. Whatever we think about on a regular basis or in an habitual manner, that we play out consistently in our imagination as a possible or anticipated experience, produces physical symptoms that ultimately become the basis for illness and disease, which result in the area of the body being consistently stimulated.

All illness and disease, in the most basic sense is psychosomatic in their origin and upkeep. When properly understood and worked with in a skillful manner, we can remedy most illnesses and disease using purely psychological processes that involve integrating what we call “shadow aspects” (suppressed parts of ourselves) of our nature back into our mental paradigm where they no longer produce an adverse reaction that ripples energetically throughout our entire mind-body system. Once we understand that all physical conditions originate as a mental condition, not only can we diagnose with a much greater degree of accuracy, but we can also formulate the process necessary for actually helping people “heal” instead of just managing and medicating symptoms, to produce life long customers for drug companies. Viewing and handling the mind and body as a single organism is the true basis of preventative medicine, and for what we now call “energy or vibrational medicine”.

Mental field of the body

All energy is electromagnetic in nature and flows in a circular manner, forming what’s called a toroidal field that connects the inner and outer as being formed by the “same mental frequency”. Our mind is comprised of subtle energy that works through a process of energetic respiration, to both emit, shape, and draw back in it’s own outer image as a means of experiencing itself. Just as the mind and body are actually complementary aspects of the same thing, where one produces and reflects the other, the inner and outer are reflections of each other on different scales and magnitudes. We can know our inner nature, including the hidden, unconscious parts, through our own outer reflection, because the outer world is produced by our subconscious as our whole being. We can recognize the fragmented, harshly judged, and disowned parts of self, because when we see them in “others” or the activities playing out around us, we have a pronounced, negative reaction to them. We judge others in the same way we were judged, and over time, came to judge ourselves, causing our mind to fragment into disjointed parts that were pent against each other as adversaries. Our reaction to our own creation is what allows us to see the parts of ourselves that we need to integrate in a healthy way in order to heal ourselves.

Mind / Body Integration at its most fundamental level keeps the mind, soul, and self unified as a single being , and sees all manifestation as the result of energetic transduction, where an idea in a purely potential state is converted into an analogous material form through sympathetic resonance. Once we understand the creative process our own mind undergoes in creating ourselves and our life experiences, we have the tools necessary for deliberately administering our own growth, transformation, and healing. All healing is something “we do” for ourselves by learning how to use the dual aspects of our own mind the way they’re designed to be used. Our higher mind is causal in nature, and acts to “seed” our lower mind with what we want to create as a means of experiencing ourselves through and as our own creation. We heal ourselves by how we use our mind as a tool for creating. Healing at the eternal level of the soul (energetic essence) is achieved by learning how to operate the polarized aspects of our own mind, which requires us to bring our thoughts and emotions under our control, make conscious and calculated decisions about who we are and how we’re going be, and then willfully act out our decisions to produce a living reality. We are always in charge of our own character, development, and destiny. From a spiritual perspective, we are fully empowered to become whomever we choose to be by our ability to master our own mind and will to create.

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