The Art of Dying – Conscious Transitioning

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Our Soul’s Journey through Time

Death is simply a Birth into the Energetic Realm of Pure Potential. A Deep Relief from the Suffering we Encounter through our Physical Existence. Yet Death is a Profound Process that Must be Undertaken with full Awareness and Conscious Intention in Order to Resolve and Heal the Karma that Sums up this Life while Forming the Basis for Our Souls Continued Evolution in Another Lifetime.


What is Death?

We could think of death as the Soul disengaging from the body, while processing and integrating all of its life experiences into feelings that becomes a permanent part of the Souls core essence. The Soul as a form of subtle energy uses the body as a means of expressing within the physical realm. The Soul comes into a particular lifetime with a purpose that serves its growth in an optimal way. At death, the Soul’s purpose is fulfilled, and like graduating from school, it moves on to a new purpose that will acquire a whole new set of experiences in order to evolve it through self-knowledge. Death is a form of Soul transitioning from one plane to the next.


What happens when we Die?

While there is a general idea or universal process that everyone seems to experience, “how” they experience it in terms of interpretation is based on the individuals belief system and perceptual lens. While there are some differences, how and why those differences occur may be significant to the individual. The experience of death, strangely enough, like life, is based on how we create experiences of what would otherwise be called an objective or neutral reality. We create meaning in death just as we do in life. Our mind as the “experiencer” doesn’t seem to change much. The witnessing faculty is apart of our eternal consciousness and remains fully in tact through the death experience. We actually perceive and witness not only our own death, but our funeral also. We stay with our body for approximately 3-4 days as a means of processing our life experiences. This is why it became traditional to wait 4-5 days after death to bury or cremate the body.


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What is the Purpose of Life?

The most basic purpose of life is to grow and evolve the Soul to a higher state of perfection achieved by acquiring a broad range of experiences that allow it to know itself through specific conditions, circumstances, and personalities. The over-all purpose is self-perfection to a god-like state of virtue and moral purity that releases its attachment to emotional patterns that keep it tied to the physical realm by identifying with the body.

What is Karma and How do we Resolve it?

Karma is the fundamental law of cause and effect. Its unconscious patterns that we repeat that creates themes and behavioral dynamics that we do without full awareness. We have a story built around perceptual patterns that keep us acting them out without direct awareness of how we act to create them. They are fundamental beliefs that form tendencies that develop as apart of our basic personality. Because they are unconscious, they come as impulses, urges or qualities that are stimulated in us from outside sources that have whole perceptual patterns as behavioral dynamics inherent within them.

To resolve karma is to bring awareness to our own tendencies and reactive patterns that allow us to recognize them and consciously choose in the moment to respond in a new and more productive manner. Self-realization and awareness provides us with the basic foundation for transcending perceptual errors that lead to unproductive behavior and form new perceptions that empower us to create new perceptions that empower us in our own life allowing us to tell new stories that shape our experiences while developing us at the same time. Whatever karma we don’t transform through choice and personal will power, we carry forward and repeat the same dynamic interactive patterns in continuing lives.

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What does it Mean to “Prepare” for a “Good Death”?

Preparing for death means to approach it from a conscious perspective and making sure you have resolved unconscious tendencies to the best of your ability. It’s undergoing the forgiveness process so that you let go of any hard feelings, resentment, anger, feelings of betrayal, etc., as well as ask for forgiveness from anyone that you have wronged. It’s can also mean not being afraid because you know what to expect and have thought it out so that you can respond to the experience in a conscious manner without becoming frightened and confused. Death is in reality a continuation of life and has to be approached in as conscious a manner as possible. Anytime we are afraid and allow fear to take hold, we go unconscious and begin creating an illusion in our mind that expresses the fear. We can create illusions in death just as we do in waking life.

The ego as our identity is the conscious mind which is created out of the subconscious personality and is associated with the body. Our identity is about our current life and physical existence. The conscious mind as the ego/identity passes away with the body. So if we don’t let go of our ego as a means of preparing for death, we have a sense of extinction or annihilation which is in fact an illusion in and of itself which can create a pervading feeling of terror or dread. Yet the subconscious mind and the Soul transcend death and integrate this life’s experience into energetic essence called subtle energy as vibratory intelligence that becomes the basis for forming our future personalities. Whatever knowledge we have obtained through this lifetime that we don’t integrate, or whatever unconscious tendencies we carry forward because we were not able to bring them into conscious awareness gets carried forward as karma. Patterns of behavior as feelings that form tendencies.

If we undergo the process of fully integrating experiences into feelings, work through issues around forgiveness, and let go of our attachment to material possessions and roles that we have played in this lifetime, we can resolve unconsciousness, carry forward the progress we have made and not have to repeat similar themes and behavioral dynamics that are imprinted in our mind as deep seated, habitual memories. If we cling to our identity/ego of this lifetime then we mourn our own death and often form a tremendous amount of fear around dying. Yet the true reality is that death is a beautiful experience where we release all emotional pain and suffering and move back into our eternal existence as a Soul which continues evolving.


How do we Escape Death?

We don’t necessarily escape death but rather transcend it. Yet in order to do this we must have a working understanding of the evolutionary process and how we gather, accumulate and process the various experiences that we have from life-time to life-time with different personalities, external conditions, gender, cultures and eras, and life circumstances. Death is in reality a birth into another dimension. The actual experience of it is remarkably similar to the experience of being born . . . the tunnel (birth canal) and the light (coming out of the darkness of your mothers body) and into the world, probably shocked, cold and crying. Until you see your Mothers loving gaze and realize you’re simply in a new reality.

The idea of transcending death really has more to do with not having to be reincarnated back into this dimension and undergo what is in reality mostly about emotional traumas, unpredictable conditions, illness, disease and various forms of suffering by your own hand and acting out unconscious tendencies. In the spiritual realm we don’t die, and so it’s actually the realm where we truly experience “life” as an eternal reality.

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Remembering Our Past Lives

Once we are able to experience our self as a different person, within a different set of circumstances and culture, as a different gender, it gives us a whole new perspective on what we call our Soul as the conscious witness that is always “having the experience”, but not necessarily “in it” or the one acting it out. It’s as if the Soul acquires the experiences of the body and personality first hand, yet from a third person perspective. A past life is not something that a surrogate (psychic) does for you, but rather something you must experience for yourself. Just as all learning comes from experience and the realizations that we form because of them, the significance and karmic affect of a past life can only be realized through the intimate experience of it. How one person interprets an experience is based on their model of the world, and may be very different from your own.

When having the direct experience, even though it may be vague and impressionistic, the emotional meaning of the experiences come through with vivid clarity. The karma being acted out is intimately realized while we simultaneously recognize the same theme being acted out in this life, often with the same players. While having the experience, even though physical appearances are different, we recognize the same Souls playing apart in a past drama that are currently playing apart in that same drama. A form of group karma as an interactive dynamic where we may play different roles within a dynamic, but it’s still the same type of experience being acted out by a group of people who share a karmic theme.

While we have difficulty realizing our unconscious tendencies in this life because we have strong emotional attachments and beliefs build around them, when viewing the same tendency in another lifetime where we are somewhat detached, we can see the theme in very specific terms. We see it clear as day and recognize it as a similar theme that we are acting out again in this lifetime. Once we recognize it and form realization around it, we can see it clearly in our current life situation and it loses its grip. All we have to do to break karma as unconscious tendencies is to become aware of them and own them. Once this happens, it tends to dissolve itself naturally.

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What is the Value of Realizing Other Lives?

While experiencing “other lifetimes” has many benefits in terms of “self/Soul-awareness”, one of it’s primary benefits is that it allows us to fully realize that we are truly eternal beings, and that there is no such thing as death in the ultimate sense, but rather a transitioning from one body, personality, set of circumstances, conditions and culture where we are able to gain a certain type of experience from telling a specific type of story . . . to another one where we obtain an entirely different experience that offers lessons of a completely different nature. It helps us to begin seeing ourselves as the eternal beings we truly are. It helps us to realize that death is simply a doorway through which we willingly walk in order to develop our Soul through an evolutionary process of learning from a variety of experiences.

To view life from different perspectives develops the most natural form of compassion and unconditional love that there is. To honestly understand what someone else is experiencing through their life-circumstances not only prevents us from judging and condemning them, but causes us to naturally reach out in an attempt to help them because we realize what they actually need in order to help themselves. Once we experience the reality of adverse situations and various health problems, we form a natural understanding that creates a form of love for people having the same type of experience.


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How does Accessing Past Lives Heal us at the Soul Level?

The most primary means of healing comes through recognition of karma that we are acting out in this life that we are still unconscious of and so it has a grip on us. Once we wake up to repetitive themes that we are acting out with other Soul groups, we no longer feel compelled to do them because we can see them in a different light than before. What we previously had a fogginess around we now see with crystal clarity. The primary basis of all psychological healing is bringing unconscious, shadow aspects of our Soul into conscious awareness.

The Beauty of Dying

Just as an artist engages fully in the experience of creating by entering into a state of oneness with their own creation, flow as being apart of something greater than yourself, where you lose all concept of yourself as separate and apart from your creation, is one of the most pleasurable experiences there is. The experience of dying is of the same nature. You no longer feel separate, apart from, and painfully alone. Merging joyfully back into the light, beautifully euphoric as an unimaginable freedom, lost in the intensity of it Self.

Many of us have been greatly misled by religious scripture that was reinterpreted with an agenda to control us through fear that uses death as the ultimate weapon by infusing it with threats of condemnation or annihilation. This has been so ingrained in our psyche that most can’t even hear or willingly conceive of another idea. We have been taught to fear death and avoid it at all cost, even if it means enduring great suffering. We further imagine Nature to be cruel because death is engaged in so readily and as a natural part of living itself.

Yet death, in reality is the greatest pleasure we can know. Freedom from the suffering that’s brought on by separation from our true Self, as isolation that induces a foreboding feeling of grief that is relentless and insatiable in the ordinary sense. Death is like the peak experience of an orgasm, pressure that brings excruciating pleasure through its release while flooding us with the incredible feeling of satisfaction that births true contentment as a deep feeling of inner peace.

It’s only by coming into to the true realization of death that we can simultaneously learn how to live fully by embracing the pleasure that life experiences offers. When we embrace death we no longer hold back in life. Our fear of dying prevents us from living fully. We are not timid and shy, but live full out without editing ourselves out of fear of mistakes. We live in exact proportion to how we die. This is why ancient societies put as much emphasis on how they died as how they lived, because they realized it was actually the same thing. Death is in reality a birth. They’re the same act as a transition into a different form of existence. The end is in reality the same as the beginning, the alpha and the omega are the same thing. An octave is a shift from one dimension to another where the note that ends one tonal scale begins the next scale with twice the frequency. It’s a shift to a higher vibration of itself. Death is the enfolding and unfolding of the same thing, the essential nature of the Soul at different levels of existence marked by a higher frequency of the same tone. Life is for the purpose of growing and evolving the Soul through experience that allows it to sense itself as something specific. Life allows us to apprehend knowledge of our self as a specific personality within a set of circumstances that lend itself to telling a certain type of story.

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