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I help people go through any form of major life transition or crisis in a way that utilizes it as the means for personal growth and to develop new personal skills.

Consultations for any form of Self or Life Transformation are very personal in nature and are catered to your specific needs and desire for personal growth. I never use standard or cookie-cutter processes or conventional methods.

The Life Transforming processes I provide always leave you empowered in your own life and provide you with the means for practical application of Higher Knowledge in order to consciously utilize your ability to create in all areas of your life . . .  

The Nature of Personal Transformation

While we are constantly undergoing a form of personal transformation as we go through life and find ourselves in different situations, we go through a progressive version whenever we face challenges, problems, hardship, tragedies, and life crisis of some sort. These situations can leave us feeling confused, torn, emotionally devastated, morally depleted, and deeply insecure, facing the unknown in a terrifying way, while being tossed about emotionally moving violently from one extreme to another. Yet, at the same time, these are the life situations that offer us the greatest opportunity for true growth and personal creativity when they’re undertaken with a sense of awareness, intention, and proper guidance that utilize them for developing new life skills.

Crisis, trauma, and tragedy are the most natural ways we go through transformative processes from a natural and unconscious perspective. Yet most go through them feeling alone, unprepared, and unsure of where it will lead them or what will result. Anyone who has gone through extremely challenging situations knows that our life can change directions suddenly and without warning, and throw us into a tail-spin that is often hard to recover from. Because these situations also tend to be highly emotional, we’re even more prone to making bad decisions, building illusions around them, and developing psychological “issues” and complexes that may stay with us for the rest of our life.

Other times our opportunities for transformation comes through positive new opportunities that are exciting and are what provide us with the means to learn new things and create a new way of being and life, and we simply need guidance and instruction on how to do it proficiently and with confidence and high expectations for success.

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Conscious and Intentional Transformation

Likewise, we can engage in the process of personal transformation as a decision for personal growth in a fully conscious and deliberate manner. Where we initiate and fully facilitate our own growth process with full awareness of what we’re doing and why. When we undertake the process from an intentional and fully aware position, true growth takes place and we gain valuable life skills as a form of self-mastery that stay with us forever. They become ingrained in us as a natural part of our mindset and character.

Waking up in your own Life

We can also wake up abruptly in the midst of what began as a spontaneous and unconscious process of life transformation and move from an unconscious state to a conscious and self-aware one. Many experiences serve the ultimate purpose of waking us up and making us aware of things that are operating in our life that we were previously unaware of. We can often be pushed to our limits and on the verge of or in the midst of a breakdown, have a breakthrough as an epiphany that seems to provide us with the perfect answer to our problem or the awareness that brings us great clarity. Many times we have to be pushed to extremes in order to be able to break well-establish habits and life-long patterns.

Undergoing Transformation with a Full Sense of Awareness 

Regardless of how we go through it, it always helps to have guidance, a compassionate ear, and practical instructions that give us a definite advantage and help us maneuver unfamiliar territory with a sense of awareness and personal creativity. Instead of “surviving” or barely making it through situations, we can use them as the means to practice new mental and emotional strategies and as the basis for developing other situations by way of them that help us to thrive and grow in new and unexpected ways. With the proper coaching and education we can rise up to meet difficult situations with a sense of confidence, sound decision making, and deliberate and well-thought out actions that serve as the basis to transform us and all our life situations at the same time and through the same act.

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What I can Help you with

I can help you face the challenges of your life with a sense of empowerment and creativity! I can help you learn the techniques for using your mind to create the change you desire in a way that will improve your life and bring greater forms of fulfillment in all areas of your life!

I provide the education for developing psychological skills and greatly enhancing your personal performance by embodying and expressing new qualities and ways of being. I can help you to overcome poor self-esteem, insecurity, a lack of confidence, not feeling good enough, constant fear of failure, and resolve the issues and tendencies you acquired from your formative conditioning.

I partner with you to help you access latent potential and provide you with guidance and support in directing the change in your life, instead of letting it direct and control you!

I’m not only a trained professional, but have led a very challenging life and have been through great hardship and tragedies and know what type of experiences they bring, what we tend to go through as a result, and what it takes to not only make it through them, but use them as the means for quickly advancing the development of life skills, while maintaining a positive attitude and outlook. Our life experiences also provide us with the ideal means for healing ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, but only when we undergo them with a sense of awareness and positive intention. By using our will to consciously create we can push through the  fears that otherwise stop us and develop a healthy mindset that looks  at it from a positive and productive perspective.

I help you first realize your latent potential and then guide you in the process of accessing and embodying it as the means of expressing in new ways to create yourself by building your character and developing acute and pronounced mental skills. All true growth only comes by way of utilizing and expressing potential that you didn’t know you had or hardly ever used.

Sometimes we simply need to talk about things as a way of releasing pent up emotions that have caused depression and a sense of hopelessness. In talking with another who possesses knowledge and has a lot of experience, we can learn to look at our situation and life from a whole new perspective that allows us to see new solutions as a result. Often, it’s only when we talk about something that we’re able to see our own story about things, and that’s what brings us realization about the true nature of our own story, and in that moment of realization we’re able to see what we couldn’t see before.

My style of practicing: What I can do for You

My practice style comes as a form of provocative conversation that helps expand self-awareness and shed light on previously unexplored areas that will provide you with knowledge about yourself that’s critical for healing and self-creating.

I practice by teaching, not only as the knowledge necessary to create within your own life, but also the ability to apply that knowledge in your everyday life to produce specific and measurable results. I help you develop the skills necessary to begin using your own mind to create your reality, and teach you how to begin utilizing the powers of your imagination to shape your experiences.

I teach you the skills on how to change how you’re representing ideas to yourself to make them more compelling for desired ideas, and more repulsive for ideas that are currently being employed that need to be replaced by new and more desirable behaviors. With this type of knowledge change not only becomes easy, but also pleasurable.

Together we form powerful strategies, then build an action plan around them that make gradual yet consistent changes in your life that produce immediate and highly beneficial results. I don’t tell you what to create, but rather help you identify what you have an inner desire to create, and then provide you with the means to create it. I give you practical tools you can work with not only in creating your health, but in all areas of your life where you want to create in and intentional and deliberate manner.

I help you to create in a holistic manner that not only transforms your body and physical reality, but also your mental and emotional reality necessary to produce the physical as a natural and automatic expression or result. I work with the body, soul, and spirit in a unified manner, developing them in unison to each other. Many health problems have a purely mental and emotional origin and must be dealt with from the level of origin in order to be transformed at the physical level which is the end result of the mental and emotional levels of the same idea. I will help you not only identify these, but work with them in a strategic and precise manner.

About Dr. Linda Gadbois

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I offer personal consultations for any area of your life you’re looking to transform!

• Spiritual growth and development

• Personal growth and development

• Professional development

• Relationships and Dating

• Crisis, tragedy or major life transitions

• Healing from illness and disease

• Preparing for death as a conscious transition

Sometimes the hardest decision you make is the one to actually begin . . . make your decision to begin Today!

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Transformation is a Form of Creation

Transformation is a form of creation. It’s where we’re taking something that has already undergone the basic stages of creation in the initial sense, and continuing to create it by growing and evolving it into new and higher forms of itself.

All transformation requires the use of our creative ability through the fundamental capacities of choice and free will. We have to first decide what changes we want to make, or what aspects of ourselves we’re going to intentionally develop, form that idea in our imagination as a reality, imbue it with strong positive emotions, then discipline ourselves into new behaviors that actualize those changes as an outer reality. A reality of our own making that we brought about through our actions in and intentional and deliberate manner.

We are all born into this world with a kind of formula for creating inside of us. This formula exists as our dreams in terms of what we love and have an affinity for, and our strengths, talents and gifts that are usually apart of what we love, and weakness and fears that act to prevent us from obtaining what we dream of. Our dream for our life is our navigation system for our destiny as our life’s story as a theme or general idea we’re always naturally gravitating towards. Our strengths and talents are tools for creating the life we dream of, and our weaknesses and fears are what prevent us from achieving our life’s ambition. Love of an idea draws us into it, fear acts to stop us and prevent us from moving into it. These 3 aspects always exist in relationship to each other because they set the natural stage for the lessons that will facilitate our soul’s growth by way of them. Our dream is the overall pattern as a story we tell by living that exists in polarity of positive and negative aspects. Positive expands while negative contracts. One is creative, the other destructive. One facilitates our growth the other sabotages it. This equation as our internal programming shows us in very clear terms what aspects of our character we came here to develop in this lifetime.

Cosmic_creativityOur interests and passions and what we have a natural affinity for as a way of life or our “life’s work” is what we came here to experience as a quality of consciousness that develops and strengthens the aspects necessary to achieve it in us as our character or identity. A certain character is necessary to tell a certain type of story as the natural expression (thoughts and behaviors) of that character. Our strengths are usually necessary to actualize our dream, while our weaknesses prevent us from actualizing it. We have to walk through or confront our fears and weaknesses in order to realize the dream for our life. Our life path is never easy, and always requires us to overcome our fears and weaknesses in order to obtain.

The only purpose of life is to set the stage necessary for us to grow ourselves by using our will to self-create. All growth only comes by striving, consistent effort, and determination. We have to willfully produce our growth through our actions which require us to access the aspects of ourselves necessary to overcome or bring back into balance the aspects being expressed as our weaknesses and fears. Weaknesses, which are always attached to fear, simply show us what we need to work on and what parts of ourselves we need to bring into harmony by counteracting them with the positive aspect of the same trait. Weaknesses are always the basis for addictions, most of which are destructive in nature. Addictions are formed as a coping device for our weaknesses, where whatever we are addicted to we lack the strength to overcome, and so it serves to control us.


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About Dr. Linda Gadbois


To get started, you simply need to look at the options, decide which one is best for you, make the commitment to begin creating in your own life, and sign up! Once you sign up, I’ll call you to schedule an appointment and your journey into greater self-knowledge will begin!

 Approximately 45 minutes designed to help bring clarity to what your actual needs are and to ensure that we are a good fit!


good and bad
All tendencies that form our behavior are natural forces that form whole patterns that exist in polarity as positive and constructive (active) aspects, and negative and destructive (preventative) aspects. All natural forces exist in polarity as opposite and complementary aspects necessary to stimulate each other and bring balance back to whatever is out of balance that prevents the harmonious expression of the whole or greater pattern that they’re both apart of. For example, we can only know ourselves as “courageous” when we encounter situations in our life that make us afraid and tempted to coward, and we choose instead to take affirmative action in spite of the fear. All experience is relative and formed out of how things exist in relationship and contrast to each other.

So weaknesses simply show us where imbalances exist in our psychological make-up and what aspects we need to access, call forth, and develop by using it to turn the weakness into a strength. What prevents us from living the life of our dreams, shows us the lesson we came here to learn. What we love and desire the most, is also what we have the greatest fears around. Our fears are always associated with our loves. Love and fear are opposite forces in the same idea. Love creates a feeling of resonance as desire and compels us towards what we love, while fear repels us and not only prevents us from moving into what we love, but drives us away from it. Both are centered on the same idea (vibration), one attracts and expands the other repels and contracts.

Our destiny, as what we love and feel an intimate connection with is the larger idea for our life that makes both our strengths and weaknesses apparent. We have to step into our fears in order to dissolve them using courage as the driving force behind love. Fear is designed to stop us from taking action and moving forward. Courage is recognizing the fear, gaining realization around it, and choosing to move forward in spite of the fear. Just the act of stepping forward into what we fear, acts to dissolve the fear. Once it no longer serves to hold us back and weaken us, it no longer exists as real for us. Fear, is in reality, an illusion.


“The only thing to fear is fear itself”

“It’s not what happens to us that matters, but how we react to what happens. What we allow to come through us because of what happens”

All transformation comes as a form of self-creation, whether consciously by actively pursuing our destiny, or unconsciously by what seems like the blow of fate. Whether we engage in our own development with full awareness and deliberate actions, or through crisis, where we experience it as happening “to us” through means beyond our control. All life crises are simply changes that force us to move in a new direction, take on a new role, or adapt our life to new conditions. When we willingly adapt to the changes, and realize them as the catalyst for growth, we can bring about intentional and deliberate change that uses the circumstances to develop and bring about new aspects of ourselves necessary to rise up and meet the challenges and triumph by way of them. When we see them as happening “to us” and resist them, we let them overwhelm us, feeling powerless in our own life to change them, and we succumb to them, which not only strengthens our weaknesses making them more prominent, but creates a whole new array of other ones as their offspring. The only thing we truly have control over in life . . . is ourselves. While we can’t change other people or the conditions and circumstances of our life, we can absolutely change how we experience them and how we respond in relationship with them to self-create by way of them.

While we are always undergoing a subtle form of transformation through the relationship we form and exist within with all of life, true creativity only comes through awareness, by forming an idea of what you want to create, then embodying the qualities and behaviors necessary to produce it as your reality of yourself. It’s always a question of whether or not you’re aware of how you’re acting in your own life through the story you tell yourself about things, or whether you remain unaware of how you’re actually acting to create yourself all the time by how you interact with life.

ethereal bodyChoice, like everything else, is polar in nature, just as our mind exists in a balance of conscious and subconscious states, we’re always either choosing consciously with awareness, or unconsciously without direct awareness through a reaction of some sort. While most of our choices are made in an automatic fashion through natural and immediate reactions of some sort, by becoming present in our lives and forming a awareness around what’s actually happening while recognizing what it stimulates in us that forms our “reactions”, we can become aware of our own tendencies and make new choices in their place that create new experiences.

All healing is a form of transformation as self-creation that brings what is acting in our lives (selves) to create at the unconscious level into conscious awareness. It comes when we shed light into the darkness and see what we couldn’t see before that equips us with the ability to act in ways that transform what was created in an unconscious manner into what’s created through a conscious choice and intentional actions. Personal transformation, also referred to as our second birth or spiritual awakening, is when we become awake and aware in our own life while realizing our power to create ourselves by way of our life circumstances, and begin exercising our higher capacities of choice, shaping that choice into a reality in our imagination, then willfully acting it out to create an experience of it. While resting in the realization . . . that we created it by simply using our mind in a new way.

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