Spiritual Mentoring and Counseling

Spiritual Mentoring differs from other type of mentoring in terms of its subject and relationship to God (higher forces) and learning the practical processes necessary for developing ourselves to be “like God” by cultivating a virtuous nature and exercising our higher capacities to self-create.

Mentoring differs from coaching and other forms of learning because mentors demonstrate the attitude, characteristics, and behaviors of what they’re teaching. The most natural form of teaching is by demonstrating and “being” the enactment of what it is your teaching. A Mentor is knowledgeable through the application of higher knowledge as daily practice. The student learns as much from “how” the teacher is “being and doing” as they do from what they’re saying and explaining. The student learns as much from observing as they do from thinking and imagining.

Teaching and training always involves clear practical assignments and direction for applying the knowledge into their daily life in order to consciously create by way of it. We only truly learn by doing, and we only really “know” what it is we can also do. It always involves a disciplined practice as the way of “becoming” one with the idea being actualized. The end objective of the student is to become similar to the master, and therefore a master and teacher for others.

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What do we mean by Spiritual?

The term “spiritual” as it’s being used here is not religious in nature in the conventional sense and doesn’t pertain to Christianity in any of its forms or variations (although it can be), but rather to the Universal Laws that govern all of life and the individual soul, mind, and body which are the product of “spiritual forces and powers”.

It pertains to the invisible, energetic realm that underlies, produces, and maintains the material world, that are active in every one of us as our personal consciousness and life-force energy. It refers to the Soul as our individuality built up and formed through the evolutionary process of life experiences and memories acquired through many lifetimes of self-creation.

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The Art of Becoming . . .

Being Mentored by a spiritual Master helps us to fully integrate various personal, social, sexual, professional, and ideological elements into a cohesive and coherent identity. It provides us with the processes and skills for learning how to intentionally create ourselves and our life with a deep sense of purpose. A Mentor helps us to integrate our shattered identities into a higher and more profound whole.

Spiritual Mentoring is a “relationship” between a spiritual teacher and student in the masterful process of learning how to employ mind-over-matter as the means of self-creating.

It doesn’t relate to any “specific” religion, spiritual tradition, or philosophy, but rather to “spiritual sciences” which forms the basis for all of them as specialized paths with the same ultimate destiny of transforming oneself to become “god-like” or of a similar nature to our Higher Self or Soul, and therefore an appropriate vessel for higher consciousness to inhabit and work in the world.

Ultimate Goal:

The ultimate goal of all spiritual development is to rise above our formative conditioning as a “trained mindset” and use our higher creative capacities of the mind and soul to continue growing and developing ourselves through various forms of self-mastery.

The ultimate goal is one of transformation to a higher more virtuous state of being. The aim is to use the higher capacities of our mind to self-create and become fully actualized as our highest potential.

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What is Spiritual Development?

The most fundamental purpose of spiritual development is to continue our creative journey of “becoming” through learning how to use our mind to create ourselves and our life experiences. It’s the practice of personal transformation by recognizing our own conditioning and poor character traits and using our ability to realize, choose, and actively bring those choices into fruition through our deliberate and calculated actions.

It results in self-mastery of our higher capacities to undergo the process of personal transformation by transforming vices into virtues, recognizing and correcting our own errors in perceiving and thinking, mastering our ability to control our passions, desires, and emotional states, and instead free up and direct our conscious energy into higher, spiritual ideas designed ultimately to step into and embody our higher self and take on and begin living out of our true identity as higher immortal beings, and serve humanity and our fellow brothers and sisters instead.

We learn the knowledge and creative processes necessary for creating ourselves. It’s ultimately s form of self-development and self-induced growth that intentionally evolves us to higher states of being.

Spiritual development can be equated to higher moral forms of self-development. It comes as transformation of existing patterns and ways of being as new configurations produced by striving and willful effort. It works to transform the “meaning system” that a persona holds as the basis for self-definition, as the means of interpreting life to give it meaning, and to address major concerns while pursuing our ultimate life purpose.

It comes as developing higher forms of self-awareness and realization of higher forms of consciousness. A form of soul evolution through emotional and intellectual growth that involves meaning and reason as its primary focus, and deals more with morality as the practical applications of universal laws rather than as rules of right and wrong given to us by others or religious institutions requiring only our obedience.

It comes as practices based on the application of universal principles in our daily life as the means of creating ourselves with intention and awareness. It’s based on bring principles into daily practice as a means of creating yourself by way of them and becoming an instrument for higher powers to work in the world.

Mastering your ability to use your mind based on the practical understanding of the laws involved.

It works through the idea that we only learn by “doing” – through practice that brings experience.

It’s to become one with God as Law through devotional practice in every area of your daily life.

Knowledge only provides us with the theory as the basis for practicing.

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Key Benefits of Spiritual Mentoring:

  • Guidance and direction in terms of how to bring knowledge into practice in a holistic and congruent manner.
  • Departs higher spiritual knowledge as principles in a way that can be understood to the point of utilizing and integrating them in order to self-create.
  • Serves as a role model – teaches primarily by demonstrating and “walking their talk”, they “lead with their life”.
  • Promote spiritual growth – help you to develop a solid pattern of spiritual discipline and practice that deepens your personal relationship with God and your Higher Self.
  • Helps you through the process of spiritual healing and is available during times of crisis.
  • Helps you to establish and achieve goals through use of choice, will, and reason.
  • Provides trusted, intuitive, and intelligent counsel for helping you make life decisions.
  • Benefits other relationships and areas of your life.
  • Prepares you by equipping you with the means for helping others and serving humanity in a more meaningful and beneficial manner.

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How do I pick a Mentor?

1 – One of the most important aspects of Mentoring is the “relationship” that’s developed between teacher and student. Choose someone who you feel a connection with, relate to, and can use as a “role model” in terms of personal style and way of being.

2 – They should be a master at the “type” of spiritual path and practice you relate to most and are interested in pursuing as your means of self-development to higher forms of consciousness.

3 – They should be credible in their field and the live demonstration of what they teach.

4 – You should feel comfortable with their demeanor and style of communicating as well as the type of language they use. Thorough understanding is necessary for practical application of the Principles involved.


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