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“I feel within me a consuming fire of heavenly love which has burned up in my Soul everything that was contrary to itself and transformed me inwardly into its own Nature.”

– William Law

Soul's Sphere of Consciousness

The Nature of the Soul

In order to understand the soul, we have to begin by asking ourselves what it is? What is our soul comprised of and how does it operate to co-create life with the body and spirit? The soul is  the mind as the electromagnetic field of organized information that surrounds, envelops, and permeates the body, giving it life. It merges energetically with and becomes “one with” the body, and uses it as the means for co-creating reality as experiences. As the soul creates it’s own experiences of life, it simultaneously creates itself through and by way of those experiences which it integrates mentally as memory. The memory it acquires through the body is built up as an accumulative effect that evolves itself by integrating all new experience to grow the memory it has acquired up to that point. Each newly integrated memory acts to “upgrade” and modify the existing accumulation re-informing the soul so that it can express in new ways.

This accumulated memory acts to program the soul as it also programs the DNA of the body to express in new ways. We act to naturally program our body through the same experiences that serve to modify the informational structure of our soul. The soul constantly adjusts and modifies the state of the body by producing the experience that becomes its genetic “memory”. The subconscious mind of the body is “experiential in nature”, which means it’s programmed by ideas that are lived as realities. Our self-produced experiences form the memory that our subconscious uses to structure our material body and the outer reality of the body. For this reason, it’s only the knowledge or information that we apply to life at the practical level and use for creating our experiences that is automatically integrated into our mental paradigm as our soul’s memory.

This accumulated memory as patterns that form natural predisposition and tendencies, become what is commonly called “karma”. Karma as psychological patterns are memory that creates out of the same type of patterns as behavioral dynamics that can be both positive and negative, and can either foster our health and well-being, or negative and act in a destructive manner to hinder our growth by keeping us locked into and acting out harmful or destructive tendencies that not only prevent our growth, but can often move us backwards on the evolutionary scale by degrading us. By becoming aware of our own tendencies and thought patterns as the “story” we’re programmed to tell through various forms of self-awareness and realization, we can act in a conscious and intentional manner to develop ourselves in whatever way we deem necessary or desirable.

Dreaming into Being - Linda Gadbois

Because the soul comes into each new life with a predetermined program or memory based composition, and the universe operates according to very precise mathematical laws based on vibratory frequencies, the numbers and angle of entry into the material plane are revealed in the numbers associated with birth and the astronomical alignments present in the universe when the soul incarnates and is born. These numbers and astronomical configurations are a form of “soul code” that gives us great insight into the nature of the soul, what type of personality it tends to form with the body, what predisposition and tendencies it has as well as what the nature of the accumulated memory up to this point will naturally act to express.

All memory, like all life experiences, is based on whether or not we are living primarily in an unconscious state, repeating patterns that we are not aware of our part in co-creating, and whether or not we have become self-aware, and therefore able to learn the lesson our life experiences provided us with and through the awareness of what we were previously participating in creating without awareness of what we were doing, we can break unconscious patterns and begin creating with full awareness and in an intentional manner. Life simply sets the stage for us to create by cooperatively acting out dramas with other people that create a story-line that becomes the theme governing our life. So the idea becomes to recognize our patterns as stories we act to naturally tell, and begin consciously choosing what patterns we want to act out as a way of programming ourselves with the experiences they create.

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Soul Constellation – Archetypal Matrix

A soul Constellation is a kind of “Map of Personal Consciousness”. It’s based on your full birth name and birth date and is calculated numerically and interpreted through an understanding of symbolic ideas and archetypes. It is based on the realization that all of life is conscious and everything comes by way of design and through perfect timing as a natural growth process. We come into this world at a specific time, in a dynamic series of relationships, and through a form of calculated trajectory that forms a series of angles as degrees that form corresponding relationships as growth dynamics that span a lifetime as a means of natural expression and development that evolve our soul in very specific ways.

Godseeds – Spiritual DNA

Just like we are born with physical DNA that forms our body with specific qualities and characteristics, spiritually we are born with specific Energetic DNA of what we refer to as our Souls design. Our soul is like seeded formula of intelligence specially designed for a specific type of expression. Intelligence is a patterns for self-actualization known as Archetypes, which were used to form the stories of Mythology. Archetypes are Universal qualities that form human characteristics that develop our basic personality and set a predisposition for telling certain types of stories as living experiences. Theses stories as our Soul’s potential for expression are what determine our destiny. Just like an Apple seed has all the encoded information to become an apple tree, and when planted grows into what it was destined to be, we are seeds that when grown, form our destiny through our soul’s purpose as our fundamental energetic/ spiritual design.


Mapping Consciousness

By studying our birth-chart and the archetypal patterning that exists in varying degrees and relationships, we can not only recognize and validate talents, gifts, unique abilities, and karmic tendencies, but we can also recognize latent potential still waiting to be awakened and called forth into expression, as well as how our potential has been developed unconsciously through our conditioning and how we can act to recondition, or develop it in new and different ways through awareness.


Second Birth – “Deciding Who We Are”

We are all born into the world as infants in a primary unconscious state. Meaning that our “conscious mind” doesn’t begin developing until we are around 8 years old, and doesn’t fully mature until our mid to late twenties. So our original development happens in a purely natural way through the relationships we form with others and our environmental influences. In other words, we develop primarily without conscious choice or any actual awareness. We don’t play a conscious part in our own initial development.

The term “second birth” or “awakening†is when we reach maturity in terms of our awareness and can begin to intentionally choose how we want to develop ourselves and in what way, or through what means. The more self-awareness we form around our inner nature as our Soul’s essence, the more profound our abilities to take on the role of developing ourselves in very specific and deliberate ways by how we act on ourselves within our own life circumstances to create ourselves.

Path, Purpose & Destiny

Very few things empower us by giving us a very distinct method of self-development than when we form clarity around our Soul’s purpose. A purpose driven life is a meaningful life, a life of true self-expression and a devoted service to others. In order to truly create, we have to form a vision of our life as the embodiment of our virtues (best traits) that form our self-image as an ideal state. An ideal that requires us to stretch into it while aspiring towards it. We have to consciously apply ourselves in order to achieve it.

Our purpose is specially designed to grow us by requiring all our talents, gifts and special abilities to “live it”. Our purpose is revealed through what we have positive emotions around, what we have an inner desire and longing for, and what we are attracted to and form natural curiosity around. Once we embrace our purpose, our path is based on aligning with the best possible expression of our purpose within our current life circumstances that once we start living on purpose through a specific path, allows our destiny as our life’s story to begin unfolding as we “tell it†and create it by living it.

Cosmic clock of evolution

Soul Constellation Birth Chart

Your Soul Constellation is comprised of the numerical and astrological significance of your birth date and your birth name. The numbers form correspondences with attributes and qualities that form character traits and archetypes as possessing certain types of personalities that form congruence with certain activities, roles, relationship dynamics, vocations, hobbies, possible challenges and opportunities as well as identifying potential still available for expression that remains untapped. When we become aware of our Soul’s desire for experience and get a firm sense of purpose and dedicate ourselves to promoting and facilitating our own growth, amazing things become possible. A kind of quickening takes place through alignment and the release of friction, and we develop much quicker. We become what’s referred to as self-actualized. Potential that’s fully expressed as actual.

Tools for Self-Expression that Facilities Soul Evolution

Our Soul comes into this life perfectly designed to self-express in a specific manner. To grow through a certain type of experience in which a specific personality is ideal. When we become clear, focused and deliberate in our actions we grow our Soul exponentially. When we wander and flounder, have no clear direction or idea for our life, our growth is hinder, prohibited and greatly slowed. If we don’t express fully in this lifetime, then we take the unexpressed parts with us and they become karma that has to be lived out in a different dimension or life-time in a repetitive manner. By having a birth chart as a kind of soul-map, we can use it in a very purposeful way to tap into on and bring forth the latent aspects of ourselves that we want to grow and fully develop that will increase our ability to self-express in much more dynamic ways and transform our life accordingly.

As above, so below

Tools for Dreamers

What birth charts usually reveal to some extent is what our original dreams were in terms of what we used to love doing and had a deep interest and insatiable curiosity around. As we grow and become influenced by others and society and have different experiences, enter into a variety of relationships, we tend to lose site of what we love and the possible ways we can engage in those type of activities, and after awhile we become so far removed, we can’t remember exactly what they were. We have only a kind of vague memory that we can’t quite pinpoint. Birth charts help us recall those parts of ourselves that we lost touch with and bring them back to life by focusing on them in a concentrated manner gaining self-realization around them.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a form of internal exploration to tune into and access memories that exist in the subconscious from other lives. It is done through hypnosis, a trance-state in which the conscious mind is made passive, which allows direct experience of the subconscious while witnessing/perceiving with the super-conscious Mind. This is a primary form of Spiritual Healing from the Soul level.


• Healing at the causal level.

• Heals unconscious tendencies.

• Heals Karmic Patterns affecting your life that you are unaware of.

• Allows you to learn about your soul from experience.

• Access & bring forth latent potential as talent, gifts and unique abilities.

• Helps identify Group Karma – Soul Groups

Spiritual Sciences

Alchemy – The Art of Personal Transformation


Mind – Body Integration

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