Suggested Reading for Occult Studies

The books listed in this suggested study guide are ones that I have read and studied myself and are what I consider to be based on an accurate understanding of Universal Principles and Esoteric concepts that form correspondences with all other major and valid spiritual sciences. I have categorized them by subject and author for easy referencing . . .

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Gold Bar

Author: Dion Fortune

  • The Mystical Qabalah
  • The Training and Work of the Initiate
  • Sane Occultism and Practical Occultism in Daily Life
  • Psychic Self-Defense
  • Applied Magic
  • The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage
  • The Cosmic Doctrine
  • Through the Gates of Death

Author: Isreal Regardie

  • The Tree of Life
  • The Middle Pillar
  • The Garden of Pomegranates
  • The Philosopher’s Stone
  • The Golden Dawn (all books)

The Zohar “Book of Splendor”

The Kybalion – 3 Initiates

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes (similar to The Kybalion)

The Hermetica: Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs – Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy

The Corpus Hermeticum – Translated by G.R.S. Mead

Thrice-Greatest Hermes – G.R.S. Mead

Sepher Yetzirah: Book of Formation – Attributed to Rabbi Akiba Ben Joseph

Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation: In Theory and Practice – Aryeh Kaplan

The Rosicrucian Handbook & Hermetic Textbook of Success Secrets – Magnus Incognito & George Mentz

Rosicrucian Manual – H. Spenser Lewis

Bhagavad Gita

The Upinshads

The Tarot – “Key to the Wisdom of the Ages” by Paul Foster Case

The Kabbalah Unveiled – Translated by MacGregor Mathers

Author: Manly P. Hall

  • The Secret Teachings of all Ages
  • Paracelsus – His Medical and Mystical Philosophy
  • The Pineal Gland: The Eye of God
  • The Lost Keys of Freemasonry
  • Healing – The Divine Art
  • The Secret Destiny of America

Author: William Q. Judge

  • The Ocean of Theosophy
  • The Oceans of the Orient
  • The Scope of Reincarnation

Author: H.P. Blavatsky

  • The Secret Doctrine
  • Isis Unveiled
  • The Key to Theosophy
  • The Lands of the Gods (allegory)

Author: Eliphas Levi

  • Transcendental Magic
  • The History of Magic
  • Dogma & Ritual of High Magic – Book 1 and 2
  • Key of the Mysteries

Author: Rudolf Steiner

  • How to Know Higher Worlds
  • An Outline of Esoteric Sciences
  • Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path
  • The Sun Mystery
  • The Philosophy of Freedom

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah – Tau Malachi

Author: Franz Bardon

  • Initiation into Hermetics
  • The Keys to the True Kabbalah

Author: Franz Hartmann

  • Magic – Black and White
  • Occult Science in Medicine
  • The Life of Jehoshua – The Profit of Nazareth
  • The Temple of Wisdom – Introduction to Hermeticism

The Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe: The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science – Michael S, Schneider

Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th Centuries – A Brother of the Fraternity

Iamblichus: On the Mysteries of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Assyrians – Thomas Taylor

Theurgy and the Soul – Gregory Shaw

Plotinos (complete works) – Plotinos

The Act of Will – Roberto Assagioli, M.D.

The Secret of the Golden Flower – Translated by Richard Wilhelm

The Fundamentals of Yoga: Handbook of Theory, Practice, and Application – Rammurti S. Mishra, MD

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying – Sogyal Rinpoche

The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day

Author: Paramahansa Yogananda

  • The Journey into Self-Realization
  • The Essence of Self-Realization
  • The Autobiography of a Yogi

Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti

  • Freedom from the Known
  • The First and Last Freedom
  • Think on these Things
  • The Awakening of Intelligence
  • The Book of Life: Daily Meditations
  • The Ending of Time

Hidden Wisdom – Richard Smoley and Jay Kinney

How to Know God – The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali

Self-Reliance – Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Author: Edgar Cayce

  • Soul and Spirit – Fully Understanding Yourself and Your Life
  • Reincarnation and Karma

The Edgar Cayce Companion – Compiled by B. Ernest Frejer

Edgar Cayce on the Revelations – Van Auken

Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records – Kevin J. Todeschi

The Nag Hammadi Library: Dead Sea Scrolls – James M. Robinson

Gnostic Philosophy – Tobias Churton

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose – Ekhart Tolle

The Power of Now – Ekhart Tolle

The Kemetic Tree of Life: Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics & Cosmology for Higher Consciousness – Muata Ashby

Alchemist’s Handbook – Frater Albertus

John Michael Greer:

  • Paths of Wisdom
  • Druidry Handbook
  • Atlantis
  • The New Encyclopedia of the Occult

A Suggestive Inquiry into the Hermetic Mystery – Mary Anne Atwood

As a Man Thinketh – James Allen

Embrace of the Daimon – Sandra Lee Dennis

Gold Bar

Author: Michael Talbot

  • The Holographic Universe
  • Mysticism and the New Physics

Author: Norman Friedman

  • Bridging Science and Spirit
  • The Hidden Domain

Author: David Bohm

  • Science, Order, and Creativity
  • Wholeness and the Implicate Order
  • Thought as a System
  • On Creativity
  • On Dialogue

Science and the Akashic Field – Laszlo

Biocentrism – Robert Lanza, MD

The Electric Universe – Wallace Thornhill & David Talbott

The Tao of Physics – Fritjof Capra

The Hermetic Code in DNA – Michael Hayes

Power vs. Force – David R. Hawkins

The Hidden Reality – Brian Greene

Science and Human Transformation – William A. Tiller

The New Science of Life – “The Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance” – Rupert Sheldrake

Chaos, Creativity, and Cosmic Consciousness – Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna, and Ralph Abraham

The God Particle – Leon Lederman

Parallel Worlds – Michio Kaku

Author: Dean Radin

  • The Conscious Universe
  • Real Magic
  • Supernormal

Author: Fred Alan Wolf

  • The Spiritual Universe
  • Mind into Matter
  • Matter into Feeling

Author: Amit Goswami

  • The Self-Aware Universe
  • Quantum Doctor
  • Physics of the Soul

Blackfoot Physics – David Peat

The Manual of Harmonics: Of Nicomachus the Pythagorean – Translation and Commentary by Flora R. Levin

Gold Bar

Limitless Mind – Russel Targ

The Practical Guide to Astral Projection – Denning and Phillips

Astral Projection and Psychic Empowerment – Joe Slate

Same Soul, Many Bodies – Brian Weiss, M.D.

Author: L. Michael Hall

  • Communication Magic
  • Secrets to Personal Mastery
  • The Sourcebook of Magic

Changing Belief Systems with NLP – Robert Dills

Using Your Brain for a Change – Bandler

Reframing – Bandler

Hypnotherapy – Dave Elman

Author: Winafred Blake Lucas – Professional Handbooks

  • Regression Therapy Vol. 1 – Past Life Regression
  • Regression Therapy Vol. 2 – Special Instances of Altered State Work

Core Transformation – Andreas

Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality – Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall

Introducing NLP – Joseph O’Connor and John Seymour

Developing your NLP Skills – Andrew Bradbury

Distant Mental Influence – William Braud

Remote Viewing Secrets – Joseph McManeagle

Metaphoria – Rubin Battino

Author: James Hillman

  • A Blue Fire
  • Soul’s Code

Story – Robert McKee

Who Dies? An Investigation into Conscious Living and Conscious Dying – Stephen and Andrea Levine

The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton

Molecules of Emotion – Candace Pert

Author: Deepak Chopra

  • Quantum Healing
  • Perfect Health
  • Creating Health
  • The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire
  • How to Know God

The Holotropic Mind – Stanislav Grof

The Biology of Transcendence – Joseph Chilton Pearce

Creative Visualization – Shakti Gawain

The Art and Practice of Creative Visualization – Ophiel

The Diamond Approach – and the Diamond Heart Series – A.H. Almaas

Science of the Mind – Earnest Holmes

The Life You were Born to Live – Dan Millman

Self-Suggestion and the New Huna Theory of Mesmerism and Hypnosis – Max Long Freedom Long

Early Magnetism in its Higher Relations to Humanity – Thomas South

Gold Bar

The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing – Daniel Reid

The Emporers Classic of Internal Medicine – (Author unknown)

Vibrational Medicine – Richard Gerber

The Body Electric – Robert Becker & Gary Seldon

The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge – Carlos Castaneda

Author: Max Feedom Long

  • The Secret Science Behind Miracles
  • The Secret Science at Work: New Light on Prayer
  • Huna: Growing into Light
  • Self-Suggestion and the New Huna Theory of Mesmerism and Hypnosis

Author: Serge Kahili King

  • Kahuna Healing
  • Urban Shaman
  • Imagineering
  • Mastering Your Hidden Self
  • Instant Healing
  • Changing Reality
  • Earth Energies

The Way of the Shaman – Michael Lerner

The Shamanic Spirit – Kenneth Meadows

The Secrets of Ancient Hawaiian Huna, Vol. 1 – Tad James

Huna – the Ancient Religion of Positive Thinking – William R. Glover

DMT: The Spirit Molecule – Rick Strassman

The Biology of Transcendence – Joseph Chilton Pearce

Edgar Cayce on Rejuvenation of the Body – John Van Auken

Edgar Cayce on Healing Foods for Mind, Body, and Soul – William A. McGarey, M.D.

The Wisdom of Healing – David Simon

The Odic Force: Letters on Od and Magnetism – Karl Von Reichenbach

Projection of the Astral Body – Sylvan J. Muldoon

How to Develop Clairvoyance – W.E. Butler

Subtle Energy: A Handbook of Psychic Energy Manipulation – Keith Miller

Life Force: The Creative Process in Man and Nature – Charles R. Kelley

Astral Projection and Psychic Empowerment – Joe Slate

The Practical Guide to Astral Projection – Denning and Philips

National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs – the World’s most Effective Healing Plants

Ancient Remedies – Dr. Josh Axe

Adaptogens – David Winston

Author: Stephen Buhner

  • Herbal Antivirals
  • Herbal Antibiotics
  • The Lost Language of Plants

Medicinal Herbs – Rosemary Gladstar

The Handmade Apothecary – Vicky Chown & Kim Walker

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