Evolutionary Relationships


Masculine and Feminine

Evolutionary relationships are ones that we engage in consciously that serve to develop us in very positive ways. Through our interaction, we bring out the best in each other and develop our character to a high level of integrity. They are relationships that nurture and grow us at the eternal level of the soul. They provide us with the means to heal karma and unconscious tendencies.

By knowing how to engage in developing a Conscious Relationship you enhance your sensuality and ability to express love, improving your sex life and ability to become an excellent lover, by discovering your own style of expression through a form of personal freedom. Evolutionary relationships help in developing your ability to give and receive love more fully while creating deepened states of intimacy. Conscious relationships (ones undertaken with full awareness and in an intentional manner) deepen the experience of union and bonding that lead to heightened sense of fulfillment.

No other area of our life offers us more fulfillment and a true sense of contentment than our romantic relationships, and yet we are never given any real form of education in this area, and often have to explore it on our own with a trial and error attitude. I provide education and training on how to develop awareness and skills in the area of developing relationships of all kinds, but especially in our romantic relationships which tend to call forth in us our deepest fears, conditioned beliefs, and unconscious tendencies that become the basis for establishing these relationships. These relationships set an open stage for acting out behavioral patterns that we have been conditioned with and are largely unaware of.   I help  you to overcome your fears, inhibitions, negative judgments or religious dogma and become aware of aspects of yourself that will help you heal yourself at the soul level so you don’t have to act them out in relationships and ultimately destroy them as a result. I can provide you with knowledge and expertise in the area of healing your own mind, gaining self-knowledge and awareness, and the skills necessary to build the kind of relationship you want by remaining fully conscious in the “creative stage” of the relationship.


What is an “Evolutionary Relationship”?

The term “evolutionary relationships†was coined as a means of describing the nature of the relationship in terms of its creative potential. What it actually does or produces through the basic law of cause and effect, or stimulus – response. Though the true term “evolve†typically refers to how something transforms through adaptation necessary in order to apply at the physical level, which can mean progression or regression, positive or negative, here evolution refers to “positive growth†that’s self-facilitated through conscious awareness and the choices we make as a result. It’s entering into relationships through our awareness of the incredible growth potential they offer as the most natural means of self-development. Relationships of various sorts “are†the fundamental means of transformation.

Evolutionary relationships are a form of conscious creation that evolves both people by bringing out and therefore strengthening positive and desirable qualities in both people, while simultaneously removing stimulus and attention from negative traits and weaknesses allowing them to be absorbed, assimilated and eliminated. It’s a conscious engagement that enters into relationship with individuals of superior moral character, knowing that it will influence us by stimulating those same qualities in us, bringing them out in us, and transforming us as a result. To consciously evolve ourselves at the spiritual level is to only willingly enter into relationships that grow us in positive, virtuous and desirable ways. Relationships that bring out our best qualities and strengthen our character as a result of the natural interaction they engage us in.

Soul mates

The Transformative Power of Relationships

Nothing transforms us in a completely natural way like relationships of various sorts, whether they be with others, animals, our environment, work, or any form of external interaction. Relationships with other people, transforms us in very distinct ways. We become more like them, and they become like us. The extent and level of the relationship determines the magnitude of the effect it produces. Casual relationships or acquaintances only produce a slight or temporary effect. Work environments that we have to engage in on a daily basis that provides relationships with people we would not ordinarily be in relationship with through attraction, can have a great impact on us simply through frequency and consistency, or where we are forced to maintain relationships with people that we don’t particularly like, relate to, or respect. Whereas romantic, intimate, and sexual relationships can completely transform us by locking us into behavioral dynamics that often completely modify who we are at the essential level. Not at the core level per say, although this is possible also, but at the superficial level of surface appearances, that are ultimately temporary in nature.

Once we realize what a powerful growth tool relationships are, we can take a whole different approach towards them and use them whenever possible in a very conscious manner. We can realize, from the psychological level, that consciously choosing who we enter into relationship with, we can grow ourselves in very deliberate and specific ways. We can form a greater awareness of our desired growth, what parts of our character we want to grow, strengthen and bring into greater forms of expression, then consciously engage in people who posses those same qualities and bring them out in us as a result. Through energetic resonance and sympathy that forms coherence, we know that when we become intimate and close to someone, our energetic essence blends into each other, creating interference patterns, that alters the patterning of both people by forming a joint pattern. We influence them through interaction, and they influence us. Whatever qualities as a state-of-mind or mood they are in most often and the natural attitude it produces as a result, stimulates and brings out in us the same mind-set. We begin taking on the same qualities that transform our character in a like manner. Because it transforms us at the energetic level of our soul’s essence, we morally bond ourselves to those we maintain close and intimate relationships with.

sprouting hearts

In this realization, we are called to become much more aware of the character and moral nature of others, what they stimulate and call forth in us through interaction, and what parts of us they will serve to grow as a result. This cognizant decision is much easier to make in objective situations where we don’t have an emotional attachment of some sort to cloud our vision, such as a work environment, acquaintances, social affair, indirect affiliations, etc. Relationships that we engage in through some form of attraction, because we have a lot in common, or because we relate to them at a deeper level, and make a conscious decision of sorts for the relationship, has much more serious implications because they share a similar nature to us which means they have a greater effect on us. We are naturally attracted to people who are like us, which means they share the same qualities, tendencies and interests. They are ideally suited to act out the same type of story with us as joint reality.

The question becomes . . . do we like who we become in relationship with them? Do we want more of this part of ourselves? Do they bring out our best qualities, the ones we want more of, or our worst qualities? Do they appeal to our fears, faults and weakness, or to our love, virtues and strengths? Do we feel as if we’re becoming more, bigger in relationship with them, or less, smaller and lowering ourselves somehow?

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