How We can Actively Work in the World to Change and Evolve it to a Higher Level of Morality and Consciousness

One of the fundamental changes in our modern day society, and by modern day I mean in the last couple of centuries, is that we’ve been so ‘conditioned’ to a ‘religious’ mindset, while also being severely traumatized throughout history by that same mindset, which teaches ‘slave values’ of meekness, compliance, obeying, never questioning authority, having rules laid down for us, and perceiving our ‘true nature’ as spiritual beings through a ‘belief system’ that renders us completely powerless in our own right. Before the rise of the Catholic church and what has now become Christianity, we had a history that told us a very different story about ourselves. Our prehistory story was that we are ‘children’ of the ‘gods’, which means they created us to ‘be like them’ through a form of genetic engineering. We’re a hybrid species fashioned by combining a preexisting animal of the Earth with gods of a celestial origin, and are made of the same bloodline, etheric substance, and mind, so to speak, where we share the same ‘mental powers’ potentially, while not being instructed on how to use them.

These ‘heavenly beings’ were ‘archetypes’ of various forms, which are the same archetypes that make up the ‘psyche of our higher mind’, conveyed through the archetypes of the zodiac, gods of the Pantheon, gods of other spiritual traditions, and mythology. We are all archetypal beings, bestowed (bred) with a higher mind, making us ‘capable of’ and therefore ‘responsible’ for our own creation, growth, and evolution as higher beings. Our higher mind is what makes us sovereign and self-governing, and provides us with the means necessary for ultimately ‘redeeming ourselves’ (we are our own savior) from the actions performed while in our lower mind. In this scenario, there is no one or higher- being out there who is going to do our work for us, save us, give us a free ticket, come to our rescue, or provide us with answers we seek through an outside source of some kind. This is what ‘sovereign’ means. We are our own authority, and have the ability through rational thinking, reasoning, choice and will, to make our own decisions in every moment as to who we are, what we stand for, and what we’re going to do.

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While we can have a tendency to look to others to tell us what to do and make our decisions for us, nobody can make our decisions for us. Everything that happens to us comes by way of our own decisions and the actions we take (you will know them by their deeds). It wasn’t about ‘good and evil’ as something out there that we’re opposing, tempted by, or fear, it’s about these dual aspects and parts of ourselves inherent in our own ‘character’. We’re both “god and animal” contained in the same body, each of which has a different, yet complementary ‘mind’ associated with each aspect of ourselves. Our animal nature is ‘evil (instinctual, selfish, and emotionally driven), and our godly nature is ‘good’ (intelligent, universal, and rational). These two aspects of us (all humanity) are always battling against each other. One is self-oriented and selfish, while the other is worldly-oriented and selfless. Our godly, higher nature is comprised psychologically and spiritually of 12 primary archetypes that make up our essential nature. Each archetype is comprised of a different set of attributes and qualities that give it distinct characteristics, out of which a natural set of behaviors form that perform particular operations and play different roles in the greater whole.

The object was to know ‘which aspect’ of our own nature offered the best solution or response to whatever was happening or whatever challenge we were facing. We then embodied and utilized whatever archetypal quality we chose to form its ‘highest expression’, which means in the most appropriate way to produce the most beneficial outcome, not just for ourselves, but for everyone involved or who would be affected by the interaction (selfishness is an act of our lower nature). Whatever one we utilized we developed to a higher level through the situation at hand. One of the archetypes we could choose to embody and develop into our fundamental nature, was a “warrior”, and a “statesman”. As spiritual beings who are sovereign and NOT governed by some other external authority, it was our duty to ‘protect’ and ‘preserve’ whatever was right, good, and just. In this case, the only thing worse than committing an ‘unjust act’ ourselves, was ‘watching an unjust act be done to another’, without doing anything about it. Because when we don’t do anything about it, we allow evil to prevail and gain momentum.

Allowing something you know is wrong (your higher mind is your conscience and morality), is the same as ‘doing it’. If you ‘turn a blind eye’ to hatred and moral corruption, then you ‘cooperate’ with it, and morally speaking, it makes you the same way, because instead of being a warrior, you were a coward, and turned your back on it instead of challenging and confronting it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you resort to violence, unless of course you’re met with violence and have to defend yourself or someone else, because warfare in the higher sense isn’t based on brute force, it’s based on psychological strategy and being able to bring a counter force “under your control” mentally and emotionally. Evil and destruction is a product of the lower mind (instinct), which can be controlled by working through weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and emotions, while implementing persuasion and negotiation skills. So, in most cases, not all, because of course sometimes we do have to physically fight, we’re talking about a ‘mental act’ of intelligence and courage rather than an emotional or physical act of abuse or brutality.

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But we’ve kind of forgotten this and been conditioned into believing that we’re powerless against evil and dominating forces that try to manipulate and control us by keeping us in a constant state of fear, and instead respond by being meek, compliant, and subservient. Fear is the greatest control mechanism there is when being used against anyone who resides dominantly in their lower mind, which is emotional and instinctive, driven by ‘fear and self-preservation’. The higher mind is NOT instinctual in nature, is immortal and therefore can’t be ‘killed’ (except by itself), and works by utilizing intelligence and rational discernment. It has the ability to judge and evaluate the situation, realize what the motivating force is that’s compelling it, and work with the motivating force to redirect, negotiate, and change it. If no one ever stands up against the evil forces of the world and just let them take over, then they are ‘not tuning themselves to a higher vibration’, as many believe, but are tuning (developing) themselves to be subservient to evil. They’re letting evil rule the masses, which of course, they’re a part of, which means they’re being ruled by the same evil. They ‘act on themselves’ morally to ‘cultivate’ meekness, powerlessness, and cowardice.

They choose to turn and look the other way while evil is raping and ravishing the world, feeling helpless, or simply choosing to disconnect and reside instead in a beautiful illusion, and ‘tune themselves’ to ‘that vibration’, which means, this ‘eutopia’ that they imagine they’re going to magically ascend to, is actually going to be a reality where ‘more of the same thing is going on’. Where they’re going to be subservient, afraid, meek, and offer no resistance to whatever to what is raping and ravishing their ‘soul’. Whatever we allow to control us mentally and morally, we become ‘like in nature’. If you’re scared, powerless, anxiety stricken, overwhelmed, and give in to whatever is happening or choose to ‘tune out’ and pretend it doesn’t exist or ignore it, that’s the ‘vibration you’re tuning yourself to’. Not what you’re imagining as the means of tuning out. All change takes place within the physical realm, because the physical realm is being created (in the ultimate sense) by the mental realm. These two are not disconnected, they’re a fundamental part of each other. One lays the foundation for the other and they play out harmoniously together.

You have to cultivate yourself, not through magical thoughts but through ‘actions’ that produce ‘correlating realities’. You have to become ‘godly’, and develop your character to be sovereign, mighty, and virtuous. To protect those who can’t protect themselves, and stand up to whatever is threatening your family, community, and the world at large. There is nothing ‘out there’ to go to, everything that you perceive and experience as being out there is actually inside of you. Your perception of the outer world is being orchestrated and animated by different aspects of your own character, mind, and soul, because everyone and the world in general, shares the same ‘archetypal nature’. You work with the archetypes expressing in others and the world at large by utilizing complementary aspects of the same archetypes, which are inherent in your own nature. We’re all made out of the ‘same’ archetypal qualities and characteristics, all of which have complementary (polarized) aspects. The way to work with fear is by employing courage and confidence in response to it. If you become afraid you act to ‘amplify’ the feeling of fear, whereas if you meet it with a sense of courage and confidence, you counteract it, causing it to dissipate. What we call ‘higher powers’ are only known through active use of our ‘higher mind’. When you ‘pray’ you’re actually praying to your own higher power (higher self), which is your conscience and moral mind of intelligence and reasoning, which is the ‘part of you’ that’s self-creating (divine) using the higher capacities of your mind, which include choice and will.

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Reality in the most basic sense is paradoxical and formed as a personal illusion, because we have a dual nature and mind, one being godly the other animalistic. Your entire reality is being formed by ‘you’ through your perception of it. All perception is a very basic form of ‘self-perception’, we only ‘see outside’ what also exists inside, because it’s all ‘made out of’ the same archetypal matrix. We can only ‘know’ something through our ability to perceive, and therefore experience it, and ‘experience’ is the basis of all change. Heaven or some other grand reality isn’t a ‘place’ located out there somewhere in the vast universe of space and time, you don’t ‘go’ to heaven or even transcend to a ‘higher dimension’, you cultivate it within you, and the outer world changes as a correlation. Heaven and hell are states of mind, not places. All dimensions exist within the same ‘space’. Time as we know it is an illusion produced by our higher mind. There’s no travel involved. Out there and in here are different parts of the same thing.

As you shift your awareness, which is always an awareness of yourself, your ‘reality’ shifts accordingly. Whatever reality you leave here with when your body wears out, is the same ‘type of reality’ you enter into again in another body. We’re all apart of a grand illusion formed by what we call the ‘collective unconscious’ which is comprised of an infinite variety of archetypes, all of which we also possess as an inherent part of our ‘archetypal nature’, which act ‘on each other’ to ‘stimulate each other’ into an ‘active state’. The only thing that truly ‘exists’ is whatever is actively expressing. The mind creates the world as an image of ‘itself’ that it imbues with sensation (life force) causing it to vibrate at a particular frequency, and that frequency is what forms the phenomenal world of experience. Everything that exists vibrates at a particular frequency. What we perceive as ’empty space’ is ‘latent forces’ that are ‘unformed’. It’s the activity of our mind and the group mind that ‘activates’ these latent forces, causing them to start vibrating (organizing) at the same frequency we’re vibrating at, and as a result, form into the same archetypal matrix as we’re comprised of in what appears as an ‘outer world’ that’s all inclusive and shared in common.

Same archetypal matrix as a universal theme plays out harmoniously on different levels and scales at the same time. The only thing that comes into our awareness is stimulated by us through our paradigm and thoughts which are formed as an expression of our inner nature. We are the creator of our own world in the most fundamental sense. We all share a common archetypal matrix that’s vibrating at the frequency of a universal theme. In this case, it’s the theme formed out of the conflict between ‘good and evil’, between slave and master, sovereignty or submission. Whichever role we choose to take on, determines our destiny, both here and in parallel dimensions, because the journey of the soul is the creative process of becoming, and whomever we choose to be in the most pressing moments, develops our character to a new means, and sets the next moment into motion. However you ‘respond’ to any stimulation being projected by another, determines what ‘part of your character’ you systematically develop through the nature of the interaction.

outer illusion

While some people believe that if they simply ‘tune out’ and reside instead in a world that’s purely mental and imaginary, or they only chose particular aspects of reality to focus on while ignoring others, thinking that this means they’re living in a different dimension as a means of transcending to that dimension at some point, so it doesn’t matter what happens here basically, are delusional in the most basic sense, because they’re in a physical body, breathing the air of the same atmosphere (energy), eating the food provided by the Earth, living in a house, in a neighborhood, in a town or city, with a job, friends, family, and activities, all formed out of the ‘same reality’ (frequency). They’re just choosing to not participate because they fail to recognize that this is their own soul’s co-creation which is providing them with the ideal circumstances for ‘developing themselves’ in new ways. If they don’t use it for that reason, and instead reside in an imaginary world where they’re never challenged, and everything is blissful and peaceful, then they ‘fail to grow’ in this lifetime, and will come back to the same type of idea where once again they have the option of either participating or tuning out.

Reality is of our own making and is perfectly designed to provide us with what we need to grow different parts of our character. We only grow through difficulties, challenges, hardship, traumas, tragedy, and things that force us out of our ‘comfort zone’. As long as you’re comfortable and floating along on a current, nothing happens. All growth requires choice and active use of your will. You have to reside fully awake within the reality you were born in and play an active part in maintaining, while using your higher capacity of judgment, discrimination, reasoning, and conscience, contrasting and comparing yourself to whatever is happening, where you ‘decide’ how you’re going to ‘show up’ in ‘relation’ with whatever is happening, and then ‘willfully’ produce the reality of your decision.

As you produce the reality of your decision, you experience’ yourself in new ways, and your experiences act to gradually ‘evolve’ your current ‘memory base’ to a new level. While you can build experiences on the inner planes of your mind without ever taking action on them in the material sense, these are NOT formed into actual or permanent ‘memory’, because it’s only what’s blazed and imprinted in ‘astral light’ (akasha), that’s recorded as a permanent memory, and astral light “is” the atmosphere of the Earth’s plane (soul) as what we call ‘reality’. You can’t separate them. They’re a single unit. It’s only your actions and the ideas you form that you turn into a physical reality (create) that are permanently recorded in the akashic field as your soul’s memory or Book of Life. This is what forms the ‘Halls of Records’ that’s reviewed after death as a testament of your life’s work and your ‘ability’ to create the reality of your soul’s conscience, which ‘is’ your ‘signature frequency’ that determines the next cycle in your soul’s evolution. 

Journey through Time

So if you sit back and act complacent, not knowing what to do, feeling overwhelmed, scared, unhappy, and simply do nothing while waiting for someone else to do something, or you simply tune out altogether, then this “is” what sets your vibration, and lays the foundation for whatever emerges out of it as a continuation of the same ‘archetypal pattern’ (life theme) as your ‘inner nature and character’. We’re all here to develop our character, and all development only comes through activity and whatever it is we choose to do in relation to everything else. The only way to rise on the planes of the mind, from our lower, animal mind, to our higher, divine mind, is by residing primarily in one or the other and using it to develop ourselves to be ‘mostly’ of that mind (vibration). In order to shift into a higher level of existence we have to become sovereign beings who bring our lower nature under our control and use our higher mind of rational thought and reasoning to champion society and the world at large. To always stand for what we believe is right, good, and virtuous, and make the changes we desire to see in the world in our own daily life, no matter what it costs us or how much effort it takes. If we want peace and prosperity, then we must cultivate that in everything we say and do, while working mentally to transform whatever contradicts it. We have to ‘act that way’ in every area of our life as a natural ‘way of being’. If we want transparency and justice, then we have to be honest, above board, unguarded, and just in our own life. If we want love and harmony, then we express that through our own attitude and behavior.

We have to ‘become’ the material expression of whatever it is we want to cultivate in the world at large. We have to be the one who stands up for what is right, and good, and virtuous, in every moment; who helps our neighbor when we realize they’re in need, protects our children from any harm and wrong doing, and protect those who can’t protect themselves. We have to commit to being a force for good in everything we do and become the leader in our own life. We can’t wait for someone to do it for us or set an example for us to follow.  We have to set the example for others to follow, be the solution rather helping facilitate the problem. We have to become the ‘“’hero’ in our own lives and realize ‘we are the one we’re waiting for’, there are no magical beings outside of us that are going to intervene on our behalf and do our work for us. All patterns are formed out of the same archetypal qualities and play out on different scales in a similar manner, so the way to ‘influence the world at large’ is by cultivating the same qualities and behaviors in your own everyday life. As you cultivate those qualities through your activities, you ‘stimulate the same qualities’ in everyone and everything around you, while also setting an example for how to express them.

It doesn’t come by tuning out and resorting to a make-believe world thinking that’s going to ‘raise your vibration’, because that’s a false assumption. Your vibration changes according to your ‘actions’ and the rituals you perform every day, and the attitude you employ while doing them. You have to blaze a memory in the collective unconscious that can be accessed by anyone else who is wishing for the same thing or is of a similar mindset to tap into and utilize as a means of amplifying and growing it. You influence others and the world around you by what you demonstrate, not through your private thoughts or wishful thinking. It’s only the thoughts you take action on and make into a reality that change your vibration, because only what we actually experience as a material reality is turned into a permanent memory, whose induction into the collective mind serves to influence its vibration. Whatever we take action on and demonstrate around others or in relationship with them, stimulates the same actions in them, amplifying and increasing them. We only truly advance as a whole, because we’re all made from and exist as a part of the same collective whole. When the ‘part changes’, the whole changes in the same manner. The only ‘true power’ is in the ‘group mind’, when two or more minds come together in harmony and participate in performing the same daily rituals with the same mindset.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Personal Transformation Coach and Spiritual Mentor

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