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Linda Gadbois

Do you have a desire to change in your life, but don’t know how exactly?

  • Are you facing a life transition and feeling extremely insecure and unsure of how to do it and what direction to take
  • Are you facing a crisis of some form and not sure how to handle it?
  • Or are you simply feeling a desire to grow in your life and develop a more creative way of life that promotes a stronger sense of overall happiness?
  • I can help you make the changes you desire in your life with a great sense of clarity around your life’s purpose that will move your life in the direction of your true destiny providing you with a deep sense of happiness and contentment.

My style of Coaching: What I can do for You

My coaching style is a form of provocative conversation that helps expand self-awareness and shed light on previously unexplored areas that will provide you with knowledge about yourself that’s critical for healing and self-creating.

I coach as a form of teaching, not only as the knowledge necessary to create within your own life, but also the ability to apply that knowledge in your everyday life to produce specific and measurable results. I provide you with the skills necessary to begin using your own mind to create your reality. I teach you how to begin utilizing the powers of your imagination to shape your experiences.

I teach you the skills on how to change how you’re representing ideas to yourself to make them more compelling for desired ideas, and more repulsive for ideas that are currently being employed that need to be replaced by new and more desirable behaviors. With this knowledge change not only becomes easy, but also pleasurable.

I provide you with powerful strategies that you can build an action plan around that make gradual yet consistent changes in your life that produce immediate and highly beneficial results. I don’t tell you what to create, but rather help you identify what you have an inner desire to create, and then provide you with the means to create it. I give you practical tools you can work with not only in creating your health, but in all areas of your life where you want to create in and intentional and deliberate manner.

I help you to create in a holistic manner that not only transforms your body and physical reality, but also your mental and emotional reality necessary to produce the physical as a natural and automatic expression or result. I work with the body, soul, and spirit in a unified manner, developing them in unison to each other. Many health problems have a purely mental and emotional origin and must be dealt with from the level of origin in order to be transformed at the physical level which is the end result of the mental and emotional levels of the same idea. I will help you not only identify these, but work with them in a strategic and precise manner.

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rain_barI offer various levels of coaching as personal guidance for all levels of personal development and spiritual growth, health and healing, and skills for professional development.

I develop custom programs to meet your specific needs, whether it be one-on-one personal training, relationship counseling, group coaching, mentoring for enhanced performance, and business consultation and custom professional training.

I offer individual-single sessions, monthly programs, 6 month programs, and yearly programs. I offer various levels within these programs that give you different combinations of services to fulfill your specific desire for growth and self-mastery.

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Educational experiences – classes, seminars and practical training that provide you with knowledge, experience, and practical skill-sets.

Coaching – as a form of training and practical strategy for transforming and healing in your life, with full support and guidance for implementing the knowledge to produce measurable results. Conducted primarily over the phone, on Skype, and with email correspondence.

 Mentoring – is similar to coaching that not only teaches skills, but also helps you develop your “style” for how you actually perform when applying the knowledge to create in your life. It provides instruction on “how” to do it. It helps you develop your personal style as your highest skill. This process is best done in person.

Business Consulting – is geared towards a business, organization, or group, that provides whatever level of services the organization or Entrepreneur desires or needs to foster their creative growth. This is performed using whatever method is convenient and available. I do recommend that all consulting be done in person at the place of business, for greater effectiveness and precision.

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Areas of special focus:


Health and Wellness

Personal transformation / development


Spiritual development

Entrepreneur / Business


Conscious Transitioning – preparing for death



Personal / Professional development


 Leadership Psychology

 Management Skills



Entrepreneur Training & Business Development:

 Business Creation, Transformation, and Growth

 Skill-sets for Entrepreneurs and Managers

 Custom Training programs

Advice and Guidance

Monthly Coaching Programs



All my services are


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Make the decision today to work in your own life to initiate and facilitate your own growth and personal development that will lead to a deepened sense of empowerment and overall happiness in your life. Regain a sense of clarity around your life purpose and goals, and begin creating them with a sense of passion and enthusiasm!
Learn to use your mind in powerful ways to create the life you desire. Take back control of your life by developing your will-power to self-create and impose a direction on your life that will bring a deep feeling of fulfillment.

Starting is always the hardest part. Starting requires a decision and a long-term commitment to your own growth and development. You know when you’ve truly decided when you no longer hash through all the options, but choose one that you step into by taking consistent action on it to begin creating it as a reality. All creation starts with a vision and the action it takes to produce it.

Decide today . . . to consciously develop the higher capacities of your mind and begin creating in your life in a deliberate manner with a sense of confidence and responsibility.

Search your soul . . . envision . . . . and decide!

Get Started today!

Dr. Linda Gadbois




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