Spiritual Sciences

Spiritual Sciences is often referred to as Sacred Sciences, Hermetic Sciences, Ancient Wisdom, Holy Mysteries, Esoteric Sciences, Transpersonal Psychology, Shamanic Arts and Transcendental Magic. It’s a holistic science of the soul and spirit, and how it creates itself through a journey into the lower plane of the material body.

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Spiritual Sciences are classified as a system of higher knowledge that’s based out of an understanding of Universal Laws and Principles, rather than dogma, opinion, rules, and methodologies that only require you to obey and follow without questioning. They are not based on a “belief system” and provide us with practical instruction for how to use our own mind in being able to create. What we refer to as the “major systems” of spiritual sciences are all 4-fold in nature, and are based on the completeness of 10 principles unfolding on 4 levels to describe the universal process for creating. Each system is set up using different models, symbols, metaphors, and terminology in describing the same universal principles, and as a result, each forms a direct correspondence to all others, where one system can be used as a means of broadening the interpretation of another, and increasing practical understanding as a result. A practical understanding of principles is necessary in order to be able utilize them through a practice of some kind in your daily life as the means of creating from a conscious state, as well as be able to recognize and tune into them as they operate in every level of your ordinary everyday reality. These same fundamental principles operate in every level and aspect of both our inner and outer reality, which are actually correspondences of each other.

All of the major systems of Spiritual Sciences communicate ideas through a universal language of symbolism and metaphor which requires each individual to “interpret” it in order to comprehend it in the practical sense. All systems work as a dynamic matrix of correspondences in relation to one another, and serve to naturally develop intuition in being able to accurately interpret them. Due to the fact that there is no standard or fixed interpretation for the symbols involved, the student is required to develop their intuition in being able to discern them, while also developing the ability to think for themselves and acquire the knowledge inherent in a symbol by concentrating on it while in a meditative state. Intuition is a higher faculty of the mind where knowledge of something comes as an intimate connection with the internal spirit that’s ensouling the physical form rather than by perceiving it only through it’s outer appearance, and creating a “direct experience” of it as a result. All true knowledge only comes “through us” as a direct experience that spontaneously gives rise to new realizations born out of an expanded awareness, and serves to put us in direct contact with the same forces as “states of consciousness” that intimately connect our outer world with our inner world.

Due to the fact that all spiritual ideas have their origin and basis in both the arts and sciences, all of what we call Spiritual Sciences, are based on various ways of describing the nature and operations of the same group of primary principles that form the underlying basis for reality itself. Reality as a material construct and manifestation is represented by the Tetrad, which results from a mirror image of the Triad formed on the inner planes of the mind. The Triad, symbolized by a triangle, represents the mind which operates as three inherent aspects on three levels or planes simultaneously, and culminates as a single whole in the Quaternary, symbolized by a diamond or square. The relationship between the mind (3) and the material reality it constructs through purely mental means and then projects as a polarized image of itself (4), forms the fundamental law of manifestation as the soul’s ability to first create itself as a whole reality in order to experience itself, and then acquire it’s own experiences while translating them into a coherent memory of itself. All material reality results from the relationship formed between mind an matter as different aspects of each other, represented by the Tetragrammaton (IHVH), and so all scientific systems of the spirit operate in the most fundamental sense of analogy and correspondence as a fourfold system.

Article: The Holistic Nature of Spiritual Sciences – Bridging Spirit and Science

Connecting with Higher Self
Some of the most prominent scientific based systems still in existence today are:
  • The Kabbalah Tree of Life – which provides a comprehensive study the hierarchical structure of the Spiritual plane and the Principles that operate in every aspect and level of creation. This is an ideal system for understanding the threefold nature of the mind, soul, and self, and the process undertaken through evolutionary cycles of life, death, and rebirth, which are regulated by our own creations as our karma. This system beautifully illustrates the principles that govern our mind and how it operates on three different levels as our superconscious, conscious, and subconscious mind, to ultimately form what we experience as our material reality, formed on a fourth plane. It provides us with an understanding of how it is we form ourselves initially out of karma as a process of descending the four planes of density, and then the means for transforming ourselves by consistently employing a conscious state of mind in order to dissolve unconscious patterns, returning our mind to a state of wholeness and purity, which is required in order to ascend permanently to a higher level of sovereignty and conscious self-creation. 
  • The Tarot – also known as the Book of Hermes, provides us with the “keys” for interpreting all other systems (it’s a primary key for the Kabbalah) through archetypes that are metaphorical in nature and work by forming a dynamic series of correspondences to all other correlated systems. This system uses universal archetypes as the means for understanding the universal principles correlated with them and how to apply them at the practical level in order to create in a fully conscious manner. This translates universal principles into a psychological system of metaphors that describe the process we undergo in descending into an unconscious state, and then awakening while in the body and working to transform our own lower nature using our higher nature, and then for ascending to a higher level by mastering the creative capacities of your own mind. 
  • Sacred Geometry – is a scientific system of philosophical mathematics that represent how principles operate through “relationships” that form the fundamental building blocks of all life on every plane of existence. It provides us with the means for conceptualizing what operates intuitively as invisible forces that serve to organize matter into dynamic living systems that function in very specific ways. This provides us with the means for all scientific inquiries into the very nature of life itself as universal principles that form a mathematical structure that reveals how systems operate in a coherent fashion. By forming a working concept of how principles operate we can not only gain an understanding of how any system functions in the most basic sense, but also how it creates on larger and more expanded levels of reality. This allows us to understand how invisible forces operate to create all life through fundamental concepts that are universal in nature and can be applied to any situation as a means of creating in a skillful manner. 
  • Gematria – The science of correspondences between letters and numbers to identify the archetypal makeup of something indicated by its “name”. All words as a name provide us with a formula of mathematical principles that reveal its hidden nature as a function (behavior) and overall operation, expressed as an allegory. This provides us with the means for decoding words and phrases to find the archetypal formula concealed within it. It helps us to understand the creative power of the spoken word as the “organizing mechanism” that works through the universal principle of vibration and polarity to call forth whole realities as the “meaning” of the words being used. It gives us a scientific method for understanding how our mind transforms an idea (with a pattern inherent in it) into a vibratory frequency that creates systematically on multiple levels and scales of creation through polarity as the interaction between complementary opposites of the same thing. 
  • Astrology – Is a dynamic scientific system that correlates star systems as archetypal forces with the dynamic living patterns they produce. It provides very precise astronomical calculations that govern and conduct all evolutionary processes throughout the cosmos as an understanding of archetypal forces that play out on every level of creation as a holographic movement and collective destiny. It provides us with a very fundamental form of prophecy that identifies the influences at play in evolving all life as a whole through new and correlated cycles of creation. It’s used to describe the archetypal matrix of the soul as characteristics developed to different degrees and potencies at the time of birth where they are then developed through the dynamics specific to that life, and then provide us with the means for continuing to develop ourselves in a precise and calculated way by embodying archetypal qualities and utilizing them to create in a more intelligent and deliberate fashion. 
  • Hermetic Sciences and Alchemy – The science of transformation to higher states of being teaches a very fundamental understanding of Universal Principles as a form of instruction for how to use our mind to create and transform ourselves to higher levels of consciousness. All transformation only comes by acting on ourselves to intentionally develop our own character and transcend our formative conditioning. Universal principles provide us with a form of detailed instruction necessary for learning how to operate our own mind in being able to achieve this. 
  • Raja Yoga and Patanjali Sutras – the most ancient form of Yoga which doesn’t deal with any sham and requires no physical postures – it deals with the inner man whose sphere lies in the world of thought and it’s first requisite is “purity of the heart”. This is the most ancient form in which physical aids to practice were not employed – where developing the mind to a high degree of creativity is used as the sole directer of all physical functions and manifestations. There is no reliance whatsoever on the lower physical body. It’s purely a science of the mind, and deals almost exclusively to develop the part of our mind and nature that transcends the physical body after death. 
  • Quantum Physics – is the true physics of the mind that includes consciousness and the relationship of mind with matter, while keeping consciousness in the lead role as the creator of the physical world, and correlates beautifully with the principles inherent in all other Esoteric systems. All of what we can call the principles inherent in quantum mechanics that seem to defy the principles of natural material based systems, can be understood in the fundamental sense as the principles of subtle energy that operate through the faculty of the mind and are spiritual in nature. The principles represented in Sacred Geometry, for example, can be used as the working concepts for understanding the same principles operating at the quantum level of invisible forces. 
  • Bhagavad Gita and the Vedic Texts – uses archetypes and allegories to express and give practical understanding and application of scientific principles through the struggle we all engage in as the conflict between our higher and lower self. It explains spiritual concepts of the soul through the mythology formed between contrasting aspects of our self that exist on higher and lower planes simultaneously, and of which we are only partially aware of while incarnated in a physical body. The subconscious of the lower self works primarily through memory, which is stimulated and made apparent through metaphorical storytelling. 
  • Archetypes and the Gods of Mythology – this pantheon of divine qualities provides a rich system for understanding the nature of universal consciousness as a psychological system for developing our own mind and character to higher levels of creativity through the practical application of universal principles. This system of “divine qualities” that function in specific ways provides the means for understanding our own psychological nature and provides the tools and processes necessary for developing ourselves through exercising the higher capacities of our own mind-body system in being able to consciously create ourselves. 

One of the main ways to tell the authenticity and accuracy of any one system is by how it naturally corresponds to all the other major systems, which are all based on the same laws and principles being represented through different cultural models, symbols, metaphors, and allegory in a way that broadens our understanding of them. The Law of Correspondences and Analogy is the “key” to deciphering all symbolic ideas and metaphorical systems. While many view these as different systems, they can be more accurately viewed as different aspects of the same system, especially in terms of the Qabalah Tree of Life, the Tarot (which is the “Key” to the Tree), Astrology, Sacred Geometry, and Hermetic Alchemy, all of which directly correlate with each other as a means of accurately interpreting the symbolism used to convey the meaning of each principle.

All true spiritual knowledge only comes through a practical understanding of the Laws and Principles that are inherent in every aspect, operation, and substrata of reality itself, which is only conceived and contemplated by the very mind that’s acting to create it through universal principles. Knowledge comes as an intuitive awareness of the inner nature of outer appearances as the spirit acting through material forms of a complementary nature. The same basic principles are inherent in every level of creation and operate fluently on the spiritual planes as what ultimately forms and gives life to the entire lower plane of physical reality. If a system doesn’t form an intuitive correspondence to all other main systems of a similar nature and doesn’t work by way of the same laws, then you know it’s a false representation based on a misguided opinion being presented as truth. The Law of Correspondence, which works through forming a spontaneous “chain of association” to other ideas that are of the same nature and kind, provides us with a fail-safe method that can be faithfully relied upon in identifying ideas that contain only partial truths, or are incorrect altogether.

The Secret Language of Symbols and Metaphor

The Occult Sciences have often been called secretive, hidden, magical, or mysterious for many reasons, one being that the knowledge being expressed is communicated largely in symbolic language and archetypal metaphors that have to be interpreted by each individual. This means that every person will form an interpretation of the same idea in a way that’s unique to them as the means of acquiring the spiritual knowledge contained within it. The truth contained in Spiritual Sciences, unlike most religions, is NEVER based on dogma as a fixed interpretation made by someone else and then given to you where all you have to do is accept it as being true for you also. It requires you to think for yourself and develop your higher capacity of intuition as a means of being able to conceive it. Each interpretation of a universal idea is a unique creation of the individual forming it because it comes through their own paradigm and the chain of association formed by how they think about it, and this is what makes it ideally suited for utilizing in their daily life as a means of creating with it, and using it to evolve themselves accordingly.

While we tend to think that higher knowledge can be acquired through it’s theoretical form as an idea that’s taught to us by another and resides “outside of us”, the fact is it can only be attained through direct experience that comes by becoming one with it in mind and spirit. As we contemplate an idea in it’s symbolic form, where it serves as a kind of “seed”, we begin developing it by defining it with details. We shape it using the same features we use to shape ourselves, and it becomes a kind of mirror image into our own hidden nature. Through a state of coherence we infuse it with our life-force energy and it comes alive and begins growing inside of us. We form it into a possible reality in our imagination, creating an inner experience of it. This inner experience lays the foundation for producing it as an equivalent outer experience of the same kind. Once we bridge the inner with the outer as a manifestation, we form a sensory experience of it, and it’s absorbed back into our paradigm and translated into an actual memory.

The knowledge attained of an idea that we acted to create by becoming a conduit for it to manifest, is also knowledge of our self, because we shaped it as an image of ourselves and imbued it with the same qualities and likeness. All true knowledge comes as knowledge of ourselves, because in order to experience it we have to first create it by acting as the channel for it to manifest through. We have to first conceive it in it’s seed form (which is what a metaphor or symbol is), then develop it on the inner planes into a possibility for an outer reality, programming our lower subconscious mind with the pattern necessary for moving it from the inner planes to the outer plane. All the insights and realizations that arise from the experience it produces come as a reflection of our own inner nature because we’re its creator. It works harmoniously to simultaneously develop your higher faculty of intuition and teaches you how to think for yourself, independent of others, and create as an individual. This process requires us to exercise and develop our creative abilities as the higher capacities of our mind.

How an idea is discerned is based on a variety of factors as a combination of relationships and how they influence each other, such as your mental paradigm and conditioning, age and level of maturity, intelligence and level of education, what stage of life you’re in that you’re applying it to or what you use to compare it with, and most importantly, your current level of knowledge regarding philosophy and the arts and sciences. The more educated and developed our paradigm is, the more capable we are of conceiving higher ideas and birthing them as a personal manifestation. The acquisition of higher knowledge only comes through our ability to create realities out of them where they can be apprehended through direct experience. We can work to consciously develop our mental paradigm through devoted study of the Mysteries taken up as a life practice, where it’s attained through experience and serves to evolve us in being able to interpret basic concepts and symbols more accurately. It’s only by marrying our rational intellectual mind with our creative, emotional mind that we simultaneously develop our higher capacity of intuition, reasoning, and expand our range of self-expression.

Prerequisites for Attaining Higher Wisdom

The other factor that acts as a safety mechanism for being able to touch on and attain higher knowledge is that we can only attain in spirit what we cultivate in mind and character. We have to achieve an elevated state of mind that puts us within reach of higher knowledge which is “absorbed into our mind” through sympathetic resonance. Higher Knowledge and spiritual Truth is only “conceivable” by those of a pure heart and virtuous nature. We act to conceive knowledge by becoming “one with it” in mind and spirit, and have to develop our inner nature to a purified state by resolving all character flaws as weaknesses and transforming them into their complementary virtues. We have to work on ourselves to develop our moral character to a higher level of true goodness in order to be an appropriate vessel for higher consciousness to flow and express in the world. This is what prevents higher wisdom from being used in a selfish and destructive way to cause harm to others.

The Mysterious Secret of Attaining Knowledge

The other fundamental idea that often eludes people in the most basic sense, is that true knowledge as wisdom is not something that can be taught as an objective idea. Knowledge that’s taught and given to us by another simply provides us with the theory as a generalized idea for applying practically through experimentation, out of which a dynamic series of realizations come as a “direct experience”. It’s the realizations that naturally arise out of experience that’s the true knowledge contained within it. Theory simply provides the beginning point for applying it in order to create, and the creation that results is what proves the theory as being a fact, or disproves it as being false. As we apply a theoretical idea through a practice of some kind, it’s synthesized into our being through the experience it brings as acquiring “knowledge of it”. Knowledge that’s gained through experience forms wisdom. The term having “knowledge of” something was originally used to describe intimacy attained through sexual union. This same principle of uniting with an idea and becoming one with it in mind, and producing an offspring as a material manifestation that combines the qualities of both into a new whole, is how we draw down and make manifest higher ideals.

We only attain and synthesize into our mental paradigm what we become one with in mind and spirit and experience “as being us”. All realization is ultimately “self-realization”, and only comes as the knowledge of yourself acquired through the experience your create. It’s only when we practice an idea or utilize a principle so much that it becomes a habit as fundamental part of our nature that we do automatically without having to think about it, that it becomes a “permanent” part of our soul and is carried forward into succeeding incarnations. Only our own creations integrated into our paradigm through the experience of them serve to evolve our souls eternal nature and are carried forward by the universal soul when it sheds the personality of the body. All knowledge that’s only an intellectual exercise and never “built into” our subconscious mind as a part of our character and nature, dies along with the body. All higher ideas have to be made manifest and then developed in a unique and skillful manner by working on and through our own manifestations so that they become an essential part of our nature.

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Science of Mind and Soul

All true spiritual sciences teach the Laws of the mind utilized by the Soul in creating reality and “itself” through the experience that reality brings by how it relates and associates with it’s own creation. Whatever we cultivate on the inner planes as a well-developed sensory idea extends outward and produces (orders and organizes) that same idea as an outer reality of our thoughts, allowing us to experience them. The soul isn’t only the body, it’s the entire reality projected “through the body” as the perception of the inner planes on a larger scale of the outer plane, setting the stage for creating certain types of experiences as a congruent, ongoing story about ourselves and our life that we use simultaneously to shape our “self” through the memory we build up of it over time. Whatever we become a channel for expressing by embodying and allowing it to come through us, we become like in nature.

The Great Work

All spiritual sciences have the same aim of spiritual regeneration by cultivating your mind to become one with the higher planes of consciousness. What we think of as “ascension” comes through sympathetic resonance with higher states of consciousness that can be best understood as our morality. In order to ascend into higher levels of consciousness, we have to cleanse our self of all beliefs formed out of our conditioning, mental complexes, and emotional states born out of our lower nature, and begin expressing in new and more benevolent ways. We have to act “on ourselves” to correct our own character flaws and emotional delusions that self-administer our own pain and suffering, and the pain we cause others who cooperate with us in acting out our delusions, incurring“negative karma” as a consequence. We have to self-reflect from an objective (third person) perspective and recognize our own flaws while gaining a deeper realization and awareness of them. Realization brings awareness, and awareness is disintegrating. We only heal our self through forming awareness around our own unconscious complexes (conditioning) and the delusions that result from them. Once we become aware of them we no longer continue to act them out through an unconscious state.

All growth and transformation of our mind and soul is something that we do to ourselves. It comes by the higher mind working on and through the lower mind of the subconscious. Transformation from a lower unconscious state to a higher conscious and self-aware state only comes through an intimate and ongoing conversation with our Higher Self. As we cleanse our lower mind of illusions produced through unruly emotions given free reign and character flaws that are expressed as vices, we free our mind from the self-imposed bondage of our own self-made delusions and form union with our Higher Self, moving us from a personal identity to a more universal one. We realize that we’re “in this world, but not of it”, and we begin operating on the higher plane of universal individuality for the benefit of all humanity, and transcend it in spirit as a result.

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How to Select the Most Appropriate System to Begin Working with

What you’ll notice is that as you begin exploring different systems you’ll relate to some more than others. What you relate to in the beginning will probably be similar to whatever tradition you were raised with because you already have a paradigm for understanding it. Start with whichever one seems to make the most sense and that you can understand without struggling. You may also notice that you have a natural attraction to certain ones and always seem to gravitate towards them. Start off with these systems and pick just one to start with. Take up a formal study of one system, and study it thoroughly before moving to another system. What you’ll probably notice is that the study of one will naturally lead to another, especially if you research any of the symbolism involved.

When you encounter symbolic ideas, such as an archetype, particular type or color of stone, an instrument or part of the body, glyph, colors, name, and so on, stop and do a bit of research on the various meanings it has in spiritual or energetic terms. Symbols and metaphors of all kinds provide a path for deepening your understanding by investigating them to find their hidden meaning. This will get you familiar with how ideas correspond with each other, and how symbols are used to represent whole ideas while providing a dynamic system of references. How one idea naturally relates to another idea as a correspondence will start to develop your ability to discern ideas through a natural chain of association that forms spontaneously based on how their being applied. This will develop your intuitive skills of discernment which is the very foundation of understanding and being in able to recognize how principles play out in ordinary situations.

Always keep in mind that all symbols and metaphors are meant to be interpreted in a unique way, and only consider other people’s descriptions as a guideline or basis for further investigation. Never use just one person’s interpretation of an idea, but explore several of them while noticing the common factors that connect them. Words and language, as a general rule, should never be taken literally as an accurate description for spiritual ideas and experiences, and only serve as an approximation. Don’t ever lose sight of the fact that all spiritual studies are designed to develop your intuition in being able to comprehend them, and each interpretation of a general idea is meant to be your own unique way of perceiving it. You want to avoid taking the interpretation of someone else as being your own. Don’t read or study only one version of a system, such as the Tarot, Kabbalah, Sacred Geometry, and so forth, but study several different ways of interpreting the same idea by different authors and teachers. Not only will each person emphasize something different about the same idea or view it from a different perspective and background, but after awhile you notice that they all contain core ideas and share common denominators. These core ideas they all share in common are usually what you can think of as the base principles involved. If the book or method you’re studying isn’t based on principles or universal laws, then you want to elicit the principles involved through the description or how it’s being interpreted. The interpretation is not the “knowledge itself”, it’s simply a way of explaining or describing the principles operating within the system from one person’s point of view.

After you’ve thoroughly studied one system and you no longer seem to be encountering any new information, and you’ve brought the knowledge into practice in some way as an actual understanding of it, then you may want to move to another system that you came to know through your investigations of the existing system. One idea or body of knowledge tends to naturally lead to another. As you take up a formative study of a correlated system, always associate the ideas being communicated to the knowledge base you developed from the previous system. If there’s any conflict involved or they seem to contradict each other in some way, stop and thoroughly investigate it because systems that are based on laws and principles will never contradict each other and act instead to expand our perception and ability to apply it in more diverse ways. So you have to be able to decide whether or not it’s an actual error, or if you’re simply misinterpreting it somehow. Never accept something as being true that doesn’t make sense or that can’t be applied at the practical level to produce what it claims to produce. Always bear in mind that we don’t gain knowledge from reading a book or listening to a teacher or someone explaining it to us, but only through our ability to experience it first hand. First on the inner plane of our imagination as a working concept, which then provides the basis for applying in our daily life to create where it can be attained through the realizations born out of the direct experience it brings.

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