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Mentoring / Coaching for Professional Development

Knowledge is only truly obtained through experience that comes by way of practicing it. It’s not enough to “know” something intellectually or theoretically, you have to be able to actually “do” it. You have to bring it into practice in your daily life and become the example of it.

All of our services involve education to provide Base Knowledge, Training for Practical Application, and Mentoring for ongoing support to develop personal skill at applying knowledge to your everyday life to produce desired effects.

While we specialize in Creative Mind Development, Communications, Psychological Skills and the Sacred Sciences, we offer different levels of education that are focused on “skill-development” that comes by way of taking the knowledge learned in a classroom environment and applying it to your daily life as a means of Creative Empowerment.

Mentoring for Personal Development

Mentoring is designed for Personal Development by taking knowledge and incorporating it into your daily life to create an experience of it, and thereby, create your self by way of it. Knowledge must be lived in order to transform our basic models of the world which is necessary to allow us to see higher forms of knowledge that can’t be perceived with our current level of consciousness. This program is ideally suited for anyone who has a deep desire for personal growth and perfecting yourself and your style by cultivating your higher potential to self-actualize by becoming excellent in your field through developing your personal style through various levels of self-mastery.


Professional Training Programs

Our Professional Training focuses on skills that will greatly enhance your ability to perform at higher and more effective levels, and skills in personal mastery necessary to facilitate your own personal transformation, as well as psychological skills, Mind Development, Personal / Professional development, communication skills, Leadership Psychology, and Creative Thinking.

We also offer Professional Training for Integrative Mind-Body Medicine, Psychology, Spiritual Sciences and Healing, Huna, Shamanism, Transcendental Magic, NLP, Hypnosis/Meditation, Energy Medicine, Energetic Therapies, and Intuitive development.

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Consulting for Health Care Practitioners and Professional Trainers

This service offers “Entrepreneur Training” for Healthcare/Healing Arts Practices, Mental Health Practices, Legal Practices, as well as Consulting, Education & Training Practices. This gives training for creative business development in terms of design, planning and strategic intervention, as well as designing systems that will actually “create” your business model in an effortless and spontaneous manner. It helps coordinate all policies, protocol and procedures to be congruent an compliant to the Practices over-all Vision, Values, Ethics and standards of excellence.

It focuses on providing your team with advanced skills in all areas dealing with, managing, and developing people. From psychological/behavioral skills, communications, developing your professional style, training and development, team-building, management skills and Leadership.

We partner with professionals and provide custom designed training to meet your specific needs, as well as ongoing support for continued growth and development through daily application through our Mentoring and Coaching programs. We’ll provide you with the knowledge you need to excel in your field of passion and expertise while also providing continuing support for applying that knowledge to a variety of situation to ensure ongoing, long-term success.

We’ll provide the training necessary for your professional staff, so you don’t have to, allowing you to focus on what you do best. We will provide you with training and mentoring programs that will make your job easier, while significantly improving your quality of life, and that of all your staff members! We’ll also help you to learn how to employ creative and psychological skills that will enhance your method of delivery and increase your effectiveness, while reducing your stress level or performance anxiety. We’ll help you become conscious of your “style” for practicing, and give you the tools to develop yourself in a very conscious and deliberate way that will help you achieve the excellence you desire in your field.

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Creativity & Innovation

We offer Education, Training and Mentoring on how to develop your ability to be more creative in the practical sense. Your ability to think in more creative ways, become more innovative, form strategies, evaluate and easily make adjustments, and be able to perceive life more intuitively. We can help you develop your perceptual abilities to see through the lens of unity, synthesis and inter-connectivity as a harmonious flow of grace and beauty.

We will provide you with the practical tools necessary to learn how to use your mind in more enlightening and refreshing ways to see brand new possibilities. Creativity has always been associated with genius, yet it requires an open and liberated mind in order to become realized. One that can think freely without inhibitions and limitation, stringent borders, and confining beliefs that severely reduce possibilities. By developing your creative abilities you can learn how to be more innovative and original in all areas of your life, deepening your experience of living, while creating an enhanced sense of personal fulfillment.

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