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Personal Services Include:

Positive Psychology that is Developmental in Nature

Tools / Skills for Creating Desired Change in your Life

Tools for Personal Development of Latent Potential

Skills at Being able to Master Your Own Mind

Skills for Becoming an Excellent Communicator

Transforming Beliefs

Emotional Intelligence

Creating Intimate Relationships that Evolve You

Developing Your Sensuous/ Sexual Nature

Preparing to Die in a Conscious & Profound Manner


Our Attitude and Approach:

The Personal services we offer are designed to help you with personal development in terms of developing yourself through personal skills of how to use your mind in more creative and empowering ways. We help you to gain control of your thoughts, inner-state, your emotions, and how you behave and interact with others. We teach perceptual skills and emotional mastery. All our teachings are holistic in nature and include your whole “Self” – Mind, Body and Spirit. We keep the Soul fully in tact in all psychological practices. Our approach is that all Personal Development to higher states of Being serve to Evolve your Soul simultaneously.

We also provide education, training and mentoring for developing enriching and fulfilling relationships of all kinds. We specialize in intimate/sexual relationships which is where we have some of our greatest inhibitions, fears and dogmatic beliefs that also create psychological problems. When we release our fears and judgments around our sexual nature, we simultaneously free ourselves in other areas of our life. Sexual issues stem from some of our deepest core beliefs. Healing in this area of our lives, offers the greatest form of healing there is. It also offers the possibility of feeling connected, bonding, experiencing intimacy and feeling apart of something greater than ourselves. No other area offers greater fulfillment than our intimate, sensual and sexual relationships, yet this is the area of our life that we suffer the most problems. We believe that knowledge allows healing. Because all beliefs and behavior is “learned”, it can be “unlearned” and “relearned”.

Personal development is a life-time adventure of exploration, discovery and Realization that allows Conscious Creation. No other journey is more compelling, or rewarding as the journey into ourselves and out of ourselves at the same time. Begin your adventure NOW into self-discovery, self-realization and self-actualization!

“We convince by our presence”

– Walt Whitman –


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rain_barPersonal Services:

Personal Knowledge & Skill Development

We offer Educational Programs and Playshops that provide you with the base knowledge necessary to apply to your everyday life in order to transform it to a higher level of expression that allows greater fulfillment in all areas of your life. These give you a Knowledge base out of which to develop into practical skills that will ultimately lead to Creative Empowerment and Personal Mastery.

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Personal Mentoring

Mentoring for personal development. Ideally suited for knowledge obtained in educational programs and classes to be practiced in your daily life for acquisition and mastery. Mentoring, which is somewhat different than coaching imparts knowledge and provides guidance for how to apply knowledge in your daily life and to specific situations. It develops skill-sets as life skills.

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Personal Transformation

Positive Psychology that teaches and develops by way of knowledge and skill. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with us that needs to be fixed, we look at how we desire to develop ourselves, then learn the skills to do it. Sacred Psychology is one of the most profound forms of Developmental Psychology there is and teaches the use of archetypes and seeing our life as a story/myth we are creating as we tell/live it. This teaches us how to develop ourselves in the most natural way there is, through our creativity and ability to imagine, imitate and pretend.

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Evolutionary Relationships

Evolutionary relationships are ones that we consciously engage in that serve to spontaneously “grow us” in very positive and desirable ways. Relationships that are inspiring and nourish us at the soul level through deep intimacy that’s very fulfilling. In relationships that are mature and conscious, sexual union becomes a sacred act that truly bonds both people through energetic and moral fusing of their souls. In this, the sexual act is a beautiful expression of true love that opens the heart and lights the soul on fire with erotic intensity that awakens our sensuous nature. One that is not only health inducing and deeply gratifying, but also one that opens us up to our own sensuality, ability to give and receive greater levels of pleasure, and the art of forming an intimate and loving union with our lover.

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Conscious Dying – Crossing Over

I provide the counseling necessary to help prepare for the death experience so that it will be a smooth transition of letting go, spiritual healing and rebirth. I help you to take care of unresolved issues, processing and resolving Karma, and letting go of your ego/identity in order to be born into a new one. Dying is really a Birth into a parallel reality that is the Astral double of Earth called the 5th Heaven. We migrate between the Astral and the Physical which are actually “twins” in a Holographic Hierarchy. Our experience of dying, like our experience of living is greatly effected and shaped by our beliefs. If we are afraid, then we create out of that feeling. Likewise, if we are anticipating a beautiful experience, that becomes the template for our experience!

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How to Select a Teacher/ Mentor / Practitioner

Tips on how to select Teachers, Coaches and Mentors, Personal Trainers and Healing Arts Practitioners.


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Dr. Linda Gadbois

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