NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming


What is NLP?

NLP is a set of principles, models, and tools for learning, communication and producing change. It describes how the mind works and how verbal and non-verbal language is used to communicate our thoughts. It offers a large variety of practical techniques that allow people to realize their full potential by self-actualizing.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), is the study of human excellence, that makes available a body of knowledge about how human beings make sense of their experiences when interacting with others. NLP is a behavioral model, and a set of explicit skills and techniques that can be defined as the study of subjective experience.

The name comes from “neuro,” referring to the brain and nervous system, and “linguistic,” referring to language. Programming is the installation of a plan, pattern or procedure. NLP is the study of how language, both verbal non-verbal, effects our nervous system. The ability to direct our own nervous system is the key to being able to direct our own lives. Whenever we are able to produce outstanding results, it is because we were able to produce specific communications to and through the nervous system.

NLP studies how people communicate to themselves in ways that creates resourceful states-of-mind that increase their choice of behaviors. NLP provides a systematic framework for directing our own Mind. It teaches us how to not only direct our own internal-states and behaviors, but the states and behaviors of others also. In short, it is the science of how to run your mind in an optimal way to produce the results that you desire.

Many of the skills and techniques of NLP were derived by observing the patterns of excellence in experts from diverse fields of professional communication including psychotherapy, business, hypnosis, law and education.

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NLP is a Behavioral Science that Provides:

1. An Epistemology – A system of knowledge and values.

2. A methodology – Processes and Procedures for applying knowledge and values.

3. A Technology – Tools to aid in application of knowledge and values.

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What can NLP do for You?

NLP gives you a systematic technology for operating your own equipment (Mind/emotions/body). It helps you to take control of your emotions and learn to direct your thoughts with precision. It allows you to adjust thoughts and beliefs by learning how these are represented internally, and forming new, more empowering representations that alter your basic perceptions.

It teaches you practical skills on “how to run” your own neurology in order to produce specific results.

NLP teaches you how to become a superior communicator, internally and externally.

It teaches practical skills and modalities for producing desired change and personal transformation that is permanent and sustainable. It helps you to reprogram your unconscious mind to eliminate unproductive habits and install new patterns that increase you creative choices and enhance your health and sense of well-being.

NLP will teach you how to change your attitude and approach and learn to study what you “want” instead of what you “don’t want”.

It will help you to create a model of excellence, and then study it to actually create it as your personal experience.

NLP will teach you the optimal mental skills to greatly enhance your personal performance.

It will teach you the skills for altering belief systems and reprogramming your unconscious with new patterns that will produce excellent performance, desired results and well-defined outcomes.

NLP offers you a large variety of practical techniques to help you realize your full potential as a human being in your personal life, relationships and in the world of business.

It will give you a skill-set that with practice, will allow you to become an exceptional and highly effective communicator.

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How do I Know it Works?

NLP has been used since the mid seventies by psychotherapists, educators, law enforcement, hypnosis, athletes, performers and businesses. It is one of the most tried and proven psychological systems available today. It is based on practical skills, techniques, methods and technologies that can be readily applied for immediate results. It gives practical skills for using your own mind to create optimal states that naturally produce superior performance in yourself and others. It operates off of principles which can be effectively applied to any variety of circumstances to produce consistent and predictable results as it pertains to any form of human behavior.

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