Energy Dynamics

Subtle Body

Energy in motion = Emotion – Emotion “creates” = Cause that produces an effect

All creation stems from feelings & emotions called vibrations

God (energy) moved and with the spoken word, called forth and created the world out of the imagination . . . . . .

Anything that can be imagined can be made real.

Energy proceeds matter

What we put out comes back to us ten fold (amplified) – what we put out in the form of intention (energy) comes back to us in material form called “experience.”

Working with energy – which is perceived through the body as feelings / emotions – allows us to deal with the cause before it materializes. It’s like treating the dis-ease instead of managing the symptoms.

 Every Intention is an Attempt to Acquire a Feeling . . .

Feelings give us a sense of our self as something specific . . . . Loving, compassionate, brave, strong, smart, peaceful, creative, fun, serious, important . . . . . . .

All feelings are energetic vibrations that “in-form” – produce form that corresponds – creates an “experience” of the feeling intention that birthed it.

Human energy field


Shifting Energy – “Walking between Worlds”

When we talk about the diminishing electromagnetic field girdling the earth, and the shifting of consciousness that is a direct correlation to this phenomenon, we have to gain a realization around what that means as an actual experience rather than a concept that requires grasping without an actual reality to compare it to.  Here, I would like to point our some of the actual effects of this strange phenomenon that you may be experiencing in your every reality without realizing what it is. You may not be making a direct association to these experiences and the shifting of the energetic grid of which we, as energetic beings are fully submerged in and entrained by.

As humans we have as our primary source of substance a conscious energy field that surrounds and encapsulates our body. The energy field is always in a state of sympathetic rapport with other energy fields that exist within near proximity. These other energy fields influence ours through a form of resonance that serve to alternate the vibratory frequency of both fields bringing them into a state of ultimate coherence. We can’t avoid this, but we can consciously direct it as a form of cooperative action that goes with it, instead of slamming up against it causing the frequencies to cancel each other out and loose ultimate momentum.

Here are a few ways this energetic shift may be experienced in your day-to-day life.

  • You may feel a sudden light-headedness that consumes your attention momentarily and blurs your cognitive thought processes. This may have a kind of wavering quality, like moving in and out of it, fluctuating. Or it make take-on a kind of silent buzzing sensation where you feel as if your whole body is experiencing a very low grade “shimmering vibration”.
  • You may be suddenly snapped into a kind of different perspective, where you’re instantly in the position of “witnessing” or observing what is going on around you, yet feel detached from it. Have a very objective mind-set, and feel apart from what’s happening because there is no real emotional connection to the unfolding drama of which you are strangely apart of.
  • A sudden distant or reflective feeling as a kind of invisible barrier that is separating you somehow from your environment. A strange feeling of being “in the world” but not “of it”.
  • And instant flux – vertigo sensation, confusion, dizziness with perhaps a strange kind of internal hum that sounds as if it’s echoing within a room in your own psyche. An immediate distinct internal shift that almost jars you and takes a moment to adjust to in outer terms.
  • Have flashes or fleeting momentary experiences where the material world and objects become more like “light-forms” and take on a wavering sensation and fluctuate in and out of shimmering colors of the spectrum with a kind of iridescent quality that seems to reveal their temporary holographic nature.
  • An increased awareness of your peripheral vision. Becoming aware of the 360 degree area around your body with equal clarity and a distinct sort of knowing.
  • A sudden sinking or deepening feeling in your chest area, which can almost make it hard to breathe for a moment. This can be eerie, because it feels like it’s centered in your heart. This is because the heart has the strongest electromagnetic frequency of the entire body. Energy from our aura enters the body directly through the heart which is the center of the body’s energetic torus. The heart is a hollow organ that actually serves as a generator of the electromagnetic energy that serves to circulate energy as substance throughout our body. A shift in energy is often first felt, and most strongly experienced in the center of our chest.

These are just a few of the physical sensations and altered realities that if you are experiencing may be directly associated with the fluctuating and ultimately diminishing energy field of the earth. Simply stay present during these shifts and focus on learning to manage them by equalizing them

This way as they increase, which they will, you will not be thrown off by them and can remain centered and somewhat cognitive of the processes.

The Color of Light is Produced by its Vibratory Quality or “Speed of Motion”

We can tell a lot about the quality of energy based on it’s color. These same colors resonate within us at a deep psychological level, and produce corresponding effects even at a cognitive, conscious level. This is easy to identify if you simply allow yourself to become aware of colors and when bringing your attention to them, notice how they cause you to “feel.” Colors correspond to feelings & emotions.

Some colors are naturally considered “happy” uplifting colors. Some are considered soothing and relaxing and calm the mind. Others are fresh, springy, alive and healing.

Notice to, that you can smell colors. There’s a distinct smell to green: grass, trees, garden, vegetables. Red: cherry, strawberry, roses, cinnamon. Yellow: lemons, citrus, flowers, summer day. etc. Just notice that when you think of colors, they create moods, sensual sensations and often invoke memories and specific thoughts. You can literally “feel” colors. We are all very receptive and conscious of energy and it’s effects and we interact with it naturally, most of us simply aren’t aware of it, or never really thought about it. Very few of us have ever had anyone actually “teach” about energy and the causal body.

Existence – “The Nature of Reality”

A particle doesn’t exist until it moves. Begins vibrating. The vibration takes place between two opposite poles or as an out-flux and influx from a central point as a vibratory range of itself in an

expanded motion. All single forces exist in a natural state of polarity as electromagnetic which provides a range for inherent movement to take place. The range of movement between two poles is the boundary that defines the possibilities based on degrees of movement between poles. This is defined and represented by infinity as the continuous movement, interconnected and in a constant state of flux that builds momentum as it runs. In energy work, this is what we call “running and amplifying (building) energy.

The source – the center – the one – forms a sphere in which it is the master and creator of its own universe. Everything evolves out of, around and about its source. This is a primary demonstration of the micro being of the same nature and likeness as the macro. Represented by the holographic effect where the part contains the same information as the whole, and creates a whole within itself, out of itself as an indigenous pattern of the same thing, not through substance, per say, but through Principles. The only possible experience is within the sphere of its own creation – all perception is self-generated, self-motivated, and self-perpetuated. We perceive ourselves in everything as a primary filter that forms the basis for projection.

 The Symbolic Interpretation of the Colors of the Chakras

The colors of your aura are associated with specific abilities, qualities, or emotions you have at any given point in time. They reflect state of mind and the flow of energy associated with the vibratory quality of emotions. Here is a suggested brief description of a range of color for your reference. These are only intended as a guideline for possibility and do fluctuate from person to person:

chakra banner vert

Red: Activity, high energy, extroversion, movement, vitality, health, emotional, pioneering, aggressive, anger, passionate, free spirit, physical body, money worries, leadership, strong willed, survival instincts

Light Red: Joy, Passion, sensitivity, femininity, love, realist.

Pink: Sensitivity, emotional, femininity, longing softness, believe in miracles, perfectionist, love, romance, passion

Dark Red: Vigor, willpower, masculinity, leadership, courage longing, malice, wrath, rage, determined.

Orange: Active Intelligence, self confident, creative, artistic, sensitive, considerate, self-control, joy, happiness, warmth, empowered, see beauty, creative energy, compassion, moving

Orange Red: Desire, pleasure, thirst for action, idealism, pride and vanity, optimistic, gracious, high achiever, academic

Orange Yellow: Sharp Intellect, quick mind, self confident, industriousness, excels financially, creative, zest, energetic, wise counselor, sense of humor, joyful, learning new information

Gold: Transformation, enigma, dynamic energy, inspiration, devotion, spiritual wisdom, spiritual teacher, spiritual intellect, mature, compassionate, self-knowledge, happy, high degree of wisdom,

Yellow: Intellect and mind, talent for organization, discipline and ego, courage, generous, free thinker, fearless, mastery, analytical, independent, stubborn, will power, perfectionist, manipulation

Light yellow: Openness, ease, clear intellect, strong personality, freshness

Green: Love, growth, change, nature, devotion, rest, neutrality, steadfast, balanced, stability, initiates, loner, healing, teacher, jealousy, envy, balance

Yellow-green: Sympathy, compassion, peacefulness, frankness, perceptive, change, clear headed, growth, radiate love, innocence

Dark green: Adaptability, vitality, cunning, deceit, materialism, gentle, modest, flexible, inspiring

Blue: Introversion, rest, coolness, solitude, truth, devotion, wisdom, inner peace, hidden talent, encourage, precise, sixth sense, artist heart, communication, hard worker, practical, judgment, psychic

Light blue: Devotion to ideals, softness, solitude reserve, relaxed, peaceful

Turquoise: Loving, healing aspects of the heart, generosity of life, perceptive, sophisticated, clairvoyant, motivated, holistic, powerful healing ability, magnetic energy

Indigo: Mysticism, magic, profound, obsession, intolerance, mentor, respect, knowledge, expansive, strong, serious, psychic

Violet: Intuitive, artistic, creative, faith, imagination, reticence, mysteriousness, researcher, selfless, intense, inspired, spiritual, visionary, spacey, dreamer

Magenta: Spiritually perceptive, visionary, initiator, restless, strong, leader, adventurous, alchemist

White: Spirituality, Oneness – combination and perfect balance of the entire spectrum. Possess all qualities.


What is the Aura?

An aura is the emanation of the etheric, electromagnetic field that encapsulates the body in a field of greater non-personalized energy. It creates a specific energy field within a greater energy field that takes on unique “qualities” of it’s own, based on the entity producing it. An aura changes colors based on the emotional “state” of the person at any given point in time. Though we do hold basic energy patterns, our aura would possibly look very similar from day to day, month to month, it does change, sometimes rather drastically based on mood, activity, physical illness or phases of life. You can tell a lot about the “personality” and essence of a person based on the colors, patterns, intensity and variances within the etheric field. Clouded colors tend to show up in certain areas of the body that are associated to the issues or emotions of what’s being activated for that person at a given point in time. Dark colors show up at points in the body where potential problems are manifesting.

What is the Chakra System?

chakras glow

The chakra system is a series of vital energy centers, that can be thought of as wheels, discs or small spiral galaxies in the body that create a map of the energy flow and the quality or correspondences associated with certain aspects of the body. This map allows us to navigate the connection between spirit and matter, mind and body, heaven and earth. It shows how the inner dimensions of our own spirit align with the sacred architecture of the world around you. Like a map, it does not tell you where to go, but shows you where you can go, what the potential is, and lays out a pattern for personal evolution within your own physical existence.

If you have begun to work on your own healing, taken an active interest in your spiritual growth, have an interest in metaphysics, or have began engaging in regular self-reflection, then you have already began this journey.

There are many chakras in and around our bodies. Of these, the seven located along the spine are generally considered as forming the basic chakra system. When most people refer to the chakras, they are usually referring to these seven. I like to refer to the chakras as centers of organization for the reception, assimilation, and expression of life energy. In this way, the chakras are like sacred chambers in the temple of the body where various types of energies – such as physical, emotional, verbal, or visual energies – are organized, interpreted for use in our lives. These chambers transform energy from one level to another, as when we digest food to use for energy, or translate sights, sounds, or thoughts into insight, meaning and awareness.

You can also think of chakras as programs you store on floppy disk – programs you run over and over that may or may not be serving your best interest. These are the patterns that confine you, limit you, or . . liberate you. They are lodged in your cells as emotional reactions, habitual thoughts and belief systems. They are the core inner programs that generate the situations in your daily life. It is in your best interest to examine these programs, to make sure they are designed to serve you, are congruent with your dreams and desires, free of bugs and frequently updated.

On the journey of life, chakras are like inner gears that allow you to create and experience different levels of your power. A good vehicle has a free range of gears that allows it to move slowly or quickly uphill, downhill, around corners, or short city jaunts, or open road trips. If you are stuck in one gear, or can only use two or three, or you cannot move into a higher gear, your journey is limited and decided by the gear ratio. When your stuck in a tight parking place, you also need a reverse gear, which in this system equates to looking at past events that have created patterns in which you are now stuck.

The chakra map also provides a detailed map of your lifelong psychological experiences. You can see how certain patterns become established in the chakras at crucial developmental stages and how each chakras builds upon and emerges out of the previous stage. Patterns arising our of abuse,

neglect, or misfortune may remain locked in the core matrix of your chakras, forming cellular memory, which is then repeated, causing difficulty many years later.

The symbolic language of the chakra system is a powerful tool that can help you better understand and integrate the psychological markers that have shaped your experience. The seven major chakras represent seven vibratory modalities of human life, analogous to the seven colors of the light spectrum. Thus the journey to consciousness can be described as a journey across the rainbow bridge. Mystically the rainbow is a sign of hope – a means to connect humans and gods, heaven and earth, mortal and immortal. In reclaiming this bridge and undergoing the journey across it – through the chakras within your very self – you can achieve the realization of your divine nature, embedded within your own physical body.

 How to “See” Aura’s

Sit comfortably – fix your eyes on a spot on the wall – stare at the spot and try not to blink. As you stay focused, relax your eyes and allow your eyes to go slightly out of focus, so that the object or spot becomes softly burred. Now expand your awareness out into your peripheral vision on both sides. As you increase your vision while maintaining a relaxed “out of focus” view, notice that all objects in the room take on the appearance of light forms, perhaps waving, fluctuating and moving in and out of existence while turning a variety of colors.

Stare at someone against either a solid white background or a dark background – and staring at one spot, soften your focus while maintaining your peripheral vision. You’ll notice a energy field around their body approximately 1-2″ that resemble ‘heat coming off pavement” on a hot summer day. With a dark background, may look whitish, or yellowish – you may even be able to perceive colors.

Go into a dark closet – hold your hand out in front of you, focus directly on it, and soften your gaze – and watch what happens!

Seeing Aura’s is allot easier than you think! The more you practice, the easier it’s gets! :)


How did they Determine the Chakra Colors?

Many people believe that the colors originated from meditating on various parts of the body and the colors would appear in the order that is traditionally laid out as representing the Chakra system. However, this is not the case. While it is possible that while meditating and focusing attention to certain parts of the body, you will visualize or sense these colors, it is also possible that you will perceive different colors. These perceptions are based on vibratory qualities of color according to physics.

The colors were selected, representing the colors of the rainbow, and the 7 colors of the spectrum, because their vibratory quality matched the vibrational modalities of human life perceived through the Chakras. Thus, the journey to consciousness can be described as an excursion across the “Rainbow bridge.”

As a mythical analogy, the rainbow bridge is a symbol of hope – it means to connect humans and gods, heaven & earth, mortal and immortal. By reclaiming this bridge – through the chakra system within your very self – you can achieve realization of your divine nature, nestled deep down inside your own physical body.


Kundalini – Masculine and Femeinine

The Chakras are like stepping stones across the Rainbow Bridge, forming a continuum between the two poles of matter and spirit. This Bridge traverses the vertical span between heaven and earth, mind and body, spirit and matter. Energy flows both up and down this vertical Bridge. Tantric texts describes this upward-traveling energy current as mikti (freedom) and the downward moving current as bhukti (enjoyment). These pathways have been called the “Current of Liberation” and the “Current of Manifestation.”

The current of liberation, feminine energy, starts at the root chakra and moves upward towards the heavens, becoming freer as it ascends, this is the pathway most commonly featured in the Chakra discourse. This is the journey towards consciousness undertaken by nearly all living things. This evolution of transcendence, does not deny but includes and builds upon the lower levels.

The journey downward, masculine energy, is pure awareness coming into physical form and expression, and represents manifestation. Each level downward becomes more dense and more defined. In order to create something on the earth plane we create dense forms by focus and repetition. If you cannot accept the limitation that form requires, you cannot manifest.


How to Read Energy

The easiest way to “read energy” is to notice how it feels. What “emotional quality” it seems to have. Then hold that feeling in the body – and seek to express it. If it seems to have a story, allow yourself to start telling a story about it. Notice any kind of impressions you may be getting – don’t become concerned with “how your doing it” – or trying to explain what your doing – but simply take an attitude of playing with it.

Notice in your everyday environment how it feels when your standing next to a man as opposed to a woman. Notice what it feels like when your in the presence of a child. When you walk into a room, try to name it or “categorize” how the room feels. We do this all time when we make comments like – “the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife.” You may walk in and simply notice that it feels “low,” makes you feel tired, or it seems bubbly and has happy feeling to it. When people walk up to you, without really looking at them, you can get a feel for what mood they seem to be in, what kind of day they are having, whether they feel good, etc.

Start bringing your awareness to it, and think of it as a game. Allow yourself to be creative with it. Be ridiculous, outrageous, silly, sly, curious . . . . whatever strikes you, simply go with it.


Energetic Rapport

We gain and maintain rapport with people and entities energetically just like we do physically or through our language patterns. When we come into contact with people, if they have a similar energetic vibration, we immediately begin resonating with them, and feel comfortable – as though we are in our own element. If their energy is very different from ours, we may get somewhat of an uncomfortable feeling, or we simply become aware of the difference. If it’s an energetic vibration that is dis-coordinate, we will have a tendency to repel, or move away from them. Without realizing it, we may always seem to find ourselves on the opposite sides of the room.

If we come together with another person – and remain in close proximity for an extended period of time – it will automatically change our vibration – and theirs also – and we will begin vibrating to a similar pattern or quality. It will not only change our mood or how we feel, but also how we begin expressing the energy – especially if it is out of “our nature.” We can take on characteristics that are peculiar to us, or people who know us may make comments like “you just don’t seem like yourself, what’s wrong?” Parents are very aware of this when they express concern about who your “hanging around with” and the influence that person has on you.

When we engage in Rapport at a conscious level energetically, just as we do physically – we can pace and lead the process. We can become conscious of their energetic vibration – bring ours to a point of feeling similar – gain rapport by matching- then begin changing our vibration through intention – and they will begin resonating – or matching our energy – and will start vibrating at a different level. The primary skill in doing this – is awareness and being conscious throughout the entire process.


Chakra 7 – Sahasrara


Location:  Top of head crown)

Element:  Inspired Thought

Main issue:  Understanding

Goals:  wisdom, knowledge, spiritual connection

Color:  White / Violet

Right:  To know

Stone:  Amethyst

Principle:  Consciousness

Archetype:  Sage, Wise woman


Chakra 6 – Ajna


Location:  Brow; between eyes

Element:  Light

Main issue:  Intuition

Goals:  Psychic perception, imagination

Color:  Indigo Blue

Right:  To see

Stones:  Lapis lazuli

Principle:  Projection

Archetype:  Hermit, Psychic, Dreamer


Chakra 5 – Vissudha


Location:  Throat

Element:  Sound

Main issue:  Communication

Goals:  Clear communication, creativity, resonance

Color:  Bright Blue

Right:  To Speak

Stones:  Turquoise

Principle:  Sympathetic vibration

Archetype:  Hermes, Magician


Chakra 4 – Anahata


Location:  Heart

Element:  Air

Main issue:  Love

Goals:  Balance Compassion, acceptance

Color:  Green

Right:  To Love

Stones:  Emerald, rose quartz

Principle:  Equilibrium, Integration

Archetype:  Quan Yin


Chakra 3 – Manipura


Location:  Solar Plexus

Element:  Fire

Main issue:  Power, energy

Goals:  Vitality, strength of will, purpose

Color:  yellow

Right:  To act

Stones:  Topaz, amber

Principle:  Combustion

Archetype:  Magician, Wizard


Chakra 2 – Svadhisthana


Location:  Abdomen, genitals, low back, hips

Element:  Water

Main issues:  Sexuality, Emotions

Goals:  Fluidity, Pleasure, Relaxation

Color:  Orange

Right:  To feel

Stones:  Coral, carnelian

Principle:  Attraction of opposites

Archetype:  Eros


Chakra 1 – Muladhara


Location:  Base of spine, coccygeal plexus, legs, feet, large intestines

Element:  Earth

Main issue:  Survival

Goals:  Stability, Grounding, Prosperity, Right Livelihood, Physical Health

Color:  Red

Right:  To have

Stones:  Garnet, hematite, bloodstone, lodestone

Principle:  Gravity

Archetype:  Earth Mother


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