Elementals, Elementaries, and the Formative World of Astral Light

Much has been written about the nature of elementals and the Astral Plane of Light using symbolic terms and metaphors that maintain it as a mysterious and somewhat elusive idea, often making it difficult to understand in the most practical sense. Yet we can only creatively utilize what we understand. Fortunately, we now have more scientific based models and terms we can use for describing and explaining how what we perceive as “invisible or translucent” forces work in forming the basis for our everyday experiences. Many people only talk about symbolic ideas using the same language and models they were taught, and don’t know how to interpret them in a more practical way using different models. My purpose and attitude in writing this article is to give you a different way of looking at these ideas in an attempt to breed a greater understanding of them in terms of how they form and play out as a natural part of our everyday reality. In order to form a new model for interpreting something we have to start by redefining the terms being used so we can form the foundation necessary for a new idea to emerge in a holistic manner.

Let’s start with a basic description of what we call the “Astral Plane” and the nature of polarized light. The term “astral” means “star”, and light is the plasmatic radiation generated by a star. In this case the star is our own Sun, and light is the illuminated atmosphere that surrounds the Earth produced and maintained through polarization. The term ‘astral plane’ refers to the atmosphere around you, which is essentially invisible and translucent in nature, outside of the material objects that are formed and appear to exist within it. Yet these objects, which are formed out of “matter” are also comprised of starlight when examined at the microscopic level. All material forms result from photons being organized into a living system by an invisible field of subtle energy and animated with a specialized mode of consciousness. The more “organized” light becomes, the more solid it becomes. All physical forms are what we can think of as highly organized fields of light, which occur naturally through a process of polarization. Polarity is the interaction of complementary (electromagnetic) forces of the same thing (archetype) that serve as the “structuring mechanism” that takes an “idea” as a mental model and builds it into a 3-dimensional lattice of crystallized light that resembles a hologram. A hologram can be understood in the practical sense as a coherent field of highly organized light.

Earth's Atmosphere

This outer field of starlight is what we can think of as the Earth’s soul, which, like our own soul, is formed out of memory. All of what we call “instinct” is a form of archetypal memory inherent in the Earth’s energetic field that forms a dynamic system of interrelated kingdoms, classes, and species. This instinctual intelligence that acts to in-form and give life to everything on Earth, is formed out of the Earth’s memory, and makes up what we call the collective unconscious of Nature and the group mind of mass consciousness. The atmosphere is a transparent medium comprised of different modes of consciousness that we now tend to refer to scientifically as a “field of information” that exists in a fundamentally latent state of probability. This means it contains all the information needed to form an infinite number of possibilities based on how it’s configured energetically through an interaction with the active aspect of the individual mind. This is why the Earth and the soul in general are always referred to as feminine in nature, while the active component of the conscious mind, which only humans possess, is referred to as masculine in nature. Feminine is passive and receptive, while masculine is active and projective. These two forces are complementary in nature and act together as a single being to form a coherent field of organized light we experience as “reality”.

Polarized light

The Law of Polarity

All universal laws are fundamental in nature, which means they form the very basis and substrata for what we experience as reality, and are inherent in every aspect of reality where they play out in a similar manner on every scale and level, whether microscopic or macroscopic, simultaneously. We can understand this by realizing that smaller patterns play out harmoniously within larger patterns of the same nature and type. All patterns are archetypal in nature, which means they’re a universal “idea” that can take on an infinite number of variations and possibilities as different forms, while maintaining the same basic, overall idea as a class and species. The larger pattern forms what we can call the parental idea, which is more inclusive as a kind of universal life theme, and the smaller patterns, produced as it’s offspring, can be thought of as fractal patterns that proliferate fluently through a synchronized series of events that play out in incremental stages and steps of our everyday life. The larger theme-pattern is what we can think of as passive and coherent, while the smaller patterns that play out “within it” are its correlating active components. Another way to understand this is by realizing that our “mental paradigm” is a cohesive field of organized memory that births all our thoughts and emotions as its offspring. All our thoughts naturally emerge out of our mental model and are of the same nature, species, and frequency.

In order to form a more basic understanding of this idea, let’s look at how what we’ll call a “field of information”, which exists initially in a latent and neutral state, is formed into a particular idea as a greater reality. While we tend to think of light as an illumination, it exists initially as dark, black, empty space. This can be understood by realizing that when we leave the Earth’s atmosphere and go into outer space, it’s pitch black, and the Sun looks like a glowing ball of light suspended in emptiness. Illumination occurs when the Sun’s rays penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere, which is comprised of humidity and dust particles, and some of the energy is “absorbed and assimilated”, forming the “inner constitution of matter”, while other rays are reflected and bounce off, forming what appears as an outer field of illumination. The rays that are absorbed are the polar opposite of the ones reflected. To give you an example, when the red part of the spectrum is absorbed, forming the inner constitution, the complementary ray of green is reflected, giving it an outer appearance of being green. The inner and outer are complementary aspects of the same “frequency” and form a polarized mirror image of each other.  

light absorption

This process of polarization is what orders and organizes starlight into what we perceive as a coherent field of light that both records a frequency and reflects it at the same time. Many people are aware that Astral Light, which is also commonly called the Akashic field, is imprinted with and stores the memory of all our thoughts and actions, but often don’t realize that it also reflects back to us the outer reality of our thoughts and actions. Our internal reality and outer reality are formed out of the same frequency, where we’re on both the giving and receiving end of the same thing at the same time. What makes man different from all other life on Earth, is that we have been bestowed with a “conscious, self-aware mind” (fire from heaven), making us capable of forming our own “memories” by how we think about things. All other life on Earth simply acts to absorb the memory inherent in the Astral Plane of Nature associated with their species, which provides them with the processes and behaviors they need to survive and thrive.

Humans are the only beings on Earth who have the ability to “think” and form our own experiences by how we interpret everything to give it meaning, and then translate our experiences into personal memories. We have both a conscious and subconscious mind, which are complementary in nature. Our conscious mind is the part of us that thinks, and is active and masculine in nature, and our subconscious mind is of the astral plane of the collective unconscious and acts to conceive the “seed” (archetypal idea) of our thoughts, building them into an outer reality, providing us with the means for experiencing our own creation. We are “made out of the substance of the Earth”, meaning we’re both energetically and physically an essential part of the Earth, and are only able to “perceive”, and therefore experience what’s apprehensible using our physical senses and biological organism. Anything that can’t be comprehended using our physical senses, is invisible to us, and doesn’t appear as a solid, physical object, or being.


This is very important to understand, because if we can’t see or sense it, it doesn’t “exist” in this realm, and we can literally “move through it” without being impeded or touching anything. This occurs through a phenomenon called “collectively induced transparency” (CIT), where groups of atoms abruptly stop reflecting light at specific frequencies, causing them to become transparent. What we comprehend as a material reality, formed out of what we “experience” as physical objects and material substances, is all based on “frequency”. At certain frequencies light quits bouncing off atoms and simply “passes through them” unimpeded, similar to what we now call “neutrino’s”. This is a relatively new discovery by modern science, called a “transparency window”, which results from the interaction that takes place between a group of atoms, that’s akin to a “destructive interference”, where waves from two or more sources act to cancel each other out. Another way this idea can be understood is in realizing that we can only perceive light from a very narrow range of a much broader spectrum. What our senses can’t pick up on or detect, is literally invisible, not only in terms of us not being able to see, hear, or feel it, but in the sense of not being “solid” or “real”. It’s not a part of this dimension (reality), yet it exists in the ”same space” without us being aware of it, and we move through it as if it’s not there.

What we perceive as the “objective reality” of Nature and creation, is formed out of the Earth’s resonant frequency, which continuously resonates with a radio frequency of 7.83 Hz, and fluctuates between three orders that range from 7.83 to 33.8 Hz. If we compare this to the frequency of human brain waves, it resonates consistently in the Theta range of 4 to 8Hz., which is the state associated with “dreaming”, and the state we experience as we’re falling asleep, or just waking up. It’s the state we reside in when moving between an unconscious and conscious state. This is also the state induced through a hypnotic trance, where the conscious aspect of the mind is put to sleep, or made inactive, so to speak, and we reside primarily in our subconscious mind, which is the collective unconscious of the group mind. Our waking state, also referred to as a conscious state of outer awareness, resonates between 8 to 14 Hz., and the state associated with higher intelligence or a heightened form of consciousness, resonates between 14 to 30 Hz. This helps us in understanding the true nature of reality as being a form of “dream state”, called our waking dream, because reality as we’re capable of knowing it is formed primarily by our subconscious (Earthly) mind.

elemental forces

Elementals and Elementaries of the Astral Plane

The elements that make up the Astral Plane and form the basis for the material world have been described traditionally in many different ways, using different symbolic ideas, the most common of which are fire, air, water, and earth, with a fifth element called the aether, which is the element of subtle energy associated with the ‘mind’. All matter and living forms result from photons organized into a living (biological) system by an invisible field of subtle energy and animated with life by a specialized mode of consciousness. The element of the mind is what holds the 4 elements (charged plasma, gas, liquid, and solid) of the material world in equilibrium as a coherent field of highly organized light. An elemental, which is what forms the basis of the Astral Plane, can be thought of as a “center of force”, or “blind force of Nature”. It has no intelligence, moral character, or will of its own, and is primarily “passive” in nature in terms of being an inherent aspect of the subconscious mind, which is primarily magnetic. It exists as a fundamental part of the atmosphere around us (group mind of Nature), which is a transparent medium through which electrical impulses fluently propagate. All of our memories, whether instinctual or self-produced, are formed out of elementals and are “magnetic in nature”, which means they “attract” (attraction is a two-way street) more elementals (mental and emotional energies) of the same nature and kind.

When we use the term Astral Light, which is described as a fluidic light that behaves like a gaseous liquid that can be molded into any shape based on how’s it’s electrically charged, we’re talking about elementals and elementaries, which make up its fundamental constitution. Elementals are naturally directed by our thoughts while also taking on the astral form of our thoughts, and while lacking consciousness of their own, are imbued with the consciousness inherent in our thoughts. They don’t possess an intelligence of their own outside of what’s inherent in the form they take on, and they act to form a kind of ‘light body’ or ‘outer shell’ for our will and higher mind to express through as a means of “experiencing itself” (our own mental creation). Our conscious mind is an electric force that’s charged with the “theme” (larger pattern) inherent in our paradigm, and acts to stimulate the elemental field of Astral Light, causing magnetic fields to organize into a polarized image of our mental paradigm. 

Elementals form transparent images of our thoughts that appear in the invisible medium of the atmosphere around us. These mental images are not literal (fixed as a specific idea) but symbolic, and form a “vibratory frequency” as an archetypal theme. This is how we outwardly “see” and form an experience of what we think about inwardly. An easy way to understand this is by realizing that our conscious mind, which is the part of us that thinks and wills the reality of our thoughts, is “electrical” in nature, and acts on the passive field of the subconscious, which is magnetic in nature, causing it to take on the shape of our thoughts. While I can give you examples of transparent shapes existing in the atmosphere like a glass fish suspended in an invisible ocean, this can be more easily understood by simply observing how it is that you form your own thoughts into transparent images in the medium of your imagination.


Simply stop what you’re doing, relax for a moment, and look straight ahead, keeping your eyes open, and either think about something particular or recall a memory of some kind. As you think about it, notice that you form a transparent image of it in the space in front of you. You either shape an idea into a physical form or you form a scenario or scene in your mind that mimics an actual reality. This transparent image is formed by your mind as the physical shape of your thoughts, and exists within or in the foreground, superimposed over or impressed within your outer reality. You can move your attention back and forth from one to the other, the background or the foreground, because they coexist in the same space. Whichever one you tune into is based on what you’re paying attention to and thinking about.

Our conscious mind, which is the aspect of our mind that’s “creative and willful”, is an electric force and the atmosphere around us is a complementary passive force that is charged with (conceives) the seed of our thoughts, and builds it into an outer correlation using elementary forces. It’s a primordial form of astral substance (subtle energy) that’s shaped according to our thoughts in the faculty of the imagination, producing “thoughtforms”. These thoughtforms are vitalized living entities on the inner plane of the mind that vibrate at particular frequencies and act to attract and organize elemental forces in producing an outer equivalent. All life is archetypal in nature and exists as a taxonomy of classes, species, and types. A classification is an ordered system that indicates relationships as a process of evolution. Thought is formed as a classification and species, shaped with attributes, qualities, and characteristics that give it a distinct set of natural behaviors. The thoughtforms shaped on the inner plane of our mind represent a particular class and type of experience as a universal theme. A thoughtform is a symbolic idea that forms a vibratory frequency for ordering and organizing the outer world into the same idea that sets the stage for producing a particular type of experience, and functions in the same way an archetype does.


As we “think” we’re sending an electrical charge of resonant frequencies through the atmosphere around us, causing it to take on the correlating shape of our thoughts as a living matrix of coherent light. This idea is represented in Sacred Geometry by the Monad, which is represented using the same symbol as the Sun, where a dark, condensed inner sphere (core) emanates or expands outward forming an equivalent outer sphere of polarized light (mantle), both of which are formed out of the same frequency. The inner is dark and condensed (close your eyes), and the outer is illuminated and broad (open your eyes). Your mental paradigm expands outward through an electrical discharge, forming an outer image of itself on a much larger scale using a diverse range of elements, it then switches polarity, becoming magnetic, and draws its own mental construct back into the core that projected it, integrating the variation produced, and evolving the core memory based on any new information (about itself) obtained. This can also be seen as being located at the center of an invisible sphere (our perspective is always from the center looking out) looking out at our own mental reflection on a larger scale, that’s being produced not by a single thought or memory, but by our entire mental model, only some of which we’re aware of.

Another way of understanding this is to realize that the outer world of light exists in a state of probability as a field of universal information in a latent and potential state, and our mind is the active force charged with a “model” as a frequency, that interacts with it by only activating and calling forth in an expressive state what matches and can be used to construct the outer world of our mental paradigm. Our mind exists energetically as a ‘single memory’ formed out of all our thoughts that vibrates at a particular frequency that acts to order and organize the outer world into a corresponding memory through resonance. The elemental forces of the astral plane take on the form of our thoughts, while also acting as a magnet for attracting more forces and thoughts of the same nature and kind. In quantum physics this process tends to be called “collapsing the wave of probability around a single idea”, but I feel it can be more accurately described as a process of “self-emergence”, because the idea formed within the outer field is a form of self-creation on a larger scale, and the construct tends to emerge out of an invisible field through a process of activation where it continues to actively evolve itself into numerous variations based on a continuous stream of thought and whatever its adapted to and serves to energize.


Thoughtforms and Memory Imprinted in the Astral Light      

All thought, like the mind that generates and shapes them, is archetypal in nature and fits into a particular class or category. They’re shaped by virtue of a selected set of attributes and qualities that form the characteristics associated with a particular class and species in the natural world, imbuing it with a set of behaviors that form a natural relationship with everything around it. We shape an idea into a thoughtform using elemental forces of Nature, where it acts in the same way instinctual forces do, and can be conceived and utilized by anyone of the same class and species (frequency). As we concentrate on an idea, we shape it with sensory details that bring it alive on the inner planes with sensation and imbues it with the same consciousness that motivated us in creating it. The idea becomes the archetypal pattern inherent in the vibratory frequency, and the emotion coupled with it becomes the self-organizing mechanism that shapes that same idea into an equivalent outer reality, setting the stage necessary for experiencing it.

This is how we create whole realities out of our emotionally driven thoughts. As we think with emotional intensity, we transmit our thoughts as an electrical impulse through the astral medium, where it becomes a “signal” that can be picked up on and perceived by others. When we pick up on signals being transmitted by others, it appears in a similar manner, as a thought that pops into our mind out of nowhere, as a glass-like shape suspended in the air that leaves a tail shimmering behind it as it moves through the atmosphere that’s similar to heat rising off of hot pavement or hot exhaust coming from a jet engine, or as a smokey, wispy, ghost-like energy that we ‘sense’ and feel inwardly more than we actually see. Sometimes they come as a feeling that overcomes us out of nowhere or due to being in near proximity to the person transmitting it. At other times we can simply look at someone who’s shrouded in emotional intensity and see ideas populated in their surrounding energy field. Space (atmosphere) also holds memory of whatever happened in that space that was emotionally intense or produced through continual concentration on the same idea, or as a ceremony or ritual carried out repetitively over an extended period of time. This is because all “memory” is imprinted, recorded, and reflected in the atmosphere around us.

Subtle Body - dreaming into Being by Linda Gadbois

Our Energy Field and Aura

Our personal energy field that surrounds, permeates, and extends quite some distance from our body, can also be thought of as our ‘mind’ or ‘astral body’, and is populated with our own mental impressions and images formed out of dominant thoughts and colored with our corresponding emotional states. This is a smaller version of the same field of Astral Light that surrounds, permeates, and is emanated by the Earth as its aura or atmosphere, which is populated with memory that forms instinct. Some people refer to our aura as our energy field, but this isn’t entirely correct. Our aura, which is usually seen as a gaseous cluster of colored light that fluctuates with our mood, is produced as a coronal discharge in the same way the aurora borealis of the Earth is formed through solar discharges. The Sun is the symbol used to represent the conscious mind, which is electrical in nature, and acts to charge the atmosphere of our lower mind with an archetypal impulse, causing it to form a colored discharge, that’s very similar to nebula in space formed out of dying stars that form the basis for new stars to be born.

Our aura changes color based on our mood and what we’re focused on and thinking about. The colors associated with our chakra system simply represent a spectral frequency and whole circuit of energy, and not the actual colors discharged from the subtle organs associated with those centers of the body. Just as the Earth’s atmosphere is populated with her mental images and patterns of instinct that “in-form” all life on Earth, our mental atmosphere is populated with images and memory that “in-form” our life. We are made of her essence and substance, and due to being able to form our own memories that replace instinctual memories formed out of the group mind of the collective unconscious, we act to form our own archetypal memory which serves the basis for facilitating our own evolution.

When we live out of the patterns and dynamics formed through our initial conditioning where we were trained to be a fundamental part of the group mind and simply repeat whatever we’ve been taught, and live out of the herd mentality, so to speak, we shape ourselves out of the elementals of the Earth’s Astral Plane, and bond ourselves to an unconscious existence as a consequence. If, however, we wake up from our unconscious stupor and realize that we can ‘shape ourselves’ by how we think and feel, and we begin taking control of our own thoughts, using them to “program” our lower mind with the reality that sets the stage for a higher way of being, we can actively quicken and promote our own evolutionary development. When we learn how to recognize the difference between our own thoughts and those formed by others that we’re picking up on in the atmosphere around us, we can learn to reflect their thoughts instead of absorbing and assimilating them as our own.

4 Worlds of the Kabbalah

The Formative World of the Astral Plane

The Kabbalah Tree of Life is a diagram that corresponds with Sacred Geometry and the archetypal principles of the Tarot, that provides us with an intuitive model for understanding the threefold nature of our own mind and soul, and how these three aspects function on different levels in manifesting as a single reality. The Tree is basically broken down into three Triads, that reside on three levels, where each Triad represents an aspect of a single, greater mind, each of which play a different role and function in producing a single reality. These are what’s called “3 aspects of One Essence”, which manifest in a fourth element, called reality. The single reality they act to manifest is represented by the “4 elements” of the material world, symbolized by a circle with a cross or X in it, which, as discussed above, is a passive-magnetic field that conceives the impression of the higher mind and forms it into an outer mantle as a mirror image of itself.  

Holographic mind

The Tree itself is divided into 4 Worlds, planes, or realms, called Atziluth: the World of Archetypes; Briah: the World of Creation; Yetzirah: the World of Formation; and Assiah: the World of Action. The level that deals with the Astral Plane of Light is the third one, the World of Formation. This is also the largest plane in the sense that it contains the two lower Triads, which are the polar aspects of the higher supernal mind that are actively involved in the creation and experience of the material realm, called the conscious and subconscious mind. This plane is divided into two levels, one for each aspect of the mind, which can be seen as a gradient scale that has a distinctively higher and lower region, which can be thought of as a “range of vibration” that moves from a higher to lower vibration of the same scale. The higher region is what tends to be called the Akasa, and the lower region the plane of Astral Light, which form the basis for the elemental world of manifestation and activity.

The Astral Plane of Formation is where an idea (archetype) in a purely potential (unformed) state, imbued with a distinct set of attributes and qualities, formed on the upper plane of the Supernal (Superconscious plane of unification) as a form of “seed”, divides from itself, forming polar opposites that “act on each other” to construct the idea into a coherent body of light as a ‘memory’. This is the plane where the invisible becomes visible as a 3-dimensional hologram (light body), that forms the vibratory frequency necessary for producing an equivalent outer field of light as a material reality. Yet the astral-body formed on this plane is actually a 6-dimensional hologram (3 + 3) that expands equally in four directions from a central point (East, West, South, and North), as well as up and down, where the single plane formed as a material reality is actually comprised of two interlaced parallel (polarized) dimensions that reconcile in forming a 3rd plane or dimension.

toroidal field

Everything that appears as a single form, plane, or entity, is actually comprised of polarized twins that both push apart and pull together at the same time, while spinning in a vortex-like motion between two poles that are equally set apart from each other, creating “space” as dimension (space-time continuum). This outward expansion and internal “movement” within the outer expansion is what acts to construct a 3-dimensional idea (hologram) into both an outer and inner image of the same essence. No matter what part of the outer sphere you look at from a central perspective, you see the same idea being reflected back as a possibility.

All material forms, no exceptions, are “vibrating” at the frequency of the form produced. This idea is represented in Sacred Geometry by the “Dyad”, which is formed by the Monad regenerating itself to produce its own identical twin that it then projects outward as the means for being able to “perceive itself” through its own outer image. All “experience” is formed in the space “between” two aspects of the same thing formed on a smaller and greater level at the same time. The areas of the twin Monads that overlap each other, connected by the same center, are the womb through which all life emerges as its offspring (unique possibility). This process of self-emergence transpires initially on the upper, inner planes of the mind as “thought” (Triad), which is then “reflected downward” (projected) into the lower, parallel plane, as the material image of thought (Tetrad), allowing it to “perceive itself” through its own mental image.


The Holographic Nature of Reality

Our conscious mind, which exists on the higher level of the Akashic Plane of cosmic memory, forms and then projects the “entire” lower plane of the subconscious mind, as a means of both creating and then entering into and “being within” its own creation as a fundamental part of it, which is necessary in order to experience it. From the higher plane of the Akashic Records, or “Book of Life” as it’s sometimes called, the entire lower reality that we incarnate into as a “personal existence” has already been created in its entirety and exists as a “memory”. This is the same way the field of organized light and all life on Earth are formed out of and function in an automated fashion through “archetypal memory”. The passive field of light that forms thoughts into things and appears stationary and consistent as a greater reality that sets the stage for acting out a “life theme”, also produces all the smaller fields of activity and growth that play out within it as an inherent part of it. The entire material world, comprised of Astral Light and elementals, functions in an automated manner out of “memory”.

This idea is commonly conveyed as the memory-programming inherent in our astral body, which acts as a form of blueprint or building plan for constructing, regenerating, and maintaining our life and physical existence. Some people picture our astral-body as being an exact duplicate of our physical body, rather than as a sphere or field of coherent information that vibrates at the frequency that produces not only our physical body, but also the entire outer reality in which we live and form experiences of ourselves. Our body is not separate from our outer reality, it’s an inherent aspect of it. Our astral body is a holographic memory where the part contains the information of the whole, and the whole is contained in its parts. There’s no meaningful way to separate the inner from the outer because they’re both formed out of the same frequency, and manifest as a single entity. We both shape our outer world through our perception of it, which is a form of “self-perception”, and we’re shaped by our outer world, because they’re both formed by the same mind out of the same archetypal pattern.

Holographic nature of the mind

In a like manner, the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously as the same thing (coherent life theme), and are only formed perceptually based on where we’re “at” at any given moment along a single continuum. Our life follows a distinct path that’s conducted in a completely natural manner from the moment we’re born until we die. One way to understand this is by realizing that what we call our “mental paradigm”, which is initially formed out of our “inner nature” as a predisposition we’re born with and then constructed through our ability to think and form how we experience things, is formed out of memory, and is what systematically gives rise to all our thoughts and internal processes. The only thing that separates us from the rest of Life on Earth is that we have the innate ability to create our own experiences and memories based on self-awareness and our ability to reason.  

All of our thoughts are generated naturally as an offspring of our mental paradigm and are how we form all of our experiences, which we then translate back into memory by how we integrate them back into the mental model that produced them to begin with. It’s a form of cyclical movement where what we perceive as a beginning and the end are in reality the same thing. While we tend to view time as a linear movement from one point to another, where there’s a distinct beginning and end, in reality, its cyclical in nature and occurs through patterns that repeat periodically in a rhythmic manner (octaves). We’re born into this world with a predisposition (nature and character) that ultimately forms the basis for all our life experiences, which are consistently integrated back into a single memory of ourselves, and when we die, the “accumulated memory” as a “summation of our life experiences” is formed back into an “inner nature” or “vibratory essence” that forms the basis for our next incarnation (life cycle). Our entire life experience is self-perpetuating, self-administered, and self-sustained from a higher plane of existence. This idea is conveyed in the Hermetic axiom, “as above so below, as below so above, in the wondrous working of the One thing”.

Seal of Solomon

When we die and our spiritual soul separates and departs from our animal body, any memory formed by “identifying” with our physical, instinctual, and emotionally driven nature, stays in the lower region of the Earth’s Astral Plane where it is absorbed back into the instinctual realm of humanity. Only the memory attained by our higher, universal soul of itself through an “awareness of its own creation” and itself as the “creator of its own material existence” ascends to the higher region of the Akashic plane where it’s recorded as a permanent (eternal) record. The lower plane is the memory of the group mind, and the higher plane is the memory formed out of our individuality.

If we shape our “identity”, which is our true sense of “self” that we form through active use of will, out of our physical existence and material circumstances, sometimes called the “false ego” or false identity, then our “self” dies with the body it was created out of, and is absorbed back into the group memory of the material plane as a basic form of instinct related to our species (humanity). Only the parts of our identity we form out of our higher nature, where we consciously create ourselves as an individual (unique archetype of our own making) set apart from the group mind, is eternal in the sense that it’s not of the Earth’s instinctual field of the collective unconscious, and is drawn into the higher mind which resides on the higher region of the Akashic Plane. Here it’s converted back into an “archetypal seed” and becomes the memory base that forms the life theme and inner nature for our next life cycle.

Dr. Linda Gadbois       

Transpersonal Psychologist, Metaphysician, and Spiritual Teacher

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