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Dr. Linda Gadbois

Dr. Linda Gadbois

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We are committed to helping professionals thrive financially, while being fulfilled mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We specialize in small-medium size businesses that are “service oriented” and require personal skills for performance as well as skills in designing and running a business or private practice.

We help provide Doctors, Healthcare Practitioners, and Healing Arts Practitioners with the Knowledge and Skills necessary to become an Entrepreneur and to develop excellent personal skills.

We help Practitioners design a Business Model out of which all systems, procedures and protocol that govern operations stem as an expression of Natural Correspondences that forms consistent expression and highly productive operations.

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Some of Dr. Linda’s Business Projects/Creations

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If this is the first time you’re considering my services, I offer complementary consultations to make sure we can provide you with the services you need and to ensure we’re a good fit:

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Practice Overview

Creative Transformations is a full service Consulting / Mentoring / Coaching Practice providing Healthcare Professionals, Psychologists, Educators and Trainers, Consultants and private practice owners with Creative Development, Vital Strategies, Management and Leadership Training, Associate and Staff Development for enhanced performance, and ongoing support for creating your “Ideal” practice while increasing the quality of lifestyle and the profitability of your practice.

We specialize in helping you develop your greatest resource . . . . your people. We provide various levels of training and mentoring for bringing out the best in the people who actually “run your business” for you. We help you develop the skills necessary for achieving excellence in your profession. We offer top-notch training for developing psychological skills, managing your state of mind, advanced Communication skills, Management Skills, and Leadership Psychology. We help Doctors, Practitioners, Lawyers, Educators, and Professionals who need to become Entrepreneurs in order to practice their art. We provide you with the education, practical skills, and mentoring for implementing the knowledge learned and ongoing support to assist with any problems or challenges as they arise.

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We are committed to making a difference in the quality of Healthcare as well as the “quality of life” of its Practitioners. We provide practices with state-of-the-art management systems that are custom designed to your specific and personal needs. We provide custom training for creative development of your operational model, training procedures, communications, teamwork and leadership.

We also offer expertise in Creative practice Development in terms of developing a business model that can be implemented fluently in a step-by-step manner while producing excellent results. We take your vision and create a strategic plan for actualizing it. We help align all your policies, procedures and protocol to be in alignment with your values and standards of operations. To create a congruent image and identity that will help ensure that you portray a consistent image and matching experience to your clients and patients.

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Entrepreneur Training & Development, Business Development and Creative Strategies

Our services are geared towards Healthcare Professionals, Healing Arts Practitioners, Psychologists, Educators and Trainers, Consultants, and Creative Professions who are building a Private Practices or Small Businesses that have a desire for excellence in their field. This ranges from inspired design that comes by articulating your vision, to developing your business model, standards of operation, identity, image, and style for practice. Creating the image and environment that reflects your level of expertise and the excellence you desire, with an efficient and smooth “flow”, well-developed training programs that will allow you to do what you love best while having competent employees and associates run your business with the highest standards possible. We’ll help you design your professional life so it will create a fulfilling personal life, and you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Management Skills

“Custom Training, Advising, Coaching & Mentoring”

We focus on “skill training” for Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Upper management, Supervisors, and Associates. We combine over 40 years of experience in starting and running small businesses, managing people, business development and creativity, Graphic Design and Marketing, with a formal education in psychology, Spiritual Sciences, self-mastery, certified coaching skills, and professional consulting. We can help you develop highly effective training programs, protocol and procedures that ensure the highest level of efficiency while developing their ability to think in new and creative ways. We can help you maximize performance and perfect the area of operations that you have the greatest control over that offers the greatest financial benefit – staffing, staff retention, turn-over and payroll. The most beneficial thing you can do to ensure your own success is provide your people with the resources necessary to perform at a higher level of excellence.

Resources and Developing Skills for:

  • Selecting, Interviewing and Hiring
  • Training and Development to optimize performance
  • Protocol for High Level Performance
  • Performance Reviews that are Effective Developmental Tools
  • Effective Disciplinary / Development Techniques
  • Terminating while Keeping Self-Esteem intact
  • Building Highly Effective Teams
  • Motivation and High Productivity
  • Creating Psychologically Stimulating Environments
  • Leadership style and ability that inspires and builds loyalty

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We Offer 3 Primary Levels of Practice Building:

Creation: Practice start-up with initial business model to use as a creative template and assistance in designing all operational practices to form integrity with your Practice Identity. Guidance in creating a practical strategy that can be implemented in a step-by-step manner, with various check-points to ensure success at the fundamental levels that are crucial for laying the foundation necessary for day-to-day success that forms consistency as a smooth and natural flow.

Transformation: Transforming an existing Practice to operate through a new model and upgraded practices that are in alignment with your Identity, Vision and Values. This is ideal if you have purchased an existing Practice and want to customize it, or if you started a practice without any direction or skill in Business development, and now seek to reform your Practice with a sense of intention and direction.

Excellence: Taking your existing Practice to a Higher Level of operational Excellence. Most Practices after initial start-up phase hit a point where they plateau and no longer grow, but simply flat-line. We can provide fresh insight and advanced skills on how to take your practice to the next level by forming a clear vision, targeting areas of undeveloped talent, and forming a practical strategy that can be strategically implemented in a step-by-step manner to produce consistent and precise change.


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Creative Process

This process begins with an evaluation or creative brainstorming, designing a well-formed outcome, then developing an innovative strategy for creating it. All processes are custom designed to meet your individual needs. We do no use cookie cutter templates, we are not selling a program, or any form of preconceived ideas. We cultivate the ability to walk into your situation with an open mind and be fully “present” and work to help you “capture your vision” in very precise terms. Our job is to help you become a powerful creator in your own life and express your highest ideal for a meaningful contribution to the betterment of humanity through your private Practice. We work in partnership to provide you with creative ideas, highly effective training methods, and strategic direction.

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Begin Creating the Practice of your Dreams!

First Step: to creating your “Ideal” Practice: Complimentary Consultation

Take Action today . . . . start NOW!

Schedule your complementary consultation to get acquainted and to make sure that we are a good fit, and that our services will fulfill your needs.

We honor the Creativity of Individuals as a primary value in how we conduct business.

We provide creative services that are designed to meet your specific needs and desires and help you learn the skills to become an effective Entrepreneur and Creator in your own life. The practice (business) is simply the medium through which we create our life dreams and practice our art.

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If this is the first time you’re considering my services, I offer complementary consultations to make sure we can provide you with the services you need and to ensure we’re a good fit:

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