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Dr. Linda    Dr. Linda Gadbois

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Complementary Consultation

I provide complementary phone consultations for new clients to ensure that I can provide you with the services you need, and to make sure we’re a good fit.

Complementary Consultations are approx. 15-20 minutes by phone.

To schedule a complementary Consultation:
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I’ll contact you within 1 to 3 business days.

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Consultations for Professional Services – Mentoring and Consulting

Can be purchased by the hour, or in 2 or 3 hour sessions, or by the half and full day sessions for professional consultations, group mentoring sessions, or custom training sessions.

I provide personal sessions where I travel to your location (locally), personal or group consultations, phone consultations, email correspondence, or a combination of services. All my services are customized to meet your individual needs.

For projects, submit the information regarding the details of the project and the fees will be calculated and negotiated in a customized fashion. When you purchase sessions below, I will be notified and will call to schedule an appointment, or after purchasing you may email me with a preferred time for meeting.

For private sessions, I do work on a sliding scale if need be, and in some cases I will also consider bartering services as payment



Select the Desired Services

Executive Coaching

Business Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching


Custom proposals are made for contract services for larger projects

If travel is involved, all travel, lodging, and ground transportation expenses must be included + $90 a day for meals and entertainment, with quality accommodations. Call, email. or submit information about the project needed to create a proposal.


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