Soul Essence, Life Purpose, and Destiny

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While many people struggle around the idea of what their life purpose is, or what it is they’re meant to do, this can be very easily understood if we look at the Law that governs all of life. Every single living being results from a “seed”. The seed contains all the information necessary for creating the “being” that will grow and develop out of it.  Just as our physical DNA provides the information for constructing our body with certain inherent characteristics that also result in our personality, our spiritual DNA provides all the attributes, qualities, characteristics, and tendencies that provide the basis from what emerges out of our personality as our identity. Our identity comes from what we associate with and have a natural connection to. Just as we have a predisposition for certain physical maladies, we also have a predisposition (pre-destiny) for certain mental and expressive activities. We all have certain things we’re naturally attracted to, interested in, always pursuing and engaging in, and feel a distinct connection to.

Law basically states that all function or behavior stems from the internal design of something. The outer is the direct reflection of the inner, and vice versa. Whatever someone is meant to do and become, they’re perfectly designed to do so. We have everything we need “within us” as either active or latent potential in order to self-actualize. Who we become is based on how we’re designed. How we perform and what type of function and behaviors we naturally employ comes as a result of our innate qualities and natural abilities. We’re not only prone to and enthusiastically engage in certain type of activities, but we also take a distinct and unique attitude and approach towards them. We are also imbued with an individual style and mindset that we bring to everything we do, much like our fingerprint which acts as our signature for creative work. So what you’re “meant to do”, you do naturally, without the need for prompting or instructing. There’s nothing that you need to “acquire” from an outside source in order to be able to do it. You simply need to consciously recognize and awaken qualities and attributes as inherent potential which, up to this point, have been predominately dormant within you. This is done primarily in two ways; you either place yourself, or find yourself in a situation where you need to access, utilize and develop them in order to function or accomplish something, or you intentionally engage in activities and situations that will allow you to exercise and effectively utilize these untapped resources.

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We are all born with what we call talents, gifts, special abilities, aptitudes, and interests that are essential components in fulfilling our soul’s destiny through a life purpose or mission of some sort. This is why we have them, we’re meant to use them. What we’re meant to do is what we love to do and do naturally. We’re always in the process of doing it in some way through our natural way of being. We automatically engage in the activities associated with our life purpose. Our life purpose isn’t about the physical accomplishment that’s involved or what we manifest in the material sense by way of our activities, but rather who we become by way of these activities. What aspects of ourselves we develop because of these activities. The physical body is only a vehicle for the soul which exists as “qualities of consciousness” that express in distinct ways consistently producing certain types of reality. So the reality itself and the activities that go into it, are not what’s important in the ultimate sense. They simply provide the means and pathways to “becoming” by developing your soul’s character and identity. Your soul exists as a vibratory state based on the qualities of consciousness you actively employ and bring into full expression, developing them into your natural way of being

The only meaning of the physical manifestation that results from your soul’s expression is that it provided the pathway through which you were able to exercise certain abilities turning them into “experiences of yourself” that become memory. Just as our physical body is built and regenerated out of information as memory that provides a kind of blueprint for organizing and structuring matter so that it functions in certain ways, your soul is comprised of memory it obtains from creating life experiences “of” itself as something specific, that shapes how it’s being and what type of realities it acts to naturally create through their fundamental perception and style of interpretation. How we’re “being” determines “how” we do whatever it is we’re doing. Our being is our style in doing. What we have memory of as repetition, we can repeat in a spontaneous and automatic fashion. It comes natural to us. So if the soul engages in building a house, it’s not the house as the manifestation of its activity that’s important, but rather the “experience” one acquires from actually going through the process of doing it. What one goes through and what parts of themselves they need to utilize in order to do it, which acts to develop those abilities as permanent skills. Once abilities and talents are acquired through practice, they become a permanent part of us, whereas the house itself is only temporary, and subject to being bought, lost, taken away, or destroyed by outside, uncontrollable forces of some sort.

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Just as we have natural loves and aspirations towards certain things, ideas, and people, we also have natural fears, inhibitions, and a foreboding feeling around other things. These “negative” feelings that are of a pronounced nature, are designed to stop or prevent us from doing something. They act as road blocks that are usually directly associated with our loves and special abilities, which we have to encounter and resolve in order to actualize our higher potential. These are seen as “challenges” on the path that we have to willingly step into in order to continue on our path. Fear and love are always directly associated to each other. All of our fears are “around” or because of what we love. A fear is considered a limitation because it prevents us from utilizing some aspect ourselves necessary to overcome it. The soul’s only purpose in life is to grow by way of its ability to freely self-express creating “experiences of itself” as courageous, powerful, strong, competent, profound, and able to overcome all odds in the pursuit of virtue. So our life purpose requires us to encounter our fears and overcome them utilizing new parts of ourselves that have remain latent up to that point. We only learn and grow through challenges. The soul’s only mission in life is to grow and evolve itself to become more and more capable and free.

So when trying to gain awareness around what your soul’s purpose is in this lifetime, ask yourself, what is it that I’m perfectly designed to do? What is it that I do naturally and am always engaged in doing in some fashion? What are my talents, inner gifts, special abilities and aptitudes, and character traits? What is it that I feel a connection to, resonate with, and have an immediate interest in? What is it that always calls to me? What is it that I want to do, but I’m afraid to do it? What are some of my greatest fears in life, and what do they seem to be associated with? What is it that prevents me from doing what I really want to do? What parts of myself do I want to have more of? Self-reflection and asking yourself basic questions as a way of gaining clarity around areas that are vague and cloudy at best, will help you begin formulating a distinct idea around what your soul’s purpose is in this life, and what it is you need to dedicate yourself to expressing in as full a manner as possible, knowing that it will facilitate your growth and is the way to work “on yourself” to create yourself.

Dr. Linda Gadbois