Intuitive Guidance from our Higher Self – How to become Consciously Aware of it and Utilize it to Create

How we receive intuitive guidance from our higher nature can be a bit confusing for people because we have to understand the nature of what we call the three-aspects of the mind and how information is transferred between them, while also being projected from higher to lower planes. What we call the “Super-conscious” is the higher aspect of the mind associated with our Higher Self that exists on a higher, parallel plane to this one. This is the aspect of the mind that “oversees and orchestrates the events” of this plane in a synchronized fashion as a form of divine plan or karma acted out with extreme precision. The conscious aspect of our higher mind exists in “polarity” to the dominant mind of the material plane, which is the subconscious, and is primarily “active and willful” in nature. The active aspect of the mind transmits information to its companion “passive and receptive” aspect, which acts to conceive of the information in its seed form as “instructions” for producing as a correlating reality. On the material plane, we have two complementary aspects of the mind as the subconscious/passive and self-conscious/active mind. The self-conscious mind is what most thinks of when we use the term “mind” and is the aware, “thinking by talking” aspect of the mind that runs almost continuously while awake and also has the ability to create in a willful manner, like the higher mind that it’s a reflection of. Both aspects of the creative, willful mind work to impregnate and create through the passive and receptive aspect of the subconscious mind, yet have no ability to communicate directly with each other (between planes), because they’re both of the same “active” nature. The masculine aspect always works to impregnate the feminine aspect as a means of giving birth to reality as a dynamic combination. So communication from higher planes always comes to us through seeds that are planted in our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind, unlike the rational talking mind, thinks in pictures, symbols, and scenarios as imagined experiences. Whenever we’re communicating with the subconscious, we need to speak its language and talk to it by envisioning the idea you want it to produce (it’s the creative mind in the material sense) as an experience of it or as a full-fledged outcome as a reality. The Higher Mind speaks (vibrates) in ideas as archetypes (whole ideas as memory) that have both a verbal and visual component intact and operating as a unified unfolding in the imagination of the subconscious. All ideas come as both a picture, reality, or experience of an idea, and as the inner voice as thought that talks and develops the idea by thinking about.

Everything that’s needed to create and fulfill the idea comes complete as a form of seed, that once taken in and allowed to take hold, grows in a synchronized fashion as a systematic unfolding and step-by-step development until it reaches fruition. The “seeded idea” as an archetype (prototype as an ideal) is projected into and conceived by the subconscious as a suggestion, which turns it into a mental impression as a vision of sorts, or a notion that forms a thought process. This mental impression (transparent idea as a lens) as a reflection of Higher Consciousness is then witnessed by the conscious mind as a form of imaginary thought or idea that comes to it out of the blue or in association with a prayer, wondering about something, or an inquiry of some form. We form a notion around something and start thinking about it, playing it out in our mind to an end or full idea, developing by adapting it in the most logical way possible to our life. The thought as an idea becomes persistent and we continue thinking about it and start taking action on it in some way. As we begin acting on it, it continues unfolding in a synchronistic fashion, and we not only act to create it, but it serves as the basis for other ideas to come to us and start playing out in our life, forming a kind of “pathway” that leads us into brand new ideas and a new way of perceiving life.

When we don’t understand the nature and relationship of our three-minds and selves, we can have a tendency to blow off notions and intuitive insights that come to us, not realizing that they are in response to our own questions and what we asked for in prayer, because they don’t usually come in a direct manner as what seems like an actual or complete answer, or they don’t come as what we think they should be or the way we pictured it, and so we discount, negate, and disregard them as meaningless, while continuing to ask for answers to the same inner longings. Whenever we don’t act on ideas given to us, repeatedly, they seem to go away, then we sit in the experience of what seems like “unanswered prayers” without ever realizing that we got many answers, we just didn’t recognize them as such and chose to ignore them.

Many times we get a very specific idea about how something need to come to us, or what it needs to be and look like, and when the actual answer doesn’t seem to resemble or match our thoughts about it, we don’t recognize it as an answer. The only way things can come to us is using the elements that exist in our immediate environment, or through natural ties we have as established connections. All things come in a very natural and seemingly effortless way. Any idea or request for an experience exists as an “archetype” or symbolic of the idea as a general experience that gives us the feeling we desire, and manifests in any number of ways based on the conditions and circumstances its operating within, and may come in an entirely different manner than we imagined. When asking for something or an experience of some kind, we have to hold it as a symbolic idea and remain completely flexible and open to how it comes, while being willing to act on whatever ideas that seem to come to us in an intuitive way as feelings and notions, or out of the blue that may not seem directly related. All guidance comes as steps or increments that require us to act on them as conscious use of our will.

We must consciously instruct our subconscious to make us aware of any communication from our Higher Self or Source by explaining how it will benefit us. To make it prominent and stand out somehow so we know that’s what it is. Through this same agreement we vow to pay attention to intuitive notions and mental impressions that come to us in a way that we know wasn’t self-generated or a product of our own wishful thinking, and to contemplate them fully and take action on them somehow in whatever way seems indicated or appropriate. The subconscious has no will of its own and doesn’t have the ability to fabricate brand new ideas on its own and reflect them to the conscious mind. It only operates creatively by repeating existing patterns as memory of some form, to create more of the same type of realities. The conscious mind (self-aware) when trying to figure something out, simply rehashes all ideas related to it that it has a memory of. It seeks always to create the present and future out of the past as the knowledge and memories it possesses. While we tend to think that what we call the conscious mind can act independent of the subconscious mind to come up with brand new ideas, the conscious is the offspring of the subconscious as its active aspect or as a specialized function of it, and works like or through the subconscious to create out of acquired knowledge as memory and to repeat established ideas by simply applying them in new ways. All truly unique and original ideas come to us through the higher capacity of our Superconscious or Higher Self, and come as intuition of some sort as an inner knowing. They come through the subconscious as imagined realities (visions) accompanied by an inner voice that’s both felt and heard as our own thoughts commanded by a higher (another) authority. Recognizing ideas as not “self-generated” (not what we would have thought of or seemingly have no logical basis) is one of the ways to recognize guidance or the implanting of ideas from a higher source.

These “intuitive ideas” are not to be confused with other ideas that can come to us from what we might call “lower sources”. There are also “thought-forms” as memory established by other humans that populate the astral plane (Earth’s atmosphere) that are transmitted or available to be accessed by “tuning into them”, that come to us in an emotional fashion or through passions of some sort (love, fear, desire, pleasure, revenge, etc.). These ideas are easily recognized through their emotional component that “appeals” to some aspect of our material body and existence. These come through a feeling of connection to something outside of us, lust, desire, cravings for pleasure, the love of power and control, as the means of easing our insecurities, and ultimately serve a purely selfish need. They appeal to our lower, egoic nature, and have a very magnetic (compelling) quality to them that can make them hard to resist.

When we pray only asking for material things that only serve our physical existence, cravings, and selfish desires somehow, in other words out of our lower consciousness, we’re only capable of attracting to us answers that are of the same, lower consciousness or plane. We don’t connect or tap into our Higher Self, and instead, attract, embody, and employ the entities that populate the astral plane as the “collective unconscious” which are the Elementals that govern the instinctual plane of animals and lower life-forms. The subconscious, which is the same mind that governs the entire natural world, is emotionally driven, and emotions that are intense in nature easily act to “run us” in the most basic sense. So these kinds of answers to prayers come to us as the fulfillment of a desire for pleasure of some form, and are experienced as an intense emotion or sensory feeling that creates a sensuous experience related purely to the body.

Intuitive guidance, which operates according to the same principle as instinct within the lower planes of consciousness, comes more as an awareness around something that’s “all-knowing”. It senses the inner nature or true self of something as the quality of consciousness it possesses that’s animating and motivating it, that comes in an objective manner as a feeling. It only takes on an emotional quality when we “react to” the realization, which distorts it by personalizing it. Ideas from the higher realm come as impressions that bring realizations that are inspiring and compelling, and lack in the most fundamental sense a “selfish reason”. They don’t come to us in the sense of fulfilling a wish or material craving, but in service somehow to a greater purpose of which we are the means and the way, that simultaneously facilitate our soul’s evolution in the most exalted way possible by administering karma. It comes as a connection to our Higher Self that takes on a more universal identity and purpose, where serving yourself only comes through the betterment of humanity somehow. Where you honestly become the means through which a Higher Power works to create in the world and produce an effect.

It comes through realizing that the material world is not the prize to be won, or the goal to be met, but merely the means through which we create ourselves through active use of choice and free will as to what we associate with, feel a true connection to, willingly become one with, and identify with as a result. To let go of our personal agendas and need to control or determine, and steadily embodying a feeling of reverence as our general state of mind, concentrating deeply on that feeling while asking to be led into situations and activities that express, multiply, and allow you to acquire more of that same feeling, remaining completely open and flexible as to how it comes or what form it comes in, we step into the current of a higher consciousness as a synchronistic flow that spontaneously appears as mental impressions and ideas that give us that same feeling narrated by a higher authority as our inner voice, that when acted on faithfully, leads us in what often amounts to a whole new direction that’s familiar in the sense of utilizing our gifts and talents and special abilities, yet is free of our issues, hang-ups, limiting beliefs, and self-imposed delusions. But like all things that are truly creative in nature, it requires us to use our will (higher faculty of the mind) as a commitment, sense of devotion, and utter surrender as a form of loving trust to consistently take action based on the guidance without hesitation or doubt. This of course is the difficult part.

The subconscious is the passive component of the mind through which the will (any will) acts to impregnate with ideas that it eventually manifests as an outer reality. It can be used as a creative medium within the material plane (which it creates and governs) by both the Higher Will, personal will, and the personal will of others. It lacks the ability to discriminate or reason and simply takes in and produces the reality of the active will serving to impregnate it. When utilized by the lower, personal will that’s not identified with it true divine nature, but aligned instead with its lower, animal nature, it works exclusively through the lower plane itself (which it governs) to fulfill desires and passions. When aligned with and living out of our true divine nature, we draw on our Higher Will, which created and governs not only the subconscious mind, but the entire lower plane, and we act as a magnet and conduit for drawing down higher, original ideas and act in our lives to truly “create” in an original and unique fashion. We create as both an expression of our ideas as our reality, and as a way of creating ourselves by way of, or within the experience of those realities.

The object of creating isn’t to acquire material wealth or possessions as a way of creating ourselves, but rather through the feelings we resonate with and become the expression of and the qualities that we have to utilize in creating that develop our character and moral nature. When we connect to our Higher Self through prayer and out of love and desire to become one with and the same as, we step into our universal identity and dedicate all our activities towards the service of mankind and the advancement of consciousness to a higher and more loving way of being in the world. We then step into the intuitive current of knowledge that flows into and through us as a continuous stream of never-ending possibilities . . . .

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Consultant for Integrative Mind-Body Medicine and Spiritual Mentor