The Monad – The Primary Law of the Mind

“The Electromagnetic Sphere of Consciousness that forms the Individual Mind of the Soulâ€

The Monad is a term used in Sacred Geometry that represents the primary principle that governs the mind as the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds, informs, and animates all living matter. The mind, which is synonymous with the soul spirit, is the invisible field of energy that surrounds, permeates, and informs the body, while connecting it to the larger mind-field of the Earth, and all other electromagnetic fields present in other beings and the Natural environment. This energy field as the mind, represented by a circle with a dot in the center, flows systematically from the center outward, then turning back into itself, in a breathing, toroidal (torsion) field that’s somewhat doughnut shaped and flows through interconnected layers of dual and contrasting spiraling motion, that are characteristic of all electromagnetic fields. This flowing field of energy is constantly undergoing a metabolic process of integrating the information present in the environment with that present internally in the individual. This is the very basis of evolution which is always calibrating the inner with the outer as a means of transforming the individual to exist within its immediate environment. This transference of information that “re-forms†us internally according to our external environment is the very basis for evolution itself.

Monad basic
This relationship between the inner and the outer is where the inner is stimulated, or made active and acts to “bring out†in it the same qualities and characteristics as the outer. There’s a constant form of energetic dialogue as an exchange of consciousness going on between us and everyone and everything around us. This doesn’t mean that we acquire or are “given traits†from others, but rather that only equivalent qualities that are already present “in us†are activated, and used to create our internal experiences as analogous to our outer experiences. Only the qualities that we share in common with everything else can be brought out in us, because what we’re calling the stimulus “is†sympathetic resonance. Resonance is where energy (qualities of consciousness) as vibration in the outer world activates or “vibrates†those same qualities in the internal world. If you don’t possess the same “type†of qualities, then those qualities being displayed around you, or even projected at you don’t produce a pronounced affect. They don’t trigger an emotional reaction in you. You experience them in a very “matter of fact†way through a form of objective observation.

We’re always being shaped to a large degree by others and our environment. Just as we breathe the air around us, and through a natural metabolic process become “one with†the particles in and of the air itself, which are exchanged and become apart of our cellular structure and biological composition, we absorb into us the energy that’s within near proximity of us, through sympathetic resonance, and metabolize congruent aspects of it, modifying our energetic essence, equipping us to exist harmoniously with our outer reality by modifying our inner state to be equivalent. This constant transformation as an adaptation to our environment is the most basic form of evolution. We are always evolving to be equivalent too, and of the same energetic state as the conditions, circumstances and environment that we live in. The energy of our outer environment determines what aspects within us are kept in an active state as a means of interacting that are further developed by way of the behavioral dynamics being employed as a natural expression of that state.

States, as a state-of-mind reflects what vibratory frequency as a quality of consciousness we are creating (or co-creating) and maintaining at any given time, that have realities inherent in them as potentiality. Our state, which is comprised of what emotions are connecting us to our environment and being experienced, resonate with thoughts of the same nature that together create an imagining as an inner reality or feeling that’s equivalent in nature to the outer reality being displayed and acting to influence and determine the inner reality. This energetic exchange is going on all the time at the unconscious level, with or without our actual awareness of what’s happening.

The conscious mind, which is the aspect of the mind that can control and direct unconscious processes and the “elements†as natural forces (emotions) of the outer, material realm, through its ability to edit what is allowed into us, and what’s not, can only exercise this ability through its “awareness†of what’s going on. If it remains unaware and allows inner stimulus that engages it in automatic behaviors based on the shared illusion as the emotional state produced in us by another, then the element operating at the unconscious level act instead to control the conscious mind, and we engage in the outer dramas being projected without ever realizing that we don’t have to. Choice is present as an option in every moment, but only when we truly come to realize what’s happening at the underlying level of emotional-energetic stimulation.Torus shapeEmotions, which are what connect us to the world around us, are “infectious†as invisible forces that “enter into usâ€, take hold, and begin growing until they consume us and alter our state accordingly. When emotions are being activated in us, they cause us to reference and access memories associated with (created out of) the same emotions, that provide us with instant realities as stories that replace objective reality of the present, forming automatic behaviors as a kind of program. These illusions (story inherent in the memory) as automatic programs are a basic form of hypnosis. Whenever we’re being emotionally “triggeredâ€, the emotion enters into us and produces a pronounced affect in us, causing us to literally go unconscious and act out the behaviors associated with that emotion as a form of knee-jerk reaction. This whole process takes place without us ever realizing that we were “given†that emotion by another person or event, and we allowed it to rise up and take hold in us, consuming and taking us over, and expressing “through us†determining us a result. Once we become the means through which that emotion as a state-of-mind expresses, and we create our experiences “out of itâ€, by becoming it, we simultaneously identify with our own experiences and behavior, and so they act to literally shape us.

Whenever we tend to be prone to constant emotional reactions, we are literally living in an unconscious state, and create our life in an unconscious way by literally living in the past. We are being (self) developed and evolved according to the realities we live in as the potential of that energetic-conscious state. In this way, we are controlled and determined by others, our circumstances, and the conditions of our life. We create ourselves and our life out of the illusions as relived memories that the emotional states naturally produce. This is the primary law that needs to be worked with at the conscious level in order to gain control over your own creation and be able to manage your internal-emotional state.

By becoming aware of this law always operating around us, and imposing a direct influence on us, and becoming aware of the emotions being embodied and expressed around us, and what they are stimulating in us, we can “choose†what we allow into us, and what we keep out. We can refrain from emotional reactions and begin self-reflecting on what’s happening inside of us instead. This allows us to not only see our own tendencies and the memories that form the illusions out of the emotional state, and gain clarity around them, but choosing to observe them instead of allowing them to take hold in us and acting them out, brings a very fundamental form of healing to not only the memories involved, but also the emotions as a vibratory frequency that keeps us tuned to that frequency, causing us to be vulnerable to it as a strong impact. In refraining from reacting, we can get a hold on it, and work to manage our internal state, and not allow it to adjust our vibration to be equivalent to it. When we begin doing this, we realize that in the moments that we didn’t perceive a choice because it was automatic, we now realize that we can choose how to respond, by maintaining our state, deflecting the emotion, and acting instead to influence them with our emotional state. When we engage in the same emotion, we act to amplify and increase it, if we don’t, we act to counterbalance it, and it begins dissipating and transforming.

colorful torus

Through this practice alone we can gain control over our own behavior, stay awake and aware in emotionally charged situations, and as a result, act intentionally to influence others by acting to manage the overall emotional state being displayed at any given moment. Just through the awareness of the activating mechanism of emotions, we can prevent them from entering us and taking hold. We can literally keep them outside of us, and in doing so, not only maintain our calm inner peace in the midst of a turbulent storm, but truly reflect back to the person their own illusion by not engaging in it and thereby sharing in it and validating it. When we engage in emotional reactions, we share, validate, and support that illusion as being real, and so the person who caused it by originally projecting it, doesn’t realize it’s an illusion, and continues to mistake it as being real. The only way we have of truly telling what’s real and what’s not, is by whether or not we can get other people to agree with us, by seeing the same thing we’re seeing in a situation. They agree by seeing things the same way we do and acting with us to co-create the same type of reality as a joint experience.

The most direct yet subtle way we are influenced by and acting to influence others is through our “state-of-mind†or mood. People around us can readily sense our mood, and “feel it†– are stimulated by it – just by being in near proximity of us. Our mood becomes the nature of our interaction with the outside world, which serves to stimulate that same mood in whomever we’re communicating with, whether it’s an actual verbal communication, or an energetic, feeling one. This alters their mood to be equivalent to ours, and modifies ours according to theirs, and we interact as an expression of our shared mood to create a joint reality.

States as moods have whole realities as the creative potential inherent in them. We only truly relate to those who share the same states and therefore act to cooperatively create the same realities. Everybody has certain moods or emotions that they live out of consistently to produce a consistent reality, and it’s these emotional states that can be readily activated by others and brought out in them. Emotional states that don’t serve to naturally create our version of reality, don’t exist in us, and therefore can’t be activated in us (through resonance), and as a result cause us to not be able to relate to those who live out of a different frequency. Those who activate in us emotions we don’t normally experience, cause us to behave in ways that seem foreign to us. We don’t feel like ourselves in relation to them. Some people refer to this as being “authentic†or “inauthenticâ€.

burst of light

While we all, as human beings, share the same basic emotions as a form of archetypal instinct designed to inform us and adapt us to our environment, there’s only a handful of emotions we experience on a regular basis and live out of as a way of creating a consistent experience as our personal reality that makes sense to us in terms of what things mean. The meaning and significance we give things forms the story we tell about them as an interpretation, which allows us to experience them through the same qualities that we ourselves possess. Our mind, as a field of energy charged (structured) to a specific frequency forms our state as our perceptual lens and how we structure reality by interpreting it to mean something. Our vibration as our state of mind has a thematic reality inherent in it as its potential for expression. It can only express (create realities) what’s congruent with/to its mood. Whatever mood we’re in determines what we focus on, what memories we live out of as remedial thought processes, what we notice and abstract from our environment to create our experiences, what we look for and expect, and what we act naturally to perpetuate.
In order to determine your vibratory frequency at any given moment, you have to be able to not only manage your emotional state, but also learn how to create desired states intentionally. Once we learn how to deflect emotions and not let them affect us or alter our state, we can simultaneously learn how to maintain our intentional state throughout the day, regardless of whom or what we come into contact with. This is the real basis behind self-creation that’s undertaken in a deliberate and purposeful manner.

We have the ability to decide how and whom we’re going to be, and operate our own mind as our electromagnetic energy system in order to consistently self-create. Not by controlling others or our environment, but by preventing them from controlling us. By determining our state and mood, we can change what we naturally see, how we interpret it and what we attract by stimulating it all around us. We begin attracting and consistently interacting with a different element in our environment. We begin setting a different intention and begin noticing different things. We begin relating to people in different ways and we act in our own lives in an intentional manner to elicit the response in others that we desire more of in ourselves. We act to infect others with our vibration with full awareness that that’s what we’re doing, and because of this we begin taking full responsibility for our own actions. Not just our actions towards others, but how we act on ourselves to create ourselves by way of the same actions we project towards others. Our behavior is a direct reflection of our state, and we have to exist in that state in order to express those behaviors. However we’re being in the world is how we’re simultaneously acting to create ourselves as that “type†of person.

It’s always a question of orientation and relationship between the inner and the outer, the positive and the negative. The question becomes, are we controlling ourselves, or are we being controlled by others? How do we first act on others, calling forth the same idea in them that they then return to us by how they treat us in relation and interaction with us? How do we call upon ourselves our own experiences by first tuning into the state out of which they come, then, broadcasting and projecting that energy, awakening it all around us, then forming our experiences out of it as an interaction of some form?

We’re always transmitting and receiving energy as an exchange of consciousness with everything around us based on sympathetic resonance. We send off, activate, and draw back into us only what’s of the same vibration (state) all around us, then act to create a joint reality out of the shared state. We do this usually, without any real awareness that that’s what we’re actually doing. We imagine that we’re like we are because of what’s happened to us, because when we remain in an unconscious state within our own life, this is exactly what’s going on. We’re being controlled and developed by others and our circumstances. We don’t perceive having control because we imagine that means controlling others and our outer life, which we can only influence or choose to leave altogether. But what this actually shows us, is that what we do have all the time, is the ability to control ourselves and in doing so, determine who and how we’re going to be in spite of, or by way of our life circumstances. And in this knowledge alone, we can not only take back control of ourselves, but we can change our circumstances to more desired or favorable ones, or learn to work within them in new ways to influence them and begin moving them in a new direction.

Dr. Linda Gadbois