Memory, DNA, and the Subconscious Mind – Taking Control of Your Mind and Creating Yourself in a Deliberate Manner

All living organisms operate out of the same basic group of principles represented in Sacred Geometry by the numbers 0 through 9. DNA operates out of the same principles as the mind, and may even be considered the subconscious aspect of the mind referred to as “body consciousnessâ€, that completely organizes and regulates all automatic functions of the body, while also organizing the outer reality to hold and represent the same meaning as the inner reality. DNA is a living electromagnetic bio-system that’s always in the process of exchanging energy as signals with everything in near proximity, as well as with the same vibratory frequency as a quality of consciousness with parallel dimensions that are dynamically interlaced with this one. Even what we call the material plane, is formed as a virtual hologram of intricately interlaced dimensions within a greater overall dimension that contains and is comprised of them, while simultaneously exceeding and transcending them.

All dimensions exist as a range or hierarchical scale, where the entire lower scale as an accumulative progression becomes the initial or fundamental level of the one that proceeds out of it, and the lower, primary level is formed by the summary of the one preceding it. The upper regions of one dimension can access and possibly begin resonating with the lower region of the one above it, drawing in and absorbing energy as the consciousness (information) of that higher region, and through a process of interpretation, assimilation, and equilibrium, can act to develop its own “state†to that of the higher level, and be drawn up or absorbed into it through sympathetic resonance.

All reality as a dynamic scale of interwoven levels and aspects operates through a gradient movement of degrees between higher and lower levels, based on what we’re absorbing, becoming one with in nature (thought, feelings, emotions, morals, etc.), and systematically adjusting our vibratory frequency accordingly. The hierarchical scale moves between kingdoms, where for humans, the lower represents becoming more animal-like, prone and driven by unconscious primal urges that don’t involve a decision born out of a thought process or realization, and the higher, where we align and associate with our divine nature, which requires full use of our creative ability to intuitively evaluate and interpret ideas for their meaning and reality as a means of making conscious decisions that ultimately determine our moral destiny. We have been bestowed with higher mental capacities as a form of cognitive intelligence that provides us with the means to create ourselves in a very intentional manner.

Toroidal field of the body

Whatever we associate and enter into relationship with, and use as the means to create our experiences, we exchange information as states and ways of being that we integrate and use to create ourselves. As we feel, think, and imagine, we become by doing. However we’re being determines what we do. Actions as natural behaviors are an expression of our character. Our character is something we are solely responsible for creating by what we align ourselves with, willingly allow into our mind and build into a reality by thinking about it, which provides us with the pathway and template for fashioning ourselves by becoming like it. As we think and feel, we program our own subconscious mind as our DNA with a form of holographic program as a spatial map.

Subtle energy as vibration has both an acoustic and optical component as words and sentences that spontaneously produce images as the meaning inherent in the words. Our mind as the electromagnet field (EMF) that permeates, envelops, and extends quite some distance from the body, acts as an antenna, receiver, and transducer for signals as frequencies that are simultaneously received and interpreted by the DNA of our molecular structure, which acts as a transducer that forms words into an EMF as the holographic form that expresses the meaning of the words. This hologram as the conceptualization of the idea the words represent, (in)forms an internal reality as the subtle body and organizing mechanism that’s used to structure matter into the same idea as a pattern that produces a meaningful experience. Out of the reality and its meaning, comes a story as a form of dialogue. This dialogue as a meaningful story imagined as a hologram or virtual reality, programs the DNA of the body with that reality, while simultaneously modifying the mental paradigm to that frequency where it becomes a perceptual lens that we look through to form our experience of life as our thoughts and internal narrative about it.

Our initial programming, produced by combinations of various sorts as relationships between similar ideas that together form a unified idea as a unique variation of both, sets the basis for continued growth and development as a constant form of transformation and soul evolution. Our initial programming is developed by what’s stimulated and brought into active expression through a dynamic of some sort, and what remains latent and inactive in its potential state. A constant process of transformation is taking place by not only what we interact with and become associated with, but by how we perceive and interpret it making it mean something that integrates the information into our paradigm in a way that makes sense (is harmonious)  while simultaneously altering our genetic expression accordingly.

Living within the Matrix

Our mind, genes, brain, heart, and whole organism, is not fixed or static as a form of automated processes, but make up a dynamic living system of potential that’s constantly morphing, fluctuating, and transforming through resonant induction of conscious energy around it that are complementary and compatible in nature. We’re always being programmed by what we’re exposed to, cooperate and participate in doing, or what we contest and argue against. The only question is whether or not it’s happening at an unconscious level as an automatic process that we’re not aware of, or if we’re aware and realize the significance of how we’re constantly being developed and begin intentionally taking control of the process.  The conscious “thinking†mind that’s prone to constant outer influence as a form of direct awareness, is constantly directing (intentionally sending ideas) and programming the DNA/subconscious through what it actively engages in as an experience of reality. The conscious mind is also the aspect of the mind that possesses “willpowerâ€, which acts as an evaluation and judgment process that edits what’s allowed into the mind and allowed to take hold in the imagination, and what’s not. The conscious mind has the ability to make decisions about things from a fully aware and intentional perspective.

When we’re aware of our own ability to direct, edit, and determine our own thoughts, we take back responsibility for ourselves and start becoming self-regulated and self-determined. When we remain unconscious, always acting out of compulsive urges and desires of some sort, and we lack any real form of discipline and self-control, we’re drawn into things through emotional dramas, desires of some kind, or compulsive behaviors as tendencies that cause us to act in an automatic and unconscious fashion, usually without much regard for the consequences our decisions render. But either way, awake and aware, or asleep and unaware, the same process of resonance, sympathetic induction, and coherence is constantly taking place as a natural energetic-biological process of transformation and self-development that’s consistent and ongoing moment by moment.

Once we realize that our subconscious/DNA is “programmable†by imagined thoughts that have strong feelings and emotions attached to them as meaning, and that we’re always working on ourselves to program ourselves through our thoughts as integrated information, and we realize the power of what this implies, we can learn how to use our will and ability to make conscious decisions as to what we associate with and actively engage in. Through intentional associations and activities that develop us in deliberate ways as a means of acquiring different types of information as emotional thoughts that serve to program us in desirable and progressive ways, we can become fully aware of how we’re acting “on ourselves†to create ourselves and we can begin exercising and developing our ability to make the type of decisions that provide us with the influence and stimulation we need in order to develop the qualities and characteristics we want to acquire. We can become aware of people, situations, and activities that we engage and participate in that develop us in very negative and degrading ways, and make firm decisions to remove them from our life, from our experiences, and our mind. Replacing them with what we want to become like instead.

Birthing reality

Through self-awareness, we can learn to use our imagination in very deliberate ways to think and create the realities of our thoughts that program and transform us to become who we want to be. The mind tends to be habitual and runs on a form of auto-pilot, and thoughts are often memories of various forms that we continue playing out in our mind while adapting them to present situations, giving the present the same meaning as the past. Though the theme of the memory is applied to many situations, different people, and varying conditions and circumstances, the context and type of story that evolves out of it remains the same. A current situation reminds us of a past situation, and we reference the memory through association, and interpret the present to mean the same thing as the past, and tell ourselves a story about it that transforms it into more of the same idea. Memories form holographic templates as perceptual themes and context that consistently create meaningful experiences.

As we “look through†our perceptual lens as our mental paradigm, we only see in everything else what matches our idea about it. Memories form transparent patterns as an internal reality that’s projected and superimposed over the outer reality where it’s reorganized in such a manner that it can be interpreted to be the same in terms of semantics. Through a form of transference, we interpret everyone and everything to be a part of our story about them. Because our model as accumulated memories form the basis for all interpretation, we’re always transforming others, our situation, and our environment to be of the same criteria as our past. Memories are the programming of our subconscious/DNA and act as a filtering system for all of our automatic perceptions and natural behaviors. It’s only by becoming aware of this, and realizing what we’re doing, that we can begin using it in a deliberate and intentional manner to proactively create our life experiences, and fashion ourselves by way of those experiences.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Transpersonal Psychologist, Mind-Body Medicine Consultant, and Spiritual Teacher

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