A New Paradigm: Viewing Health from the Perspective of Principles

What we call modern Medicine in our Western society, has for the most part been taught to approach everything from a left-brain, separate and analyze each part as if it’s separate and independent from all other parts, while emphasizing some parts as significant (whole in themselves), and others as insignificant, or we simply ignore them altogether because of course we haven’t quite figured out what they actually do, or what role they play in the whole biological process. We then abstract from the whole only what we deem to be the important aspects, and concentrate them somehow (mega doses), or recombine them with other formulas that they don’t naturally exist within as part of a dynamic process as a synchronized series of laws that perform entire processes within our body when ingested.

We form synthetic, artificial products in place of whole foods, which naturally contain the complete workings of a whole physiological process, then enhance the artificial food with chemical additives for taste, texture and preservation (increased shelf life), and fortify them with the synthetic version of singularly extracted vitamins, in what we deem a healthy combination, without ever seeming to realize that the body, which is a biological life form, can’t digest and assimilate artificial food properly, and many of the substances in whole foods that we ignore and discard are necessary for utilizing all the other nutrients in the food in order to be properly absorbed and assimilated.

fruits and vegetables
We are taught only to look at vitamins, calories, salt, sugar, fat, etc., which is in reality an ignorant response to ignorance. What we need to do, is employ our right-brain ability to look at everything as “whole systems” that contain everything it needs to not only produce the chemistry it’s made of, but also digest and utilize all the nutrients within the food. By eating whole foods as “actual” vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds, we are not only getting everything we need to produce homeostasis in our body, but we won’t be getting any of the added chemicals, which is what’s causing all the health problems. We don’t get illness, disease and cancers from natural whole foods found growing and naturally produced in Nature. We only get them from artificial, processed, synthetic, chemical based additives, which, in our natural environment, we’d never eat.

So the first rule to creating health is to eliminate processed foods, and create a natural diet based on whole foods grown organically, without pest-herbicides, or chemical hormones and antibiotics. Cooking and preparing food is a basic life skill that everyone should know and participate in. Learn how to cook and make things from scratch. To take this a step further, take up the art of gardening and learn how to grow your own food. Not only is it pleasurable, relaxing, and gives you a means of getting out in the sunshine and exercising, but you also have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re eating, and confidence in the fact that you’re acting to consciously create your own health!


Dr. Linda Gadbois

Health Consultation

Integrative Medicine


 About the author:
Dr. Linda is a Spiritual Scientist and scholar of Hermetic Sciences and Ancient Wisdom traditions. She’s a professional educator and trainer for all areas of personal transformation, self-creation, mind development, and soul/spiritual evolution. She practices Integrative Medicine with a special emphasis on Psychology and Creative therapies. She conducts ongoing classes, Playshops, and Adventure Seminars, and is available for private or group training, mentoring, and speaking engagements.
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