The Indirect Effect of GMO’s – Corn Fed Livestock

We tend to look for direct effects that we can absolutely associate with specific causes as a means of safely stating the cause and effect relationship in a credible way. Yet, what we should be identifying are “processes” that alter the very substance of the food by changing its chemical and molecular properties, and recognizing (realizing) the Law of Similarities – of like produces more of what’s like itself. Whatever substance we take in, absorb into our system, digest and assimilate by becoming one with it, chemically and energetically blending with it, become the fundamental building blocks of our physical substance. Whatever foods we choose to consume, determines the properties our bodies take on as a result. We become “like” our food in essence and form.

GMO corn has allowed the mass production of corn at an extremely cheap cost that’s now being fed to all forms of livestock – cattle, pigs, sheep, fowl, and even farmed fish. None of these animals would eat corn in their natural state. Corn is not a natural form of food for animals, who subsist largely on various grasses and grains. Corn is primarily a starch, which is readily converted into sugar by the body, and substantially fattens animals in a significantly shorter amount of time, on top of the already employed tactics of growth hormones designed to increase body mass in a fraction of the time normally required so they can increase the harvest, making the meat it produces cheaper. The whole mentality of the food-meat industry is faster, fatter, mass production, that’s cheaper. As a result, animals are fatten up on primarily what becomes sugars, in substantially less time – meaning that the animals themselves have very short life-spans under what can be considered horrible living conditions.

cows feedlot

The starchy sugary diet also makes their system weak and prone to disease (sugar is very acidic), and produces an ideal environment for bacterial infections, such as E-coli. They then pump them full of antibiotics to ensure that they live long enough to be slaughtered. Their body is saturated with growth hormones, antibiotics, and starch, where they are raised in feed lots, often standing in their own feces for days at a time, in crowded conditions that are very stressful, where they often become quite ill (some collapse from their own body weight), then slaughtered in an assembly-line fashion.

Because their manure is no longer produced from grasses, but rather from a starchy-sugar that’s highly acidic, it no longer acts as a fertilizer and kills plants instead. The starchy sugary substance of their body-mass is highly acidic (more than usual), and that’s passed on to us when we eat them. They then keep them in crowded and unsanitary conditions that cause stress and suffering for the animals, which produces hormones as emotional states and biological processes, that when consumed, produce the same effect in us.

sheep in feedlot

When we consume their chemically laced dead flesh, we likewise tend to gain weight, develop type-2 diabetes (adult onset diabetes that is produced by, and can be controlled by diet), feel sluggish and tired, stressed for no reason, have low-grade anxiety (hyperactive), insomnia, and chronic depression, usually, without ever connecting the two. Meat as blood, muscle and fat acts as a stimulant that’s addictive, meaning you crave it and feel a certain kind of comfort and satisfaction in eating it, and like all addictions which are progressive, you increase your consumption over time. America has just stated that meat eating is on the rise in terms of how much an average individual eats, has declared obesity a disease, type-2 diabetes an epidemic, and reports that 80% of Americans suffer from what they now call “chronic depression”, while energy drinks are now a billion dollar business, ADD is considered normal, dementia and lowered IQ is drastically on the rise . . . and no one is asking why, or putting two and two together to identify the cause as a direct relationship.

chicken factory

Livestock does not naturally consume corn or grains, they’re herbivores and graze in grasslands. By changing their diets and living conditions, we are changing their very substance and natures as a result. Because everything about mass production works based on shorter time-frames to produce cheap food for humans, we are affected in the same way they are because we share an animal body with them, and so their hormones and biochemistry produce the same effects in us. When making choices about what to eat, educate yourself on the nature of the food and how it’s produced. Realize that not only are you choosing to become the same in quality of body-substance as these animals, but that morally you’re participating in the same act by supporting it and willingly consuming it. It’s as if you are the one modifying the existence and torturing these animals yourself because you are engaging in, purchasing and consuming the end product, creating a high demand for it. By consuming the quality of their dead flesh, we build our bodies out of the same substance, and become “like” the animals; fat, stressed, depressed, and suffering from numerous chronic conditions that deprive us of quality of life.


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Dr. Linda is a Spiritual Scientist and scholar of Hermetic Sciences and Ancient Wisdom traditions. She’s a professional educator and trainer for all areas of personal transformation, self-creation, mind development, and soul/spiritual evolution. She practices Integrative Medicine with a special emphasis on Psychology and Creative therapies. She conducts ongoing classes, Playshops, and Adventure Seminars, and is available for private or group training, mentoring, and speaking engagements.
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