DNA – The Phantom Effect, Quantum Hologram, and the Etheric Body

While modern day science used to look at DNA as a material substance that was fixed in nature, where it existed as a form of permanent programming that couldn’t be edited or changed, where we were at the mercy of our genes so to speak, but we now know that this isn’t true. DNA is composed of a liquid-like crystalline substance that acts as a form of antenna, receiver, and transmitter for processing and assimilating holographic information. It’s constantly in the process of taking in information inherent in its immediate environment that exists in a vibratory state and translates it into holograms. A hologram is a highly organized, coherent body of light that contains a great deal of information as “memory”. It operates predominately out of radionics, where whatever frequency it’s tuned to, it acts as a receiver for any information in the immediate environment that’s of that same frequency. The information comes as an acoustic wave that forms an electromagnetic field (EMF) as a holographic shape that’s composed of subtle energy. This subtle body of light, which exists initially as an invisible field of electromagnetic energy, serves as a form of energetic blueprint or spatial map for constructing an exact material replica. Information inherent in the aether (Astral Field) always comes as a pairing or wave coupling (like the double helix) that contains both an acoustic sound and optical (visual) image as the geometric patterning inherent in the vibratory frequency.

The two waves of information are fused together forming an interference pattern, which produces a 3-D holographic image as the subtle body or etheric double that serves as a form of template for spatially ordering and constructing the material body through a natural process of growth and development. This holographic image is formed as an invisible field of highly organized (polarized) light that appears to be hovering above or being projected by the strands of DNA, forms what spiritual sciences commonly refers to as the “astral body” or “etheric double”, and what modern science is now calling the phantom effect. This phantom or ghost-like shape forms a crystalline lattice of energetic stresses that’s an exact replica of the fully mature physical body that will ultimately be generated out of the genetic formula comprised of attributes and qualities that form characteristics.


This bio-hologram is constructed out of information attained from a dynamic series of correlated planes or parallel dimensions that are energetically interlaced (exist in the same space), and operate fluently without any cross-talk or interference to form a dynamic chain-of-association as phase conjugation and adaptive resonance. When one wave (Monad) resonates with another of the same or similar frequency, they’re absorbed into each other forming an interference pattern (Dyad), where certain properties are cancelled out or contradicted, while others are matched and amplified. This process of adaptation reformulates the initial generic (archetypal) information inherent in each correlated plane into a unique variation as the coupling’s offspring or new combination. This reconfiguration of internal properties to form a new whole, comes as a form of natural selection formed by the interaction of complementary opposites, where some aspects are turned on and activated, while others are turned off and deactivated, forming a unique sequence of variables formed by remixing complementary qualities.

When studying DNA from a purely material perspective of constructing proteins out of encoded genetic information as a selection of qualities from each parent, it was determined that only about 2% of our DNA accounted for this process, while the other 98% was what they called junk DNA, which simply meant they didn’t know what it was used for. We now know that the other 98% actually serves as a form of memory bank where information is both written or encoded, and read or decoded, to form a virtual reality out of the information as the pattern or configuration inherent in the vibratory frequency. This works in much the same way the Akashic field of Esoteric Sciences works, where information is contained within the astral plane as archetypal ideas that serve as a general prototype for creating in the physical realm, are accessed energetically, and absorbed into the mind through sympathetic resonance.

Within the lower regions of this same astral plane, humans produce thought-forms as emotionally intense memories that also form holographic templates that are recorded and stored on the aether, and can be accessed and utilized by anyone tuned to the same mental frequency and state of mind. These manmade memories populate the astral plane of what psychologists call the Collective Unconscious, or mass consciousness of humanity, and like physical DNA, can be transferred, absorbed, and assimilated through a natural form of telepathy and energetic respiration, and utilized biologically in the same way we utilize archetypal information. Our DNA as a crystalline transmitter and receiver, draws in (resonates with) the thought-forms inherent in group mind of the Earth’s atmosphere, as well as archetypal ideas attained from the higher dimension of the mental plane, where both come as holographic information that’s assimilated into our current genetic memory, where it acts to evolve it.   

Holographic mind and archetypal information

DNA operates by the same principles as the mind and brain, where the acoustic aspect of information as words that are spoken silently as thoughts, or outwardly as speech, are formed into the idea that the word represents in the imagination, forming a kind of virtual reality that mimics an actual memory. It translates ideas that are communicated by talking about them, whether through our own thoughts as internal dialogue, or as listening to someone else talk, into visual imagery as living scenarios. It comes as words, sentences, paragraphs, and pages of written and spoken script that forms visual imagery in our mind’s eye as we read it (absorb it). As we form ideas into possible realities on the inner planes of our mind, we generate neurological activity and biological chemistry as hormones in response to them. These mentally generated hormones are chemical messengers that are deposited directly into our bloodstream, and act to regulate our physical state to match our mental state.

DNA works by way of the same principles that our mind and neurological systems do. It conceives a thought or word as a vibratory frequency that’s been translated into a mental image by the mind, and uses it as an energetic template for organizing the molecular structure of the body into a corresponding biological form and state. Our mind and body are always correspondences of each other because our mind is what we use, whether consciously or unconsciously, as the means for regulating and determining our own physical state. This process is represented in Sacred Geometry by the Tetrad (material manifestation), which is formed as the outward reflection and projection of the Triad (mind), which emerges naturally out of the Dyad (cosmic womb), which symbolizes an interference pattern as the coupling of two wave forms (double helix) of the same frequency that combine to form a new whole as a coherent body of light. Most spiritual texts describe God as the creator of the material world, who creates it by speaking words (vibrating the ether), as breath that moves across the darkened waters (astral substance), giving rise to physical forms.

Subtle Body - "Dreaming into Being" by Linda Gadbois

While the genetic make-up of our body doesn’t change very much throughout our lifetime in terms of our physical characteristics or general disposition, the inner constitution of our mind and character (mental paradigm) can often change quite drastically. As our inner constitution changes, what we see and how we see the world around us changes as a direct correspondence. This is because the inner and the outer act as two polarized waveforms that resonate with each other forming an interference pattern that activates correlated aspects while deactivating noncorrelated ones, changing how it’s configured in forming a single unified field. We only see in everything else what’s of the same nature (frequency) as we are. As we grow and develop into higher states of awareness, we act on ourselves to transform ourselves mentally and emotionally, and how we perceive and experience ourselves through the outer world, changes accordingly. You know when you’ve undergone a basic form of inner transformation by the fact that you begin seeing others and the world around you in a new and somewhat different way. What we notice in the world around us, and how we interpret what we notice to make it mean what it does, changes how we perceive ourselves through the outer reflection of our own mental state. As we change, everything else changes as a direct correlation.

DNA, like the mind, is a fluid-like substance that’s always being re-informed by an energetic exchange of subtle energy with everything else around it that’s of a similar vibration causing it to constantly flux and morph. It’s like a shimmering luster morphing moment by moment based on what new information or qualities it’s absorbing from the environment that modifies its state. Words carried on a certain frequency are naturally inducted into the individual mind where they form an internal image as the reality indicated by the words. Whenever our mind is in a passive and receptive state, such as meditation and hypnosis (Theta-Alpha state), where there’s no editing or resistance from the conscious mind (outer awareness), ideas are readily taken in as suggestion, allowed to rise up in the imagination and take hold, and entire realties as an experience are constructed out of them. These holographic realities create a form of inner experience that acts directly on the subconscious mind as the body’s consciousness (DNA), to program it through virtual memories.

Holographic brain

Matter as particles held together by an invisible electromagnetic field is what forms the primary substance of what we call reality. Matter itself doesn’t possess or generate consciousness of its own, but acts as the passive receptor for consciousness as vibratory information that structures it into a holistic biological living system. DNA acts as the subtle antenna and receiver for acoustic information that forms a holographic image as an electromagnetic field that provides the blueprint as the etheric body used to construct the physical body. Form and properties always indicates function and how a system operates and behaves.  Whenever we change the information used to structure and operate a system, we change how the system forms, expresses, and functions as a whole. The genetic code of our DNA isn’t static and fixed, but rather dynamic and always in the process of transforming based on the information as language of some sort that it acts to absorb, interpret, and shape into an idea.

What we call scalar energy, can also be thought of as a correlated field of subtle energy that readily moves through and into matter, where it then divides forming an electromagnetic field that serves to organize astral (sun) light as essence (photons/plasma) into a holographic reality as one possibility (potential) inherent in the scalar wave.  Reality itself exists in a state of probability, where it contains all the information necessary for constructing an infinite number of possibilities, and this field of living information is collapsed into a single possibility based on how it interacts and is influenced by the individual mind observing (perceiving) it. Scalar waves exist as a unified field of subtle energy that exists everywhere as what we call empty space. This empty space, that’s commonly called a quantum vacuum, isn’t empty at all, but rather filled with holographic information as archetypes used to form, hold together, and sustain the entire material world. It’s the invisible field that organizes matter into organic and inorganic biological systems that are comprised of both an active (animate) and passive (inanimate) aspect.

Holographic nature of reality

What this shows us is that our DNA, which is an aspect of our subconscious mind or body consciousness, is literally programmed by our own thoughts and internal dialogue that are imagined as realities. As we take in various forms of information from a variety of sources, it acts as a form of suggestion, which, once planted in the fertile ground of our subconscious, becomes the basis for our thoughts, and as we think about ideas, we build them into entire realities as a possibility for experience. The more we think about something, the more seated it becomes in our psyche as a form of root thought. What we hear outwardly forms a picture of reality inwardly. This inward picture formed out of hearing something someone says, becomes a part of our thoughts and provides a holographic image that imprints the DNA of our body with that information as a form of genetic code.

DNA, like the mind itself, functions as a form of bio-computer that has the ability to both write (encode) and read (decode) genetic information. Most of our thoughts are formed from what we’ve been taught, read, watched, or heard being said, all of which are harmoniously incorporated into our mental paradigm as a working model that we use for perceiving and interpreting the outer world, as a means of experiencing it. Any information sent on radio/microwaves in the form of language and pictures, that we take in and think about without discretion, not only becomes a part of our vibratory essence in terms of how we think and feel, but also as the programming for the DNA of our molecular structure as a corresponding physical equivalent, or the reality inherent in the thoughts. There’s a real basic form of social engineering and genetic modification going on right now through the extensive use of electronic devices that work using electromagnetic radiation, radio waves, and microwaves.  

energetic mind

As we think through a form of internal dialogue where we’re always talking to ourselves, or by whatever we hear and listen to going on around us that has a strong feeling or emotion associated with it that we take in and continue to think about, turning it into an imagined reality or scenario of some kind, we’re acting on ourselves to encode ourselves with that information as a form of hypnotic suggestion. The most important aspect of our physical development and well-being comes from our thoughts and what type of ideas we expose ourselves to and actively engage in. Anytime we’re watching TV, listening to the radio, music, talking on our cellphone, browsing the internet reading and watching things, we’re systematically programming ourselves with that information. We’re becoming one with it by creating an inner reality out of it, and we’re tuning ourselves to that same vibration. Whatever we hear and watch becomes a natural part of our random thoughts. All we’re ever really doing in the most basic sense, is running the same type of ideas through our mind over and over, only changing them through adaptive resonance where we modify them based on how we apply them to a different or unique scenario.

The most important aspect of our personal development is controlling our own thoughts, intentionally directing our attention onto desirable and beneficial ideas, and monitoring what we expose ourselves to in terms of other people and various forms of media and entertainment. Whomever or whatever we associate with, we take on the same qualities, and become like in nature. Spoken words, whether internally or externally, form holographic images in our mind that are impressed on the ether, and permanently recorded as a memory. Just as we live our life out of memories, where we’re always thinking about and dwelling in the past as a way of creating more of the same type of experiences in the present, where we’re constantly creating new variations of the same idea over and over based on how we apply them to new situations and circumstances, our body is being consistently regenerated and sustained out of the same memories. The mind forms an astral image as a hologram that imprints the etheric body with the information inherent in that image.

wormholes between parallel worlds

The etheric body can be thought of as an electromagnetic field that uses the same holographic imagery formed in the mind to organize and animate the cellular structure of the body to form a corresponding metaphorical equivalent. The parallel planes (energetic lattice) that ultimately result in our physical body, operate as a form of step down process or phases of vibration that become a material form through a chain-of-association, where charged plasma organizes into a gaseous form of essence, that coagulates into a liquid-light form, and ultimately forms the energetic basis for coagulating into a solid form. All solid forms, living and nonliving, are accompanied by a field of subtle energy that surrounds, permeates, and encompasses it. This field of energy forms an energetic lattice of stresses that act as a form of scaffolding that crystalizes into a solid form that still maintains a liquid-like pliability.

The causal field of the Luminiferous Aether, also called the Akashic Field of intermeshed vibratory frequencies that are imprinted with archetypal information, is absorbed into our mind and shaped into a personal reality that simultaneously elicits an emotional response to our own thoughts, infusing them with meaning that becomes the motivating force that animates them into a storyline or dialogue of some kind. This imaginary sensory reality, formed and maintained by the mind is simultaneously received by, interpreted, and used to produce an equivalent effect in the etheric hologram of the body, reprogramming and modifying it accordingly. Our mind receives information that it turns into emotional thoughts that act as a blueprint for shaping our material body, both inwardly and outwardly. We literally become whatever we think about, imagine, and form a strong emotional response to.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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Transpersonal Psychologist, Coach for Personal Transformation, and Spiritual Mentor 

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