Energy Medicine: An Easy way to Understand how Energy Creates and Manifests in the Body

One of the problems we have in understanding energy medicine is that we attempt to look at it through a purely materialistic model, and from an inappropriate orientation. Energy, in terms of how it’s used here, is more accurately called “subtle energy”, which operates according to opposite laws of the material plane, and is complementary in nature, which means they exist in direct relationship to each other, and play different roles in the same overall creative processes that result in a physical manifestation. In this complementary relationship, while we tend to look for the cause of a physical manifestation within the same physical plane, in reality, the physical is ultimately the effect of, or end product of what originates at the mental and emotional level of consciousness. This can be difficult to understand because their relationship is an analogous one, rather than a direct one, and so it’s often not recognized or worked with as the means of actually healing its physical counterpart.

We have to begin here by first creating the correct model to look at this idea through, in order to see and recognize what we can’t otherwise see. While we have been taught to think that the “mind” and “consciousness” are a product of the body, or more specifically of the brain, in reality, the mind is an electromagnetic field that’s bonded to the body through sympathetic resonance and is a field of energy as information structured into patterns as a paradigm that’s independent of the body and is what actually activates and operates the body as a fundamental form of expression. The body is operated through various levels of energetic stimulus that initiate a chain reaction that produce and regulate biological and psychological processes of the body.

Every chemical process within the body is prompted by an electrical impulse of some sort. These electrical impulses are caused by the consciousness of the body, which has three basic components in its make-up, a mental, emotional, and physical component. These three basic components work in-sync with each other through a natural relationship of passive, active, and equilibrated or unified movement. This correlates to the idea of resonance, sympathetic induction, and coherence. The active force (mental) vibrates the equivalent passive force (emotion), by entering into it and producing an effect that organizes it into a new pattern by forming coherence , harmonizing the two and expressing as a physical behavior. All behavior is emotionally driven, and all emotions have an equivalent psychological component as the patterning (mental concept or memory) that’s activated and set into motion through the emotion. Thought either awakens an emotion in response to it, or the emotions we experience determine what we think about, and the combination forms a new whole as the basis for a physical reality as a story-line that becomes the template (perceptual lens) for our personal experiences.

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The medium that connects thoughts with the body as a physical equivalent is emotion, or what’s otherwise referred to as the astral plane of the soul. The subconscious mind, which is the passive aspect of the mind that regulates the body, works off of emotional signals it receives from the environment, or that it produces in response to our own imagined thoughts, that it mistaken for an actual event. Emotion is experienced as a direct sensation in the body. Different emotions form different types of sensations in specific areas of the body. These sensations as “activity” that’s located at different parts of the body exist in near proximity to the different endocrine glands, which all work as a dynamic regulatory system that keeps the body and mind in equilibrium by making constant adjustments in response to information being received from others and our environment as feeling-emotions. Our emotional state is produced by hormones secreted by the endocrine glands and deposited directly into our blood stream which adjusts the state of the body to match the state of the mind as the inner and outer equalization.

Our biological state and our mental state are always the equivalent of one another as a dynamic relationship that determines and directly influences all biological processes conducted by our neurological system that directly affects the major systems and organs of the body. The hormones produced by the endocrine system are both regulatory, regulating the basic processes of the body, and emotional in nature, designed to produce automatic behaviors in response to our outer environment. Hormones determine how we feel, what we focus on and think about, what mood we’re in, what emotions we experience, and how our body functions as a direct correspondence to our own emotional thoughts and beliefs, and the realities they naturally produce in our imagination, which the subconscious mind interprets in the same manner as an actual experience and regulates the body and behaviors accordingly.

Emotions are “held in the body” as sensations that form an energetic tension. Emotions that are experienced a lot, keep the body stimulated and tense in the same locations repetitively and consistently. Our emotional states tend to control our thoughts, produce our behaviors, which are unconscious and automatic, as well as conscious and deliberate. Whatever emotional state we tend to live out of as a general rule, and what behaviors we engage in as our daily lifestyle, produce a physical “affect” as the end result. Most, if not all physical maladies are a direct result of our lifestyle, which are routine behaviors that we unconsciously engage in as our everyday experience of life. Once a behavior becomes a habit, a part of a natural routine that we do without having to “think about it”, just as we lose awareness of what we’re doing, we fail to recognize the physical results of eating poorly, thinking in ways that keep us stressed out, living in constant emotional dramas that are upsetting and often traumatizing keeping us bathed in negative emotions, fail to exercise, exposing ourselves to chemical toxins, maintaining relationships that produce negative emotions and bad experiences, and so on, all without realizing that these tendencies are producing health problems, both physically and mentally. When physical ailments manifest, we don’t associate them to the behaviors that cause them, and the emotional and psychological pattern that motivated the behavior.

Energy as consciousness is whole and complete, and contains in it all the components and properties that make-up and are necessary to produce a physical reality. Consciousness as the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds, permeates, and informs our body, is always extending into the environment around us, interacting with it, and exchanging energy-consciousness with it. Our consciousness is taking in and metabolizing all the energy around us that’s of the same nature or vibratory frequency as we are through a metabolic process of absorption, digestion and assimilation, and elimination. We take in (receive) whatever is of the same vibratory frequency as a “range of expression” as we are, and can therefore be absorbed into our system through sympathetic resonance, that adjusts our energy system by integrating it, and altering our vibratory frequency by way of it. Frequencies contain whole patterns that modify our mental paradigm and alter our behaviors that are deemed appropriate and necessary in response to our environment.

This natural process of energy exchange is how our internal state is always being adjusted to match our outer environment, as a means of functioning within it in order to survive and thrive. We not only exchange energy as chemistry with our environment, but we also exchange emotions, thoughts, feelings, mental impressions, ideas, and so on, through a form of transmission. We are always undergoing an exchange of consciousness with everything around us all the time. Not only through the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, but also the emotions being displayed and projected, and the mental impressions of the thoughts everyone around us is thinking. We are always responding to our environment and our environment is always responding to us through emotional signals that are both being transmitted and received. We simply have to build an intuitive awareness around what exists as invisible forces that while they can’t be seen or heard, they can be felt and realized.

Energy Medicine is an approach that addresses the whole person and takes all components of the mind, soul and body into account when attempting to determine the cause of a physical malady by looking at the entire conscious make-up of the individual and the lifestyle they live consistently, and the relationships they maintain on an ongoing basis. It combines both biological and psychological treatments. It looks at the person’s whole life as a means of understanding how they’ve created what results in a physical illness, disease, or cancer. It seeks to recognize the dynamic relationship that exists between the spirit, the soul, and the body and a unified expression, and work from the level of cause by resolving the psychological and emotional aspects that are producing the behaviors and lifestyle that are ultimately resulting in dis-ease of some sort.
By transforming the mental and emotional aspects, releasing the tension in the body and the behaviors causing the malady, the person is able to heal themselves by changing themselves. All healing comes from some form of personal transformation by changing the cause to one that produces health and a deepened sense of well-being by balancing what was previously out of balance, restoring the whole system to harmony. With harmony comes a sense of happiness, inner peace and contentment that produces its equivalent as our physical condition and outer reality.


Dr. Linda Gadbois
Health Consultant and Spiritual Mentor


About the author:
Dr. Linda is a Spiritual Scientist and scholar of Hermetic Sciences and Ancient Wisdom traditions. She’s a professional educator and trainer for all areas of personal transformation, self-creation, mind development, and soul/spiritual evolution. She practices Integrative Medicine with a special emphasis on Psychology and Creative therapies. She conducts ongoing classes, Playshops, and Adventure Seminars, and is available for private or group training, mentoring, and speaking engagements.
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