The Mind Generates Reality – We are the Sole Creators of our Experiences

All Reality as we know it is Subjective Reality

One of the most basic misunderstandings or confusion comes from our interpretation of “reality” as opposed to our “experience” of reality. Many people believe that what they’re experiencing “as” reality is the same thing that everyone else is experiencing, or that one person’s version of reality is more accurate or is truer than another person’s. We think our perceptions are objective and universal in nature, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The true fact of the matter is, every person is observing and processing the same objective outer reality through their own mental paradigm which acts to reshape the outer world forming a personal version of it as their “experience” of it.  While we can’t control reality itself as a neutral sets of circumstances, we can very much change how we experience it as an inner process that conforms it to match our model of the world.

Another basic misconception is that other people “make us” feel a certain way (beyond our control), and give us or cause our experiences. We feel a certain way and have a certain type of experience because of how someone treated us, or what they did to us. And while, as most things, this idea exists as a paradox of sorts, the fact is what they did was triggered or stimulated us to create our own experience based on the feeling they activated inside of us. Feelings are vibrations that have whole patterns as creative processes inherent in them. A feeling sensation comes as a form of resonance as sympathetic induction, where energy is transmitted and absorbed between people and things, and serves to produce and internal effect out of an external influence or cause. While we are definitely stimulated by other people and events, directly and indirectly, we have the option to allow it, or resist it, but only when we’re aware of what’s happening. If we’re not aware of how feelings, emotions, and thoughts are being constantly transmitted through the atmosphere and received, then we experience it as happening to us without any real control or ability to stop it.

mental telepathy

But no matter what the case, as we’re stimulated with a feeling or emotion, we are the sole creators of the inner process that takes place, even if it’s due to the fact that we simply allow it. We allow the energy to enter us, take hold, and we take on the emotions, and think whatever thoughts start running through our mind and form the inner reality as a personal experience that results from it. While we are influenced on what to picture in our mind and think about based on what’s being said to us, and what emotion or attitude it’s being said with, which acts to plant the idea in our mind, where we grow it into a full fledged reality by how we continue to think about it, we also have the ability to resist it, keep it outside of ourselves and not let it effect us, and in doing so, can control what how we feel and what we think. Only we feel our feelings, act out our emotions, and think our thoughts, and create inner realities as imagined scenario’s based on it. Nobody else does it to us or for us.

In this same way, only those who are of a similar mind-set and live out of similar ideas as realities can effect us. We’re only influenced by those we relate to and who are like us, where we can act as the receptor for their energetic transmissions. Someone who’s considerably different, that we can’t relate to, doesn’t effect us emotionally, and we don’t think the same type of thoughts as they do, so we don’t resonate with them. Feelings are vibrations which have self-organizing abilities as a growth process, that form natural patterns as types of reality. A vibratory frequency is a quality of consciousness that consistently expresses through the same patterns as thematic experiences that tell the same type of story as a consistent version of reality. Whenever something happens to us, we filter it through our paradigm where we abstract only certain parts of the greater reality, which we can organize in such a way that it tells the same type of story. The mind pulls out certain aspects of a situation, noticing them and using them as the basis for creating its experience in a congruent and consistent manner. Every person in the exact same situation or event will experience it in a unique way, and tell a different type of story about it. This is evident by listening to siblings, family members, or close friends tell a story about a memory that you shared with them years ago, and you don’t even recognize it, because they’re telling it from a whole different perspective and by elaborating on different aspects of it, that you may not of even particularly noticed, let alone remembered. This is because your interpretation of the same event produced an entirely different type of experience.


All personal experience comes as an interpretation formed by a filtering mechanism that reorders the elements of a situation into a new variation that matches your pattern by the story you tell about it. The story you tell yourself about an event gives it meaning and significance, and creates how you experience it as a correspondence to your mental paradigm. We can only see or conceptualize, and therefore understand what matches and is supported by our paradigm as the model or structure (frequency) of our mind. The model or shape of our mind is a dynamic living pattern as a vibratory frequency or quality of consciousness that reforms a universal reality to match it as a personalized version of it. Our vibratory frequency is demonstrated by our character as a state or quality of consciousness that creates (conceives of) a consistent version of reality as our life’s story. What we believe about others and life itself as a whole, is what we are programmed to see in life and how we experience it as a reality.

If a person has a life theme of “not being wanted”, then they have a filtering system that can interpret every situation to somehow be about them not being wanted, which consistently proves and validates their model of the world as being “true”. If a person’s issue (core belief) is that people are stupid, they see only what can be interpreted as stupid in people, and all their stories as experiences carry this theme. If a person has been betrayed and seriously hurt by it, they see only betrayal everywhere they look. They anticipate and expect it, and interpret any number of, what are in reality neutral behaviors, to mean betrayal. The idea and suspicion of betrayal is in even their most rudimentary attitude and behaviors, and even when the tendency is not prevalent in the other person or situation, they’ll act to bring it out in them by how they interact in relationship with them. Whatever frequency we vibrate at, we attract, stimulate, and serve to bring out (make active) in everything around us. This is why we consistently experience it while telling ourselves that it’s the way the world is, and has nothing to do with us as it’s creator. We imagine that our perception and experience are objective, neutral, and common, often without ever realizing that we are the cause and effect of our own creation, and the outer world and the story we tell about it is merely showing us the pattern we’re imprinted with.

Dr. Linda Gadbois