Energetic Entanglement – Relationships that Span Multiple Dimensions

Defining the Relationship between our Higher Self and Lower Self

Entanglement represents a law that’s prevalent at the primary level of reality, and like all laws, describes the behavior and relationship going on in every area of life. Matter as particles are composed of even smaller units known as photons which are “units of light”. So what we call the material world is actually a realm of pure light that creates the appearance of solid objects. Light exists as both a particle (substance) and a wave (field), and exists as both simultaneously. A wave is an invisible field as a frequency that contains all patterns associated with that frequency in a purely potential form. Through a form of energetic interaction with another mind which “resonates” with only one of the “potential” for creating material form, it collapses the wave into “one possibility” through a form of choice as natural selection. Light as matter “shape-shifts” based on the individual consciousness interacting and entering into relationship with it. All material form comes through a relationship formed by two fields of the same vibratory frequency that act to stimulate each other into an active state. All material form is created through the relationship it forms with itself (same frequency) in another

So this basic idea, observed through behaviors a system naturally takes on, is always operating not only within the material world, as we call it, but also through multiple dimensions that are all interlaced and interdependent, most of which are invisible yet ultimately result in the visible world of matter. So anytime we’re talking about the material world that can be sensed and perceived with our physical senses, we’re actually referring to the “effect” or unified result of what originates in a predominately invisible realm of interlaced dimensions and energetic activity as a sea of information out of which all of life systematically emerges as a variety of possibilities that populate a single, unified reality as a biological system.

A photon, which is essentially the stuff of light, exists simultaneously in a dual state (on different dimensions) as both a wave and a particle. As a wave it exists in a purely potential state that’s not yet formed into a specific object or idea, yet contains all the information necessary to “collapse the wave” into one possibility through a form of choice that comes naturally as conforming to the mind that’s observing and interacting with it. When the wave of pure potential becomes something specific, all the information contained in the wave is organized and structured in a way that produces the form it takes on. The form light takes on is how it “appears” to the mind (individual) perceiving it. This material form changes and fluctuates in appearance with every single mind that interacts with it. In terms of being a particle, though it appears in singular form ‘as’ something specific, and therefore real, it’s actually only one possibility inherent in the wave as a “potential” for material expression as a material form with measurable properties.

rainbow conical

Probably one of the easiest ways to understand this idea is to break it down into conceptual terms. Light exists in multiple states as a range of vibration that forms a scale as a hierarchy that moves from a low frequency to a high frequency, all within a given range as a kind of larger, unified frequency that their composition forms. We have singular frequencies within greater frequencies, and smaller fields nested within larger fields. A frequency can be thought of as a thematic idea that no matter how it’s composed and expressed within a given set of circumstances, still holds true to the theme itself as an overall idea expressed through a story-line as a certain “type of reality”. The frequency also contains the full consciousness of that idea as the attributes and qualities that imbue matter with the characteristics as a form of personality and identity that naturally produce the idea through a natural mental paradigm, predisposition, temperament, and behaviors. This scale as a range of vibration that contains numerous variations as gradients or unique formulas within the same frequency (using the same information in different combinations), form what we call “potential expressions” as possibilities or variations of the same overall idea. So a wave as a frequency indicates a “state” out of which natural ideas as potential realities spontaneously propagate, all based on what relationship forms between the interconnected multiple dimensions, which acts as a form of “natural selection” (resonance), that collapses the wave of pure infinite potential (inherent information) around a singular possibility as a particle or material form.

This field of information that provides the building blocks of a thematic idea as an archetype or basic formula, comprised of attributes, qualities, and characteristics enters into relationship with other mind-fields (entities) of the same frequency (archetype), and based on what’s selected as comprehensible by the material mind interacting with it, whatever ‘shared’ potential they have in common that matches the same idea as a possible variation in the corresponding mind is activated and determines how it organizes and structures itself into an astral form (transparent image) which is superimposed over (looked through) the neutral, objective outer reality, changing how it appears, and (re)forming it into a subjective reality. This process of “natural selection” comes through resonance which is a purely energetic process.  Each mind or individual of the same frequency that naturally interacts with it (wave-form), will choose (resonate with) a unique variation as one possibility out of literally an infinite number, and act to manifest (reform) the same idea in a somewhat different manner as a unique variation. All minds (paradigm) interact with other minds of the same frequency, and together they form or reform a new combination as a formula or configuration that reshapes it into a unique variation of a shared and common idea. It does this by forming an interference pattern, where the same field of information (frequency) separates from itself (mitosis), and acts on itself (in a perceived “other”) to transform itself by remixing the information being used to create a new experience of a common reality. This new formula as new combinations of basic information is the same process involved in the DNA of two individuals forming an offspring that is a combination of their compatible attributes and characteristics, and yet at the same time is an entirely unique person.

Interference patterns. Computer artwork showing two sets of circular waves interacting with each other. At the point where a wave peak from one hits a wave peak from another, or a trough hits a trough, they reinforce each other; their magnitudes are summed. This is known as constructive interference. Where a trough hits a peak or vice versa and they cancel each other out. This is known as destructive interference.

An interference pattern, represented by the Dyad, brings into existence (in the material sense) only that which is formed through shared qualities that are combined to form new patterns as an independent entity that contains the complementary properties of both, creating a unique version of the same frequency as a basic thematic pattern. A “state”, which represents a specific kind of vibration that exists as a part of a larger range of vibration as one of its possibilities for expressing, exists in both wave-form (higher dimension) and material form (lower dimension). The material form as an inherent state of a far greater, all-encompassing frequency, is essentially connected to and of the same nature as that state within the wave. While a wave pervades time and space, it exists “outside” of the time-space continuum (which are only relevant to the created world) as non-local (not located in a form), while the particle exists within time and space as a living entity with a life-span. This living entity as a material body and non-material mind (field of information) remains intimately connected to “itself” (state) in everything else and is of the same nature as a state of vibration (consciousness) with all living entities that share the same state, regardless of where they’re located within the space-time continuum.

Two particles that are “born together” (separation as regeneration) or that “merge into each other” and energetically and blend, forming coherence as the same state, remain connected throughout time and space through timelines. Whatever effects one (alters its state), also effects the other one. Not through a form of communication, which is required in the material sense of distance as traveling through space, but as an instantaneous response of an opposite and complementary nature. This not only occurs in the material dimension through what we call “twin flames” or “soul mates” or “soul groups”, but also between multiple dimensions as our oversoul, higher self, or guardian angel, who always accompany us as an internal (invisible) aspect of ourselves, that we’re always in communion with.

These multidimensional aspects of ourselves exist as both our material mind located in a body within time and space (particle) and also as a waveform that transcends the entire material realm, which is fully contained within it and is what “communicates with us” through states of mind that serve to orchestrate different phases of our life as an unfolding process of growth and development. This inner guidance is from our “self” on a higher plane who already knows the entire activities of the lower plane in which we are emerged, and guides us through the motions necessary to act out a defined idea as our destiny. This supposed inner guidance doesn’t come through our normal perceptions of voices, an inner hearing, or mental impressions as premonitions of sorts, but through altering states which naturally produce these in us as a sensory interpretation of an energetic matrix out of which they naturally arise as an effect or expression. All ideas seemingly formed out of words, that come to us as internal dialogue or thoughts that form realities as their formation, originate from a “state” as a feeling. Different states which are archetypal patterns of vibration, spontaneously produce thematic ideas as realities in our imagination or mind’s eye. These feeling vibrations enter into our mind through resonance and acts to alter our state accordingly, giving rise to the indigenous ideas inherent in them.


Vibrations are received through the Pineal gland, located in the center of the brain, and are translated into material realities as sensory images and sounds. The eyes and ears are on the same plane as the Pineal, which translate vibration as a state into a virtual reality that gives a “program” to the subconscious mind, which connects with that idea in the outer world through the heart center. We’re always being led through transmissions sent to and picked up by the subconscious mind through feelings and the imagined scenarios they lend themselves to, as natural and automatic thoughts (a form of instinct) that tune us to and connect us with those same ideas in everything and everyone around us. The true question becomes are we conscious and aware of this inter-dimensional interaction going on through altered states, or do we remain unaware of them and believe we’re somehow fending for ourselves, and therefore fail to cooperate?

This “entanglement” is based on complementary opposites that exist in a polarized state. What this means in terms of mechanics, is that whichever one (spirit, soul or body) is in an active state, the other is automatically rendered passive. While we’re actively using our mind to figure stuff out and problem solve, we close ourselves down to receiving information from our higher mind. The only way to open up the communication is by becoming mentally passive (void of motive and thought), thereby activating our spiritual self, allowing the conception of ideas to take place as information received from our higher mind. The interaction between the higher and lower is always based on polarity of opposite and complementary “states”.

This guidance as “state modifications” that turn on and off certain attributes, changing how we feel and perceive the outer world as a correspondence, is sometimes called the “Will of God”. When we not only become aware of it but enter into union with it, allowing it to “come through us”, we become the means through which the higher, all-knowing mind expresses in the material world and a form of “quickening” results. We greatly speed up and facilitate our own evolution by resonating with our higher self as our true and divine nature. All resistance comes from a lack of awareness and the inability to think in terms of the bigger, overall picture, where different states are required to interact appropriately with them, and an identification with our material body as the “only real us” there is. We fail to realize that our material existence is but an aspect of ourselves that’s temporary in nature, and not our true identity or destiny as a soul, which resides predominately on the higher, invisible planes of pure energy and consciousness that’s non-local in nature, and knows the entire history of the timeline being played out on the lower, material plane as an “effect” or expression of higher powers.

Dr. Linda Gadbois 


The Monad: The Trinity, and the Law of Three-in-One

human torus

The ‘mind’ is a paradigm, structured and produced through an accumulative process of integrated experiences that become memory. Our memory base acts as a filtering system that  forms our “center of awareness” and is what we “look through” in order to perceive the outer world. Atman, the pure universal objective intelligence, impregnates Buddhi (third-eye) with the seeds of consciousness (archetypal ideas as prototypes) that it then gestates and grows into a unique possibility by undergoing a process of adaptation that modifies it into a new variation that’s then reflected onto the mind of the individual (seen inwardly). Our mental paradigm as a vibratory composition of integrated memory forms our “perceptual lens” which is literally a “programmed mind-field” that exists outside of us that we look through in order to “see the outer world”, much like the lenses of a pair of glasses. We all look through a “colored lens” as a unique vibratory frequency or quality and level of consciousness. What we “see” in the outer world is a correspondence to the structure of our mental paradigm as a life theme that acts to transform it to be of the same image (vibratory frequency) and likeness (qualities) as we are. This theme forms the basis for how we interpret the outer world to give it meaning, that then shapes the story we start telling ourselves about it. The story we tell ourselves about things “reshapes” it to be like us as our own creation. The individual mind, like the universal mind, is imbued with the ability to create reality, and create itself by way of that reality.


The Monad, is a combination of an active, intelligent force inhabiting a purely passive vessel or vehicle, and “in-forming it” with a certain quality of consciousness that produces a living being as the combination. The primary law of vibration as an electromagnetic field, active and passive components of the same frequency or nature, forms an individual being with a distinct personality, identity, and behaviors, all of which act naturally to express by creating a certain type of reality as a consistent theme or life story. The soul or mind of the individual is the result of three components that are correlated, complementary and coherent. Vibration of a certain frequency resonates with that same frequency on all levels and scales of existence, and is readily absorbed into one another, forming an energetic bond as the “same” thing in different states or degrees. The spirit (universal mind), soul (individual mind), and the body (subconscious mind), together form the same entity as the “form” of that vibration and quality of consciousness that animates and operates it.

Torus shape

The Monad is symbolically represented as a sphere of consciousness that makes up the mind of the individual, where the purely active and invisible force inhabits its physical correspondence through resonance, and together form a living (energetic/material) entity. The individual mind, which vibrates at a certain frequency,  “draws in” the consciousness of its frequency from the higher, universal, all-pervading mind of archetypes and prototypes, and uses a universal theme to create itself by taking in ideas and adapting them through the paradigm of the individual and by how it’s first conceptualized and then applied to their specific life conditions, circumstances, situation, level of maturity and understanding, phase of personal growth, and so on, to form a unique version of the same idea as a personal creation. The universal mind is principle based, and provides the intelligence as ideas used for creating through unique forms of self-expression. In this way, we are all living out of shared ideas and themes that we apply and utilize in unique ways, making them seem different and set a part from each other. Every person will take the same idea and reform it in a unique and novel way.


There is always a medium or bridge, much like a depository between upper, universal ideas, and the lower, individual mind, because the universal remains pure and unformed, existing in a purely potential state, and can only act to enter into a neutral medium that’s also accessed by the individual mind, which “forms it” into a unique and specialized version. This unique version is simply one possibility out of an infinite number of possibilities. The bridge between the higher mind and the lower mind, called the “axiom” or “axis mundi”, is a receiver that acts to conceive of ideas, where it takes in the universal seed (logos), then integrates it with the individual mind, reshaping it as a personal conception of the universal idea that can be utilized in the most practical sense of life creation. The Pineal gland as the third-eye is our “receiver” as our connection to the spiritual realm of higher consciousness that informs us.


The Monad, which is represented by a circle with a dot on the center, is a connection coming from outside of us as a greater field that we exist within, also permeates us, and is drawn on from within, much like a well of inner reservoir. We access the universal mind that exists outside of us from within, and it informs us from the center of our being, as a direct deposit, so to speak, altering our mind through the very conception of it, changing how we see the outer world as a correlation. So the universal mind exists outside of and all around us (all reality is an expression of it), and we draw on the archetypal ideas within this field through resonance, accessing only what’s of the same vibration and nature as we are, that can actually “express through us” by conforming to our mental paradigm, and this programs us to be able to not only become the same as this idea, but also to see that idea as an inherent part of our outer reality. Because we absorb and synthesize the vibration, becoming one with it, we also become one with that same idea in the world around us. Our reality is a reflection of who and what we are as a primal form of self-expression. We are constantly being transformed by the energies we absorb and integrate that alter and modify our being accordingly. All energy as consciousness, exists simultaneously as the particle and the wave, and the wave is “collapsed” into one possibility as a particle or physical expression. The wave exists in a purely potential state (unformed), and through resonance, one possibility out of an infinite number of possibilities is “chosen” (absorbed), and comes into physical expression through the individual mind and body that acts as a channel for it.


The Monad represents the relationship between Heaven and Earth, between God and man, the universal and the individual, and is expressed in the saying “as above, so below, in the wondrous workings of the One Thing”. God works “through us” to “in-form us”, to give us life as our consciousness that allows self-awareness. Who we become is based on what frequency of consciousness we exist as, and what we’re tuned to as a result, and what kind of consciousness we draw into ourselves as a thematic or archetypal match. When left unattended and virtually unaware, this is a completely natural and unconscious process where we become by default. However, through an understanding of what’s going on and how it works, this process can be worked with consciously and undergone in an aware and deliberate manner,. By actively choosing what kind of person we will become, and intentionally embodying the qualities necessary, expressing through them, “as” them, for a designated period of time, we “build them into our muscle” (subconscious mind), and they become a natural part of our being. In this way we tune ourselves to that vibration as a state of being.


By becoming the vibration of a quality, we magnetize ourselves to it, and are able to tap into it, and draw in more energy and ideas of the same nature from the atmosphere around us. In terms of our invisible, spiritual mind aspect, it’s all about vibration as qualities of consciousness that produce natural perceptions and behaviors that engage us in activities that literally produce a different experience of life. When we become aware of what exists naturally as an unconscious process and through our awareness begin using our power of choice and free will to intentionally develop ourselves through a form of self-discipline, we can direct the course of our life by intentionally developing our character. Our will is our ability to take control of our body and use it for what it’s meant to be used for, an instrument for self-creation by employing certain qualities, behaviors, and states of mind until they become an integral part of who we are through natural, automatic, and habituated ways of being. Only what we “build into our being” and demonstrate through our natural behaviors is eternal in nature and is carried forth intact as our mental paradigm after the death and separation from the body.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Integrative Health Consultant and Spiritual Mentor





Relaxation – The Prerequisite for Meditation and Concentration


Meditation is a process by which we calm our mind, stop or reduce all thinking, and relax the body to the point where we lose direct awareness of it. The object is to subdue the active, conscious (thinking) mind, rendering it passive and non-active, while entering primarily into the state of the subconscious mind, which is normally the passive aspect of the mind in our waking state, and make it prominent and active instead. In order to enter into a true meditative state, we have to go through a full body relaxation process that utilizes and develops the conscious (thinking) minds ability to regulate the body as the subconscious mind.

Meditation is based on a state of mind that reduces brain waves to the alpha or theta state, which is the optimal state for learning and creativity. This is because the subconscious mind is a passive receptacle for knowledge received from the higher mind which is pure thought as seeded ideas. To relax the body is to regulate brain function and utilize different aspects of our being. By relaxing the body, we simultaneously regulate all of our physiological processes, and work to bring ourselves back into a balanced state, which can be maintained through consistent forms of meditation practiced on a regular basis until perfected and you can do it naturally and instantly. The relaxation process should be practiced repeatedly until it becomes so natural to you, that you can produce the whole body effect instantaneously at will.

To relax the body, follow these easy steps:

  • Find a place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted for approximately 15 to 20 minutes (start slow, and build)
  • Sit or lay in a position that when fully relaxed will support you.
  • Wear loose clothes and remove anything that’s binding or tight.
  • Get comfortable by adjusting your body and forming a “closed circuit” by placing your hands on your thighs, or if laying down, across your heart or just below your belly button, and make sure your feet are also touching (keeps the energy circulating in your body.
  • Make sure your spine is straight.
  • Once comfortable, close your eyes (block out distractions), and turn all of your attention inward, forming only an awareness of what your feeling inside.
  • Focus on your breathing, and take a couple of slow deep breaths, focusing on the sensation caused by the expanding and contracting, rising and falling of your chest. Then settle into a normal and rhythmic breathing.
  • Set the intention to relax your body.
  • Starting with your feet, place your attention on the sensations in your feet (both), then say to them “relax”, and feel your feet relaxing, then say to yourself “my feet are relaxed”. Don’t move on to other parts until your feet are relaxed.
  • Then, move up to your ankles or calves, and repeat the same process – intend for them to relax, direct them to relax, and then create the experience of them relaxing, then confirm that they are relaxed. As they relax, withdraw all awareness from them.
  • Then move up to the knees, the thighs, and systematically work through all parts of your body – hips, abdomen, lower back, chest, upper back and shoulders, arms, hands, up the back of your neck, scalp, jaw, face, and eyes.
  • As you go, periodically scan your body for any rising tension, and relax it again, until you can maintain your whole body in a relaxed state without effort of having to think about it for several minutes.
  • Allow yourself to notice how a relaxed body creates a calm, spacious feeling of inner peace, and enjoy being in this state for a brief time.
  • Concentrate on the experience of being relaxed, so you can anchor the feeling in your body. By anchoring the relaxed state, and through regular practice, you’ll be able to instantly relax your whole body at will by simply intending it.
  • Then, either stay in the meditative state for a while longer, enjoying it, or break state, and bring awareness back into your body, become alert, and become aware of your outer environment.


By mastering this technique, you can learn to regulate your body’s state willfully just by setting the intention, and keep your body in a relaxed state on a routine basis. You can also use this same technique to regulate your state-of-mind anytime you feel stressed, or are having a stressful reaction to something. Always keep in mind that the body and mind exist in a synchronized relationship, and that one can be used to regulate the other one. The mind synchronizes with the body through rhythmic breathing, heightened awareness around inner sensations, and by turning attention inward, closing off all outer stimulation. The body accepts direction from the conscious mind when it’s delivered through good intentions and stated in an authoritive fashion, and doesn’t threaten its sense of well-being in any way. The relationship between the mind and body, as the conscious and subconscious mind, is one of love, friends, or parental. The interaction is always of a loving nature for a common purpose of health, inner peace, and over-all well-being.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Integrative Health Consultant and Spiritual Mentor

Thought Projection, Distant Healing, and Praying for Others



We have been trained through many traditional practices of various sorts, many of which are religious in nature, to “pray for others” when they’re experiencing crisis or hardship of some sort. We’re also taught to send positive thoughts their way through intention or visualization of some sort, which we ourselves consider “positive” – positive of course being a relative term designed to engage others with the person manifesting them – not necessarily to the person they’re being “sent to” or projected towards. Likewise, we are still imbued with the tendency to pray to some outside source or entity through which we imagine we draw power or are helped in some way. We’re taught to always look outside of ourselves “to” God or spiritual masters of some kind, which reside in some imaginary realm and are able to give us or bestow upon us what we ourselves can’t seem to muster up. Yet power itself only truly exists within us, and only comes into the world “through us”. It needs a physical vehicle in order to act. We’re only capable of utilizing powers that we ourselves are aligned with and are similar to in moral terms.


If we completely put the idea of karma aside, though it’s an “absolute law”, and look exclusively at the power of thought, we can further see how this idea of praying for another produces no real effect, except in us. Thoughts that are aroused in response to something, and formulated for the purpose of “directing them” towards someone else in an attempt to somehow “influence” their mind, and therefore alter their physical condition, produces no meaningful effect (in them) because it usually operates against law, and works through an attempt to violate choice and free will of the person the imagined thoughts are being directed towards. Thought itself is only “powerful” in terms of influence, when it’s sincere, concentrated on and built up over time, and if the person directing it has well developed will power. Thoughts, in order to be effective for another must be free of selfishness or any form of self-motivated agenda’s or personal beliefs (even of the most positive nature), and must be sustained through a consistent mindset. Very few people, especially in our modern day society of constant distraction and coercion, scattered mindset and blatant inability to concentrate for even a short time, our thoughts are not powerful, don’t travel very far, and are ineffectual. They dissolve almost as soon as they’re formed.


Thoughts, even when concentrated and absent of self-motivated ideas, can only be “received” by another person whose mind is in a passive and receptive state, and who is of the same will or consciousness (frequency) of the person sending them. As long as a mind is active and full of self-oriented thoughts and feelings, it can’t receive any thoughts and feelings being transmitted through the field from another. Most people have constant thoughts running through their mind and are not tuned into being able to “receive” ideas being transmitted. Especially those who are having problems or facing a crisis of some sort, in which their mind is probably being run almost exclusively on anxiety around the situation. Anytime a mind is in an active state, it can’t act as a receiver. It has to be relaxed, in a passive mode, and free of constant thoughts, and able to sympathize with the ideas available in the conscious field around them in order to take them in, hold them by fixating attention on them, and begin thinking about them until they become an internal reality as a possibility. Once a new possibility is realized, they have to “choose it” over the current reality, and bring it into fruition through willful action. None of us have the ability to violate the choice and free will of another, do their “healing for them”, or decide in what way they need to heal, and why.


Every life situation and circumstances are the product of karma. Karma is what we call the “absolute law”, and is basically the law of cause and effect in terms of self-creation through life experiences. While we form an idea of a soul being innocent or “undeserving” of whatever happens to them, an extension of “victim mentality” or the belief that the universe is basically unjust and picks on people for no reason, or that events are random and not interrelated, and there are no consequences to what we set into motion through our own thoughts and behaviors, when in reality, everything happens to us at the personal level of producing an impact or involving us directly in an idea, and comes as the result of our own actions or thoughts as a reciprocal correspondence to our actions. Because of the time lapse involved, we often fail to recognize it. We act to draw on ourselves the results of our own attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, where we are on the “receiving end”, and therefore experiencing the same idea from the opposite perspective, which comes as what we call a “life lesson” as a direct reflection that allows us to see and understand our own psychological make-up and what areas or in what way we are invested in errors of thinking and perceiving.


Just as we are solely responsible for creating ourselves, we’re also solely responsible for healing ourselves (mentally, physically, emotionally, and morally), which only comes through self-realization of what we’ve done or are doing that’s causing it. We are both the cause and effect of our own life. We are truly self-determined in a purely unconscious sense. The only true form of helping another heal by gaining self-realization of their errors, is through compassion. To form compassion for another isn’t to feel sorry for them, or through empathy take on the same feelings and perspective, viewing life through their eyes, so to speak, but rather taking a position of “witnessing”, where we create a safe space (relinquish all judgment and al creative interaction) for them to self-reflect, and we serve to reflect back to them their own story about things without tainting or altering it through our emotions and mental paradigm, changing it to conform to our personal perception of them, and as a result, they’re able to “see it” by projecting it onto a neutral and nonreactive mindset. We’re only able to see our “own mind” by telling our story where it’s not being manipulated or altered by the perception and reaction of another.


When we “hold space” for another as a neutral and shared atmosphere, and we withhold all judgment and the tendency to view their life through our paradigm, where we modify what they experience to be the same as we would experience in that same situation, and interact by sympathizing or discussing it rationally, or by feeling the need to “correct them”, advise them, or somehow comfort them, we don’t act as a mirror, but instead begin projecting onto them our own opinions about them, and what we call “transference” takes place. When we’re able to keep our mind and energy separate from theirs, and not react emotionally to anything that they say, while formulating in our mind in an objective manner and simply understand what it was like for them from their perspective, without interacting in any way, we mirror their experience back to them in an unadulterated form, and they’re able to gain realization around it as a result.


Through this realization as self-awareness, they’re able to become aware of what they were previously unaware of, and see what’s been operating at an unconscious level within their own psyche. All healing comes only through self-awareness that brings self-realization. We can only work with and act on ourselves to change what we’re aware of and “know”. Through awareness we’re empowered with our ability to consciously choose and willfully implement the ideas gained from the realization. We bring forth what was previously in the dark, and we begin working consciously with the law of cause and effect, and transform ourselves according to our own thoughts, emotions, and actions.


Dr. Linda Gadbois    

Integrative Health Consultant and Spiritual Mentor



The Goal of Meditation – Personal Transformation by Becoming One with God

axis mundi

Meditation, as a practice, works off the same principles as trance and hypnosis, and serves the same overall purpose. When we meditate, we completely relax our body while withdrawing all consciousness from it, and we lose awareness of our physical existence. We calm and silence our thoughts and enter into a purely inner state that’s spacious and calm. This is the experience of rendering the conscious mind (active thinking mind) passive and latent, while bringing the subconscious into an active and dominant state. We switch roles, so to speak, of what is inherent in our normal waking state. The subconscious, unlike the conscious, acts as a passive vessel for ideas to be planted in that it gestates, grows, and brings into expression as an experience of reality. This is much like a suggestion that’s given while in a hypnotic trance that’s not resisted, but readily taken in, and allowed to take hold, then developed in the imagination by thinking about it.

The whole process of personal transformation as intentional growth and development of latent potential, comes through a form of ‘programming’ or introducing new information into the subconscious, which accepts it, and uses it to re-inform the mind in terms of our mental paradigm, which simultaneously alters how the body functions and behaves, and it becomes a natural part of our being. All energies are polar in nature as active and passive components of a single entity, and move back and forth between active and passive states. Whichever one is active, the other resumes the passive position. They can’t both be active at the same time. This same principle applies to parallel dimensions of what we call higher and lower planes, and when our mind is active on the material plane, the spiritual plane, complementary companion to the material, is rendered passive and inactive. By putting our physical mind in a passive state, it not only activates the spiritual plane of the universal mind, but becomes the receptacle for the thoughts and ideas that are transmitted between planes.

finger of God

By making our physical self a passive receiver, knowledge as ideas can be directly injected into the subconscious mind. Conception takes place where we are impregnated with knowledge as a mental transmission. This acts much like a germinal process, and the idea, once planted, begins growing and budding as an adaption to the individual mind that’s acting as the means for it to express through. All germinal processes occur in the darkness as the early stages of mental unfoldment with a genesis of ideas, rather than being received in a fully developed state. Once planted, and allowed to germinate, they are developed into full ideas by the active forces of the individual mind conceiving them. We are always required to use our creative capacity of imagined thought to develop ideas as our own. Meditation polarizes us to the higher planes where knowledge comes in as an unbroken flow of information about a particular object or subject.

In purely practical terms, meditation is the only truly safe method of self-regeneration. It draws nerve energy up from the reproductive centers without any fixation of attention on the centers themselves or visualization process for intentionally drawing it up, and without any thought about sexual functions. Meditation directs the currents of solar force by acts of self-conscious attention. This forms an axiom as the fluid channel between higher and lower dimensions, and is the means through which “above” seeds and impregnates that which is below, and is the principle represented in the saying “as above, so below, in the wondrous operations of the One thing”. Meditation opens the channel for knowledge to flow freely into the subconscious mind, through what’s called the “axis mundi”, traditionally illustrated by a tubular funnel or wormhole-like tunnel, or the trunk of a tree, that connects the upper branches (air-intellect) with the root system (fertile earth) which forms as a symmetrical reflection of it.


Meditation also requires, and therefore acts to develop, intense concentration, which is a necessary faculty of the mind for the activity that leads to the discovery of difficult and elusive modes of truth. This fosters natural intelligence as the awareness of the hidden mysteries in Nature. This is how the great occult powers of the Adepts are developed through intense concentration and prolonged meditation. All innate powers of the soul are developed through meditative states that act to work directly through the subconscious mind, which is the aspect of the mind that governs and creatively utilizes the elements of the material plane to self-actualize skills and abilities through natural behaviors that are a part of our primary perception, and manifest a corresponding material reality by rearranging it through resonance.

Meditation brings us into contact with the subtle force as the strength whereby the inner beast is tamed, not by active force or willed action, but through the impregnation of truth that grows inside until it ultimately gives birth. All personal expression comes through utilizing the universal knowledge of archetypes and embodying the proper states of mind necessary to fluently express in the outer world as an ‘original idea’. Meditation unveils the mysteries of Nature to the enlightened seer, by revealing the inner nature of things that’s producing the outer appearance and motivating the behaviors it naturally displays. The active force of the self-conscious mind (thinker) in a passive state becomes the witnessing faculty of the mind, and doesn’t exert an influence or control over incoming information, but merely “watches it” as it spontaneously unfolds before it. In this way, we act to receive knowledge that we are entirely unaware of in the normal sense, and are educated from purely internal sources instead of external ones.


Meditation is symbolically represented in Spiritual Sciences by the 8-pointed star, which forms a wheel, circle, or sphere that’s the symbol of spirit. The form the ideas take on and play out resembles a clear essence as the substance of stars which is a translucent, gaseous fluid of an almost ghost-like nature. These impressionistic images, often resemble the ‘nebula’ in space that accompany star-systems as their raw emanation and ultimate substance that’s ‘charged’ and coagulated to take shape as various life-forms. Often we have the “experience of seeing”, even though there’s no actual (material-sensory) image. Sometimes actual forms are not involved at all, and it comes as more of a silent knowing that shows you something about and idea or object you didn’t know before.  Much like a deeper form of thinking that’s penetrating and feeling oriented. In all of our creative work we’re working with an actual force that has definite forms of expression, and meditation modifies and transmutes this cosmic energy into physical expression. This energy comes into expression as a nerve-force that stimulates the body, altering and producing a personal expression of a distinct character. This control of nerve-force works through the seven inner stars, which correspond with the seven colors of the spectrum, the seven major metals, the seven planets of the zodiac, and the seven notes of the musical scale, infusing life with a distinct personality and set of behaviors as their mode of expression, all originating from a purified state of original ideas.

Meditation always focuses on a state of mind as a quality of consciousness that naturally undergoes modes of operation as a natural form of self-expression, and recognizes natural laws as an interconnected larger process. It works by creating the “experience of it”, so you become the vibration of it. When we induce a relaxed state and turn all of our attention inward and concentrate on inner feelings as an actual experience being produced within us, we arouse the activity of corresponding centers, without any danger of becoming energetically congested, which is what often happens when we work with our own system in an intentional, though somewhat uneducated manner. This is how we gain knowledge of the universal science from a direct and pure source, unadulterated of personal interpretation by someone else, by concentrating on a quality of consciousness as a “state”, which has a natural form and mode of operation inherent in it that ensues from it spontaneously. Out of “states” come entire realities as the expression of the characteristics it infuses matter with.  All spiritual knowledge comes in a unified form that “shapes us” (our character) by blending and becoming one with it, modifying our character to be of the same nature and therefore ideal for expressing it in the world. We acquire knowledge by “becoming” it in form (mind and body).

Meditation is therefore the ideal way to transform yourself, because the qualities you’re conceiving within you, as primal (formative) knowledge that simultaneously shapes your character, is of a pure nature and straight from a higher, spiritual source. This is the most basic form of “God’s Will be done through you”, where we put our own anxieties and desires aside, and become a neutral vessel for higher powers to work through. We consciously connect to a higher source while becoming a passive vessel for information to be downloaded into, reforming our mind through the integration of becoming one with it, and it “shapes our character” to be like it in consciousness, and out of that state-of-being . . . we naturally express and create in very specific ways.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Integrative Health Consultant and Spiritual Mentor



The Law of Polarity – The Relationship between Higher (Spirit) and Lower (Material) Planes


The idea of higher and lower planes are multiple aspects that exist in a unified state and operate as what appears to be a single entity. All unified states exist in a primary state of polarity as what we traditionally call electro-magnetic, masculine-feminine, yin-yang, inner-outer, visible-invisible, upper-lower, and so on. Polar opposites of the same thing that form as extremes that never meet or touch, yet are held together in a unified manner. Electromagnetism, for example, forms a natural ‘spiral’ as two forces that simultaneously attract and repel, never actually touch or meet, yet act together to form equilibrium as a stabilized field that’s in constant motion. The most fundamental nature of matter, is comprised of particles ‘held together’ and revolving around an oppositely charged center by ‘invisible forces’. An atom is as much, if not more invisible as visible. The visible is always structured into patterns and held together in a unified manner by the invisible aspects of the same vibratory frequencies. Matter and spirit are opposites of the same thing, existing at different densities and on different planes or dimensions. Matter is the passive (feminine) aspect of spirit, which is the active force that animates and vibrates matter with qualities that form characteristics, which together, produce a unique personality with natural behaviors. The mind is the invisible consciousness that accompanies the body and gives it “life”. Without the mind, the body would die and disintegrate, no longer held together and animated in an active state.


The mind itself, synonymous with the soul, divides and becomes polar when entering into the “lower physical plane”, as what we call the subconscious and self-conscious aspects of the individual mind. The subconscious is what gives life to the body by systematically running all biological processes of the body in an automated fashion, in which the self-conscious is almost entirely unaware of. Our body functions perfectly without any thought process or need to direct and control it on our part. Likewise, the conscious mind lives outside of the body for the most part, and is nearly always busy thinking about stuff that has nothing to do with the body, outside of how it uses the body to create an image of itself by associating and identifying with the body. The conscious mind has the ability to directly influence the subconscious mind, and is constantly doing so just through the nature of its thinking, but seldom does so with any awareness or intention, and instead, we have a tendency to allow the subconscious to run our thoughts and create all of our life experiences out of memories of the past as an automated feature of the subconscious.

spacious mind

The subconscious mind of the body, when in an active state, controls the conscious mind which resumes a passive state, and simply ‘thinks’ in an automated fashion by repeating patterns as memories of some form. Likewise, when the conscious mind is in an active and therefore creative state, the body resumes a passive mode and acts as the vehicle for thought by bringing it into expression through correlating activity and behaviors. Whichever aspect of the self is active, the other one acts as its passive component. They’re never both active at the same time, and in an ideal situation, switch back and forth based on what needs to be utilized at any given moment.


The mind as the soul or invisible double and companion to the body, when active and dominant, is creative in nature. The body, when active, rendering the soul passive, lacks creativity in the most fundamental sense, and is simply a receptor for thought, and instead of creating in new and novel ways, acts out of memory as existing patterns or thematic ideas that are repeated producing the same “type of experiences” over and over, altered only by how they’re adapted to unique situations and circumstances. When we reside in body-consciousness as our general frame of reference, we are unconscious in the most basic sense of the word, and “create” out of past memories and conditioned tendencies. While in body-consciousness, we act only to “take in” the thoughts and ideas of others, while accepting them as our own, and whatever we’ve been taught, or by observing what’s being demonstrated in our external environment, all of which act to “program us” (condition) according to the mindset and type of thoughts. We become a conduit for other people’s will, and we’re shaped and determined by outside forces. Because of this we fail to become a unique individual – the creative aspect of your own mind – and instead become “like others”. We fail almost entirely to “think for ourselves” and act instead as a mindless vessel for others.

Afterlife - alien planet - DMT - stargate

If, however, we choose to step into and embrace our ability to self-create by empowering our own mind, we have to learn how to keep the body in a passive state, which is what activates our higher, creative mind. This process is what meditation is built on, and provides us with the process for doing it. In meditation, we start by relaxing the body and withdrawing consciousness from it. In a fully relaxed state, we lose direct awareness of our body, and our bodily activity which primarily result from emotions, anxiety and stress, are no longer prompting and controlling our thoughts, and we enter into a calm inner space, that becomes a receptor for the thoughts and ideas of the higher mind which exists independent of the body. In a passive and receptive state, we’re able to witness our own mind as a kind of neutral and objective knowledge that’s not personal in any way, and does not stem from our own mental paradigm as the regurgitation of past ideas in an attempt to generate new ideas. It comes as brand new knowledge, which, when allowed to enter fully, take hold, and begin unfolding, reveals to us a whole new awareness around commonly held ideas. We clearly ‘see things’ that we were never able to see before. Because we see new ideas from an inner perspective, and use them to ‘look through’ in order to comprehend the outer world or previously held ideas as beliefs, we are transformed by them. Once we become aware, we’re always aware. Once an awakening of some form takes place, we never go back to sleep in regards to it. We see it in terms of how it operates in the most ordinary sense as part of our everyday life, and we begin seeing things in a whole new light.


This higher knowledge as brand new ideas come to us through an inward experience that “re-informs” our subconscious mind which accepts it as an actual experience, because of course it is, and it becomes an inherent part of our psychological make-up and serves to transform our mental and emotional paradigm, and how and what we perceive as going on in the outer world. It’s only through a paradigm shift as an inner realization that brings new forms of awareness that our outer life changes accordingly. The mind acts to re-inform the body, not through intellectual theories that are “self-generated” or an extension of learned behavior, but rather through knowledge that’s received through a direct inner experience as a “living reality”. Theory only provides the basis for experimentation to produce a reality as an experience of it. The lower mind is only capable of “taking in” (acting as a vehicle for) information from external sources, and attempting to conceptualize them as an actual reality in order to “prove them”. Yet, all true knowledge comes from internal sources as a reality that’s comprehended through a direct and immediate internal experience of it.


The confusion comes from the inherent paradox and belief that our body is our true self or concrete mind, out of which we seemingly generate “unique thoughts”, when in fact, we’re simply using the thoughts we’ve acted as a receptor for from other people and the conditioning of our formative years and primary education. When in our lower, bodily (concrete) mind, we’re always borrowing and accepting thoughts from other people. The lower mind doesn’t have the “creative faculty”, only the higher mind does that accompanies the lower mind. When in our higher mind, our body acts as a physical conduit, and is still “receiving ideas” from “another source”, which comes, not from the outer external plane, but from an internal, invisible plane. We don’t have to use our mind to formulate them into a conceptualized reality by imagining them. When acquiring knowledge from a higher, non-personal source, it’s given to us (conceived) as a whole reality or idea, and no effort on our part is required. In fact, effort on our part only serves to corrupt and distort it. All we have to do is “witness” it internally (being a passive receptor) as it reveals itself to us. We learn by watching it in our minds eye. Though it’s not tangible in outer sensory terms, it has a heightened sense of “realness” through the inner senses of feeling, emotion, and beauty that are used instead to perceive it. We have an intimate and pronounced experience of it, and because of this, we “know it”. By acting as a neutral receiver for it internally, we become one with it, and know it through ourselves. It inspires a sense of awe, wonder, and mystery, and we feel a deep love for it. The love we feel in response to it anchors and magnifies it, and creates a deep inner longing for more . . . .


Dr. Linda Gadbois




Astral Plane of the Archaeus and the Creative Power of the Imagination


One of the easiest ways to understand the nature of the astral plane or astral light, in purely practical terms, is to consider the plastic quality of the mind to form (organize into a pattern) what looks like sidereal essence or material light into forms that mimic and represent potential realities through the faculty of the imagination or what some call the ‘mind’s eye’ or 3rd-eye, which are all names for the same idea. The faculty of the imagination is operated by thoughts as words spoken internally that represent ideas as living forms or archetypes. As we think, and form self-dialogue, we imagine the reality of our thoughts as living images, scenarios, scenes, and landscapes that either stem from memory as associated correspondences, or out of ideas that were a part of our formative learning.

As we think we imagine, and the substance of our imagination forms transparent or clear images that are superimposed over the outer reality. We can stare off into space, or simply look at something in our material environment, while shifting our awareness off the objects themselves, and into internal “movie-like” ideas that’s playing out in our mind simultaneously parallel to them. While we can clearly ‘see’ this movie-like reality, which, though vague and impressionistic in terms of material qualities, is very vivid in terms of meaning and feelings. The senses used to produce these inward movie-like images are of an invisible nature (just as light, thought and the mind itself are invisible), and not perceived in outer sensory terms, but rather as inner feelings that form more of a direct, immediate, and intimate experience of what originates as a common, impersonal, or universal idea.


The substance of these imagined images, which though ‘see-able’, are translucent and more like an impression imprinted over or existing simultaneously with the outer, mundane reality, looks very similar to looking through glass that has a reflection on it, or looking at the image reflected off of a dark metallic surface. The actual appearance of these images, comes as more of a neutral or ‘greyish’ substance, where colors are more like a tinted film laid over a neutral base, or as a subtle aura emanating from them as the shimmering atmosphere or scent they produce, giving them a luminescent quality, where the colors are ‘felt’ inwardly as a psychological and emotional state, rather than as having distinct or precise physical characteristics. Astral light, often referred to as the luminiferous ether, or akasa field, is comprised of vibration as archetypal essence that forms the inner state, nature, or germ of all material form, and is what gives it the qualities, characteristics and behavioral tendencies it naturally takes on and outwardly displays.

This luminescent substance that’s shaped in the mind by the mind through words as thoughts, forming the material reality of those thoughts as symbolic correspondences, is the astral light of the astral plane, which exists ‘within’ all outer appearances as potential for physical manifestations. This substance, like light itself, is invisible and not seen when existing in the outer reality, is called forth through a shift in perception from the outer to the inner. When we self-reflect and concentrate our mind on an idea, we shape that idea into an actual reality as a possibility that becomes a ‘thought-form’ as a personal creation or interpretation. Thought-forms created by concentrating on an idea for extended periods of time while infusing them with strong emotions, exist on the astral plane of pure thought as an actual entity that develops electromagnetic properties, and becomes a form of living memory as a virtual reality, or is shaped out of an existing memory as its offspring, forming a variation of the original memory, modified through adaptation which customizes it.

sphere of consciousness

The mind shapes the astral light into imagined forms as memory, while also possessing the ability to tune into and act as the receiver for various forms of memory that the astral field is already populated with as a form of ‘thought transmission’ of mass consciousness, or what Carl Jung coined the “collective unconscious”. Personal memory, while we like to believe it’s an accurate depiction and translation of an actual event, is, in reality, a personal creation by how we (re)imagine it and reinterpret it to tell a story about that makes it mean something. The outer events of our life stimulate an inner representation of the outer event as a personal and unique creation, that originated out of a group or objective event by restructuring it. This interpretation as a personal creation becomes the creative template for transforming all actual realities into correlating internal realities. These internal realities are then impressed over the outer and viewed through the ‘lens of the mind’ as an invisible template that forms our perception of the outer world as analogous correspondences to our inner world.

Thought-forms as memory exist as archetypes and prototypes that provide structural templates for producing personalized realities as our creative style by how we ‘handle our subject’ (whatever that subject may be). Everyone is comprised of a formula of archetypal energies as interlaced vibratory frequencies that make up the inner nature of our soul, which becomes the template as a dynamic theme for creating reality through internal representations that become a form of mental map or navigation system that represent the outer world in symbolic terms.  Energy as vibration has a structuring mechanism in it that composes astral light (photons) into distinct forms with pronounced attributes and qualities that form the characteristics it takes on.  Every object of the material world is accompanied by an astral double (soul) as its inner nature that produces (generates) its outer form and animates it with distinct and unique properties. This is the basic principle for what we call ‘mind-over-matter’, which is the minds (souls) ability to organize the elements of astral light (essence of matter) into archetypal patterns that serve as a vehicle or instrument for consciousness to express through as an individual being that ultimately undergoes the self-perpetuating process of regeneration through self-expression and how they use their own thoughts and feelings to shape the material world as a direct reflection.

Dr. Linda Gadbois



Opening the Third-Eye – Polarity and Learning how to Work with Complementary Aspects of the same Operation



There is much confusion and uncertainty around the idea of the “3rd Eye” (Pineal) and how to “open” or “awaken it”, bringing it into an active state. The abilities of this small gland still remain primarily a mystery because it only seems to be really active in certain people, and fairly dormant in others. While there are many professed guided meditations and visualization designed to activate the Pineal, very few of them seem to recognize or lay the foundation necessary by realizing how the body’s energy system is symmetrical in nature and works through polarity as complimentary opposites that serve to render different aspects either “active or passive”.

In the energy system of the body (soul’s anatomy), represented by the chakra system, colors are assigned to different aspects and functions, which are further divided into upper and lower aspects that are complementary to each other. The three spiritual or upper centers exist in an opposite yet complementary relationship to the three correlating lower aspects. We can understand which centers are correlated with each other because they exist in relationship as complementary colors (opposite on the color wheel) and as a mirror image of each other in terms of order. Colors represent vibratory frequencies as spiritual essence or qualities of consciousness, which deal with different aspects and functions of a unified and interactive system that act “on” each other to “produce each other”.  The upper (3) chakras represent the higher, spiritual planes that exist as a parallel dimension to the lower, material plane represented by the lower (3) chakras. The upper and the lower exist in a relationship as polar opposites (active and passive) of the same operations and classification on different planes. When one is in an active state, the correlating one on the opposite plane is in a passive state, and vice versa. They can’t both be active at the same time. When we’re active in our lower nature, we literally shut off contact with our higher nature. The higher can’t exist within the lower, and is returned to a dormant state. Likewise, the lower can’t exist in the higher. These two never come into direct contact with each other, because they can’t “exist” at the same time, within the same plane, but always exist solely on their own plane. We’re either in a higher plane, or a lower one. Never in-between.

truine mind       The energy system of the body forms in its symmetrical division forms correspondences as complementary opposites of the same “law” or “operation”. The second chakra represents the sexual, life-force energy that’s responsible for generation and the growth and development of ideas and thoughts into full blown realities. The upper (head) is connected to the lower (body) through the nervous system of the spinal cord or staff, which consists of 33 vertebrae (6) (30 + 3), also called “Jacobs ladder”, the “stairway to heaven”, and symbolizes the 33 degrees of Freemasonry. While many perceive the idea of “pulling sexual energy up” the spinal cord to the brain, and using it to motive and generate thoughts as spiritual visions of the 3rd eye, in reality, we do this naturally by working with the polar forces of the same function. When an active force is made passive or inactive, and what was a passive force is made active, just through the electromagnetic force alone, the energy is only capable of being “active” in the active component, and is immediately draw into it. If we make our sexual activity “passive”, it automatically “activates” the 3rd eye. The shared energy of regeneration and propagation are automatically “turned on” and operate through the third-eye or Pineal gland.

This is why all spiritual traditions that involve initiates or priests practice celibacy as a means of opening their higher faculties to be able to receive visions from the higher, spiritual realms. This is further symbolized in the idea of a “virgin birth”, where the womb of creation is seeded with a divine idea or entity, while abstaining from sex. Divinity is only transmitted and acts to impregnate those who are not sexually active. In other traditions, you can only begin your spiritual devotion after the age of 40, because it symbolizes the end of your child-bearing years, where you no longer engage in sex for the purpose of procreating, and return to a celibate state. The Pineal is shaped like a pine cone that’s closed and is filled with “seeds” (potential for life), and only opens when ripe, under pressure, or through extreme heat (fire).

pineal energetic transmission

So you can visualize all day long and meditate like crazy and not produce a noticeable effect if you’re sexually active or masturbating on a regular basis. The higher “pure” energies, which are universal and non-personal in nature, never come into direct contact (become one) with the lower energies, because they’ll become “contaminated” through the adaptation process of becoming individualized. If you’re acting as a vessel for lower energies, you can’t accept higher energies. Much like the laws governing DNA, two aspects exist together, what expresses (becomes active) is based on what’s turned on and what’s not. In order to “activate” the function of the Pineal, which involves making the sexual life-force energy available on a higher plane of pure thought, you have to shut off the lower use, diverting it to the higher purpose. The two can’t exist together at the same time on the same plane. This also gives us insight into any sexual practice that’s claims to be a pathway to the higher consciousness or spiritual realms, or as a way of amplifying the sexual energy in order to “pull it up”. The higher energy centers can’t be active at the same time as the corresponding lower ones. It defies law, and is therefore impossible.

By understanding the nature and operation of polarity, we can also realize that the heart chakra, which sits in the middle and acts as the “medium” between the upper three and the lower three. It’s through the heart chakra that we directly connect to both the material plane and the heavenly, spiritual plane.  The heart is the center of feelings and love, which is the means for traversing “between” dimensions. The heart is the center of the body where we connect directly to and receive information about our environment in what you could think of as a horizontal movement. Likewise, the Pineal is the center of the brain as its heart, which regulates all activities of the body through the nervous and endocrine system and receives information from higher dimensions as a vertical, downward flow. The flow of information from the material (horizontal) and the upper realms (vertical), flowing simultaneously in harmony (balanced) with each other, form a junction at the heart, forming an equal armed cross.


The Pineal governs and regulates our sexual development and determines our gender, governs puberty, as well as regulating light to produce natural cycles of the body. The heart, which represents the “center” or medium through which the upper and lower are connected, is synonymous to the soul, which acts as the medium between the spirit and body, because it’s comprised of both. The soul is a multi-dimensional energy field (mind) that acts as a step-down or conversion process for bringing higher energies as archetypal entities into expression as a personality within an individual body. The soul acts to stabilize certain qualities as an “individual” or “unique” combination of higher energies, by bringing them into expression as “life experiences”, which form “memories” of the universal in an individualized state (as something specific). This tunes the soul to certain frequencies which determines what aspects of the higher, universal consciousness it can readily “access” through what it naturally acts to resonate with. Through the Pineal we receive information from the higher realms as laws and principles that are translated into symbolic form as a possible reality through the imagination, which is the “function” of the pineal, and forms it into a “virtual memory” which serves to program (in-form) the subconscious mind of the body. In this way, when the body (lower 3 chakras) is made “passive” (trance state), it acts as a neutral vehicle or instrument for the higher, divine forces.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Soul Essence, Life Purpose, and Destiny

multiple selves

While many people struggle around the idea of what their life purpose is, or what it is they’re meant to do, this can be very easily understood if we look at the Law that governs all of life. Every single living being results from a “seed”. The seed contains all the information necessary for creating the “being” that will grow and develop out of it.  Just as our physical DNA provides the information for constructing our body with certain inherent characteristics that also result in our personality, our spiritual DNA provides all the attributes, qualities, characteristics, and tendencies that provide the basis from what emerges out of our personality as our identity. Our identity comes from what we associate with and have a natural connection to. Just as we have a predisposition for certain physical maladies, we also have a predisposition (pre-destiny) for certain mental and expressive activities. We all have certain things we’re naturally attracted to, interested in, always pursuing and engaging in, and feel a distinct connection to.

Law basically states that all function or behavior stems from the internal design of something. The outer is the direct reflection of the inner, and vice versa. Whatever someone is meant to do and become, they’re perfectly designed to do so. We have everything we need “within us” as either active or latent potential in order to self-actualize. Who we become is based on how we’re designed. How we perform and what type of function and behaviors we naturally employ comes as a result of our innate qualities and natural abilities. We’re not only prone to and enthusiastically engage in certain type of activities, but we also take a distinct and unique attitude and approach towards them. We are also imbued with an individual style and mindset that we bring to everything we do, much like our fingerprint which acts as our signature for creative work. So what you’re “meant to do”, you do naturally, without the need for prompting or instructing. There’s nothing that you need to “acquire” from an outside source in order to be able to do it. You simply need to consciously recognize and awaken qualities and attributes as inherent potential which, up to this point, have been predominately dormant within you. This is done primarily in two ways; you either place yourself, or find yourself in a situation where you need to access, utilize and develop them in order to function or accomplish something, or you intentionally engage in activities and situations that will allow you to exercise and effectively utilize these untapped resources.

last goodbye

We are all born with what we call talents, gifts, special abilities, aptitudes, and interests that are essential components in fulfilling our soul’s destiny through a life purpose or mission of some sort. This is why we have them, we’re meant to use them. What we’re meant to do is what we love to do and do naturally. We’re always in the process of doing it in some way through our natural way of being. We automatically engage in the activities associated with our life purpose. Our life purpose isn’t about the physical accomplishment that’s involved or what we manifest in the material sense by way of our activities, but rather who we become by way of these activities. What aspects of ourselves we develop because of these activities. The physical body is only a vehicle for the soul which exists as “qualities of consciousness” that express in distinct ways consistently producing certain types of reality. So the reality itself and the activities that go into it, are not what’s important in the ultimate sense. They simply provide the means and pathways to “becoming” by developing your soul’s character and identity. Your soul exists as a vibratory state based on the qualities of consciousness you actively employ and bring into full expression, developing them into your natural way of being

The only meaning of the physical manifestation that results from your soul’s expression is that it provided the pathway through which you were able to exercise certain abilities turning them into “experiences of yourself” that become memory. Just as our physical body is built and regenerated out of information as memory that provides a kind of blueprint for organizing and structuring matter so that it functions in certain ways, your soul is comprised of memory it obtains from creating life experiences “of” itself as something specific, that shapes how it’s being and what type of realities it acts to naturally create through their fundamental perception and style of interpretation. How we’re “being” determines “how” we do whatever it is we’re doing. Our being is our style in doing. What we have memory of as repetition, we can repeat in a spontaneous and automatic fashion. It comes natural to us. So if the soul engages in building a house, it’s not the house as the manifestation of its activity that’s important, but rather the “experience” one acquires from actually going through the process of doing it. What one goes through and what parts of themselves they need to utilize in order to do it, which acts to develop those abilities as permanent skills. Once abilities and talents are acquired through practice, they become a permanent part of us, whereas the house itself is only temporary, and subject to being bought, lost, taken away, or destroyed by outside, uncontrollable forces of some sort.

pentad door

Just as we have natural loves and aspirations towards certain things, ideas, and people, we also have natural fears, inhibitions, and a foreboding feeling around other things. These “negative” feelings that are of a pronounced nature, are designed to stop or prevent us from doing something. They act as road blocks that are usually directly associated with our loves and special abilities, which we have to encounter and resolve in order to actualize our higher potential. These are seen as “challenges” on the path that we have to willingly step into in order to continue on our path. Fear and love are always directly associated to each other. All of our fears are “around” or because of what we love. A fear is considered a limitation because it prevents us from utilizing some aspect ourselves necessary to overcome it. The soul’s only purpose in life is to grow by way of its ability to freely self-express creating “experiences of itself” as courageous, powerful, strong, competent, profound, and able to overcome all odds in the pursuit of virtue. So our life purpose requires us to encounter our fears and overcome them utilizing new parts of ourselves that have remain latent up to that point. We only learn and grow through challenges. The soul’s only mission in life is to grow and evolve itself to become more and more capable and free.

So when trying to gain awareness around what your soul’s purpose is in this lifetime, ask yourself, what is it that I’m perfectly designed to do? What is it that I do naturally and am always engaged in doing in some fashion? What are my talents, inner gifts, special abilities and aptitudes, and character traits? What is it that I feel a connection to, resonate with, and have an immediate interest in? What is it that always calls to me? What is it that I want to do, but I’m afraid to do it? What are some of my greatest fears in life, and what do they seem to be associated with? What is it that prevents me from doing what I really want to do? What parts of myself do I want to have more of? Self-reflection and asking yourself basic questions as a way of gaining clarity around areas that are vague and cloudy at best, will help you begin formulating a distinct idea around what your soul’s purpose is in this life, and what it is you need to dedicate yourself to expressing in as full a manner as possible, knowing that it will facilitate your growth and is the way to work “on yourself” to create yourself.

Dr. Linda Gadbois