Astral Plane of the Archaeus and the Creative Power of the Imagination

One of the easiest ways to understand the nature of the astral plane or astral light, in purely practical terms, is to consider the plastic quality of the mind to form (organize into a pattern) what looks like sidereal essence or material light into forms that mimic and represent potential realities through the faculty of the imagination or what some call the ‘mind’s eye’ or 3rd-eye, which are all names for the same idea. The faculty of the imagination is operated by thoughts as words spoken internally that represent ideas as living forms or archetypes. As we think, and form self-dialogue, we imagine the reality of our thoughts as living images, scenarios, scenes, and landscapes that either stem from memory as associated correspondences, or out of ideas that were a part of our formative learning.

As we think we imagine, and the substance of our imagination forms transparent or clear images that are superimposed over the outer reality. We can stare off into space, or simply look at something in our material environment, while shifting our awareness off the objects themselves, and into internal “movie-like†ideas that’s playing out in our mind simultaneously parallel to them. While we can clearly ‘see’ this movie-like reality, which, though vague and impressionistic in terms of material qualities, is very vivid in terms of meaning and feelings. The senses used to produce these inward movie-like images are of an invisible nature (just as light, thought and the mind itself are invisible), and not perceived in outer sensory terms, but rather as inner feelings that form more of a direct, immediate, and intimate experience of what originates as a common, impersonal, or universal idea.


The substance of these imagined images, which though ‘see-able’, are translucent and more like an impression imprinted over or existing simultaneously with the outer, mundane reality, looks very similar to looking through glass that has a reflection on it, or looking at the image reflected off of a dark metallic surface. The actual appearance of these images, comes as more of a neutral or ‘greyish’ substance, where colors are more like a tinted film laid over a neutral base, or as a subtle aura emanating from them as the shimmering atmosphere or scent they produce, giving them a luminescent quality, where the colors are ‘felt’ inwardly as a psychological and emotional state, rather than as having distinct or precise physical characteristics. Astral light, often referred to as the luminiferous ether, or akasa field, is comprised of vibration as archetypal essence that forms the inner state, nature, or germ of all material form, and is what gives it the qualities, characteristics and behavioral tendencies it naturally takes on and outwardly displays.

This luminescent substance that’s shaped in the mind by the mind through words as thoughts, forming the material reality of those thoughts as symbolic correspondences, is the astral light of the astral plane, which exists ‘within’ all outer appearances as potential for physical manifestations. This substance, like light itself, is invisible and not seen when existing in the outer reality, is called forth through a shift in perception from the outer to the inner. When we self-reflect and concentrate our mind on an idea, we shape that idea into an actual reality as a possibility that becomes a ‘thought-form’ as a personal creation or interpretation. Thought-forms created by concentrating on an idea for extended periods of time while infusing them with strong emotions, exist on the astral plane of pure thought as an actual entity that develops electromagnetic properties, and becomes a form of living memory as a virtual reality, or is shaped out of an existing memory as its offspring, forming a variation of the original memory, modified through adaptation which customizes it.

sphere of consciousness

The mind shapes the astral light into imagined forms as memory, while also possessing the ability to tune into and act as the receiver for various forms of memory that the astral field is already populated with as a form of ‘thought transmission’ of mass consciousness, or what Carl Jung coined the “collective unconsciousâ€. Personal memory, while we like to believe it’s an accurate depiction and translation of an actual event, is, in reality, a personal creation by how we (re)imagine it and reinterpret it to tell a story about that makes it mean something. The outer events of our life stimulate an inner representation of the outer event as a personal and unique creation, that originated out of a group or objective event by restructuring it. This interpretation as a personal creation becomes the creative template for transforming all actual realities into correlating internal realities. These internal realities are then impressed over the outer and viewed through the ‘lens of the mind’ as an invisible template that forms our perception of the outer world as analogous correspondences to our inner world.

Thought-forms as memory exist as archetypes and prototypes that provide structural templates for producing personalized realities as our creative style by how we ‘handle our subject’ (whatever that subject may be). Everyone is comprised of a formula of archetypal energies as interlaced vibratory frequencies that make up the inner nature of our soul, which becomes the template as a dynamic theme for creating reality through internal representations that become a form of mental map or navigation system that represent the outer world in symbolic terms.  Energy as vibration has a structuring mechanism in it that composes astral light (photons) into distinct forms with pronounced attributes and qualities that form the characteristics it takes on.  Every object of the material world is accompanied by an astral double (soul) as its inner nature that produces (generates) its outer form and animates it with distinct and unique properties. This is the basic principle for what we call ‘mind-over-matter’, which is the minds (souls) ability to organize the elements of astral light (essence of matter) into archetypal patterns that serve as a vehicle or instrument for consciousness to express through as an individual being that ultimately undergoes the self-perpetuating process of regeneration through self-expression and how they use their own thoughts and feelings to shape the material world as a direct reflection.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Transpersonal Psychologist, Integrative Mind-Body Medicine Consultant, and Spiritual Teacher

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