The Nature of Emotions and how to Consciously Work with Them

Illusions are Born out of the Realities we Create While in Emotional States


In order to work with something consciously and intentionally, we have to be able to conceptualize it in a way that allows us to gain a working understanding of it. It’s only when we understand how something operates that we can then begin working with it in a cooperative and deliberate manner. Nowhere is this truer than when working with emotions. Emotions are very powerful forces that when left unchecked, can completely run our mind and ultimately our entire life. Many people spend their entire life run almost exclusively by the emotional states that they entertain and engage in on a regular basis, and the emotional charges they absorb from those they live in relationship with and interact with on a daily basis. We become trained to certain types of emotions through our formative conditioning, tuning us to those emotional states in a habitual fashion,and we continue to act out the dynamics that evolve from those emotional states as their outward expression. These outward emotional expressions form our experiences of life.

Emotional charges are the natural forces within the astral plane, which is the material plane of light. The term astral means “starlight†which is the essence and substance of the material plane, which is ultimately comprised of “photonsâ€. All of what we call matter, is in reality particles of light held together in energetic structures through invisible forces that produce a form of tension or stress as a vibratory field of energy. Emotions are the electrical charges as natural forces or Elements of the material plane that directly affect the composition and behavior of all living entities. The astral plane, which is equivalent to the Earth’s atmosphere, is formed out of “air†as illuminated water and dust formed by the combination of heat-light (fire) and water, the two primary Elements of the material plane that form air as a dynamic combination. The astral plane can be thought of as the invisible atmosphere of the earth, which permeates and envelops it, much like the auric mind field of the body. All invisible forces or planes of light go “through†matter, because of course matter is light that’s comprised of mostly empty space (subtle energy), and serves to “animate it†with automatic and natural behaviors. The astral plane serves as a medium through which emotions are readily transmitted, entering into living forms and producing automatic behaviors as a form of instinct, or behavior that’s unconscious in nature and comes without intention or a thought process.

Invisible forces as vibratory frequencies are what holds matter together in dynamic patterns as “formâ€. This form is then operated and animated by the same invisible forces that form it. Matter exists in what we call four primary states as charged-electrified plasma (the substance of stars as the fire Element), gas (air), liquid (water), and solid (earth). The entire physical plane is comprised of what we call the four primary Elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, which form a dynamic series of correspondences to all aspects of both the mind and body, all of which operate according to and by way of the same set of laws. By understanding these laws, we can gain the knowledge necessary to work with all aspects of our material being.

All mastery and creation comes by working through law, rather than in contradiction to it. The mind as the invisible field of consciousness that vibrates at a certain frequency (is charged), is an invisible force that has the ability to organize, influence, and manipulate material reality through “emotional states†that it acts to produce. The mind, which is of the parallel mental plane, exists outside of or precedes the astral plane of light, and is what produces and determines it. The mind as “states of consciousness†operate as whole ideas that form thoughts as the reality of that idea, that then acts to stimulate an emotional response to the thought by producing the chemistry that’s of the same nature as the thought, which then produces the behaviors (animates matter) as the reality (organized movement) of the thought (idea). The emotion that’s married to a thought is what shapes it into a living reality as the experience of the thought.

The atmosphere of the astral plane acts as a medium for the propagation and transmission of both thoughts and emotions, where one always produces or is associated to the other as “thought-formsâ€. There are two basic ways we form emotions, the most primary method is in response to our own thoughts, and the other is as a projection from others that travels through the atmosphere entering directly into our body and stimulating a chemical reaction which alters our “state of mind†to match it. Emotions alter the physical state of the body to match the thought, and also alter the thoughts to match the emotional state. Emotions, which are the language and transformer of the material plane of light, act directly in and on the body through the chakra system, which then stimulates the endocrine glands to produce hormones as chemistry that transforms the vibratory state of the body while simultaneously regulating all of its biological functions. Emotions as conscious forces “pass through matterâ€, because they’re both comprised of the same thing. Light, in both visible and invisible forms (plasma and gas), acts as an electrified medium, which holds light substance (liquid and solid) together in vibratory patterns as living, animated entities.

Emotion is the main component of memory – we only remember events that had a strong emotional content – and the emotion associated with a memory serves as a “trigger†that activates the memory, which is what provides the “automatic behavior†as a pattern that’s acted out in a completely unconscious fashion. Emotions, as an electrical charge that activates and sets a memory into motion as outward behaviors that produces the physical reality of the memory through a form of cause and effect, is the same principle that governs and operates the entire animal kingdom as “instinctâ€. Humans are the only species that’s endowed with a conscious mind capable of “thinking†and therefore generating its own emotional state based on its own, self-induced thoughts. Yet most, forfeit this ability early in life through training of various sorts, and act instead to simply absorb and think the thoughts of others while living out of and being prone to the emotional states of those thoughts. Because emotions produce such a strong physical response when they’re allowed to “infect you†by entering into your body and stimulating a chemical reaction, they tend to completely control how you feel and think, and can keep you living out of a predominately “unconscious state†of automatic behaviors as a normal way of being.

Emotions are the language of the subconscious mind, which is also the aspect of the mind we share with the entire animal and plant kingdom, which operates as a motivating force devoid of thought. When we’re triggered with an emotion, we’re literally rendered unconscious and go into a whole dynamic set of automatic thoughts and behaviors, often without seeming to realize what’s actually happening and having no real control over them. The reality we create in our minds in response to emotions of various sorts are the reality of those emotions (emotions form realities as their expression) as illusions that are very convincing because they’re intense, and therefore mistaken as being real.

Emotions are the natural drugs of the body that produce “altered statesâ€. As we allow an emotional charge to enter our body, it literally transforms us into the state (inner reality) that produces the (outer) reality of that emotion, and acts to control us in the most literal sense. The way to control anybody is to work through emotions to alter their state and cause a “reactionâ€. Anytime we’re “reacting†we’re being controlled by what we’re reacting to. All behavior is ultimately emotionally driven. How we think and behave, when residing in a predominately unaware state, is completely driven and determined by the emotional states we exist in on a regular basis. Emotions, like all drugs that are stimulating, are addictive, and we habitually maintain emotional states as a way of giving ourselves a “fix†of our favorite drug, which keeps us in an altered state and the illusion of that state as our experience of reality.

In order to begin intentionally working with emotions as energetic forces, we have to first realize that all energy as Elemental s, are influenced and directed by the mind as will, which is thought that imagined as an operation. Awareness is always the key to being able to consciously and deliberately work with something. We can only work with what we’re aware of. By becoming conscious of what was previously working at the unconscious level as automatic, we can “see†what’s happening and the effect it produces in us, and we can begin working with that process to redirect the energy involved through mental abilities. When we become aware of how we’re being emotionally stimulated by everyone and everything around us by how they feel, what they’re saying, and how they’re being, we can realize that we don’t have to allow ourselves to be blindly affected by it, but can instead keep their energy from “entering into us†and affecting us with the emotional charge it’s designed to create. Naturally, the stronger the emotion being outwardly expressed, projected, and transmitted, the more difficult this is, but only in the beginning when we’re still learning and practicing. The more we practice this, the easier it gets and the more natural it becomes.

All mastery comes through constantly practicing using your will to control your own reactions and perceptions. You have to first decide that you’re going to intentionally prevent energetic charges from entering your mind (electromagnetic energy field around and outside of your body), and therefore your body, and refrain from any form of “reaction†when being triggered, while simultaneously self-reflecting to gain an awareness of what’s actually taking place. The more aware we become of what’s actually happening when we “take on other people’s emotionsâ€, the easier it becomes to prevent it. Emotions are infectious, and like an illness act to alter our entire state of being to become the vessel for expressing the emotion, while of course, creating the consequences that come from our behavior while in an emotional / unconscious reaction.

Likewise, when we realize that we produce emotions with our own thoughts, we can learn how to regulate our thoughts and redirect our attention to only think about things in a way that will produce the type of emotions we want to experience, or to neutralize them altogether. Because emotion and thought are always connected, the emotional state you’ve been habituated to through your formative conditioning also determine the type of things you tend to focus on and how you think about them to form internal realities as a “story†you start telling yourself about things that gives them meaning.

Changing your story about things may be a bit difficult to overcome in the beginning, because you’ve built your identity out of your story about things and the emotional states you’re addicted to. Like all addictions as habits, you don’t ever “stop them†or quit doing them, instead, you replace them with a different type of story and way of being. All habits are broken by being transformed into new and more productive habits. When you’re no longer “infected†and live out emotions being transmitted around you and as a response to your own thinking and perceiving, you’ll literally feel like and become a different person. So you have to be conscious of this, and embrace this new feeling of control and empowerment that emotional control brings. You’ll have to be prepared to begin telling a different type of story, and become a different type of person by way of your own story about things.

When we’re no longer controlled by the will and emotions of others, we can find ourselves in a strangely calm and peaceful place, unless of course we’re still caught up in thinking the type of thoughts that keep us in a constant reactive state to our own thoughts and imagining. Whatever memories we continue to live out of by dwelling in them, we keep ourselves in the same emotional state of those memories. We literally “tune ourselves†to the vibration of our thoughts and what we focus on in a continuous fashion. If a memory was sad or painful, as we think about it and relive it in our imagination, we produce a sad and painful state. We literally generate and experience the same emotions of those thoughts, and keep ourselves in a sad and painful state. This is because we have lived our life out of our memories of the past which we identified with while creating them (memories are interpretations that make events meaningful), and continue to build our identity out of and around by maintaining the same emotional states and thinking more of the same type of thoughts, while producing more of the same type of outer experiences. Through this process of living out of the past by dwelling in memories, we literally keep ourselves tune to and repeating those same type of experiences over and over, identifying with them deeper and deeper, until it’s the only state and story we know how to tell.

So in order to transform your own mental and emotional state and become a different type of person, you need to decide that you’re going to give up your story about things and step into a true sense of empowerment. A state where you’re not only no longer controlled by others and the whims of society, but you’re able to become self-directed and therefore self-determined. Only from this position are your truly embracing your true power of choice and free will to create yourself in an intentional and deliberate manner. However, empowerment brings a tremendous amount of responsibility and accountability. This new sense of responsibility can be a bit terrifying in terms of the insecurity it often brings, and the fact that you’re probably not going to be supported doing this in any way, shape, or manner by others or your life situations and circumstances. So you have to be prepared for this and employ a sense of mental fortitude and diligence. We only truly accomplish what we form devotion, commitment, and dedication to.

When stepping into your true power, you’ll have to learn how to cultivate other aspects of yourself you haven’t developed. You’re going to have to become very clear on who you actually are, and in moments that you normally spent reacting or being controlled by the will of others, you’re going to have to make new decisions as to how you’re going to be and what you’re going to say or do. Automatic reactions and unconscious behaviors are going to be replaced with thoughtful and deliberate actions. As we act in a deliberate manner and become truly creative in our life, we simultaneously become aware of the consequences it produces, and we can “adjust our response†in order to produce the proper influence that will lead to the desired outcome. When we’re no longer “being controlled by our emotionsâ€, we suddenly find ourselves in a position of being able to directly and intentional influence others and situations to a difference means. By being in full control of ourselves, we’re able to remain aware and intentionally influence situations in a way that neutralize the emotion being expressed, and initiate a new emotion that leads it in a different direction. We can learn how to how not only not be affected by other people’s emotions, but how to use emotions deliberately to affect others and produce the type of thoughts that will be more productive and serve the greater good of everyone involved, instead of creating illusions as emotional dramas of some sort.

The key to all forms of mastery is awareness of others and the operations inherent in the outer world through self-awareness. We can come to understand everything around us by how we’re being stimulated, influenced, and affected by it. Through this awareness we can gain control over our own internal processes and reactive states. Once we are fully aware and have control over ourselves, we become a neutral force, and can act on ourselves in an intentional manner to regulate and maintain our own state of mind. We can detach from anything happening around us, and no longer being controlled by others and the events of life.

By mastering self-control we can become independent and self-reliant, and therefore able to truly create and alter the state of everything else by intentionally embodying different types of emotions that will influence and alter their state. It’s always a question of who has the stronger will and who’s the one acting to influence and direct who? In every situation you’re either being affected by the influence of others, or you’re the one who’s influencing and affecting them. By employing a completely neutral state, which is the desired state in personal terms, you act to neutralize whatever emotion is being expressed by not “taking it on†and responding in a like manner, which amplifies it, and you change the state of the other person, calming them down and relaxing them. Whenever we don’t react to someone by taking on the same emotions and reality as them, we act as a mirror that’s reflects back to them the illusion of the reality they’ve created out of their emotional state.

We only truly have the power to self-create and become self-determined when we can gain full control of both our mental and emotional states. By learning how to keep emotional charges from entering into and affecting us, while also learning how to direct our attention onto things that produce a positive and relaxed state, we step into a form of liberation as the true ability to create ourselves by cultivating different states in ourselves that develop our character and identity in an intentional and deliberate manner. When we can exercise control over our own mind and body, we exist in a calm state of inner peace, undisturbed and unaltered by whatever is going on around us. We come into a new sense of empowerment as our ability to truly be creative not only in our own life, but in the world at large. We embrace our true identity as superior beings with the ability to create within the material world by working with the natural laws that govern the Elemental world of feelings, thoughts, and emotions, that produce all actions as a unification.

By mastering self-control we gain the ability to achieve higher states of consciousness by existing in a passive and receptive state to the higher worlds by not being “active†(reactive) in the lower, material plane. Whenever we’re forming our identity out of our emotional delusions as the stories we tell out of them by living in them, we are bonding ourselves to the lower plane of our delusions. Out of our identification with emotional states of various sorts, we form attachments to those states as a need and desire for them, because without them, we don’t know who we are. By identifying with our higher nature, which exists outside of and above the material plane of astral light (emotions), and mastering our mental powers, we let go of material attachments and no longer form our identity out of material means, and we become a neutral force, which without personal motive or need, becomes a force for good in the world because it’s only desire and motivation is to serve humanity in whatever way is beneficial for everyone involved. We only truly have power in any situation when we’re free of it and not dependent on it to fulfill any need or desire of any kind. Detachment from material identification is the key to transcending the material plane to higher and more empowering states of mind. To become “godlike†is to become neutral to all delusions born out of emotional states, and cultivate instead virtues that allow us to govern and oversee the material plane.

Dr. Linda Gadbois