A different Way of Perceiving Weight-loss and Health – “Learning to Think Holistically”

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One of the keys to understanding the creative processes is to train your mind to think in terms of whole ideas that first create a goal as a desired outcome, which naturally indicates and sets into motion a natural process for creating it. We must realize that all creative processes are an attempt to acquire a feeling of some sort. The feeling that creates the desire for something, also reveals to us the quality of the experience itself, and what we will have more of upon completion. The feeling that motivates the desire to express an idea or create something specific is the common denominator that unifies every aspect of the experience itself to be of the same nature.
If we set goals designed to lose-weight because we feel bad about how we look, feel unattractive, or judged by others, etc., notice first of all that what is motivating the desire for the outcome is a negative feeling. We are first focusing only on what we don’t want, then feeling bad about it as a means of creating it. The goal is stated as a negative instead of a positive. We’re also using a bad feeling to motivate a whole process, which tells us that the process itself is simply going to express and give us more of that same negative feeling. Because a negative feeling is being used as an attempt to motivate the necessary process, we create a feeling of suffering, sacrifice, deprivation, and the constant temptation to remedy it.

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An experience of suffering is created as a means of achieving it, and as a necessary means of maintaining it once you have lost the weight. So the entire experience is very negative and then doesn’t even serve to make you feel better about yourself, because your whole focus was on “being fat†and what was wrong with you and therefore unattractive that needed to be corrected, which just served to anchor that feeling even deeper into your mind. You trained yourself to focus on what was bad about you. You then live in that feeling, creating a reality around it, and you keep noticing it, which simply strengthens it. Once you lose the weight, you still don’t feel good about yourself and often don’t know why.
When an artist goes to create a piece of work, they never ever do it by thinking about what they don’t want to create. The entire process is created by only focusing on what they are going to create as a vision or finished product. Inspiration as a love for something they deem beautiful somehow is also what motivates the creative process. The process itself keeps them in a constant state of a desire for what they love, which saturates their mind with very positive emotions, while holding the image of what they love in their mind as the means of creating it. So if, we set that same goal in positive terms as what we “do want†and deem beautiful, we would set a goal to be healthy and have more vitality instead. To create optimal health which will naturally produce ideal body weight as a natural by-product while also enhancing our physical features, such as skin tone, hair, nails, sparkling eyes, vital energy and an optimistic, joyful state-of-mind. The image we form in our mind as a means of creating it will be the desired outcome, ie., us in perfect health feeling and looking very good. That lets us know that when we accomplish it, it’s going to serve to increase and give us more of that same feeling.

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We now have a creative process that requires us to live in a state of constant love for ourselves while using our mind to create what we deem perfect, beautiful and lovable, and therefore desirable. We then educate ourselves on health, diet and lifestyle, and as we are going through it, imbue it with constant thoughts of how the food we are eating is nourishing our body making it strong and vital, and then imagining ourselves this way. We tell ourselves how good we feel, and that we’re feeling better and better each day. We feel empowered in our life to take control of our health and create it intentionally in a very deliberate manner. It teaches us how to use our mind and imagination in very positive ways to intentionally self-create. And as a natural result, we lose weight, or better yet, achieve our ideal weight, whatever that may be. Most importantly, we feel really good about ourselves and have an abundance of positive and vitalizing energy. Our mind is clear and alert, and we feel happy as a general mood and everyday way of being.
So by learning how to set positive goals for desired outcomes that are inspired by positive feelings and emotions, the experience of doing it as creating it are also very positive, while making us feel powerful and competent to become the person we want to be in our own lives. When we achieve it, it’s going to give more of the same positive feelings that motivated it to begin with. The “feeling†is the unifying factor that determines how and what we experience as a means of creating it. By realizing this and learning how to set only positively stated goals that are creative in nature (making something), that require us to live them out in positive states of mind, serve to unify feelings and the thoughts they naturally produce with positive emotions in response to our own thoughts, and the physical product that’s a correspondence to the feeling itself. The feeling spawns thoughts, emotions and behavior that are of the same nature.


Step-by-step process for creating:

> First embody a feeling that’s inspiring and uplifting. One that creates an image of beauty, love of and for, adoration and reverence.

> Allow a vision to naturally emerge out of it as a correspondence – that’s of the same feeling quality. What would you feel like and look like if you were completely healthy? Hold that image in your imagination and develop it by thinking about it, imbue it with attributes that bring definition to it by giving it distinct characteristics.

>Form it into details as physical and energetic qualities.

>Infuse it with very positive emotions. Fall in love with it and allow a strong desire for it arise and take hold. Associate the loving feelings and emotions to the perfected image.

>Then gain realization around the process necessary to create it. Provide yourself with the necessary resources (education, products, supplies, tools, etc.) Develop a strategy for going about it to produce it as a part of your daily routine. How will you need to change your daily habits to incorporate it? Make it a step-by-step process.

>Then, when you are engaging in eating healthy foods, tell yourself how they are nourishing your body, how good you feel, and that you’re becoming stronger and healthier everyday while picturing your ideal self in your mind. Feel it as if it’s real and already created. Create an inner reality of it with full sensory enhancement.

>As you make progress, notice it, and tell yourself “it’s workingâ€, then stay in the realization that you created it. You’re doing it. It’s happening. Tell yourself “I knew I could do itâ€. Fill yourself with confidence in your ability to create yourself. You set the goal and are now accomplishing it. Have that feeling, stay in it for awhile.

>Remain flexible throughout the process and be willing to change it based on evaluating feedback, making adjustments anywhere necessary until you get the results you’re after.


Always keep in mind that eating healthy does not involve dieting, processed foods, or starving. It’s not about going to extremes, but rather establishing greater balance and harmony. Moderation is the key to success. Always keep in mind that whatever you choose to eat then eat in a disciplined manner, you will acquire a taste for. You only like and eat the way you do currently because you established a habit of it. Our body always seeks nutrition and vital substance as opposed to empty foods loaded with chemical flavor enhancers designed to form addictions based on taste. Train your body to like nutritional food, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

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