Archetypes, Morphic Fields, and Memory – The Holographic- Etheric Blueprint for Creating Reality

Memory exists not only as a personal creation we form as the result of what we can call “real life experiences”, but exists as the very basis for knowledge itself as ideas that can be used to create realities. There’s a two-way flow between a reality becoming a memory, and a memory becoming a reality. We often form a memory from an event in our life that has a strong emotional impact, which becomes a form of “theme” that we use over and over throughout our life as a form of perceptual filter and template for creating more of the same ‘type’ of realities. The memory itself isn’t formed as an exact recollection of the factual details and material circumstances of what happened, but rather as the story we told ourselves about what happened and why, that gave it meaning. The meaning we give events and experiences, not only means something about us, but about other people and the way the world is in general.

We make up stories about the events of our life as a means of trying to process and make sense of them, and the story we form as the meaning and significance of the event becomes a kind of archetypal life theme that the memory itself merely serves to represent. Once a memory is formed of a significant emotional experience it becomes a form of thematic template (symbolic representation) as a mental filter that we begin referencing on a regular basis as the means of providing us with an instant interpretation for all current events and occurrences that are of a similar nature. It forms the very basis for our perception of reality as an archetypal theme that becomes habitual in nature and is used to give all of our experiences the same type of meaning. Memories form the perceptual lens we look through as a means perceiving the outer world that form the basis for creating how we experience ourselves as a fundamental part of it and in relation with it. This is how we shape all of our experiences to give them continuity. 

In a similar manner, all of what we call ‘Universal knowledge” also exists as a form of memory that’s imprinted in the Astral Field of infinite potential as universal archetypes or principles in their latent form. Archetypes exist as universal ideas in the form of cosmic memory (instinct-intuition) that are holistic in nature and provide a kind of holographic prototype as a thematic template for creating realities out of that provide us with certain types of life experiences. An archetype serves as a generic prototype that we absorb into our mental field and reform into a personalized version by how we adapt and integrate it into our mental paradigm as applied to our life conditions and circumstances. When ideas “come to us” out of nowhere, they rise up in our mind and play out in much the same way as a normal memory is recollected. They come to us as a form of living concept or scenario that’s a potential pattern for using as a theme to produce a similar reality out of. All ideas, whether they come as an actual experience or something we’re taught, are translated into a memory based on how they’re adapted to our mental paradigm, where they’re molded into a single memory that’s archetypal, metaphorical, and symbolic in nature. Our mental paradigm is formed out of the synthesis of all our life experiences as memory, beliefs, values, and preferences, that work together in forming an overall theme for our life.  

Archetypes as universal memory exist in the causal field as standard prototypes for utilizing at the personal level to create experiences that produce personal memory of the same kind. An archetype is an “idea” in its whole, complete form that contains an overall pattern as a storyline, complete with all the attributes and qualities in varying degrees that form natural characteristics that have a distinct set of natural behaviors inherent in them. This archetypal matrix forms the basis for our personality in our initial development, and as we grow into adults it forms the basis for our “identity” to naturally emerge out of it as a natural correspondence. As beings bestowed with the capacity of higher conscious, we shape our identity by how we first create our experiences, which are born out of our mental paradigm as a life-theme, and then get a sense of ourselves by how we associate with our own creation. All of our experiences are shaped as the expression of our character within the conditions, circumstances, and situation of our life.

The paradox of the mind

A personal memory that’s produced initially by either an actual life experience or by embodying an archetype as a means of creating an experience, forms an “internal representation” as a “thoughtform” that can be used in a habitual manner as a theme for creating more experiences of the same nature. Thoughtforms are produced by using a universal theme to produce a personal and unique version of the same theme and idea. It functions in the same way an archetype does by giving us a thematic pattern to use as a mental filter for experiencing ourselves in new ways and for forming new versions of a common theme. As we concentrate on an idea, we steadily shape it into a sensory reality by adapting it to our paradigm. Thoughts as ideas that are imagined as full sensory experiences that give rise to strong emotions in response to them, begin vibrating on the inner planes of the mind, and eventually produce an electromagnetic field that forms into a holographic reality. These emotionally intense thoughtforms act to populate the Astral Plane of the collective unconscious as a memory that can be accessed, absorbed, and utilized by others through morphic resonance. Those of a similar nature (vibratory frequency) are able to accommodate the same type of thoughts while mistaking them for their own.

Anyone who is “tuned” to the same frequency can access, receive, and utilize the thought-form in the same way they utilize a universal archetype or they perceive it as their own self-generated thoughts. All similar things influence each other through morphic resonance. Memory is not stored in the brain or body as many believe, but is stored in the soul as the morphic electromagnetic field that surrounds, permeates, and is bonded to the body that’s also directly connected to the greater mind-field of mass consciousness. Only those who are of the same species, nature, and character are “tuned to the same frequency” and naturally act to “conceive” ideas imprinted in the Astral Field of memory through resonance and sympathetic induction. Thoughts acquired this way are often referred to as inspiration, intuition, or insights into things that come to us out of nowhere, or as our own self-generated thoughts. Thoughts come to us and play out in our mind in much the same way as our own memories do. It’s an imaginary process that gives us a new pattern as an idea for acting out in our life in a congruent manner to create more memories of the same kind.

The spirit, soul, and body are simultaneously unformed, evolutionary, and stabilized patterns. The spiritual plane, which is causal in nature, is unformed and exists as pure consciousness, raw information, archetypal ideas, and patterns in their free- flowing potential state. This is the unified field (Akasha) of pure information as archetypes and universal memory that are available for self-creating at the physical level of the soul and body. Because they’re energetic in nature, they can only take on a particular form by coming through a material channel or being drawn into an individual mind where they take on a congruent shape that corresponds to the individual’s mental paradigm. They can only act, express, or create (take on a form) within the material world by inhabiting a physical body, working through the mind of an individual, and by utilizing the power of will (life-force).

The soul acts as a ‘medium’ between the spiritual and physical planes, and is both of spirit and form whose constitution is comprised of accumulated memory that’s been fully integrated as the means for forming a unique variation as a multidimensional being with a three-fold nature. The soul walks between worlds, vibrating at the frequency of its own self-produced memory of itself, where it draws on the archetypes of the spiritual realm, and acts as a channel and transducer for bringing them into expression within the material realm. It draws in archetypal ideas from the spiritual plane and adapts them to its existing memory-base where they’re modified into a unique variation by how they’re built into the soul’s astral-etheric constitution to produce new forms of thought and behavior that modifies and evolves its character to higher and more expanded levels of understanding.

Astral world

The entire physical world is created by a (the) soul. The soul in-forms and structures physical reality as a combination of archetypal themes that are correlated, coordinated, and congruent in nature. The soul provides the astral-etheric holographic blueprint that acts to fashion its own body, while tuning into and resonating with that same reality in the outer world. The body is grown, organized, and spatially structured through the etheric interface of the soul, which is comprised of memory. Its energetic memory as a series of dynamic interlaced patterns produces a morphogenetic electromagnetic field as a holographic, ghost-like image (invisible light) that provides the vibratory structure as a torsion field (life-force) that orchestrates the cellular regeneration, specialization, and spatial orientation in relation with the genetic code inherited from the parents. The genetic memory of the parents and ancestral lineage is of the same memory-frequency of the soul utilizing it. They’re compatible in other words.

The body is a biological organism that’s given life, constructed and regenerated, animated with a distinct personality, and “held together” by the soul, whose constitution is comprised of a single memory formed as a hologram. A hologram is a highly organized field of polarized (Astral) light that’s formed out of memory (information). All physical life forms have an invisible field of light (phantom) that surrounds, permeates, and envelops it, that contains a etheric blueprint or morphogenic field used for assembling and sustaining it. Physical matter has no life or structure of its own without a soul. The soul is the morphic field of accumulated and integrated memory as a vibratory frequency that produces the “self-organizing mechanism” and tension-field (crystalline lattice) or producing the body as its physical equivalent or identical twin. Matter is the passive and inactive (feminine) aspect of consciousness and only obtains the active and formative aspect (masculine) of consciousness by absorbing it and acting as a host for it, which is what serves to shape and animate it with natural behaviors. The soul builds a body of light as an outer shell and vehicle which it then remains locked within and inhabits as a means of coming to know itself through it’s ability to perceive itself through its own outer reflection (self projected reality).

The subconscious mind of the body (body consciousness) and DNA is passive and receptive in nature and is programmed with new ideas as patterns of formation and behavior by the higher, active mind of the soul. The soul exists in polar relationship with both the higher realm (archetypal) and the lower (material), and is receptive to the higher and projective and active in the lower. Ideas in their universal form are “conceived” by the human soul from the higher plane, gestated through a process of adaptation and modification into a virtual memory, and then projected into the lower realm as a whole reality (or built into the existing reality), that forms the basis for a set of natural behaviors and a particular type of experience. Once an idea is brought into practice consistently, and is “built into the muscle”, so to speak, it becomes natural and automatic. It becomes a permanent part of our nature as our soul’s essence.

Humans are bestowed with higher capacities of the mind and have the ability to self-create by producing their own memory in an intentional and deliberate manner. The animal kingdom and the entire natural world operates strictly from memory as instinct, where all members of the same class and species behave in much the same way, and changes occur only on rare occasions where a new behavior is developed and recorded in the Astral Light where it becomes available to all others of the same species, through what we call the collective unconscious of Nature or the mass consciousness of humanity, which is synonymous with the astral plane (soul) of the Earth. Humans have the ability to produce thoughtforms that serve to populate the astral plane with new memory which acts in much the same way as universal archetypes do. What modern science now refers to as “information” that’s inherent in the ether (cosmic field of dark energy) is actually archetypal in nature, and when drawn into the human mind, acts as a genesis.

Astral plane of light

These thought-forms are transmitted fluently throughout the astral plane where they can be picked up on and conceived or absorbed by anyone who is of the same kind and “tuned to” the same type of memory. Likewise, whatever thoughts as memories we dwell in and constantly replay and relive in our imagination, we tune ourselves to, resonate with, and act as a receiver for more of the same type of thoughts. Because the tuning, receiving, and transmitting of thoughtforms are all of the same nature, we don’t realize we’re being “given them” and usually mistake them as our own, much like we do universal archetypes that usually come through moments of inspiration, insight into something, or a “ah-ha” moment as a sudden realization that causes a paradigm shift.

When we live out of our unconscious, lower, non-creative nature, we fail in the most basic sense to evolve through the incorporation of new and diverse thought, and can live our entire life out of our past. We have a natural tendency to use past memories to create present experiences in a habitual fashion. This is because there’s no memories we resonate with more than our own memories of the past, so we tend to consistently think, feel, behave, and perceive more of the same type of experiences. We only see ourselves and our past in everything else. This is a feature of our lower, animal, subconscious mind which operates in a purely automatic and habitual fashion to bring the memories of the past into the present, using them to perceive, interpret, and produce more of the same type of behavior and experiences. We simply repeat the same themes, story-lines, emotional dramas, and behavioral dynamics over and over, usually without ever realizing that by becoming aware of what we’re doing and why, we can make new decisions and willfully act them out to break old habits and create new ones by embodying new qualities and ways of thinking and being.

By providing ourselves with new knowledge and information that we first imagine as a reality by applying it to our daily life, and then practice it consistently to produce new types of experiences that are translated into memories that serve to evolve and grow our mental model. By transforming old habits into new ones that produce new types of experiences that we translate into memory by telling a new story about ourselves, and practicing it until it becomes habit, we change our vibratory constitution and evolve ourselves according to those memories. By applying knowledge to form new memories, we not only see the world differently, but we use those memories to create more of the same type of experiences in the present, accumulating them over time where they modify our existing model. All of our actions serve to shape our soul’s constitution over time, which is eternal and forms the basis for our karma and carried forward as our predisposition, temperament, and natural tendencies. By learning how to use our will to create our experiences, we can literally alter our personality and determine our identity, which is how we self-create by way of our own self-expression and the corresponding creation of our outer world.

As we change internally, our outer world changes as a direct correspondence. We tune into a different reality, act to consistently perceive that reality, and conceive, process, and transmit more of that same type of reality. To change others and the world around us, we have to change ourselves and our inner world which is what’s producing it through morphic resonance. When we change our “mind” we change how everything in the outer world appears to us. As we tune ourselves to a new frequency, we simultaneously organize the outer world to that frequency through our perception of it by what stands out and is enhanced or embellished, and what doesn’t. We begin noticing and perceiving different things in the same situation or environment. We look at the same thing in a new light and see something different as a result. We act to attract new things and begin interacting with the outer world in a whole new way. Old relationships and situations seem to die and gradually fade away, while new ones are birthed in their place and come to life. We act on ourselves to grow and evolve ourselves to new types of experiences and reality.

Astral world of memory


A memory as an archetype (prototype) is a frequency that’s comprised of different types of information as patterns (dynamic form) that have a self-organizing mechanism as life-force energy. Information itself is unformed and passive until it’s energized (charged) by life-force and organized into a living biological (fully functioning) form that’s self-sustaining and self-perpetuating. Whatever form we take on as archetypal forces becomes the memory of our soul, substance, and behavior, and tunes us to the vibration of that memory, where we connect and resonate with more of the same memory in everything else, while acting as a receiver and channel for it.

The archetypal forces that make up our soul’s nature, represented by the zodiac in various degrees and angles, form our mind as our paradigm and perceptual lens that structures the entire outer world to be of the same nature and memory as we are. The soul not only fabricates the body as its physical equivalent (temple and vehicle), but also forms the outer reality as a larger, more diverse and complex version of the same idea that sets the stage for acting it out. We only see in others and everything else, what’s in us as memory. Our soul’s memory forms our personality and all of our natural inclinations, propensities, and behaviors, which spontaneously births our identity, based on what we naturally associate with and relate to.

We attract (and are attracted to), engage in, and act to facilitate more of the same type of relationships and experiences that are inherent in our memories. Energetically we’re an antenna that’s tuned into a frequency as accumulated memory that acts to receive, adapt and modify, and produce more experiences of the same kind as a life theme. Our life theme is expressed by the story we’re always in the process of telling ourselves about things that give them meaning. We naturally act to produce a congruent and consistent version of reality as a story-line that plays out as dynamic interactive theme.

Vibration produces a morphic field as an electromagnetic field (spiraling motion that both pulls together and pushes apart, forming a stable pattern) as a holographic 3-D virtual image that organizes and concentrates essence (light) into a biological form that functions in a way that’s natural to that form. Vibration creates this same basic structure on multiple levels simultaneously as an image, scenario, and greater reality that “in-forms matter” as astral light that becomes a holographic-etheric blueprint for growing, organizing, and spatially forming the physical equivalent. As we think, feel, and imagine, we shape light into the reality of our thoughts, imprinting the ether around us with that impression as a vibratory frequency that becomes our “signature” for creating as our style and how we “handle our subject”.

Dr. Linda Gadbois    


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