The Secret Language of Metaphor, Analogy, and Allegory


The greatest secrets throughout human history have been concealed in a universal or metaphorical language, historically written as ancient hieroglyphs or symbolic images that convey whole ideas through the details inherent in a single composite image. What we call written language originated as symbolic images that required interpretation in order to be understood. It taught ideas while simultaneously developing intuitive ability necessary to understand them as a living concept. A person’s maturity and knowledge of the spiritual sciences, which communicated the laws involved in an idea, determined how an image was interpreted by the individual, which resulted in a unique variation of the same idea, that was ideally suited to the individual interpreting it, every time it was interpreted. This allowed for an infinite variety of the same universal concept, which is necessary for practical application of that idea in the individual’s life in order to create by way of it.

Sacred teachings were passed down through storytelling as an allegory, which, when interpreted revealed hidden meaning of a moral or political nature. Everything was communicated in an indirect, symbolic mode of expression. Their understanding of the teachings were based on their intuitive ability to discern the laws operating in a metaphorical story as the creative energies that expressed in very specific ways based on the laws governing them. Principle and law determine composition as a structured organization that functions or behaves in predictable ways, based on the patterning involved. In this way, by simultaneously developing intuitive ability to interpret metaphorical ideas, the person also learned how to readily identify the underlying idea operating within any situation, revealing the hidden nature of the person, situation, or event. The nature of an idea in living form as a composite pattern or vibratory matrix it was comprised of, not only explained its behavior as the principles operating within and through it, but also allowed us to predict their behaviors in any situation by how they naturally entered into relationship with all other factors involved to co-create a new pattern based on what properties they share in common, and the interaction it naturally forms by how they influence each other. Metaphor represents a principle or law as a living idea, and helps us learn to recognize what these ideas look and feel like when being acted out through a real life situation as a form of story that expresses a psychological pattern.


Other metaphorical or symbolic images were used to communicate ideas in terms of mathematical properties that form a chain-of-association as analogies and correspondences that translate purely abstract ideas into physical equivalents, connected by the principle and properties they share in common as being of the same nature or vibratory frequency. Vibration, as pure energy or consciousness, contains natural geometric structures as patterns of light (created through movement), that form mathematical properties that have natural behaviors or functions in them. Law is energy as vibration that organizes matter into form with distinct functions and in higher intelligence, personality traits.

Much of the ancient wisdom was documented only in symbolic language, which required interpretation in order to be realized and understood, and as a result, remained secret or indiscernible to the immature, ignorant, or any person who hadn’t reached the necessary degree of spiritual maturity by developing their individuality under the guidance of a spiritual master or teacher. The other significance of using symbolic language which requires each person to interpret it in a unique fashion, outside of the intuitive faculty developed by way of it, is that each individual forming a personal interpretation does so out of their quality and level of consciousness, through their conceptual model as applied to their current life situation, culture, and formative conditioning, that not only forms a unique interpretation, but one that’s ideally suited for them, because it’s formed “by them”. Each individual will interpret the same idea conveyed in symbolic terms in a slightly different way, and all will be true because they’re based on law, which when adapted to unique situations and perceived by different individuals, forms an endless amount of variations, while still holding true as an expression of the law they portray. This works to develop each person in their individuality, which is the true basis of all spirituality. Spirit exists in a primal state of Infinite Variety.

When symbolic or metaphorical ideas are interpreted for us by others, and taught as truth through one individuals interpretation, derived out of their psychological model and make-up, it only casts a shadow of the knowledge itself as one possibility out of an infinite number, and often turns what originates as law or organic processes into rules which are obeyed without a direct comprehension of the laws they are attempting to teach. This method of teaching, as laws that are interpreted for us, forms dogma as static and lifeless concepts that turn law into commandments, taken purely on faith, without any actual realization, and serves only to breed and encourage ignorance in the most basic sense.


A true initiate must make the teachings progressively understandable to the student in its symbolic point of view, and instruct them in the language of symbolism, the language of metaphor, as the original and only true universal language. In this way, no language barriers exist, because everything conveyed in visual terms and as stories that express the laws it represents in everyday life in a way that anyone, regardless of nationality, culture, or era can relate to and understand as operations taking place all around them in their everyday life on an ongoing basis.

Holy Sciences have been passed down from generation to generation through the language or symbolic metaphors, allegorical stories, and ceremonies as traditions for eons. In this way it remains alive as a dynamic evolving form that remains eternally true. In this way knowledge is passed from master to student through a form of inspiration that is understood through an experience that brings self-realization. In this way also, no true mysteries of wisdom were apprehended by those poorly prepared, untutored, or spiritually immature. It was (is) only apprehended through experience that brings realization as the channel through which knowledge comes as an enactment of the principles contained within and governing it, into everyday life as the story that conveys it through a direct experience of it.

Yet, in modern times, with the development of a stagnate language that has a standard interpretation and because people have become so removed from spiritual knowledge that underlies and governs all of life as the natural laws that form and animate it, even a thorough description that attempts to teach the knowledge outside of its original expression as symbolic ideas, still remains incomprehensible to the average person because they’ve not been taught to think in more dynamic ways, and have not developed their intuitive faculties necessary for comprehending the invisible forces that operate silently through what is in reality, the symbolic forms it produces by the tension and organizing nature of vibration itself, that’s always producing and maintaining organic processes. Both in the physical world of nature, and in the invisible realm of the mind, which serves to form and animate the physical world. Once we realize that it’s not the spiritual world that’s symbolic, and comes by way of an analogy of sorts, and fully realize instead that it’s the physical world that is formed as symbolical images of the spiritual realm, and that we can understand the spiritual through its affects or symbolic shapes that make up the physical world as the natural expression or correspondence to the spiritual.

The spiritual world is pure vibration as qualities and degrees of consciousness that naturally form physical shapes out of matter as concentrated formula’s or patterns, as the structuring mechanism inherent in vibration, that builds up form out of information (DNA) that corresponds to the quality of consciousness as function and behaviors that animate it through natural processes of growth and continuous development as an evolutionary process that undergoes constant transformation as an energetic exchange (of consciousness) with its environment, as a “range of expression” or potential being activated while others go dormant, causing fluctuations as stages of growth that develop us in new ways by how we express and therefore integrate consciousness, reforming ourselves by way of it.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Integrative Health Consultant and Spiritual Mentor