Cleansing Sexual Energy – Vibration, Attraction and Repulsion

Sexual Union

The easiest way to get a working understanding of this idea is to look at the principles governing energy as vibration. All vibration resonates with vibration of a similar nature and acts to attract, absorb and integrate it, forming coherence as a harmonious whole. All vibratory frequency exists as a range of vibration (wave-form) that forms a gravitational field with what’s of the same frequency, while acting to repel or deflect whatever is outside of its range. All vibration has a rate (speed) and mode (type) of vibration as a quality and level of consciousness that moves along a hierarchical scale as an accumulative, progressive or digressive movement from a lower (singular and separate) to a higher (unified and whole) level, within the same frequency as a wave-form.

A vibratory frequency as a pattern forms a “state of mind” as a type of personality and identity that naturally acts to initiate and cooperatively participate in certain types of stories as “life themes”. A life theme is a vibratory frequency that expresses as natural behavioral tendencies. Vibration contains a pattern that’s self-organizing, self-perpetuating, and self-sustaining. Form as a pattern is always associated with function as an operation or set of behaviors that are acted out as a behavioral dynamic. Whatever vibratory frequency we resonate at, determines the type of behavioral dynamic we participate in as a natural expression of our mode of consciousness as a “life theme”, and determines what type of people and activities we feel attracted to or repulsed by.

All subtle energy exists as a dynamic interwoven series of complementary frequencies that are comprised of attributes, qualities and properties that make up our character as our morality. The electromagnetic field of the body (individual mind), formed by subtle energy that divides into polar opposites and forms a hologram as a breathing sphere of alternating currents, is both magnetic and projective. What’s of the same nature (vibration) as we are is drawn in, absorbed, and maintained by our system, and what’s not is diffused, emitted, and repulsed. Frequency, which exists as a holistic wave of archetypal energy that forms our morality is the determining factor of what we “hold” and what we “release” from our mind and body.

The main factor in our soul’s growth and development in terms of evolutionary digression or progression is our moral nature. Our Moral values are a set of principles that we use as a means of evaluating things in order to make good decisions in terms of “good and bad” or “right and wrong”. Not as an opinion or societal rule, but as a recognition and practical application of universal law as the means of consciously self-creating. By creating a “moral code of conduct” based on an understanding and utilization of Universal laws within our everyday life, we take conscious control of regulating and determining our own vibratory frequency and personal/moral development.

Morality – Immortality and Mortality

Our morality can be thought of as a holistic idea that includes all of the factors that result in behavior, or actions, and activities of some kind, that we willingly participate in. It’s the unified expression of our mental paradigm (vibratory frequency) of what we relate to, feel a connection to, and have a desire for. It’s the end result of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and what we “blend ourselves with” as a form of inner imagining and thought process that forms the basis for our outer activities. Anything we “take into our mind” (act as a receiver and channel for) and form into an inner reality, we become one with in spirit and essence. Whatever we have an attraction for and feel an affinity with, we’re always seeking out, merging into, becoming one with, taking on the same qualities and moral characteristics.

Our mind is an electromagnetic field (EMF) of subtle energy that’s charged with and tuned to a certain vibration, and is always interacting and exchanging energy with the equivalent consciousness in everything else. We are always connecting with those of a similar nature to us, both unconsciously through a form of spontaneity, chemistry, or natural attraction, and consciously where we notice them, they stand out, and we find ourselves drawn to them. While most sexual attraction takes place predominately at the subconscious level (a part of our animal/instinctual nature), consciously we’re able to evaluate people and situations in order to make decisions as to what we engage in and what we don’t.

The Nature of Subtle Energy

Subtle energy is the invisible energy of the spiritual plane that forms the basis for the material plane as a holographic substratum. As we think, (words and images) forming ideas in our mind as a reality that provides us with an experience of it as a kind of preview, is the same as actually “doing it” in spiritual terms. Our thoughts as imagined realities (sensory experiences) are how we willfully create ourselves to vibrate at the frequency of our thoughts. As we form thoughts into realities, we have an emotional response to our own thoughts, and those harmonious emotions are the language of the lower material plane and act to connect us with everything else that’s of the same emotional state. Thoughts (spirit) and emotions (soul) are always connected and act together to produce our behavior and activities (body). Our thoughts and emotions are how we use our creative power of mind to shape matter into internal images and dialogue that forms our perceptual lens and becomes the basis for our outward expression.

We don’t necessarily generate thoughts, but act instead as a receiver for thoughts as archetypal ideas, where we become the channel for that idea to express by adapting it to our mental paradigm (vibratory frequency) where we morph it into a new variation of the same type of idea, played out through our character and within the conditions and circumstances of our everyday life, forming it into a subjective experience. Whatever we engage in morally, we enter into relationship with, blend and fuse with energetically, taking on the same consciousness and way of being. As long as we are morally in tuned to the activity as a relationship that we use to experience ourselves, we “hold” or exist as that same energy and consciousness, and it continues to express through us by governing and directing our thoughts, emotional states, and what we’re prone to in terms of behavioral tendencies.

Temperament, Disposition and Tendencies 

To have a tendency towards something means that we are of the same nature as it is. You’ll have a tendency, under the right conditions, to actively engage in in certain types of behaviors in a consistent and predictable manner. Whatever we feel a connection to and a desire for; we vibrate at the same frequency. Our temperament and disposition is what we’re prone to, and is an inherent part of our nature which is what serves to form our character. Whatever we willingly engage in, shows us in very certain terms what our moral values are. We never act either consciously or unconsciously to violate our moral values. Any activity that we engage in, fits within our moral values, and we can justify our right to do it by how we look at it, and what we tell ourselves about it that makes it okay. Our actions (whether deliberate or compulsive) show us what our tendencies are in very clear terms, and what we’re naturally feel “tempted by”. It shows us what we can reasonably justify and feel validated in doing under the right circumstances and conditions.

Our moral nature is our energetic, spiritual, vibratory frequency that forms resonance with everything that’s of the same nature as we are. Whenever we engage in an act with someone, we are being the same type of person, and we share the same type of consciousness. If we go out to a bar or social activity and pick-up someone with the intention of having sex with them, we are morally equivalent to that person. We mix energetically (consciously) with them, and everybody else that they have had sex with, which is probably quite a few. Likewise, they’re acquiring all the moral energy of everyone we’ve ever had sex with. Sex is a direct exchange of energy as a “fusion” – symbolized not only by the nature of the act itself as entering into and becoming one with that person (swapping body fluids as seed and egg), but through the climax or orgasm, where all resistance subsides completely, and a form of expansion and integration takes place. Anytime we have sex with someone we don’t really know very well, we’re opening ourselves up to a vast array of unknown possibilities as moods and emotions that alter our state of mind.

As long as we’re of the same moral nature as the people we had sex with, performing the same activities and tendencies, we still carry their energy. As long as we still have a desire for the person or act itself, we maintain an energetic equivalent and bond. Their energy, as their morality, lives in us, because we’re the same way. When we consciously become aware of what’s  really going on, and the nature of our moral code of conduct that we hold ourselves to as a basic means of self-creating at the energetic level, we begin loosening up the acquired energy, allowing it to discharge, and we begin repelling it. As long as we still feel a desire for the person or act (sex with a stranger, cheating and infidelity, sex with someone we don’t love, etc.) we still act as a magnet or carrier wave for their energy. Like always attracts to and creates more of what’s like itself. By losing our desire for it (them), our connection with it, where we quit thinking about it altogether, we become of a different moral nature and vibratory frequency, and we no longer maintain the energy through resonance.

Once we lose our desire for it, where we no longer see it as pleasurable, we’re no longer tempted by it. Anything that tempts you, you still have a desire for and connection to. Anything that you continue thinking about while experiencing strong emotions, you continue holding the energy of that vibration. Energy as emotion (energy in motion) is directed by and flows into thought. What we think about is the result or expression of our vibratory frequency. In order to clear yourself of certain experiences, you have to see it in such a way that it’s no longer pleasurable and desirable, but rather disgusting and repulsive. Where you are no longer tempted by it and have no trouble at all refraining from it, and it no longer controls your thoughts. You know you’ve cleared energy from your system when you no longer think about it or act unconsciously to create yourself by way of the activities involved and the experience it brings.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Integrative Mind-Body Consultant and Spiritual Mentor