Soul Essence– “Pattern of Potentiality”


One of ways we can understand the Soul, is as an energetic patterning that exists in its potential form. It is comprised of latent potential that is naturally awakened partially during our formative years through our conditioning, while other potential remains latent and must be awakened intentionally through deliberate practice. The soul is accompanied by, and ultimately fueled by the life-force energy that is capable of animating, exciting and bringing potential into expression producing heightened states of self-awareness and realization. The practice of creating an “ideal” of ourselves to use as a pattern for self-actualization, is in reality, recognizing our full potential, and then intentionally engaging in activating and awakening the potential that still exists in its latent form. During our second stage of development known as our “Soul’s awakening” or rebirth, this is done by intentionally choosing qualities within us that we have not been able to express up to this point that we practice embodying until they become a natural part of our character.

When we understand how we develop naturally, we can use this information to work by placing ourselves in the proper environments, relationships and activities that will serve as a tool to develop desired characteristics. We can realize that when we find ourselves in relationships and situations that provoke negative feelings and qualities in us, that if we choose to stay in those, they will serve to not only bring out those qualities as characteristics in us, but they will strengthen them until they become a natural part of our personality. We have to realize the power of influence and not set out to resist it per say, but rather learn how to use it as a tool for self-development. By intentionally placing ourselves in productive situations that stimulate our best qualities and keep us in a state of curiosity and enthusiasm, and relationships that bring out the best in us, we act to develop and strengthen those aspects of our self until they become a primary part of our character that we express naturally and automatically.

Always pay very close attention to what is being stimulated inside of you at any given moment, and it will reveal to you the true nature of things. While the surface can be disguised or manipulated to appear a certain way, the feeling it has by what it is awakening inside of you, is its true nature and creative power. Resonance is a certain quality of energy that acts to stimulate the same quality in others. The inner nature is always activating the same energetic frequency in its environment, awakening it, drawing it forth, and then interacting with it. At the energetic level we are influenced through feelings. Gain a heightened sense of awareness around how you’re feeling at any given time, and ask yourself, do I want more of this? Do I like how this feels? Notice what quality it brings out in you, and if you like that part of your self. If you do, stay with it and keep interacting with it, but if not, disengage and remove yourself from the influence. This is one of the most basic forms of self-development that we engage in completely at the subliminal and organic level, usually without any direct awareness of what’s actually happening. All mastery begins by becoming aware of what’s operating in your life that up to this point, you were unaware of. It begins by becoming conscious of what was unconscious, and using it in a deliberate and strategic way to self-create by way of it.

Dr. Linda Gadbois
Spiritual Scientist, Teacher and Mentor

Soul Science

The Nature of the Monad – “The Primary Law of the Mind for Self-Creating”

The Monad can be thought of as a sphere of consciousness that’s energetically charged (programmed) with specific types of information as its potential for expression as a process of growth and development. The Monad represents a mind-field as a morphogenic field that flows in an electromagnetic toroidal pattern that’s circular in nature. It’s like a seed that contains all the information as its potential for expression, that’s activated in a synchronized fashion as a growth, development, and evolutionary process that it undertakes systematically. This “information” can be thought of as a form of vibratory DNA that’s not fixed in itself, but exists as a frequency of oscillating vibration that forms a dynamic matrix that also undergoes a constant form of evolution based on how it bonds and blends with the body and everything in near proximity of it.

As we blend energetically with everything around us we exchange properties and qualities as the acquisition, build up, and dissolution of consciousness. The mind starts its evolutionary process through the relationship it forms with the body that it also designs and then inhabits, by programming it with the memory of the soul that shapes our basic personality and sets the basis for all of our conditioning. Once the initial structure has been set in place it then develops and evolves the original formula of memories by exchanging, absorbing and assimilating, and discharging information as consciousness with others and its environment. Every influence is the experience of a vibration outside of us that’s stimulating and calling forth in us the equivalent vibration, then developing it through the interaction that takes place forming a new pattern as a behavioral dynamic that reformulates our basic make-up based on new emphasis and amplitude or intensity of qualities. The most basic form of evolution comes by keeping us in a constant state of harmony with everything in our outer environment where we live as a dynamic part of a greater whole.

Only a certain amount of our potential is activated and developed into patterns as living dramas or interactive dynamics by our formative conditioning (childhood), while others remain latent and unused. This unused potential can only be activated through an outside stimulus or need of some kind. This unused potential exists as qualities we possess, while often not fully realizing we possess them. Under the right conditions we can willfully access our latent potential, or we can recognize it and “decide” to access it and intentionally develop it by using it in a conscious manner within our life, which strengthens it through a form of continued conditioning. The well-developed aspects of ourselves (character traits) that have already been formed into patterns (interactive dynamics) through how they were expressed also continue to transform into new patterns based on how we use them or apply ourselves in new ways, forming new behaviors that tell new stories and create new experiences that simultaneously transform our identity by reprogramming us.


Intelligence as living information or consciousness, is vibration as patterns that are always undergoing a constant form of transformation through the basic law governing the Monad of resonance (with like energy outside of us), sympathetic induction (absorption and synthesis that modifies the vibration into a new vibration as a combination), which ultimately forms coherence producing a new pattern as a physical expression or behavior. This oscillating, living pattern of the torus is doughnut shaped and expands from its center outward blending with everything in its immediate environment and absorbing from it whatever is of the same frequency (range of vibration) as it is. It then turns back on itself and draws the information gathered back into itself (its core), integrating and assimilating the new information to upgrade the entire system, while discharging all energy that no longer vibrates in compatible range, eliminating it from the system as obsolete, and then expands again, repeating the process.

This constant respiration of energy is going on all the time at the unconscious level as an energetic interaction with everything around us. This same integration of an infinite number of biological systems is happening throughout nature and all of life simultaneously as a dynamic, living matrix or correlated information. When we lack awareness of spiritual law and our spiritual-energetic nature, we undergo transformation without any real awareness of what’s happening or why. We exist in a basic state of unconsciousness and as a result fail to direct and determine our own soul development. Instead of being self-determined, we are determined by others and the conditions and circumstances of our life which we imagine to be separate and apart from us.

By waking up, and becoming aware of what’s happening to us and by us, realizing the laws that govern our energetic nature and learning how to work in the world by way of them, we can begin consciously creating ourselves by determining what we blend with, take on, and become like, and of course, what we don’t! We can begin realizing how we’re being influenced by everyone and everything around us by recognizing how we feel in relationship and response to everything. By recognizing what’s happening within us at any given moment in terms of how we feel we can realize what’s being activated and developed in us because of them. We can become aware of what we previously engaged in without any real awareness. We don’t ever really acquire anything from others or the outside world, it simply acts to “awaken and make active” the same qualities in us.


We’re always modifying our vibration as our consciousness through a natural and ongoing energy exchange between our inner and our outer environment. While this is natural and happening all the time, as we become aware of it we can begin learning how to regulate what we allow to enter us and what we allow to stimulate us, rise up and take hold in us, and how we express through the perceptions, feelings, thoughts, and activities it forms as a result. We can stop the stimulus before it takes hold. By recognizing the “nature” of whatever it is we’re being  stimulated by we can make a decision regarding it. We can gain an accurate awareness of how certain people serve to develop us to be “like” them by altering our vibration as our state-of-mind to match theirs. Where we take on, begin feeling, thinking, and acting out of the same quality of consciousness and perspective, and as a result, become the same “type” of person while acting out the same type of dynamics. We can realize which people, situations, and environments produce positive effects, and which ones produce negative effects, and make decisions for our own development accordingly.

We can realize that outside influences act to grow and develop us by way of the nature of their influence, which we are actively absorbing and blending with, allowing it to modify our vibration by taking on the same qualities and attitude and forming the same perspective, just through the nature of the interaction itself as a relationship. Through self-awareness of our own mind as our energy system we can intentionally “choose” which relationships we maintain and nourish, and which ones we either remove ourselves from completely, or only maintain in a casual and periodic fashion. We can begin staying awake in our own life and taking a more conscious approach to our own growth and development by intentionally forming relationships that will act to grow us in ways that we want to be grown. We can begin creating by way of natural laws and impose a direction on our life by becoming the captain of our own ship sailing the stormy seas of self-discovery, realization, and actualization of a higher ideal that we use as the means of navigating the unknown with a sense of faith born out of confidence and a deep pervading belief in our own abilities.

Dr. Linda Gadbois
Spiritual Scientist and Mentor for Personal Transformation

Archetypes – “Universal Themes that Form Individual Expression”


Once we fully understand the nature of what we call “archetypes” we can immediately understand how powerful they are as creative tools. An archetype is what we call an original universal pattern or model from which things of the same kind are copied or fashioned – a kind of prototype. They contain inherent unconscious patterns that form a whole series of interconnected correspondences as feelings that stimulate thoughts of the same nature, that stimulate corresponding emotions, which form images in the imagination, that form movie-like scenarios as thematic story-lines, etc. Archetypes are vibratory frequencies as qualities that are universally present in individual psyches as formulas. Archetypes are qualities of consciousness that form human characteristics as a personality and identity hat lends themselves to telling certain types of stories. They are what make us the “kind of person” we naturally are.


Anytime we talk about vibrations or vibratory frequencies, these can be thought of or equated to attributes and qualities that form inherent characteristics that have natural behaviors and ways of being inherent in them. Qualities form our basic personality as  character traits, which gives birth to our identity, out of which “like” behavior is a natural by-product. In psychology we say that it is impossible for someone to act/behave outside of their identity. That we can only “do” what we can “see ourselves doing”. This is because all action requires a mental concept as a pattern or behavioral strategy in order to be acted out. Our identity is our self-concept, our sense of ourselves that is shaped as a correspondence to our personality. Our personality is formed through the relationship our soul forms with our body, and while our body is naturally imbued with complementary characteristics that are ideally suited to our soul, our soul  is comprised of a cluster of archetypes that exist as vibratory frequencies that are a form of harmonic composure. Our character forms our identity which naturally acts out a whole (overall) pattern that is comprised of a series of fractal (smaller yet similar) patterns as an expression of the qualities the soul is embodying at any given moment.

fibanaci manArchetypes shape the tendencies that govern and ultimately determine behavior in terms of types and themes that are played out as a story-line or ongoing living drama. The Zodiac, in its original form, was laid out as constellations (specialized formula’s) that identified archetypes that governed periods of time as determined by the constellations as heavenly bodies (as above, so below). The twelve months of a year serves as a mini-model of the great cycle represented in the Mayan calendar that tracks ages of evolution with distinct personalities. Not only does the processional equinox for the change of seasons fall on the 20th -22nd of each month, so does the transition from one star-sign to another. Each month represents one sign, and a whole cycle is 12 signs comprised of seven planetary influences. The archetype that governs each sign creates tendencies of a certain nature within the individual as lived out under certain conditions and circumstances as they exist in relationship to everything else. While we tend to only look at the archetype of our birth month, the fact of the matter is, we have a combination of all traits in a dynamic formula of degrees and potentiates (variations) that correspond to houses as different areas of our life where these traits will be expressed and bear the greatest influence. We are not comprised of one or two archetypes, but rather form a unique pattern as a dynamic combination of several archetypes.


So archetypes that govern the grand cycles of time indicate the unconscious patterns that will not only influence individuals, but will also form larger themes as community and cultural tendencies that will be acted out within that same time frame also. We are born into certain times and locations because the greater pattern serves perfectly to produce the smaller patterns of the same nature or likeness. Individual Karma is being served through family karma, which is being served through community, being served through cultural . . . being served through planetary . . . and even universally. Reality consists of a series of smaller patterns of the same nature nested within larger patterns. The larger patterns of society which are subtle in nature, serve to condition the smaller individual patterns born into them.

geometric dreamsThis is why we say you are doing exactly what you are meant to do – that your life is the perfect enactment that is first allowing you to recognize your inner experience, identify repeated patterns, and make new decisions that will reestablish the natural balance, producing inner harmony with your external experience. Any area of your life in which you are experiencing inner turmoil, is showing you an area of karmic significance in which you have the ability to make new decisions, or intentionally interject opposing qualities by embodying them that serve to alter the vibration by equalizing and remixing it, transforming it into its complimentary expression. Archetypes, like all living forces, exist in polarity of opposites that are complimentary in Nature, meaning they’re opposite roles in the same dynamic and serve to stimulate each other. If an archetypal quality is being expressed negatively, the way to heal it is to intentionally express the positive aspects, which will shift the vibration from an extreme back into an equilibrated and more balanced state. Anytime we go to extremes, we create an imbalance. All healing is correcting an imbalance and restoring harmony to the organic living system.


By way of the holographic effect, we know that the way to heal a group or community is done the same way we heal ourselves. The microcosm is a correspondence to the macrocosm. We heal the world, the same way we heal ourselves. By discovering the secrets to self-healing . . . . we simultaneously discover the secrets to global healing. We never have to look outside ourselves for answers. Everything we need . . . is within us waiting to be discovered and tapped into and utilized for our self-creation. Our own mind-body system is a symbolic correspondence to the Universe. They are both constructed and operated via the same Universal laws. The part contains the whole, and the whole is comprised of the parts. Archetypes are Universal patterns that create the channel for personal expression of a universal theme as a unique variation based on how it’s reinterpreted through the individual paradigm to form a new variation as a personal reality. The Tarot, a divine art, offers a rich education in the symbolic nature of archetypes as a full system of correspondences that lay out both positive and negative expressions of the same qualities. In this lies the most profound secrets to self-development, healing and restoring your soul back to a natural state of equilibrium and Harmony. The secret to healing is an in-depth understanding of the law of Sympathies, and our ability to apply them in a precise and deliberate manner to transform how our system is currently expressing, to form a new expression.


Dr. Linda Gadbois
Spiritual Scientist, Teacher and Mentor



4 Steps to Getting What You Want

While we entertain the idea of success requiring long and elaborate schemes and strategies to achieve, in reality, it only requires four basic steps. If you do these four steps, you can achieve anything you set out to achieve.

4 steps to success:

1) Know what you want

2) Realize what it takes to do it

3) Be willing to do it

4) Do it

Sounds simple right? What usually happens in a situation is a person really doesn’t even know for sure what they want, and instead hold a vague and obscured idea of what they want, while focusing almost exclusively on what they don’t want or fear is going to happen instead, while conjuring up manipulative schemes on how to change what they don’t want. Then, even when they realize what they want and what they must do to create it, they’re not willing to do it, and so attempt to create it with whatever behavior they’re comfortable with, even while knowing it won’t produce the outcome they’re trying to produce. Instead, they continue doing what they’ve been doing and are comfortable with, while doing it more intensity or in a more pronounced way, while hoping it’ll produce a new result.

What’s the definition of insanity?
Doing the same thing while expecting a different outcome.

So once you realize what you want and what it’ll take to produce it, and are willing to do it, you then have to discipline yourself to actually do it. It’s the actual practice that produces the equivalent physical results. You’ll only get out of it exactly what you put into it. Yet discipline doesn’t have to come by forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to, but rather by learning how to use your mind in new and creative ways that are actually enjoyable and empowering.

Creation and transformation are not something you bring about simply by thinking about it, but rather by actually doing something. You have to first form a clear idea in your imagination of yourself doing it, and then actually go through the motions of doing it. You have to gear all of your behaviors to align with the desired outcome. You have to eliminate any behavior that acts to contradict it. When going into a situation where there are a lot of uncertainties and unknowns, you need to hold the desired outcome in mind and use it like a navigation system to direct and streamline all your behaviors. Pay attention to your own thought processes to insure that you don’t fall back into old tendencies that’ll sabotage your current creation by reenacting old behaviors.

If you’re not sure what you need to do to create the outcome you desire, then find somebody you know that has done what you want to do. Find someone who has created a similar idea to yours, and then study them to find their strategy. What was their mind-set, their attitude, and how did they actually go about it as a process? Once you elicit their strategy, you can use it to form your strategy in a similar manner, while adapting it to your unique differences and circumstances. You can model their behaviors and practice adopting the same mental attitude and outlook.

Once we know what we want to create and have a strategic process for creating it as an ultimate outcome, we need to simultaneously realize that in order to achieve it we need to lead others psychologically to form a state of cooperation. The best way to do this is by communicating with them in a way that forms in their mind the idea that we want them to participate in co-creating. We then communicate it through an emotional expression that makes it compelling and desirable. We engage them emotionally in a way that produces the natural behaviors necessary to act out and thereby create the desired experience as a process with a specific outcome. As we go along and the creative process is in motion, we monitor feedback in a consistent manner, and interject whatever form of communications we need to make the adjustments we need to make to keep the situation moving in the direction we want it to go, producing what we intended to produce as a variation.

So always start any creative process with a clear and specific idea of what you want as an outcome or experience. Train your mind to focus repeatedly on what you want and what needs to be done. Then form your communication out of that outcome as if it’s already true, forming it as a reality for yourself and others. Communicate with positive emotions in a way that forms in your mind and everyone else’s involved, the idea you want them to cooperate in creating and with the emotions you want them to act out of as a means of creating it. Our willingness to do something comes largely by how we form it as an idea in our mind, what emotions we associate to it, and what we tell ourselves about it that forms either an eagerness for it, or an apprehension around it.

Communication begins with how we talk to ourselves as imagined thought-processes that form an inner experience of the desired outer experience. When we realize that we’re apprehensive about doing what we need to do to create what we want to create, we have to look closely at how we’re presenting the idea to ourselves and what we’re telling ourselves about it that makes it apprehensive. Examine it for the emotional quality motivating it and the belief involved in how we’re presenting it to ourselves, then work directly on ourselves to learn how to tell a new story about the behaviors necessary to perform it in an intentional and deliberate manner. We have to present the idea to ourselves in a way that makes it compelling and enjoyable to do. We have to reform it so it creates a feeling of enthusiasm at the thought of it, knowing what we’re going to make happen by way of performing it.

Allow yourself to always notice that the creative force in any idea is the feeling that compels it into existence through us. When we get an idea that’s inspiring and causes us to aspire towards it, then realize that in order to do it we have encounter our fears and step outside our comfort zone in order to “act it out” and thereby producing it, we can have a tendency to create a feeling of pain and suffering “around” doing what we need to do. This internal experience affects every aspect of how we self-express, and comes across in how we communicate it through our actions and the very nature of our communication. This is the most basic form of self-sabotage. We have to realize that the idea as a vision for reality and the process for creating it are unified by the “feeling” we embody and “act out of” as the means of creating it.

How we experience the process will determine how we experience the outcome it produces. If we struggle and suffer to do something, we’ll only act to create more of the reality of suffering and struggling. The feeling “is” the experience of both the process and the outcome, which is only maintained through continuing the process that created it. Whatever feeling we attach to an idea that produces our emotional state in producing that idea as an expression, only acts to give us more of the same feeling once it becomes a reality. The outer reality is the equivalent to the inner reality, united by the feeling that animates the idea as a pattern or design for creating. Whatever emotion we attach to an idea determines how we use that idea to tell a story as an expression of the emotion, which simultaneously produces natural behaviors as a direct reflection or expression of our inner state. This is a cosmic law, and is always true. Something created in misery, only produces more misery. Something created with enthusiasm, amplifies the feeling of enthusiasm in it’s creation.

So when you form a clear idea in your imagination of what you want to create in your life, then you come to the part of “how” to actually do it, what it’ll require on your part to produce, notice your own response, and what it creates as an inner feeling around the behavior or actions necessary to do it. If it’s fearful, apprehensive, or conflicts with your values in some way, work first on transforming your own attitude necessary to perform it in a way that makes it enjoyable, exciting, passionate, or serving a higher purpose. See it for the good it’ll produce, how it’ll benefit others, and what it’ll contribute to the betterment of humanity. Form all the behaviors and actions necessary to produce it out of very positive feelings. Recognize the fear and limited beliefs involved, and find somebody else who’s successfully done what you desire to do, and elicit their style and strategy for doing it. Then practice imitating it by modeling it taking on the same mind-set and cultivating it internally. Cater your approach to the same type of approach, and run the behaviors through your mind as a mental rehearsal. See and feel yourself doing them with a sense of playfulness and enjoyment, or in a way that’s passionate and charismatic. Change the meaning of what you’re doing so that it supports your values instead of undermining or contradicting them. Form your behaviors as a performance in your mind until you get it just like you want it. Then repeat it several times until it starts to come naturally. Then dedicate yourself to practice, modifying whatever you to until you get it just right. Until it starts consistently producing the outcome and type of experience you desire.

Dr. Linda Gadbois
Personal Development Consultant and Transformational Coach

5 Ways to get High without Drugs or Plants

By Kristohper Love|
Since the beginning of time, humans have enjoyed getting high. From peyote to fasting, from booze to orgasm, people love to alter their consciousness and feel good. Some argue that addicts and alcoholics crave this transcendence more than the average person, noting that our brains are just wired differently. I don’t know about you but I like boom-boom big pleasure: Sometimes I just want dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and zippy laugh-riot good times. While I’ve learned that a lot of those big highs come with devastating lows, there are many people in recovery who’ve learned how to get those natural highs without the long-term losses associated with the use of drugs:

1) Meditation


Getting high off of meditation
Now this is an advanced thing and I stumbled upon it accidentally and was delighted. As I started to meditate for longer, I found out I started to feel like I was getting high (the kind of high you get when you smoke marijuana). And once I stared feeling this way, I got addicted! At first I would meditate only in the nights before I went to sleep (did I mention that this is awesome if you have insomnia?), but after this realization I would meditate every time I had some free time anywhere between 15-30 minutes when I wouldn’t be disturbed.

This is the only way, you have to keep doing it and keep increasing your concentration period. And the more you do it, the easier you’ll find yourself to get into this altered state.

Advantages of getting high off of meditation

This high that you get with meditation is not like marijuana where you are going to be high for hours (but if you can meditate for that long, then why not) but you have absolute control and you can come out of it whenever you want.

You wouldn’t get any of the side effects that you would get with the drugs that induce the altered state of mind (nicotine, caffeine, alcohol etc. all are drugs that alter the state of mind).

On the contrary you will have medical benefits! Now how awesome is that!
Meditation has a bunch of benefits but this article is already too lengthy (and frankly I don’t know the list by heart) so here is a link with a concise list:

2. Ecstatic Dance / Hula Hooping (interesting):

ecstatic dancing

There is something special about moving your body to music you love that puts you in a special state of trance. How you dance and what you dance to has a particularly deep influence on the level of consciousness you will reach during the activity. Any type of movement to music however does get your body producing endorphins that are released during exercise. If you do your dancing consciously or yogicly with hula hoops or some sort of tool that helps you mold your body to intricate geometries repeatedly, it is possible for your body to produce temporary consciousness expanding moments although your state of perception may remain long term.

A meditative state of mind must be achieved to put your perception into a sensitive and moldable state to aid the process. Your state of mind creates the difference between a normal adrenaline / endorphin rush and a full DMT like temporary altered state. I have many times had that experience happen to me where it almost creates a fork in the road, I could either meditate on it and allow a full technicolor geometrical experience to take place or I could simply blink my eyes a few times and it’ll be applied as a happiness rush.


It makes sense if you look on google and see how serotonin in synthesized in the pineal gland to create meletonin and DMT. Your brain won’t activate the pineal gland during the day unless a meditative state is achieved. Now you understand why the meditative state is required and why so many people never experience what I am speaking of until they start practicing yoga.

3) Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga supports your Divine Purpose in life, that of becoming an excellent human being. The practice of Kundalini Yoga encourages you to think of yourself first as a spiritual being, inhabiting a body that was designed to contain a portion of Divine Consciousness. Through Kundalini Yoga, you will move, breathe and concentrate in an exceedingly specific manner that encourages the level of consciousness necessary to experience your Higher Self, your union with the Infinite, your ‘Sat Nam’.

4. Breathing Consciously:


Breathing is such an integral part of life that we tend to take it for granted. It simply happens day in and day out endlessly, like the beating of our heart. These automatic processes of the body often fall into the background of our awareness — we typically don’t notice them until we accidentally swallow water ‘down the wrong pipe’ or enter a suana or extremely hot environment in which the air suddenly becomes hot and breathing labored. Yet, in many ways, the key to expanded awareness lies in first becoming aware of the breath and bringing its pattern under our conscious control, as breathing controls the flow of ‘life force’ (energy) in our body.

The yogi’s and taoists knew that breath was our primary source of Chi/Qi/Prana — all names for the primordial energy which permeates all things and collects in higher amounts in sentient beings. They also realized that for most people, breathing was largely an unconscious process characterized by its shallowness. By becoming consciously aware of the breath and deepening it, they found that greatly expanded states of consciousness could be achieved. They went on to experiment with all kinds of different techniques, thereby refining the art of breathing into a series of known practices which could be used to enhance awareness at will.

5) Conscious Love-Making


We all know making love in general is by design going to give you one of the most potent natural highs of all time. However that typical experience we are use to having, has its ups and down related to the quality of the intercourse we experience. Just like manufacturing a drug, the best way to ensure the high is as good as possible is to make the experience as pure and loving as possible. When we have intercourse full of conscious love, we allow our sexual experience to speak to our entire body rather than just the lower organs. This results in a huge increase in pleasure and more control of the experience. The sense of control comes from intercourse being practiced from a place of fullness rather than achievement of the orgasm.

Transformational Coaching

Creative Transformation
Transformation is a form of creation. It’s where we’re taking something that has already undergone the basic stages of creation in the initial sense, and continuing to create it by growing and evolving it into new and higher forms of itself.

All transformation requires the use of our creative ability through the fundamental capacities of choice and free will. We have to first decide what changes we want to make, or what aspects of ourselves we’re going to intentionally develop, form that idea in our imagination as a reality, imbue it with strong positive emotions, then discipline ourselves into new behaviors that actualize those changes as an outer reality. A reality of our own making that we brought about through our actions in and intentional and deliberate manner.

We are all born into this world with a kind of formula for creating inside of us. This formula exists as our dreams in terms of what we love and have an affinity for, and our strengths, talents and gifts that are usually apart of what we love, and weakness and fears that act to prevent us from obtaining what we dream of. Our dream for our life is our navigation system for our destiny as our life’s story as a theme or general idea we’re always naturally gravitating towards. Our strengths and talents are tools for creating the life we dream of, and our weaknesses and fears are what prevent us from achieving our life’s ambition. Love of an idea draws us into it, fear acts to stop us and prevent us from moving into it. These 3 aspects always exist in relationship to each other because they set the natural stage for the lessons that will facilitate our soul’s growth by way of them. Our dream is the overall pattern as a story we tell by living that exists in polarity of positive and negative aspects. Positive expands while negative contracts. One is creative, the other destructive. One facilitates our growth the other sabotages it. This equation as our internal programming shows us in very clear terms what aspects of our character we came here to develop in this lifetime.


Our interests and passions and what we have a natural affinity for as a way of life or our “life’s work” is what we came here to experience as a quality of consciousness that develops and strengthens the aspects necessary to achieve it in us as our character or identity. A certain character is necessary to tell a certain type of story as the natural expression (thoughts and behaviors) of that character. Our strengths are usually necessary to actualize our dream, while our weaknesses prevent us from actualizing it. We have to walk through or confront our fears and weaknesses in order to realize the dream for our life. Our life path is never easy, and always requires us to overcome our fears and weaknesses in order to obtain.

The only purpose of life is to set the stage necessary for us to grow ourselves by using our will to self-create. All growth only comes by striving, consistent effort, and determination. We have to willfully produce our growth through our actions which require us to access the aspects of ourselves necessary to overcome or bring back into balance the aspects being expressed as our weaknesses and fears. Weaknesses, which are always attached to fear, simply show us what we need to work on and what parts of ourselves we need to bring into harmony by counteracting them with the positive aspect of the same trait. Weaknesses are always the basis for addictions, most of which are destructive in nature. Addictions are formed as a coping device for our weaknesses, where whatever we are addicted to we lack the strength to overcome, and so it serves to control us.


All tendencies that form our behavior are natural forces that form whole patterns that exist in polarity as positive and constructive (active) aspects, and negative and destructive (preventative) aspects. All natural forces exist in polarity as opposite and complementary aspects necessary to stimulate each other and bring balance back to whatever is out of balance that prevents the harmonious expression of the whole or greater pattern that they’re both apart of. For example, we can only know ourselves as “courageous” when we encounter situations in our life that make us afraid and tempted to coward, and we choose instead to take affirmative action in spite of the fear. All experience is relative and formed out of how things exist in relationship and contrast to each other.

So weaknesses simply show us where imbalances exist in our psychological make-up and what aspects we need to access, call forth, and develop by using it to turn the weakness into a strength. What prevents us from living the life of our dreams, shows us the lesson we came here to learn. What we love and desire the most, is also what we have the greatest fears around. Our fears are always associated with our loves. Love and fear are opposite forces in the same idea. Love creates a feeling of resonance as desire and compels us towards what we love, while fear repels us and not only prevents us from moving into what we love, but drives us away from it. Both are centered on the same idea (vibration), one attracts and expands the other repels and contracts.

Our destiny, as what we love and feel an intimate connection with is the larger idea for our life that makes both our strengths and weaknesses apparent. We have to step into our fears in order to dissolve them using courage as the driving force behind love. Fear is designed to stop us from taking action and moving forward. Courage is recognizing the fear, gaining realization around it, and choosing to move forward in spite of the fear. Just the act of stepping forward into what we fear, acts to dissolve the fear. Once it no longer serves to hold us back and weaken us, it no longer exists as real for us. Fear, is in reality, an illusion.


“The only thing to fear is fear itself”

“It’s not what happens to us that matters, but how we react to what happens. What we allow to come through us because of what happens”

All transformation comes as a form of self-creation, whether consciously by actively pursuing our destiny, or unconsciously by what seems like the blow of fate. Whether we engage in our own development with full awareness and deliberate actions, or through crisis, where we experience it as happening “to us” through means beyond our control. All life crises are simply changes that force us to move in a new direction, take on a new role, or adapt our life to new conditions. When we willingly adapt to the changes, and realize them as the catalyst for growth, we can bring about intentional and deliberate change that uses the circumstances to develop and bring about new aspects of ourselves necessary to rise up and meet the challenges and triumph by way of them. When we see them as happening “to us” and resist them, we let them overwhelm us, feeling powerless in our own life to change them, and we succumb to them, which not only strengthens our weaknesses making them more prominent, but creates a whole new array of other ones as their offspring. The only thing we truly have control over in life . . . is ourselves. While we can’t change other people or the conditions and circumstances of our life, we can absolutely change how we experience them and how we respond in relationship with them to self-create by way of them.

While we are always undergoing a subtle form of transformation through the relationship we form and exist within with all of life, true creativity only comes through awareness, by forming an idea of what you want to create, then embodying the qualities and behaviors necessary to produce it as your reality of yourself. It’s always a question of whether or not you’re aware of how you’re acting in your own life through the story you tell yourself about things, or whether you remain unaware of how you’re actually acting to create yourself all the time by how you interact with life.

good and bad

Choice, like everything else, is polar in nature, just as our mind exists in a balance of conscious and subconscious states, we’re always either choosing consciously with awareness, or unconsciously without direct awareness through a reaction of some sort. While most of our choices are made in an automatic fashion through natural and immediate reactions of some sort, by becoming present in our lives and forming a awareness around what’s actually happening while recognizing what it stimulates in us that forms our “reactions”, we can become aware of our own tendencies and make new choices in their place that create new experiences.

All healing is a form of transformation as self-creation that brings what is acting in our lives (selves) to create at the unconscious level into conscious awareness. It comes when we shed light into the darkness and see what we couldn’t see before that equips us with the ability to act in ways that transform what was created in an unconscious manner into what’s created through a conscious choice and intentional actions. Personal transformation, also referred to as our second birth or spiritual awakening, is when we become awake and aware in our own life while realizing our power to create ourselves by way of our life circumstances, and begin exercising our higher capacities of choice, shaping that choice into a reality in our imagination, then willfully acting it out to create an experience of it. While resting in the realization . . . that we created it by simply using our mind in a new way.

Dr. Linda Gadbois
Transformational Coach and Spiritual Teacher

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New Years Resolution: Reflecting on your Life . . . . . . .


Reflecting on your Life . . . . . . .
With the new year coming, and feeling the energetic effects of the winter solstice which is magnetic, withdrawing energy from the outer world back into itself for germination and incubation, we have a natural tendency to reflect back on our life as a kind of overview with highlights that evaluates our experiences, what was active and prevalent in our life, where we experienced growth and a sense of achievement, and where we failed to make the changes we vowed to the year before. As we self-reflect, we get a distinct feeling of what our life’s about and whether we are advancing and growing into something greater, or stagnating and staying stuck in redundant patterns that we can’t seem to get out of. We usually get a sense of where we’d like to be going, what kind of changes we have a desire and longing for, and our dreams that year by year we let slip away seemingly powerless to change it. Ultimately surrendering to a fate assigned to us through our duty and obligation to someone else’s dream.

When we withdraw our energy from the outer world and begin looking within as a means of recognizing ourselves, it’s as if we touch on our true self as our soul as a latent force within us waiting to be awakened. We access that part of us normally obscured with the clamoring demands of our everyday life which commands our soul and bullies us along a path that doesn’t seem to have any exits or crossroads, but formed by deep embankments that prevent our ultimate escape from the lifeless illusion that’s robbed us of our destiny by replacing with a dull form of fate. Each year, which passes by like a fleeting memory mostly forgotten, we sink deeper and deeper into the abyss of conventional life and the remnants of what was once our vision for life that enthralled us with an eager sense of curiosity and wonder, dims and begins fading into the distance, vague, elusive, and beyond recognition. Now, only memories that haunt us with what “could have been” are felt like a distant howl relentlessly begging our attention in a desperate attempt to resurrect the life we were born to live.

As we look back over our life the last year, or the last several years, to see how our life is taking form and progressing, we may long for change, sometimes to the point of desperation, then wallowing in a feeling of frustration and disappointment. Not in others who we imagine have stolen our fate, but in ourselves for being powerless to change it. Yet change is something that’s always within our power to create. We have only to be willing to do what it takes to bring the desired change about. All change is a form of transformation that requires a new vision for your life, and direct action on your part to produce it. In order for your life to change, you have to begin doing something different. You need to gain realization around what’s keeping you seemingly stuck in your current situation, and what aspects of your mind-set need to be transformed in order to produce the change naturally as a by-product or natural form of expression. Change in your life will only come through change in yourself because you are the creator of your life.

Longing for Change . . .
There’s a distinct tendency whenever we’re longing for change to take the attitude of thinking that it’s other people or our situation that needs to change or is what’s preventing us from changing, and that in order for us to change, they need to change. We then become invested and direct all our efforts into trying to figure out how to get them to change, and what we need to do to “make” them change. After several futile attempts at manipulating others to get them to do the change for us, we begin realizing that not only does it not produce the change we were after, but often makes it even worse because our attempts are met with resistance and a hostel reaction. This is because the people and situations in our lives are what established and serve to maintain the patterns of our life and only act to hold us firmly to those patterns. As we change, so does every aspect of our life. But the only change we can actually produce in the real sense is a change in ourselves as a form of intentional growth and development.


Growing Ourselves . . . .
In order to grow in our lives, we have to have an attitude of consistent and continuous improvement of some form. We have to have a vision for our life that serves as a navigational tool for “who” we’re becoming and what direction we’re intentionally moving our life in. We have to have a clear idea of what aspects of our life we want to change, what type of growth we want to produce, and how to form it as a congruent idea that produces harmony in all other areas of our life, and what the actual changes need to be. It’s not just behaviors we’re changing, but our attitude and mind-set that are producing the behaviors. Whatever we’ve created or exist in a natural relationship with up to this point, is because our paradigm produces it, supports it, and acts naturally to maintain it through the current behaviors being employed. Behavioral dynamics as actions and deeds are the end result of a whole psychology. They’re produced congruently out of feelings, thoughts, beliefs, emotional states, values, preferences, and so on, that all act together to express and create through congruent actions of some sort. To change the action, you have to change the paradigm as a mind-set that’s acting to produce it.

molecules of brain

“Change your mind, change your life”
“Change your thoughts, and you change your experience”

So as the year comes to a close, and a new one is on the horizon, and you reflect back on your life, forming a sense of what you accomplished in terms of desired growth, rekindle your vision for your life. Recall what your vision is, and as you compare it to your current life, form clarity around what changes you need to produce to grow yourself into the person that will naturally and consistently produce the life you desire. We are all born with a vision inside of us as a calling that we consistently imagine as a reality that we steadily gravitate towards in our life. Our vision is a guidance system designed to lead us into telling a certain kind of story by how we live our life. We have everything we need inside us to live that story. Our dream reveals our potential as a destiny that requires us to grow ourselves in specific ways in order to produce it by living it. We have to become the person (character) that naturally tells that story by how we live our life. Who we become and how we’re being is always up to us.

So as you reform your vision for your life, ask yourself, how do you need to deliberately act on yourself to become the person necessary for living that vision as your life’s story? What are you currently doing in your life that’s preventing it, or contradicting it by serving to create something else? How would you need to change yourself to begin living out of a new idea for yourself? What beliefs do you hold about your current life that prevent you from being able to live the life you dream of? What values do you hold that keep you in the position you’re currently in? And how would you need to transform those to support your desired life? What story are you telling yourself that keeps you stuck in a situation that you long to leave or change all together?

You need to not only identify the desired change, but what is acting to create your current experience. What the psychological component is around the areas you need to transform, and how that will affect the other areas of your life. You need to begin gaining an in-depth clarity around your own psychological make-up, and work at the level of cause that’ll produce a natural effect as behaviors and experiences. You need to recognize and become aware of the emotional component driving the current behavior, and what emotional state will be necessary to drive the new behavior.


The Nature of Transformation . . .
Transformation is a holistic process that affects every aspect of your being and produces new “cause and effect” relationships that naturally and spontaneously produce new types of experiences and a new “sense of yourself” within those experiences that serve to transform your identity. As you create new experiences, you simultaneously identify with your own experiences, and they reformulate you to automatically produce more of the same type of experiences. While growth requires effort and deliberate action initially, once exercised repeatedly, it becomes natural behavior that we do automatically without having to think about it. This frees up the energy being expended to produce the new behaviors making it available for new growth and development.

Deliberate growth and development requires a vision as an ideal of us based on our dream for our life. Whatever our dream is we have to develop the necessary qualities and character traits to be able to tell that story in a natural and automatic fashion. It gives us a formula as our “character” that shows us how we need to act on ourselves to transform our current character into the desired character necessary to tell the story of our dream life. Life sets the stage necessary for growing ourselves through self-created experiences by way of our life conditions and circumstances. We know we’ve achieved the desired growth when we consistently produce the experiences as a story (of our dream) in an effortless and natural manner. Our constitution determines how we express to create our life experience. In order to change our outer experience, we have to change our inner constitution which is producing it. All growth is initiated from within as an imagined result or outcome, and then projected outward through actions as self-expression that produces an outer experience analogous to the inner.

Dr. Linda Gadbois
Transformational Coach / Spiritual Teacher

Symbolic Imagery of Dreams – “Understanding the Spiritual Language of Law”

Mental freeflow
Often what confuses us when we’re attempting to interpret symbols and metaphor of various forms, is that we’ve been taught that it’s the spiritual realm that exists as symbolic to the physical realm. Yet in reality, exactly the opposite is true. The physical realm exists as the symbols or forms produced by the spiritual realm. In order to understand this further, we’d have to realize that what we call the spiritual (invisible) realm is energetic in nature. It’s energy as subtle essences or vibration that has patterns inherent in it that structures matter into distinct shapes. The form or shape something takes on reveals how it functions, operates or behaves. Form as a pattern and function are always connected in the biological world of Nature. The form something takes on reveals the laws at work and how it will naturally behave as an automated operation or form of personality or instinct. Natural laws are the invisible forces throughout nature that animate matter into various forms of biological functioning as a part of greater patterns. The form and behavior something takes on is a result of the vibratory frequency that’s forming and operating it.

cosmic doorway
Symbols, imagery, and metaphors are the language of dreams that communicate ideas. The symbolic nature of our dreams is the spiritual language of vibration that communicates whole ideas. What seems like an individual symbol is actually a part of a larger composite symbol that are all conveying or being used to express a larger or overall idea. Each aspect of the symbol is of the same “nature” as a vibratory frequency that is analogous to everything else and serves to give us deeper clues into the overall idea being conveyed. So it’s not just the forms or images themselves, but also the attributes, qualities, and characteristics they are imbued with, that are all of the same frequency as an idea (pattern that forms reality). The “key” to decoding these symbolic messages is the law of analogy and correspondences where you realize that every aspect of a symbol, image or scenario is formed by the same idea as its nature produced by a vibration that organizes astral light into symbolic realities as its expression. So all attributes, qualities and characteristics in a symbolic image or composite is significant to its interpretation and gives us deeper clues into the true idea being illustrated. All aspects are of the same “nature” as a constitution or essence.

Vibration as ideas can be classified by the form and shape they naturally take on, which reveals how they naturally function or operate. The shape of something and its attributes indicates not only an operation, but the “quality” of the operation as a personality. It reveals not only “what” it’ll do, but also “how” it will do it. Each vibratory frequency as a composite image creates a kind of formula as a calculation. Form (with all its attributes) and function always go together. This is the basis for not only sacred geometry, which is the language of law as consciousness that forms reality, but also for all the hieroglyphic and symbolic imagery of ancient cultures that communicated through ideas rather than words. It didn’t use words to describe ideas, but rather an image that represented laws that when held in the mind began unfolding into a whole series of ideas that were uniquely produced by the relationship formed by the vibratory frequency and the consciousness (vibratory frequency) of the individual beholding it. In all aspects of its interpretation, it operates by the very laws that it’s comprised of. Each interpretation of a universal idea or archetype is formed into a variation based on who’s interpreting it. The unique variation is the personal creation of the individual in relationship to that idea and how it’s applied to their everyday life as the basis for interpretation.
wheel of life

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

For this reason, generic interpretations or those made by others “for us” to use as a means of interpreting our own dreams or inner visions, are meaningless and can act to mislead us. The original spiritual language of symbols required an in-depth form of knowledge in order to properly interpret them. What we see in a symbol is not only a personal experience formed in our imagination, but based on our mood or emotional state (vibration), our level of consciousness in terms of wisdom, our maturity, where we’re at in our lives and how we’re adapting it, and so on. For this reason, symbols are a very dynamic language with an endless multitude of possible interpretations, understanding, and applications. Symbolic language isn’t stagnate and fixated like modern language of words are. Words are only designed to form images in our imagination. Yet the images we associate to the same words vary with each individual, and so communication by the spoken word is usually a basic form of miscommunication. Not because it’s not symbolic in and of itself, but because we don’t take this into consideration when communicating and therefore miscommunicate, often without ever even realizing that that’s what we’re doing.

Law, which is form and function, is revealed by the shape and appearance something takes on. The laws operating in that form are further expressed and demonstrated by the quality of its form in terms of its characteristics and how we “experience” them when we behold the form. This is why ideas that represent “good” always appear as beautiful, pure, and emanating; whereas ideas that are “evil” are portrayed as ugly and haggard, and dark and dingy. Notice that saints are always represented as beautiful attractive people that are glowing with a energetic vibrancy, that elicits very positive feelings in us when we look at them or exist in their presence. The attributes and qualities of a form always reveal the laws operating through that form as its vibration which also determines its behavior (as its natural function). Behavior is the animation of an innate pattern as its expression that produces an equivalent or matching outer experience. It’s how we move what’s inside as a quality of consciousness to the outside as a physical reality.

unified field

Intuition is the Law of Analogy and Correspondences
So once we realize that the spiritual realm does not exist as symbolic of the material realm, but rather quite the opposite, in that the material world exists as the symbolic representation of the energetic realm of vibration, we can connect ideas in terms of the functions inherent in them. The ideas being expressed in dreams or visions are giving us explicit instruction of some form as correlating ideas to our physical, waking experience. They are either showing us ideas being acted out in our daily life, or revealing to us what exists within our waking circumstances as potential realities that we’re not seeing, and therefore they act as guidance of some form. The key to understanding is in realizing that at the subconscious and purely spiritual level of our being, communication takes place through the symbolic language of law that can only be understood in terms of applying it through intuition. Intuition “is” the law of analogy and correspondence which connects ideas to other ideas of the same nature. It’s our natural ability to discern the spiritual world of vibration as a feeling that when held in the mind-imagination, unfolds as a corresponding series of ideas, or forms a connection to that same idea within our daily lives and how it’s being expressed in a different way.

All form is the expression of vibration as a structuring mechanism that shapes matter (astral light as essence) into form as the patterning inherent in the vibration. This patterning is a form of memory. Vibration is consciousness not only as intelligence or information necessary to form a pattern, but also as a personality that determines “how” it functions reforming it into a unique variation of the same idea. The spiritual world of consciousness exists as universal archetypes or generic ideas that are specialized into unique variations based on the channel or individual consciousness it enters into relationship with as a means of forming a physical expression.

doorway to other dimensions

The Field – Waveform and the Particle
This operates according to the same law as the field and particle, where the field as universal consciousness exists in a purely potential state (unformed) as an infinite number of possibilities around the same idea (memory) or basic patterning. When the individual mind tunes into that same frequency and enters into relationship with it, it resonates with whatever potential can be readily and ideally applied through it to create a personal reality as one possibility, and through a basic form of resonance, “chooses” one, draws it into itself and develops it in the imagination as a personalized version. This “selection” as a relationship that chooses then adapts, collapses the wave-form around a single idea, and the wave becomes a particle as a singular idea (one possibility) that forms a personalized reality.

geometric dreams

The Universal Language of Law
This dynamic quality as endless variations around a single idea as its potential for expression is the creative nature of the spiritual realm. It’s not fixated into an absolute form that stagnates and limits it, but remains in an eternal state of evolution as endless transformation based on adaptation which modifies and forms it into a specialized version of itself. Law, which is the natural forces governing a physical form that produce and animate it, remain forever in a dynamic flux and flow structuring itself into patterns as formulas based on a dynamic series of relationships that it forms with a whole series of interwoven ideas, then evolves through that structured form as a continuous growth process that eventually dissolves and becomes available to form new structures of the same idea expressed in a new way.

Though people have a tendency to always try and hold these natural forces into a specific idea (usually of their own making), and classify a single interpretation as the “right” interpretation, or give their ideas to others who lack the individual knowledge (seemingly anyway) themselves to interpret the meaning of ideas and except instead someone else’s ideas for their own communication with the spiritual world. This tendency to accept someone else’s interpretation for your own is the foundation that religion was built on, and the main lure of “psychics” who offer themselves up to “have” your experiences for you while telling you what they mean. In reality you are meant to develop your own intuition and acquire the (self) knowledge necessary to make your own interpretations. Only then will you be able to receive the constant communication that’s going on all the time between your physical existence and your spiritual existence. Otherwise, we cut ourselves off from our very origins and fail completely to realize that our physical experience is the product of our spiritual self, and that all expression as our very thoughts and feelings are a product of our vibratory frequency as our spiritual essence. Spirit speaks to us in the language of law as symbolic metaphor imbued with attributes that give it character as personality that determines how it functions to produce living experience as indigenous patterns.

Dr. Linda Gadbois
Spiritual Scientist and Transformation Coach

2 Forgotten Healing Herbs of Christmas (skin balm recipe included!)

3 Magi
Posted by Nick Polizzi

We’re eight days away from Christmas and the team and I have been busy unraveling some of the medical mysteries associated with this ancient midwinter tradition.

Tucked quietly into many of the world’s most celebrated holidays are hidden codes, sacred symbolism, and my personal favorite – valuable and often forgotten medicines. In certain cases, we have to dig a little in order to find the deeper wisdom in these annual celebrations, but not with Christmas. This one wears its healing jewels in plain sight, like ornaments on a tree.

3wisemenToday, we’re going to visit the Three Wise Men, who famously paid a fateful visit to Jesus in the moments after his birth. Also known as “The Magi,” which is the root of the English word magician, the bible says that these distinguished foreigners came bearing three special gifts. One of the gifts was pure gold, but the other two may have been a far more valuable offering. These were the herbs frankincense and myrrh.3 Magi

Yes, frankincense and myrrh are best known for their use as incense in religious rituals, but make no mistake, these revered herbs are potent medicines that have been used by healers throughout history to treat everything from serious infection to hair loss. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Frankincense: Boswellia sacra, Boswellia carter

Dating back to Sumerian times, this fragrant resin was often transported via large caravans across the desert from eastern African and Arabian regions, including Yemen, Oman, Ethiopia and Somalia. Its use as a medicine most likely started with the ancient Egyptians who also charred it to make the famous black kohl eyeliner that adorned the faces of their noble women. Frankincense is central to almost every major religion from this region of the world, but its healing value often goes unmentioned in the history books.frankincense

frankincense For starters, frankincense oil has been used for millennia to help balance out the emotions and achieve a happier, more connected life. Modern science tells us that frankincense is rich in compounds known as sesquiterpenes, that have the ability to pass the blood-brain barrier and stimulate the region of our brain that controls our feelings. One of the most common biomarkers of this plant, incensole acetate, is a known antidepressant that has shown very promising effects.

The oil is also extremely beneficial for the skin and hair. It can be applied topically to treat dry skin, smoothen wrinkles, and strengthen hair roots. After battle, it was often relied upon to disinfect wounds, sooth muscle pain and reduce swelling. Because of its known anti-inflammatory properties, frankincense oil is often prescribed by naturopaths to treat patients who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Fun fact: archaeologists found frankincense resin in King Tut’s tomb in ancient Egypt. A truly medicinal treasure!

Myrrh: Commiphora myrrha

Like frankincense, myrrh is native to Northern Africa and the Middle East, including Ethiopia and Yemen. This revered plant resin actually appears in one of the oldest Egyptian medical texts, Ebers Papyrus, which dates back to 1550 B.C.! This is a clear testament to how popular it was among ancient cultures for its curative effects. But why?myrrh_gum_powder1

myrrh_gum_powderBeyond its use as a fragrance and for embalming purposes, early civilizations saw that it possessed quite a few healing properties. The Egyptians bought boatloads of it from the Phoenicians for use in skin salves that were applied to wounds, sores and burns. By this time, early doctors had already recognized myrrh’s antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects, and it was prescribed for a wide array of physical ailments, including: cough, asthma, indigestion, rashes and scrapes, burns, skin infection, hemorrhoids, joint pain, and sore throat.

It was also used as a rejuvenating facial and massage treatment for women.

Both of these sacred substances have endured quite a journey over the past five millennia. They were even forbidden by certain religions for quite some time because of their association with pagan rituals – but it’s hard to keep a good medicine under wraps. Frankincense and myrrh are now celebrated worldwide for their religious significance, but it is up to us to spread the word about their extreme healing potential and put them to good use!

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to create your own healing balm from these two timeless herbs, we have included a recipe below!

How to make your own skin balm with frankincense and myrrh:

(Makes about 3 cups)

To make this recipe, you will need either a slow cooker or double boiler. If you don’t have either, you can fashion yourself a makeshift double boiler using a metal or glass mixing bowl and slightly smaller pot filled with a bit of water.


2 cups olive oil
20 drops frankincense essential oil
20 drops myrrh essential oil
2/3 cup beeswax
4 glass or metal sealable containers


• Construct your double boiler or slow cooker and bring to the appropriate low heat.

• Add the olive oil and allow to come to temperature. About 7 minutes.

• Add the beeswax, stirring until dissolved.

• Add frankincense and myrrh essential oils and stir gently for 5 minutes.

• Pour into storage containers. Leave the lids off until fully cool.

Once you allow this fragrant oil to cool for about 20 to 30 minutes, it will firm up into a nicely textured balm that you can apply directly to the skin.


Happy Holidays,

Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

Spiritual Healing – “Life Crisis serves to Transforms Us”

bit by bit

When we ask the question “what is spiritual healing”, while all spiritual ideas are dynamic and multi-dimensional (have layered meaning), we would have to first begin by bringing definition to the terms being used as ideas that imply the processes involved in working intentionally with them through awareness. Human beings are basically what we call 3-part beings, consisting of body, soul, and spirit. These three aspects are always working in harmony with each other as our mind-body system. Our spiritual essence is equivalent to our mind, our body to our habits and behaviors, and our soul to the combination of the two as the “experiences” they create in unison.

The spirit, which is equivalent to the mind, is largely our mental-thought oriented self which is a natural expression of our paradigm (model), while our soul is comprised of accumulated memory of our life experiences as a form of life-story or biography that we’re always in the process of telling by how we live our life. While these three aspects are always expressing as one, our spiritual aspect is causal as the mental paradigm we live out of, that’s a form of vibratory frequency as a biological tuning device that projects (puts off) and attracts (draws into itself) more thoughts of the same nature that are compliant (of the same frequency) with its paradigm (model of the world). Our mind is the invisible energy field that surrounds and permeates our body, that acts as a filtering mechanism for conceiving in the outer environment what matches it as thoughts and ideas that enter into it as a form of suggestion through resonance and sympathetic induction, which we experience as our own natural thought processes. We draw into us, become one with and integrate whatever is of the same vibration as we are around us, and as a result, undergo a constant form of subliminal transformation that’s subtle and gradual, creating variations that are based out of the same vibration as a life theme. We attract and act as a receiver for whatever elements around us that can be used to structure the same type of reality as a thematic story that gives us a consistent experience of our outer life as the reflection or direct correspondence to our inner life.

The soul, which acts as the medium that bonds the mind to the body and shares properties of both (the mind and the body), links ideas as feelings to the body through emotions that are associated to memories. The idea as a thought enters our mind, and is shaped by astral light in the imagination into a living reality as an adaptation of a universal idea (archetype) that’s used to form a personalized experience as a variation. The universal idea is modified by the body and personality, and the soul as a mental paradigm built up out of accumulated memory that’s emotionally based and acquired through all factors involved, such as: the individual, their maturity and level of consciousness, the conditions they exist within, their circumstances, situation, culture, era, and so on, that modifies the original idea as a kind of template into a personal experience. The idea as a feeling (vibration) forms a series of thoughts that are transmitted from the higher or universal mind and is receiver by the soul as the lower mind, where it stimulates (awakens) an emotion and a memory of the same nature in the soul-body (memory that’s unified) as a natural response to it, that are used to further modify the correlating idea into an experience within our current reality. This idea as a thought-form, matched with its equivalent emotion and memory, formed in the imagination as a possible reality or tangible concept, acts as a program or template for the body-consciousness to act out through the behavior the reality implies, as its physical (actual) expression.

ethereal body

Subtle Energy of the Mind
One way we can think of this is that the idea as it originates in the Universal Mind exists in a waveform of pure potential as literally billions of possible variations of a single idea or pattern, modified by how it’s adapted through the channel (person or body) it expresses through. Though it forms a variation, it’s still an expression of the same basic idea as an analogous correspondence. When it’s received by a local-individual mind, a form of selection takes place, and only one possibility out of billions becomes expressed as a personalized version of the greater idea.

Whereas in modern society we’ve been taught to dissociate the mind from the body, and many people don’t even have a clear concept of what the soul actually is, we associate the idea of healing with the ailments and manifestations of the body, and take the approach of healing the body by purely physical means. By repairing it, changing it’s chemistry through drugs, replacing parts with synthetic fabrications or transplants, often, without ever identifying or addressing the actual cause as a paradigm (structured pattern) of the mind, driven by emotion and beliefs of some sort that create behaviors which manifest as illness and disease in the body. Because we don’t realize that energy as consciousness manifests consistently through vibratory patterning, and that all physical conditions have a psychosomatic component as karma (memory) of some sort, we never heal at the emotional and mental levels, and the same pattern simply manifests in a new way, or the same disease remains active and is controlled instead by drug therapies that simply act to manage the symptoms. This tends to keep us hopelessly in the realm of affect, looking only for “causes” that are also purely physical in nature.

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Feelings are Vibrations with Patterns Inherent in them

To heal at the soul-spirit level, is to become aware of whatever is working in your life at the subconscious level. It’s to gain self-awareness by realizing what moods and emotional states you embody and live out of, what type of thoughts you tend to think on a regular basis, what memories you use to tell your life story out of, and what type of internal realities you create as a result. These internal realities, as giving form to thoughts, infusing them with emotions that motivate action of some sort that are connected to them that shapes them into thematic realities that are offspring of the memories which acts as an organizing or composing mechanism, structuring our current reality into the same idea by how we perceive and interpret it, that forms life-themes. These themes are based on the meaning we give things, which shapes the story we tell about them. The story we tell means something about us, about other people, and about the way the world is. We are always creating 3-levels of reality simultaneously through the story we tell ourselves “about” things.

The energy we hold and are comprised of, that forms our thoughts, emotions and internal realities, are also felt as distinct feeling sensations in our body. These feelings have distinct qualities to them, and are associated to our inner energy system known as the chakras. Each chakra, located at different parts of the body, are associated with our major organs and endocrine glands, which effect natural processes of the body thru emotional states that are regulatory in nature. Our emotions, which are a response to our own thoughts or stimulus in our environment, arise in us as the hormones secreted through our endocrine glands that instantly alter our state by producing body chemistry. Our emotions are the fluid-like connection with the astral or instinctual plane that connects us with our surroundings, other people, animals, and all of Nature. The astral / instinctual fields of the physical realm of emotions have “patterns” inherent in them as memory or thought-forms that motivate behavior and produce realities as the expression of the emotion. Where ever we experience and hold these emotions in our body, effects the organs and processes associated with that part of the body, and over-time, manifest in some way, producing distinct symptoms, which give us a warning to a condition that’s forming in us.

Behaviors of all kinds are largely automatic in nature, habitual and predominately emotionally driven. Often, the emotions we engage in produce behaviors as their expression or as a means of coping somehow, that cause us to engage in activities that directly produce the illness and disease that we become afflicted with. Even when we know they’re “not good for us”, or causing problems of some sort, we have trouble giving them up because we associate pleasure and comfort of some sort with them. Because of our own mental and emotional ways of forming internal representations of things, we create a sense of pleasure with the very thing we need to give up, while creating a feeling of deprivation and suffering around the idea of quitting that behavior and replacing it with another behavior. Often, choosing to take the risk of known consequences, and act in a round-about way to commit a slow form of suicide.

The Healing Power of Awareness
Spiritual healing is basically bringing what is unconscious in yourself, into full awareness, where you can see your own tendencies as behavioral dynamics. You can begin observing your own mind, and in doing so recognize your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions, what you tend to focus on and imagine as normal everyday thoughts, and what you tell yourself about your own imaginings that give meaning to your life. The meaning you give things acts to shape you, others, and your perception of the world by way of the same story as a theme of some sort. This theme acts as a template for superimposing over the external environment in order to reshape it into your story by how you interpret it to make it mean something. Meaning is a function of our higher, creative mind. Things only mean what we say they mean.

Any unconscious tendencies as life-patterns (karma) or behavioral dynamics, are projected onto others and our environment, forming the perceptual lens we look through and what we see that matches it, that we then form a strong reaction to (resonance), that causes us to go unconscious (no longer present in the objective sense), accessing a memory (of the past) that’s associated with the emotion we’re experiencing (in the present), that becomes the basis for creating an illusion in place of objective reality, where we engage automatically, without awareness of what we’re actually doing through a reactive state. This reaction, recreates the same type of experience in the present of the memory from the past.

The emotional memory has a behavioral dynamic in it as a drama of some sort which acts as the unifying aspect that’s acted out with others who share the same type of illusion and participate fully by taking on complementary roles in acting it out, which is how we can recognize our own tendencies, by indulging in emotional reactions that always create the same type of experiences, that’s formed by a theme of some sort. These themes are ideas such as; not being loved or wanted, not being good enough, betrayal, abandonment, being deceived, rejected, and so on. Though all of humanity shares the same basic themes, which is how we act them out together, each new variation of a theme is produced by “twists in the plot” that comes about through unique combinations based on the individuals or groups involved and what situations or circumstances they’re being acted out in.


Once we can learn to self-reflect and through introspection observe our own emotions, triggers, and habitual thoughts, and can begin recognizing the story we’re always in the process of telling of selves, we can “see” the “illusion” we’re living out of as an emotional reaction that first acts to produce, then maintain the illusion. Once we can “see” in ourselves what’s acting to control and jerk us around in our environment, and recognize the themes we live out of, just the awareness itself loosens the grip it holds on us. By “seeing” it, we separate from it, and can distinguish it as a false reality that we made up in our mind as a means of trying to make sense of something, or as a dynamic we became conditioned to and so tend to act it out through triggers of some sort without awareness of what we’re doing or why we’re exactly doing it. Through this self-recognition in our own lives, realizing our unconscious tendencies, they no longer cause us to go unconscious in response to them, and by remaining conscious, we not only fail to see (or react) them anymore, but realize we have a choice, and can act in a whole new way to the same stimulus, and produce a whole new type of experience as a result.

We know we’ve healed from an unconscious tendency because what used to cause a strong reaction in us, no longer bothers us. The same stimulus, no longer stimulates a reaction in us. We remain neutral and unaffected in its presence. The emotions being expressed in a situation no longer enter into us and activate that same emotion in us. Because we shift our vibration through self-awareness and the realization that it brings, we no longer attract “into us” the thoughts of the false reality, and because we’ve learned the lesson the illusion was teaching us, we no longer attract (react to) the people necessary to keep acting it out and reproducing the same type of experiences. In this way, we have resolved karma by no longer creating our life out of emotional memories as illusions, and break the pattern that bound us, freeing us to act out a new pattern that will act to tell a new type of story with our life. In this, we will act to attract new thoughts that produce new feelings that form inner imaginings that turn them into a template for expressing as a channel of expression that brings the inner reality into the outer reality as an analogous experience.

In this way we have healed at the spiritual level of the soul, which is memory based, by tuning ourselves to a higher vibration, that expresses as a new story, told with new types of people. We forget about the old thoughts, because they’re no longer naturally produced by our new state. We no longer tune into, access and act as a receiver for them. All memory is state based. When we are fluently involved in an experience, then our state changes, we move into a new experience, and we can no longer remember the old experience, much like waking from a dream, and as you move from a sleeping state to an awakened one, you steadily lose the memory of your dream, and what you do retain as residue gradually fades throughout the day. You know you’ve healed when you forget. When thoughts of it no longer comes to mind, and even when reminded and trying to recapture the memory, it feels detached, distant and no longer apart of us. As if we are seeing the memory as someone else’s life, a movie that we know intimately, but not as being in the experience itself, but as watching it like a movie from a detached position.

Dr. Linda Gadbois
Transformation Coach