Symbolic Imagery of Dreams – “Understanding the Spiritual Language of Law”

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Often what confuses us when we’re attempting to interpret symbols and metaphor of various forms, is that we’ve been taught that it’s the spiritual realm that exists as symbolic to the physical realm. Yet in reality, exactly the opposite is true. The physical realm exists as the symbols or forms produced by the spiritual realm. In order to understand this further, we’d have to realize that what we call the spiritual (invisible) realm is energetic in nature. It’s energy as subtle essences or vibration that has patterns inherent in it that structures matter into distinct shapes. The form or shape something takes on reveals how it functions, operates or behaves. Form as a pattern and function are always connected in the biological world of Nature. The form something takes on reveals the laws at work and how it will naturally behave as an automated operation or form of personality or instinct. Natural laws are the invisible forces throughout nature that animate matter into various forms of biological functioning as a part of greater patterns. The form and behavior something takes on is a result of the vibratory frequency that’s forming and operating it.

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Symbols, imagery, and metaphors are the language of dreams that communicate ideas. The symbolic nature of our dreams is the spiritual language of vibration that communicates whole ideas. What seems like an individual symbol is actually a part of a larger composite symbol that are all conveying or being used to express a larger or overall idea. Each aspect of the symbol is of the same “nature” as a vibratory frequency that is analogous to everything else and serves to give us deeper clues into the overall idea being conveyed. So it’s not just the forms or images themselves, but also the attributes, qualities, and characteristics they are imbued with, that are all of the same frequency as an idea (pattern that forms reality). The “key” to decoding these symbolic messages is the law of analogy and correspondences where you realize that every aspect of a symbol, image or scenario is formed by the same idea as its nature produced by a vibration that organizes astral light into symbolic realities as its expression. So all attributes, qualities and characteristics in a symbolic image or composite is significant to its interpretation and gives us deeper clues into the true idea being illustrated. All aspects are of the same “nature” as a constitution or essence.

Vibration as ideas can be classified by the form and shape they naturally take on, which reveals how they naturally function or operate. The shape of something and its attributes indicates not only an operation, but the “quality” of the operation as a personality. It reveals not only “what” it’ll do, but also “how” it will do it. Each vibratory frequency as a composite image creates a kind of formula as a calculation. Form (with all its attributes) and function always go together. This is the basis for not only sacred geometry, which is the language of law as consciousness that forms reality, but also for all the hieroglyphic and symbolic imagery of ancient cultures that communicated through ideas rather than words. It didn’t use words to describe ideas, but rather an image that represented laws that when held in the mind began unfolding into a whole series of ideas that were uniquely produced by the relationship formed by the vibratory frequency and the consciousness (vibratory frequency) of the individual beholding it. In all aspects of its interpretation, it operates by the very laws that it’s comprised of. Each interpretation of a universal idea or archetype is formed into a variation based on who’s interpreting it. The unique variation is the personal creation of the individual in relationship to that idea and how it’s applied to their everyday life as the basis for interpretation.
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“A picture is worth a thousand words”

For this reason, generic interpretations or those made by others “for us” to use as a means of interpreting our own dreams or inner visions, are meaningless and can act to mislead us. The original spiritual language of symbols required an in-depth form of knowledge in order to properly interpret them. What we see in a symbol is not only a personal experience formed in our imagination, but based on our mood or emotional state (vibration), our level of consciousness in terms of wisdom, our maturity, where we’re at in our lives and how we’re adapting it, and so on. For this reason, symbols are a very dynamic language with an endless multitude of possible interpretations, understanding, and applications. Symbolic language isn’t stagnate and fixated like modern language of words are. Words are only designed to form images in our imagination. Yet the images we associate to the same words vary with each individual, and so communication by the spoken word is usually a basic form of miscommunication. Not because it’s not symbolic in and of itself, but because we don’t take this into consideration when communicating and therefore miscommunicate, often without ever even realizing that that’s what we’re doing.

Law, which is form and function, is revealed by the shape and appearance something takes on. The laws operating in that form are further expressed and demonstrated by the quality of its form in terms of its characteristics and how we “experience” them when we behold the form. This is why ideas that represent “good” always appear as beautiful, pure, and emanating; whereas ideas that are “evil” are portrayed as ugly and haggard, and dark and dingy. Notice that saints are always represented as beautiful attractive people that are glowing with a energetic vibrancy, that elicits very positive feelings in us when we look at them or exist in their presence. The attributes and qualities of a form always reveal the laws operating through that form as its vibration which also determines its behavior (as its natural function). Behavior is the animation of an innate pattern as its expression that produces an equivalent or matching outer experience. It’s how we move what’s inside as a quality of consciousness to the outside as a physical reality.

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Intuition is the Law of Analogy and Correspondences
So once we realize that the spiritual realm does not exist as symbolic of the material realm, but rather quite the opposite, in that the material world exists as the symbolic representation of the energetic realm of vibration, we can connect ideas in terms of the functions inherent in them. The ideas being expressed in dreams or visions are giving us explicit instruction of some form as correlating ideas to our physical, waking experience. They are either showing us ideas being acted out in our daily life, or revealing to us what exists within our waking circumstances as potential realities that we’re not seeing, and therefore they act as guidance of some form. The key to understanding is in realizing that at the subconscious and purely spiritual level of our being, communication takes place through the symbolic language of law that can only be understood in terms of applying it through intuition. Intuition “is” the law of analogy and correspondence which connects ideas to other ideas of the same nature. It’s our natural ability to discern the spiritual world of vibration as a feeling that when held in the mind-imagination, unfolds as a corresponding series of ideas, or forms a connection to that same idea within our daily lives and how it’s being expressed in a different way.

All form is the expression of vibration as a structuring mechanism that shapes matter (astral light as essence) into form as the patterning inherent in the vibration. This patterning is a form of memory. Vibration is consciousness not only as intelligence or information necessary to form a pattern, but also as a personality that determines “how” it functions reforming it into a unique variation of the same idea. The spiritual world of consciousness exists as universal archetypes or generic ideas that are specialized into unique variations based on the channel or individual consciousness it enters into relationship with as a means of forming a physical expression.

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The Field – Waveform and the Particle
This operates according to the same law as the field and particle, where the field as universal consciousness exists in a purely potential state (unformed) as an infinite number of possibilities around the same idea (memory) or basic patterning. When the individual mind tunes into that same frequency and enters into relationship with it, it resonates with whatever potential can be readily and ideally applied through it to create a personal reality as one possibility, and through a basic form of resonance, “chooses” one, draws it into itself and develops it in the imagination as a personalized version. This “selection” as a relationship that chooses then adapts, collapses the wave-form around a single idea, and the wave becomes a particle as a singular idea (one possibility) that forms a personalized reality.

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The Universal Language of Law
This dynamic quality as endless variations around a single idea as its potential for expression is the creative nature of the spiritual realm. It’s not fixated into an absolute form that stagnates and limits it, but remains in an eternal state of evolution as endless transformation based on adaptation which modifies and forms it into a specialized version of itself. Law, which is the natural forces governing a physical form that produce and animate it, remain forever in a dynamic flux and flow structuring itself into patterns as formulas based on a dynamic series of relationships that it forms with a whole series of interwoven ideas, then evolves through that structured form as a continuous growth process that eventually dissolves and becomes available to form new structures of the same idea expressed in a new way.

Though people have a tendency to always try and hold these natural forces into a specific idea (usually of their own making), and classify a single interpretation as the “right” interpretation, or give their ideas to others who lack the individual knowledge (seemingly anyway) themselves to interpret the meaning of ideas and except instead someone else’s ideas for their own communication with the spiritual world. This tendency to accept someone else’s interpretation for your own is the foundation that religion was built on, and the main lure of “psychics” who offer themselves up to “have” your experiences for you while telling you what they mean. In reality you are meant to develop your own intuition and acquire the (self) knowledge necessary to make your own interpretations. Only then will you be able to receive the constant communication that’s going on all the time between your physical existence and your spiritual existence. Otherwise, we cut ourselves off from our very origins and fail completely to realize that our physical experience is the product of our spiritual self, and that all expression as our very thoughts and feelings are a product of our vibratory frequency as our spiritual essence. Spirit speaks to us in the language of law as symbolic metaphor imbued with attributes that give it character as personality that determines how it functions to produce living experience as indigenous patterns.

Dr. Linda Gadbois
Spiritual Scientist and Transformation Coach