Soul Essence– “Pattern of Potentiality”


One of ways we can understand the Soul, is as an energetic patterning that exists in its potential form. It is comprised of latent potential that is naturally awakened partially during our formative years through our conditioning, while other potential remains latent and must be awakened intentionally through deliberate practice. The soul is accompanied by, and ultimately fueled by the life-force energy that is capable of animating, exciting and bringing potential into expression producing heightened states of self-awareness and realization. The practice of creating an “ideal†of ourselves to use as a pattern for self-actualization, is in reality, recognizing our full potential, and then intentionally engaging in activating and awakening the potential that still exists in its latent form. During our second stage of development known as our “Soul’s awakening†or rebirth, this is done by intentionally choosing qualities within us that we have not been able to express up to this point that we practice embodying until they become a natural part of our character.

When we understand how we develop naturally, we can use this information to work by placing ourselves in the proper environments, relationships and activities that will serve as a tool to develop desired characteristics. We can realize that when we find ourselves in relationships and situations that provoke negative feelings and qualities in us, that if we choose to stay in those, they will serve to not only bring out those qualities as characteristics in us, but they will strengthen them until they become a natural part of our personality. We have to realize the power of influence and not set out to resist it per say, but rather learn how to use it as a tool for self-development. By intentionally placing ourselves in productive situations that stimulate our best qualities and keep us in a state of curiosity and enthusiasm, and relationships that bring out the best in us, we act to develop and strengthen those aspects of our self until they become a primary part of our character that we express naturally and automatically.

Always pay very close attention to what is being stimulated inside of you at any given moment, and it will reveal to you the true nature of things. While the surface can be disguised or manipulated to appear a certain way, the feeling it has by what it is awakening inside of you, is its true nature and creative power. Resonance is a certain quality of energy that acts to stimulate the same quality in others. The inner nature is always activating the same energetic frequency in its environment, awakening it, drawing it forth, and then interacting with it. At the energetic level we are influenced through feelings. Gain a heightened sense of awareness around how you’re feeling at any given time, and ask yourself, do I want more of this? Do I like how this feels? Notice what quality it brings out in you, and if you like that part of your self. If you do, stay with it and keep interacting with it, but if not, disengage and remove yourself from the influence. This is one of the most basic forms of self-development that we engage in completely at the subliminal and organic level, usually without any direct awareness of what’s actually happening. All mastery begins by becoming aware of what’s operating in your life that up to this point, you were unaware of. It begins by becoming conscious of what was unconscious, and using it in a deliberate and strategic way to self-create by way of it.

Dr. Linda Gadbois
Spiritual Scientist, Teacher and Mentor

Soul Science