Sex – Why is the Topic of Sex so Taboo?


Why does the topic of sex make people so uncomfortable? We seem to have more issues, judgments and inhibitions around this area of our life than any other. Most of us have been raised with a repressed sex life. Religious icons have been presented as being pure in nature because they openly deny their sexual nature. Many have been told that sex, and even thoughts of sex, are basically sinful, and something you shouldn’t do or have. This not only creates endless inhibitions motivated by shame and guilt, but also set the premise for feeling ashamed of our bodies which is the vehicle through which we have sex, crave it, and ultimately feel satisfied by it.

Yet at the energetic level, as our primary nature, sex is our life-force energy. Our sexual energy is the energy of life itself. Sexual behavior governs all of life as we know it. Perhaps the real question is what you choose to do with your sexual energy. It is the intention which directs the behavior that defines the nature of the experience. You can certainly use it in sinful ways that breed the taboo aspects, or you can use it for the power it possesses to achieve the highest peaks of consciousness that we know of. Like all energy and natural forces that pervade all of life as the basic tools for self-expression, it all depends on how you use it. It is neutral and void of meaning until we shape and direct it with our emotional thoughts that motivate and imbue behavior with like qualities to create certain types of experiences.

Sex, in its primary state, is bioelectricity, and just as electricity exists as a neutral unconstrained force in nature – when contained, channeled and directed, it can be used to light a house, cook a meal, or cook a man – it’s the same force used in a different way, with a different intention. The intention that we embody while engaging in sex shapes its meaning and determines the nature of the experience we create as a result.

The first principle that must be employed is to not condemn it. Whatever we condemn we can’t use effectively or use as a creative force in an intentional manner. The intent for it, as well as the feelings around it become clouded and blocked, preventing its potential for higher forms of expression. The moment you condemn anything, you can’t use it – you set up a natural resistance to it – you create conflicting thoughts and emotions that serve to cancel it out, or corrupt its power by forming guilt and shame around it which are inhibiting forces. Negative emotions serve to contract, pullback, endlessly censor, and ultimately prevent.

Sex and our sexuality needs to be viewed as a perfectly natural part of life. It is through sex that extreme levels of fulfillment are possible through peak experiences. It should be viewed as a basic human need. Sex is love expressed with our whole body, our whole being. Sex when joined with meditation, changes the entire nature of the experience by concentrating it with extreme body awareness and presence. Sex without a concentrated mind, simply creates lust and bares children. Sex with meditation can birth you and your partner as whole new human beings. The sexual peak of orgasm formed the basis for meditation as an original practice by the Yogi’s who wrote erotic love poems to the Beloved (God) and coined the term “Bliss” as ecstasy. It is the most natural experience for achieving ecstatic emotion void of thoughts. It’s pure pleasure as experience.

Linda Gadbois

Relationship Coach