Mind over Matter – “Mastering the Healing Power of the Mind”

In order to use our mind in a conscious manner to create or transform our physical reality, we have learn the different aspects of the mind and how they operate through specialized functions as part of a whole process that moves energy as an idea from the purely invisible realm of conscious energy to the physical realm as a corresponding manifestation. While there are three main aspects to the mind, two of them are particularly important because they both exist within the physical realm as an offspring of each other which share the same body and work within the limiting circumstances imposed on that body through a specific location and time. The three aspects are the superconscious or higher conscious (which exists outside the physical plane), the subconscious, and the conscious or self-conscious minds, both of which are apart of our physical existence.

One of the easiest ways to think of these three aspects of the same mind is that the superconscious exists on a higher plane (in a hierarchal structure) and governs the patterns of our greater or overall life by orchestrating the sequential patterns necessary for a logical and rhythmic unfolding of our life’s story as our ultimate destiny. Because it’s “non-local†and spans a much larger pattern as a timeframe that’s not limited to the personality of the body, but rather to the entire environment or lower plane as a whole that the body exists within, and is what “informs†the body through the synthesis of innumerable cosmic influences coming to a focus at a point within us that produces our personal activities. This aspect of the mind acts as the choreographer of our life and connects us with everything else in our environment that plays a part in our larger, overall pattern of our life’s story. The Superconscious orchestrates the important connections and events that act to guide us along a specific path.

The subconscious mind can be thought of as the electromagnetic field that surrounds our body and extends quite some distance from the body blending with all the other mind-fields or electromagnetic fields within our immediate environment. We share this aspect of the mind with all of life and the animal kingdom that’s governed by instinct as universal memory that produces distinct characteristics and behaviors based on the personality formed by those characteristics. This aspect of the mind is bonded to the body through resonance and is comprised of the four elements of the environment, and is therefore the aspect of the mind that structure and builds up physical matter into distinct forms, as well as links us to everyone and everything else in our environment within the physical plane. This is the body-building and body-changing power of the mind. This is the aspect of the mind we’re born with that develops our basic personality as a combination of our physical and Spiritual DNA, both of which create out of a form of memory. The physical is genetic as heredity, and the Spiritual is the essence as accumulated memory of our soul. The unconscious mind is programmed and operates out of memory as the reenactment of patterns modified only by the relation they form with everything else in its environment in the present moment. These memories are what give us our basic personality as our predisposition, temperament, and natural tendencies.


The conscious mind, is the aspect of the mind most people think of when you use the term “mindâ€. This aspect is directly associated with the brain as the “talking†mind that thinks as an internal dialogue, that’s always explaining, describing, or telling a story about things. The conscious mind is hardly ever present, and operates mostly within time as being in the past, distracted from what’s happening in them moment, or attempting to predict and plan for the future. It’s the aspect of the mind that forms an imaginary reality in place of the objective reality through the self-made stories it tells itself about things, and lives most of its life out of self made illusions that replace actual reality. This aspect of the mind is dominant during our waking state, where the subconscious runs in the background, and during our sleeping state, the conscious mind becomes passive and the subconscious mind becomes dominant. In our deep sleep or dreamless state, is when both material minds are passive and the Superconscious mind is operating as a form of transmission or communication that comes as feelings and a silent inner hearing as a knowing.

The subconscious mind is the only aspect of the mind present as an infant and in early childhood, and actually births the conscious mind between 8 and 13 years of age, when our identity begins forming as a natural separation from our parents. The aspect of the brain directly associated with the self-conscious mind is the “gray matter†of the frontal lobe / cortex, directly behind the forehead and in near proximity to what’s referred to as the third-eye and the brains limbic system. This marks the stage in our life when we begin thinking for ourselves, problem-solving, and forming an internal sense of ourselves as our “self-imageâ€. This self-image is created and developed over several years (teen’s) and becomes the basis of our identity or ego as a young adult, and is considered fully developed (into its initial form) around the age of 28. The identity we’ve formed by our late 20’s or early 30’s, becomes the basis for our lifestyle, prominent relationships, work or profession, and what path we end up naturally taking in life. Most, live the rest of their life out of this same basic pattern as their identity, and while they evolve through this pattern based on the events that impact their life, never actually transcend it or act to transform it into a new or higher pattern.

The faculty of the mind that each of these three aspects share and use as a means of communicating and therefore aligning themselves around the same idea as a potential reality, is the imagination. The imagination, also called the mind’s eye, or third eye, is an aspect that we’re using all the time by forming thoughts as visual images, reliving memories, or fantasizing to make-up new realities. It’s the faculty of the mind that shapes astral light as the substance used to form internal images as the reality inherent in an idea, thought, or memory. Whether we are reliving a memory by running it through our mind, or making up a new reality as a wish or longing of some sort, it’s all done the same way through the same internal mechanism. When we meditate, we form a vast array of internal images that evolve into lucid dreams that move us into a purely “feeling state†as being apart of something greater than ourselves.


The gate way from the material to the spiritual, is through the imagination as the third-eye. Information as guidance is received from the spiritual realm intuitively as ideas that “pop into our mindâ€, that we develop (adapt and modify by personalizing) by continuing to think about them. These ideas come as a form of thought transmission where we are the antenna that’s tuned into a certain frequency and we draw into us thoughts that are of that same frequency. We “tune ourselves†to a specific frequency by how we use our mind in the general sense in terms of what we tend to set an intention for, focus on, think about, and what emotional states we live and dwell in “most of the timeâ€. The transmission and reception of thoughts are seeded ideas (universal archetypes) that come as a form of suggestion. A suggestion planted in the mind, undergoes a creative process of adaptation and modification based on how it’s developed in the imagination of the individual and formed into a single possibility for that idea as a personalization of a universal theme manifested on the physical plane by how it’s applied to create in the practical sense.

The thoughts that we’re tuned into and receive as a form of transmission come as suggestions that forms the basis for a dynamic series of electro-biological processes that turn an electrical impulse into a full blown manifestation as a chemical reaction within out own body. Whatever we think about and run through our mind as an imagined reality we feel simultaneously in our body and is interpreted by the subconscious mind much like an actual memory (both are formed the same way) that it uses to produce a physical equivalent as an actual physical condition. Thoughts act as electrical impulses that program neurons in the body which convert the thoughts into chemical messengers that send a chain-reaction throughout the body, stimulating the limbic, endocrine, and nervous system, which alter the “state†of the body to match the “state-of-mind†as a form of resonance and coherence. This alignment of the conscious “thinking†mind with the subconscious “feeling-emotional†mind, manifests the emotional thoughts by producing the behaviors that act them out as an actual reality.

Whatever emotional states we live out of, and the type of thoughts we imagine as a result of those emotional states, produces a physical equivalent in our body as an actual manifestation. All physical manifestations that are not genetic (and even some that are) have a psychosomatic origin. All physical form is shaped and animated by the relationship formed by thoughts (conscious) and emotions (subconscious). Whatever ideas we think about with a strong emotion connected to them, produces a pronounced effect in our body as a series of chemical reactions that are altering the internal state of our cells. This is an equilibrating process that always aligns the inner with the outer as an evolutionary means of constantly adjusting to our environment as a means of living and surviving within it.

We receive information from our environment through intuitive feelings that stimulate emotions and thoughts of the same nature (frequency), which program our body according to the information, which prepares it for dealing with its environment. What we think about and imagine as an inner reality produces the same effect and literally programs the subconscious mind of the body to produce the physical equivalent. All thought as internal dialogue is a fundamental form of self-hypnosis as suggestion where ideas are readily taken in (perceived as self-generated), allowed to take hold in the imagination and turned into a reality that produces a form of virtual memory that the subconscious mind receives as an “actual†memory that gives it patterns for conducting natural processes of the body. Whatever we program the subconscious with, it not only produces the behavior for, but also extends into the environment, connecting with that same idea in others and around us, and drawing us together as a means of creating an outer reality that matches the inner reality.

Thoughts can be thought of as ideas that are “patterns†that are amplified by emotions that are associated to the idea. Any idea fully imagined with emotional intensity (mimicking a real experience) anchors that idea in the mind (neurology) of the body, altering it at the cellular level and aligning all aspects of the self according to it. Whatever we think about and run through our mind on a consistent basis is a form of auto-suggestion that we program ourselves with. We are always directing our own subconscious mind by way of our emotional thoughts and beliefs. Anything that can be imagined as an actual experience is “believableâ€, and forms the basis for all our beliefs which replace objective reality with the reality of the beliefs. In this way, we create our outer reality to match our beliefs as our inner reality. Whatever we’re reading, seeing, listening to, or participating in somehow that we readily take into our mind and begin considering by imagining it as a conceptualization, we become programmed with. If we can’t imagine it, and therefore don’t believe it, we reject it, and it doesn’t become a part of our self-programming, unless of course we continue to think about it until we can form it into an inner concept that we can understand in the practical sense, then we accept it and use it it to upgrade our mental paradigm. Whatever we can wrap ourselves around as a believable reality, becomes information that is integrated into our mind and used to modify our overall model by incorporating it.

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Once we realize how our mind works to create our physical body and our outer reality as its equivalent, we can begin using our mind to access and incorporate knowledge and information that we can grow in our imagination as a means of reprogramming ourselves. Beliefs, however, are often mistaken for fact, and shape our perception making it difficult to uproot them by bringing in contradictory information that reveals them as the illusions they actually are. When we believe something we often can’t see anything else, or we reject whatever acts to contradict it as being false. Many people will actually argue to defend their right to keep their beliefs. Often, when form an opinion (which is a belief) about something and we fall in love with our own ideas, and act to defend them while rejecting everything that would ultimately prove them wrong. Because of this tendency to mistake fiction as fact, we often need the help of an objective party, who doesn’t have the same beliefs and can therefore introduce doubt which is necessary for us to begin questioning our own beliefs as a means of transforming them.

A good place to start is by simply observing your own mind and what type of thoughts you entertain on a regular basis, while resisting the tendency to explain or justify them, and simply notice what they are. Then reflect on how your thoughts are what actually create your perspective and your experience of things, instead of the other way around as your thoughts being produced by your experience as a kind of narrative. Then begin experimenting with changing your thoughts by setting a new intention, and watch how you can change the way you create an experience of something just by thinking about it differently.

Then ask yourself, what type of experiences would you like to have? Then as you formulate an idea around this, begin imagining it as an actual reality. Run it through your mind in different scenarios like you do everything else, while attaching positive emotions to it, imagining it as if it’s an actual reality . . . . and watch what happens over the course of time when you begin making it a habit to think only in terms of what you “do want†and shaping your own experiences accordingly. The mind is the creator of all reality. We have all been bestowed with the God-given ability to self-create and simultaneously create our own life experiences by how we think, feel and act. Not by manifesting “things†or producing actual outer reality, but by changing our inner reality which is what’s perceiving the outer reality and using it to tell a story as a means of self-creating by way of it.

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