Creation, Transformation, and Evolution – “Laws that Govern the Creative Process”

Creative Transformation
While many people see creating something from scratch as a ‘new’ creation, to be considerably different than transforming something that already exists into something different, they are in fact, achieved through the same fundamental set of laws that are simply applied in unique ways as variables of the same laws as more of a continuous creative process that serves to expand and evolve the original creation. While we imagine evolution to mean progression as a steady form of improvement, it’s actually a process of adaptation, absorption, and synthesis, which operates in both directions, and can just as easily cause a regression or very undesirable changes.

In order to transform an existing system, you have to remix its constitution somehow, reformulating it, by what qualities of consciousness it blends with, takes on, and uses as a means of expressing through those qualities, and recreating itself to be more like those by how it incorporates them. We tend to think of creation as a fixed idea that produces and end product, when in reality it’s a continuous flow of consciousness as information that’s constantly undergoing transformation as a form of shape shifting (reconfiguration) moment-by-moment based on what it enters into relationship with, exists in near proximity of, or willingly and actively chooses to take on as a conscious (aware) form of creation as transformation. Whether we are aware of it, or unaware of it, the process is the same. The object becomes to become aware of the creative laws, and employ them intelligently to determine how you create within your life as a continuous process of evolving into higher and more complex forms.

Awareness and an in-depth understanding of the laws of creation give us tools as a process to employ with full awareness in a deliberate manner. To consciously create you have to begin with an ideal as a vision of what you’re creating , then only engage with that same idea as a quality of consciousness that, when incorporated and fully synthesized will act to naturally transform us in desirable ways. It can also be used as an evaluation tool for recognizing what we don’t want to get involved with, that will only serve to move us away from our ideal. By noticing and clearly recognizing the character of the person or entity (business, group, organization, etc.) you’re contemplating getting involved with as a relationship conducted through an interaction of some sort, we can realize how they will influence and reformulate the current situation and naturally act to evolve it accordingly.


When we willingly (or without awareness) get involved with people or entities that serve to stimulate and bring out negative qualities, we have to realize, that that’s how they will serve to transform and evolve us as a result of our interaction, which is really an infusing of consciousness as qualities that express in distinct ways and in a consistent manner. The basic laws for creation, represented by the Tetrahedron in Sacred Geometry, is the Monad as the basic mind or paradigm unified as a quality of conscious that holds a vibratory frequency, that separates from itself – projects itself onto the environment, forming the Dyad (energetic form of mitosis), seeing and interacting (resonance as perception) only with what’s of the same nature (quality of consciousness), connected by their centers or ‘inner nature’ as being within the same vibratory range, and blending through the interaction as energetic sympathy (enters into and produces an effect), modifying both to a new vibration as the combination that forms a new constitution and expresses in new and varied ways based on how these shared qualities were integrated by both entities. By blending and mingling energies, a new configuration is formed as behaviors that naturally result from the interaction itself as qualities that are developed into a dynamic pattern as a form of living drama, that’s an exchange of consciousness that equilibrated. This modifies the vibration of both by forming a new pattern as an interference pattern (combination and assimilation of the two) that expresses through that pattern as a joint-reality that’s literally a form of co-creation!


So whatever qualities we embody and express through at any given moment, alters us accordingly. Another way of looking at the Tetragrammation, is as a concentrated attention on a memory as a thematic pattern for reality, infused with strong emotions, formed into a conceptual living-reality in the imagination, making it believable, that serves to program and imprint that image as a representation of a vibration with patterning in it to produce corresponding realities as personal experience, by producing the behaviors (both consciously and unconsciously) that manifest it within our everyday life as an associated or analogous idea. This is because it sets the primary pattern as a thematic idea that works through adaptation within the immediate environment we exist within, and has to use the elements within our environment that are available and of the same nature, in order to compose the same ‘type’ of pattern as the mental image produced in the imagination. The reality produced will give us the same ‘feeling’ as an experience as the quality of consciousness imbued in the imagined form that served to give it life.

You see feelings are actually how we experience vibration with patterns of potential realities inherent in them, that we use to first produce the reality as an internal image by embodying the feeling, which once it expresses as the reality of that feeling, multiplying and regenerating, gives us more of that same feeling through the outer experience of it. The feeling as a vibratory frequency that has generative (life) power within it to produce certain types of realities as a thematic composition that attracts, sees, and combines elements that naturally share the same vibration as potential co-creators for reconfiguring all elements into a unique variation, that still holds true to the original theme, and is identified not by what it looks like, but by the feeling we get while having the experience. The feeling as a vibration is the creative mechanism, the expressive power, and the end result. How it ‘shows up’ maybe quite different than how we imagined it, yet the feeling it gives us will be the same. You’ll ‘know it’ by how it feels in the moment when you’re experiencing it. Images or symbolic forms that comprise a structured design are representations of the laws at work to configure a reality by a unique formula that acts as its signature. The reality it represents is identifying its vibratory frequency as the reality it naturally generates as a feeling.

To transform an existing creation (reality) that appears fixed or stationary in some way, realize and form a clear picture in your mind of what you want to transform it to, what it would look like as an actual experience, and let the feeling it gives you rise up inside and fill you with its sensations, as you begin resonating with it by identifying with it as being the same (in the experience of it), while noticing the attributes and qualities that comprise its character, then stay centered in those feeling-qualities by anchoring them in your mind and body as a feeling sensation, and using the inner-representation as a mental filter for identifying what’s of the same constitution in others and in your environment, and only engage with what’s of the same character and will act naturally to stimulate and co-create the reality that’s a natural by-product of that character as a congruent mind-set and behaviors.

You want to avoid anyone that you’ll have to persuade or convince, because they are not at this level of consciousness or vibration and will always be acting out of their natural constitution and can only serve to influence and alter the situation accordingly. Only engage with and enter into relationship with those of the same character and vision (type of reality) as you’re aiming to consciously create. Don’t make the mistake of pulling somebody along, where you’re acting to modify them to your vision, unless they are a subordinate and don’t play a key role in the creation itself, but are willing to adapt themselves to the situation by playing an indirect role in it. Resistance is never a good thing and usually acts in some way to devolve (or pull you away) you rather than evolve you (move you deeper into it).

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Self-creation and Personal Transformation