Choice and Freewill – Our Ability to Self-Create

Man is not only bestowed with a higher level of consciousness through our ability to create internal experiences out of external stimulus as thought, but also through our ability to choose and willfully act out that choice to create our own experiences. These self-created experiences then become our memory, which “in-forms” our system, through the integration of new information, which forms our individuality by evolving and differentiating our mental paradigm. As we think we reform the outer world into a personalized version as an internal representation of it, which we then use in place of our actual outer environment. Our inner experiences as feeling sensations composed into an analogy of the outer world, creates a subjective reality out of an objective, neutral reality. We then become subject to, controlled and determined by, our own creation. As we think, we become the product of our thoughts.

While many people think that what appears to be “not making a decision” or choosing between things, as not exercising our ability to choose, in fact, no choice is a choice. We’re always deciding through the very nature of our thoughts and what actions they lead to. Choice and will are always the same thing, because thought and action are merely extensions or projections of each other. Our internal representations as inward experiences produced out of outward stimulus, produce our mental state, which produces our physical state, and is always reflected in our facial expression, our physiology, and the behaviors we naturally take on. Thinking, being, and doing, are all correspondences of each other as inner feelings that shape outer forms, that become the template for expressing by doing or acting them out. We use an internal concept of the external world to act and create within it. This basic process of turning feeling sensations into internal realities as our thoughts about it, is the most natural form of choice and will there is.

While we think of choice as deciding between two or more options, it also comes in its most natural form as resonance, where we’re always in a state of rapport with an archetypal principle that we use to tune ourselves to the frequency of that principle. We don’t choose consciously in an aware and deliberate fashion, but unconsciously as a product of automated tendencies and preconceived assumptions. Our mental paradigm as the vibratory frequency of our mind, forms a model out of which our entire internal experience is formed as an interpretation of the outer world. As a structured model which resonates with the same frequencies in everything else, we literally abstract from the environment only what’s of the same vibratory range (nature) as we are, and then organize it into the pattern of our mental theme (frequency), and we experience it through our souls vibratory signature as a kind of customization. This ability to reshape the outer world into an inner experience that’s of a particular nature, the one that matches ours, is the most basic form of choice and will as natural selection that invokes action as its expression.

Brain waves

As we think, we self-create. First inwardly, then outwardly. Our thoughts as mental conceptualizations are the cause of our actions, and our actions produce a like effect outwardly, reshaping how things “appear” to us. We only see and can conceive of, what matches us energetically, what’s of the same nature and likeness, and what can therefore be used to create an inward experience as our nature. Like always produces and attracts like, and we’re only capable of experiencing the outer world inwardly through feeling sensations (vibration) that form into thematic patterns as a unique twist on a conventional idea. So as we go through life, we’re constantly filtering the outside world through our internal model, activating and pulling out what can be used to create our version of it as a life theme, while ignoring or failing to see what doesn’t. This reorganization that shapes universal patterns of mass consciousness into individual patterns of a personal nature (fractal patterns), as natural selection based on mental vibration, is the most basic form of choice we’re always involved in and willfully creating out of.

Will is the reshaping factor that forms new compositions that we then act out or act on, hat produces our inward representation as an outward experience. Just the act of thinking and perceiving that forms an inward reality in the imagination, is the power of will, because we have control over it and are the ones doing it. As we think and turn sensations into inner forms that re-present outer forms in our imagination, as a kind of substitute or illusion that’s used in place of objective reality to form first our perception and interpretation, then used to form our activities and how we act on the outer reality to reformulate it into our thoughts about it. We are always creating ourselves by way of our thoughts in response to our outer environment, which are produced by willing them. We re-form an outer reality that exists in a fully potential state of all possibilities (vibratory frequencies), into one possibility by how our mind abstracts only certain types of information from it, then reshapes it into the patterning of our vibration to become the channel for expression of that possibility. In order to express it we have to become it, and as we create an experience of ourselves “in it, being it”, we associate and identify with it, and we shape ourselves by way of it.

So we’re always employing and creating by way of choice and will whether unconsciously and automatically, or consciously and intentionally, where actual effort is required because the choice we’re making is not automatic, but requires considerable debate, and we engage in the mental activity to actually transform our vibration by first opening ourselves to new ideas, then integrating them through experience, reshaping our mind through their incorporation as a result. Once new information is fully integrated into our mental paradigm, we can perceive in new ways, form new interpretations based on our ability to conceive of new ideas, and we begin creating ourselves in new ways. We begin participating in our own evolution by willfully imposing a new direction on our life and becoming a new version of ourselves through the process.

Dr, Linda Gadbois

Integrative Health Consultant and Spiritual Mentor