DNA – The Phantom Effect, Quantum Hologram, and the Etheric Body


While modern day science used to look at DNA as a material object that was fixed in nature, therefore unable to be changed, where we were at the “mercy of our genes” so to speak, we now know that this isn’t true. DNA is actually composed of a liquid crystalline substance that acts as a form of antenna, receiver, and transmitter of holographic information. It’s constantly in the process of taking in information from its environment and the ether as signs, archetypes, and imagery and translating it into holograms. It operates predominately out of radionics where whatever frequency its tuned to, is acts as a receiver for various forms of information within that same frequency that comes in as an acoustic wave that serves to form an electromagnetic field (EMF) as a holographic shape that’s composed initially of subtle energy, which provides the blueprint or spatial mapping for constructing an exact replica as its material equivalent. Information inherent in the Ether (Akasha) always comes as a “pairing” or “wave coupling” (like the double helix) that contains both an acoustic sound and optical (visual) image as the geometric patterning inherent in the vibratory frequency.

The two waves of information form an interference pattern that together produce a 3-D holographic image as the subtle template for constructing the material body through a growth and development process. This holographic image as an invisible energy field organizes and animates matter into what’s called the “phantom effect”. This phantom is an invisible 3-D shape as a field formed out of information as a dynamic series of interrelated planes or parallel interlaced and correlating dimensions that operate without any cross-talk to form a chain-of-association as phase conjugation adaptive resonance. When one wave (Monad) resonates with another of the same or similar frequency, they’re absorbed into each other forming an interference pattern (Dyad), where certain properties are cancelled out or contradicted, and others are matched and amplified. This adaptation process reformulates the initial generic form (archetype) into a unique variation as the couplings offspring or combination. This reformulating of internal properties to form a new whole, comes by way of what we call “natural selection” as the interaction of complementary opposites that either activate or inactivate each other.

When studying DNA from a purely material perspective of constructing proteins out of encoded genetic information as the selection of qualities from each parent, it was determined that only about 2% of our DNA accounted for this process and the other 98% was what they called “junk DNA”, which simply meant they didn’t know what it was used for. We now know that the other 98% actually serves as a form of memory bank where information is both written or encoded, and read or decoded, to form a virtual reality out of the information as the pattern or configuration inherent in the vibratory frequency. This works in much the same way the Akashic field of Esoteric Sciences works, where information is contained within the astral plane as archetypal ideas that serve as a generic prototype for creating in the physical realm and are accessed and absorbed into the mind through sympathetic resonance. Within this same astral plane is also stored “thought-forms” produced by humans as emotional memories that exist as a holographic template that’s “recorded” on the Ether (the Akashic book of Life), and not only forms the memory of our soul and body, but also populates the Astral plane of what we call “the Collective Unconscious”, or mass consciousness with virtual memories. Our DNA as a crystalline transmitter and receiver, draws in (resonates with) the thought-forms of others (group mind) as well as ideas from the higher dimension of the mental plane of Universal archetypes, where both come as the holographic information that ultimately serves to program our DNA.

DNA operates by the same principles as the mind and brain, where the acoustic aspect of information as “words” acts to form a visual holographic image in the imagination that turns the idea inherent in the words into a virtual reality. It translates ideas that are communicated by talking about them, whether through our own thoughts as internal dialogue, or as listening to someone else talk, into visual imagery as living scenarios. It comes as words, sentences, paragraphs, and pages of written and spoken script that forms visual imagery in our mind’s eye as we read it (absorb it). DNA works by way of the same principles as the mind and neurons of the brain and body. It decodes words into 3-D realities as the basis for organizing matter into the biological form that corresponds to the image as an archetypal idea. This is represented in Sacred Geometry by the Tetrad (Tetragrammaton), which is the physical outward reflection and projection of the Triad (inner imagining) that emerges naturally out of the Dyad, which symbolizes an interference pattern as the coupling of two wave forms (double helix) of the same frequency to produce a new whole through coherence. Most spiritual texts describe God as the creator calling forth all material life using words as breath that moves across the water (liquid crystal), causing a form to rise up and take shape.

While the genetic make-up of our body doesn’t change very much throughout our lifetime, our inner constitution as our character and mental paradigm (vibratory structure) can often change quite drastically. As our inner constitution changes, how we see and what we see in the outer world changes simultaneously. This is because the inner and the outer act as two wave forms that resonate with each other forming an interference pattern that activates different aspects while deactivating others, changing how it’s configured. We only see in everything else what’s of the same nature (frequency) as we are. As we grow, develop into higher states, and transform mentally and emotionally, how things appear to us changes accordingly. You know when you’ve undergone transformation of some form by the fact that you begin seeing others and the world in general in a different way. What we notice and how we interpret things to give them meaning changes as an outer reflection of our inner state.

DNA, like the mind, is a fluid-like substance that’s always being re-informed by an energetic exchange of subtle energy with everything else around it that’s of a similar vibration causing it to constantly flux and morph. It’s like a shimmering luster morphing moment by moment based on what new information or qualities it’s absorbing from the environment that modifies its state. Words carried on a certain frequency are naturally inducted into the individual mind where they form an internal image as the reality indicated by the words. Whenever our mind is in a passive and receptive state, such as meditation and hypnosis (Theta-Alpha state), where there’s no editing or resistance from the conscious mind (outer awareness), ideas are readily taken in as suggestion, allowed to rise up in the imagination and take hold, and entire realties as an experience are constructed out of them. These holographic realities create a form of inner experience that acts directly on the subconscious mind as the body’s consciousness (DNA), to program it through virtual memories.

Matter as particles held together by an invisible electromagnetic field is what forms the primary substance of what we call reality. Matter itself doesn’t “possess or generate” consciousness of its own, but acts as the passive receptor for consciousness as vibratory information that structures it into a holistic biological living system. DNA acts as the subtle antenna and receiver for acoustic information that forms a holographic image as an electromagnetic field that provides the blueprint as the etheric body used to construct the physical body. Form and properties always indicates function and how a system operates and behaves.  Whenever we change the information used to structure and operate a system, we change how the system forms, expresses, and functions as a whole. The genetic code of our DNA isn’t static and fixed, but rather dynamic and always in the process of transforming based on the information as language of some sort that it acts to absorb, interpret, and shape into an idea.

Scalar energy, as subtle energy, readily moves through and into matter and divides forming an electromagnetic field that serves to organize astral light as essence (photons) into the holographic reality as one possibility (potential) inherent in the scalar wave.  Scalar waves exist as a unified field of subtle energy that exists everywhere as what we call “empty space”. This empty space, that’s commonly called a quantum vacuum, isn’t empty at all, but rather filled with holographic information as archetypes used to form, hold together, and sustain the entire material world. It’s the invisible field that organizes matter into organic and inorganic biological systems that are comprised of both an active (animate) and passive (inanimate) aspects.

What this shows us is that our DNA as our subconscious mind or body consciousness is literally programmed by our own thoughts and internal dialogue that are imagined as realities, and from various forms of media that act as suggestion and become the nature of our thoughts. What we hear outwardly forms a picture of reality inwardly. This inward picture formed out of hearing something someone says, becomes a part of our thoughts and provides a holographic image that imprints the DNA of our body with that information as a form of genetic code. DNA, like the mind itself, has the ability to both write and read genetic information. Most of our thoughts are formed from what we’ve been taught or heard being said, that we incorporate in a harmonious fashion to form our mental paradigm as a working model for perceiving and interpreting the outer world. Any information sent on radio/microwaves in the form of language and pictures, that we take in and think about, not only becomes a part of our vibratory essence in terms of our thinking and feeling, but also as the programming for the DNA of our molecular structure as a corresponding physical equivalent, or the reality inherent in the thoughts.

As we think through a form of internal dialogue where we’re talking to ourselves, or whatever we hear and listen to going on around us that we take in and actually think about, turning it into an imagined reality, we’re encoding ourselves with that information as a form of hypnotic suggestion. The most important aspect of our physical development and well-being comes from our thoughts and what type of ideas we expose ourselves to and actively engage in. Anytime we’re watching TV, listening to the radio, music, talking on our cell-phone, browsing the internet reading and watching things, we’re “programming ourselves” with that information. We’re becoming “one with it” by creating an inner reality out of it, and we’re tuning ourselves to that same vibration. What we hear and watch becomes a part of our natural thoughts. All we’re ever really doing is running the same “type of ideas” through our mind over and over, changing them only through adaptive resonance as a modified application to a different or unique scenario.

The most important aspect of our personal development is controlling our own thoughts, intentionally directing our attention onto desirable and beneficial ideas, and monitoring what we expose ourselves to in terms of others and various forms or media. Whomever or whatever we associate with, we take in and become like. Spoken words, whether internally or externally, form holographic images in our mind that are impressed on the ether, and permanently recorded as a memory. Just as we live our life out of memory, thinking and dwelling in the past as a way of creating the future in the present by using the same idea to create a new variation, our body is regenerated and sustained out of the same memory. The mind forms an astral image as a hologram that imprints the etheric body with the information of that image.

The etheric body as an electromagnetic field, uses that same holographic imagery to organize and animate the cellular structure of the body to form a corresponding metaphorical equivalent. The parallel planes that ultimately result in our physical body, operate as a form of “step down process” or phases of vibration becoming a material form through a chain-of-association as charged plasma, that organizes essence as a form of gas, that coagulates into a liquid-light form, and ultimately results in a solid form. The causal field of the Luminiferous Aether or Akashic Field of vibratory frequencies as archetypal information is absorbed into our mind and shaped into a personal reality that simultaneously elicits an emotional response to our own thoughts, infusing them with meaning that becomes the “motivating force” that animates them into a story line or dialogue of some kind. This imaginary sensory reality is simultaneously received by, interpreted, and used to produce an equivalent effect in the etheric hologram of the body, reprogramming and modifying it accordingly. Our mind receives information that it turns into emotional thoughts that act as a blueprint for shaping our material body, both inwardly and outwardly. We literally become what we think and imagine.

Dr. Linda Gadbois  

Integrative Health Consultant and Spiritual Mentor  

The Pentagram and the Law of Regeneration – The Quintessence, Golden Ratio of Phi, and the Holographic Nature of the Universe

The Pentad, also symbolized as a five-pointed star within a circle (Monad), called the Pentagram, represents the Quintessence as the fifth being or Element of the mind and soul. The fifth Element represents the Ether or Etheric body as a holographic model that encompasses and organizes the 4 Elements of the material realm – fire (electrified plasma), air (gases), water (liquids), and earth (solids) – into a “living form” that they can’t create or achieve on their own. It symbolizes mind-over-matter in the sense that the mind, as the electromagnetic energy field of the body has a self-organizing mechanism that serves to organize matter into a biological form through a growth process of self-replicating and regeneration of a single cell, which contains all the information necessary for constructing the whole body by undergoing a systematic regeneration of itself. As a single cell regenerates itself forming trillions of twin cells, each one specializes to become an individual part with a unique  function that operates in harmony with the greater whole.

The One as a greater whole exists in relationship with itself as a part. The whole contains all the parts that it’s comprised of as a unique formula and variation of the same information at different ratios and scales, and the part contains the full information of the whole and exists as a replica of it. This is represented as DNA, both spiritual (soul) and physical (body), that brings two whole sequences of information (memory) together, to form a third sequence as a new whole, that’s comprised of different combinations of compatible information from the two, as the primary law of three-in-one. The One as a whole being, is dual in nature, and contains both electric and magnetic forces that act as a “switching mechanism” that activates and turns on some information, while deactivating and causing other information to remain in a latent state of potential. The electromagnetic field also forms the etheric hologram as the spatial blueprint for organizing, growing, and regenerating itself through space and time.

All growth and regeneration in Nature takes place through a natural process called the Fibonacci Sequence as the Golden Ratio, and are the secrets of harmony and beauty as the relationship of the parts with the whole. Symmetry (duality) and harmony (resonance) are an essential part of all natural phenomena. The Fibonacci Sequence is where you take any two numbers and add them together to create a new number as their sum total, then add the last one in relationship to the total, to get a new total, and so on. Example: 0 + 1 =1; 1 + 1 = 2; 1 + 2 = 3; 2 + 3 = 5; 3 + 5 = 8; 5 + 8 = 13; 8 + 13 = 21; 13 + 21 = 34;  and so on. Once you develop a whole sequence, the relationship as the ratio between the last and the second to last, comes out close to Phi, which is represented by the number 1.618.

Five represents the Phi relationship through halving and doubling, demonstrated by the relationship of 2 + 3 = 5. The relationship between the 2 and 3 is one of symmetry, because if you take the 2 and divide it into equal parts of 1, then add the part (1) to the whole (2), you get 3. Three exists as 1 ½ of 2. All growth and development throughout Nature comes about through symmetry as the Golden Ratio, represented mathematically by Phi. Not as a number per say, but as a relationship of the parts with the whole, which exists in harmony with each other at different scales, levels, and magnitudes. All parts exist in a harmonious ratio to each other as half’s and doubles. The cellular structure of a living organism grows through a regenerative process of doubling. One cell divides and regenerates itself as two, then regenerates by doubling, becoming four, then becoming 8, then 16, then 32, and so on.

The star has always been the symbol of excellence, power, and authority. It’s used in rating systems, military ranking, fame as stardom, excellence as superstars, and conveys a deep seated association with excellence and brilliance. In many spiritual traditions it was the symbol used to ward off evil. An upright star with the single tip triangle at the top center, with the other four at angles below it, represents the soul’s ability to master the 4 Elements of material existence which require it to resist evil. The Pentagram reversed, with the 4 Elements above the single tip triangle at the bottom, represents the Elements controlling and using the mind to create. The devil (lived spelt backwards), was represented by the mythological god called “Pan”, portrayed as part human, part animal, with two horns (divided mind), red hair (passionate), and a goats body from the waist down (sexual organs) with hooves and a tail, and represented the lustful fertility of nature, which when engaged in fluently without good judgment, induces “panic” (anxiety) or “pandemonium” (disorder and confusion), as acquiring “daemons”. Not in the sense of what we normally think of as demonic, and therefor evil, but as raw elemental energies that are animal-like qualities, that eventually take control of our mind and will, producing our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, and acting to degrade the soul by becoming more animal-like in nature. We become like animals when we can’t resist sexual temptation, and randomly breed with anyone.

The symbol of the Pentad (shape created by connecting the outer tips of the star together with straight lines), represents a doorway, through which we move to a higher level through our ability to tame and control our animal passions, where a form of “birth” takes place as a symbol of spiritual rising. In the body, the Pentad is represented as the throat chakra, that forms a link that connects thoughts, imagination, and the spoken word (which creates and calls forth our reality), with our body as the four lower chakras of feeling connection to the material world, emotional states that form our sense of self, sexual arousal and mating, and survival as instinct, that replaces conscious thought with automatic (instinctual) activities. By realizing that we are a soul-mind within a body, and not of our body, we can begin identifying with our true nature and gain control over the forces of the material world, and as a result, begin managing them intentionally, creating ourselves by way of them in a deliberate and purposeful manner. This is true empowerment that allows us to become the authority within our own lives and strive to achieve personal excellence.

Regeneration comes as fractals that produce another whole like itself from a part. Not only from their seeds, but through propagation of the part to produce a new whole. We not only reproduce physically by bearing children with the same appearance and character as we have, but also emotionally, psychologically, and perceptually, as a product of our mental paradigm. Our model of the world, as a dynamic pattern of interwoven memories, meaning, beliefs, values, preferences, tendencies, temperament, and so on, systematically produce or inner and outer reality as fractals of each other. As holograms of each other at different scales, magnitude, and levels. When we draw a star, the center forms into another Pentad. The shape of the Pentad comes from connecting all of the outer tips of the star with straight lines. The same shape is produced inwardly at the center, where another star can be drawn, producing another Pentagram on smaller and smaller scales. This represents the holographic effect of the outer and inner being formed from the same pattern at different scales and interwoven levels as parallel dimensions that together form a larger cohesive dimension.

The spiritual, invisible realm of pure subtle (scalar) energy, forms the electromagnetic field of the etheric body as a hologram, which acts as a spatial blueprint for organizing and forming the physical body as the same “entity” on multiple levels and dimensions, represented by the 5 Elements (Ether, charged plasma, gas, liquid, and solid) , which together act as one. Likewise, the inner reality of our thoughts and visions, are projected outward and superimposed over the outer reality, (re)forming it through our perception of it, to be a correspondence to our inner reality as a greater and more complex version. All of which is created through a holographic form of regeneration on multiple levels and scales simultaneously.

Phi symbolizes symmetry as halving and doubling that forms the same shape at different scales that are of the same ratio proportionately. While Phi is represented by a number (1.618), it’s really a relationship of the one with itself at many different scales and levels. It’ the relationship of the part with the whole, as a proportionately smaller version, and the whole with a part, all of which are of the same nature, characteristics, and type (classification). Phi represents the “ideal” as the “Golden Ratio”, where different sequences become more exact at different scales. It represents an “ideal” (excellence) as a value. A value that becomes a self-replicating rhythm, like mirrors facing each other, where the image becomes smaller and smaller each time it’s reflected. You don’t have to be able to see or know the whole in order to understand it, because the part resembles the whole, and operates by the same values and principles. We can know the whole by studying the part.

        When we cut a line in half, we think we’ve created a Dyad (2 equal parts), but Dyads exist in the most general sense as a primary form of illusion, and only serve to birth the Triad as a combination. Equal parts are not of the same proportion as the whole, and act to cancel each other out. Something only comes into existence through what seems like an imbalance or emphasis of some kind. Not as an actual imbalance, but as a larger part that’s proportionate to the smaller part, which are of the same ratio as the greater whole of which they’re both a part of. The Golden Mean is the only way to divide the line, so that the part and the whole relate to each other in the same way, where the smaller part exists at the same ratio as the whole, on a smaller scale.

Phi is a relationship between the parts and the whole as an accumulative process. A unified whole (both greater and smaller) interacts with itself, in a self-replicating manner. The part is a hologram that’s geometrically of the same ratio (same pattern and measure) to the whole, and directly relates to it. Whenever we bring two things together, a third is formed through the interference pattern created as the relationship between them that cancels out some aspects while amplifying others. This creates the 3-in-1 Law as the One dividing into parts at different scales that all relate and interact with each other in a dynamic way, which creates a new emphasis, and produces a new expression as a variation out of shared complementary qualities. These three aspects of the same thing exist in harmony, and are uniquely proportioned so that the whole is of the same ratio (pattern) as the part (fractal). Our inner reality as a pattern and our outer reality are directly correlated to each other, and are of the same nature, because the greater mind on a still higher scale, is producing and coordinating both of them.

           The Pentad as the Quintessence, regenerates through the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio of Phi, producing holograms of the same frequency as a self-organizing pattern that regenerates at different scales producing what we call reality and our self as a part of that reality. The outer is always acting on the inner, and the inner contains and produces the outer. They exist in exact proportion to each other as the same idea being coordinated and played out on different scales. Vibratory frequency as subtle energy produces an electromagnetic field as the subtle body or hologram that’s used as the spatial blueprint for growing and developing the physical body as a 3-D biological form, through cellular regeneration. The cell contains the information of the whole as DNA, which is comprised of two complementary aspects that together form a new whole by matching 3 codons in each sequence. Each part is produced by different combinations of the same information, which differentiates and specializes it into a single part or function of a greater whole through what’s “turned on” and what’s “turned off” in a sequence that then grows into a unique aspect.

Whatever becomes emphasized (activated) through a greater proportion and potency, becomes expressed materially. The two entities form a third as the remix of the same information, that forms and imbalance as an emphasis, which produces the physical equivalent as both and individual body and an outer reality in which that body is a part. The outer and the inner are of the same hologram on different scales, and between higher and lower dimensions. As above, so below. As within, so without. The Pentagram represents our creative power to act as an authority in our own life, to develop ourselves into an ideal that simultaneously changes the outer reality and how we experience ourselves within that reality. All of which we are created through the relationship of the mind (spirit) and the 4 Elements of the material domain.

Dr. Linda Gadbois   

Memory, DNA, and the Subconscious Mind – Taking Control of Your Mind and Creating Yourself in a Deliberate Manner

All living organisms operate out of the same basic group of principles represented in Sacred Geometry by the numbers 0 through 9. DNA operates out of the same principles as the mind, and may even be considered the subconscious aspect of the mind referred to as “body consciousness”, that completely organizes and regulates all automatic functions of the body, while also organizing the outer reality to hold and represent the same meaning as the inner reality. DNA is a living electromagnetic bio-system that’s always in the process of exchanging energy as signals with everything in near proximity, as well as with the same vibratory frequency as a quality of consciousness with parallel dimensions that are dynamically interlaced with this one. Even what we call the material plane, is formed as a virtual hologram of intricately interlaced dimensions within a greater overall dimension that contains and is comprised of them, while simultaneously exceeding and transcending them.

All dimensions exist as a range or hierarchical scale, where the entire lower scale as an accumulative progression becomes the initial or fundamental level of the one that proceeds out of it, and the lower, primary level is formed by the summary of the one preceding it. The upper regions of one dimension can access and possibly begin resonating with the lower region of the one above it, drawing in and absorbing energy as the consciousness (information) of that higher region, and through a process of interpretation, assimilation, and equilibrium, can act to develop its own “state” to that of the higher level, and be drawn up or absorbed into it through sympathetic resonance.

All reality as a dynamic scale of interwoven levels and aspects operates through a gradient movement of degrees between higher and lower levels, based on what we’re absorbing, becoming one with in nature (thought, feelings, emotions, morals, etc.), and systematically adjusting our vibratory frequency accordingly. The hierarchical scale moves between kingdoms, where for humans, the lower represents becoming more animal-like, prone and driven by unconscious primal urges that don’t involve a decision born out of a thought process or realization, and the higher, where we align and associate with our divine nature, which requires full use of our creative ability to intuitively evaluate and interpret ideas for their meaning and reality as a means of making conscious decisions that ultimately determine our moral destiny. We have been bestowed with higher mental capacities as a form of cognitive intelligence that provides us with the means to create ourselves in a very intentional manner.

Whatever we associate and enter into relationship with, and use as the means to create our experiences, we exchange information as states and ways of being that we integrate and use to create ourselves. As we feel, think, and imagine, we become by doing. However we’re being determines what we do. Actions as natural behaviors are an expression of our character. Our character is something we are solely responsible for creating by what we align ourselves with, willingly allow into our mind and build into a reality by thinking about it, which provides us with the pathway and template for fashioning ourselves by becoming like it. As we think and feel, we program our own subconscious mind as our DNA with a form of holographic program as a spatial map.

Subtle energy as vibration has both an acoustic and optical component as words and sentences that spontaneously produce images as the meaning inherent in the words. Our mind as the electromagnet field (EMF) that permeates, envelops, and extends quite some distance from the body, acts as an antenna, receiver, and transducer for signals as frequencies that are simultaneously received and interpreted by the DNA of our molecular structure, which acts as a transducer that forms words into an EMF as the holographic form that expresses the meaning of the words. This hologram as the conceptualization of the idea the words represent, (in)forms an internal reality as the subtle body and organizing mechanism that’s used to structure matter into the same idea as a pattern that produces a meaningful experience. Out of the reality and its meaning, comes a story as a form of dialogue. This dialogue as a meaningful story imagined as a hologram or virtual reality, programs the DNA of the body with that reality, while simultaneously modifying the mental paradigm to that frequency where it becomes a perceptual lens that we look through to form our experience of life as our thoughts and internal narrative about it.

Our initial programming, produced by combinations of various sorts as relationships between similar ideas that together form a unified idea as a unique variation of both, sets the basis for continued growth and development as a constant form of transformation and soul evolution. Our initial programming is developed by what’s stimulated and brought into active expression through a dynamic of some sort, and what remains latent and inactive in its potential state. A constant process of transformation is taking place by not only what we interact with and become associated with, but by how we perceive and interpret it making it mean something that integrates the information into our paradigm in a way that makes sense (is harmonious)  while simultaneously altering our genetic expression accordingly.

Our mind, genes, brain, heart, and whole organism, is not fixed or static as a form of automated processes, but make up a dynamic living system of potential that’s constantly morphing, fluctuating, and transforming through resonant induction of conscious energy around it that are complementary and compatible in nature. We’re always being programmed by what we’re exposed to, cooperate and participate in doing, or what we contest and argue against. The only question is whether or not it’s happening at an unconscious level as an automatic process that we’re not aware of, or if we’re aware and realize the significance of how we’re constantly being developed and begin intentionally taking control of the process.  The conscious “thinking” mind that’s prone to constant outer influence as a form of direct awareness, is constantly directing (intentionally sending ideas) and programming the DNA/subconscious through what it actively engages in as an experience of reality. The conscious mind is also the aspect of the mind that possesses “willpower”, which acts as an evaluation and judgment process that edits what’s allowed into the mind and allowed to take hold in the imagination, and what’s not. The conscious mind has the ability to make decisions about things from a fully aware and intentional perspective.

When we’re aware of our own ability to direct, edit, and determine our own thoughts, we take back responsibility for ourselves and start becoming self-regulated and self-determined. When we remain unconscious, always acting out of compulsive urges and desires of some sort, and we lack any real form of discipline and self-control, we’re drawn into things through emotional dramas, desires of some kind, or compulsive behaviors as tendencies that cause us to act in an automatic and unconscious fashion, usually without much regard for the consequences our decisions render. But either way, awake and aware, or asleep and unaware, the same process of resonance, sympathetic induction, and coherence is constantly taking place as a natural energetic-biological process of transformation and self-development that’s consistent and ongoing moment by moment.

Once we realize that our subconscious/DNA is “programmable” by imagined thoughts that have strong feelings and emotions attached to them as meaning, and that we’re always working on ourselves to program ourselves through our thoughts as integrated information, and we realize the power of what this implies, we can learn how to use our will and ability to make conscious decisions as to what we associate with and actively engage in. Through intentional associations and activities that develop us in deliberate ways as a means of acquiring different types of information as emotional thoughts that serve to program us in desirable and progressive ways, we can become fully aware of how we’re acting “on ourselves” to create ourselves and we can begin exercising and developing our ability to make the type of decisions that provide us with the influence and stimulation we need in order to develop the qualities and characteristics we want to acquire. We can become aware of people, situations, and activities that we engage and participate in that develop us in very negative and degrading ways, and make firm decisions to remove them from our life, from our experiences, and our mind. Replacing them with what we want to become like instead.

Through self-awareness, we can learn to use our imagination in very deliberate ways to think and create the realities of our thoughts that program and transform us to become who we want to be. The mind tends to be habitual and runs on a form of auto-pilot, and thoughts are often memories of various forms that we continue playing out in our mind while adapting them to present situations, giving the present the same meaning as the past. Though the theme of the memory is applied to many situations, different people, and varying conditions and circumstances, the context and type of story that evolves out of it remains the same. A current situation reminds us of a past situation, and we reference the memory through association, and interpret the present to mean the same thing as the past, and tell ourselves a story about it that transforms it into more of the same idea. Memories form holographic templates as perceptual themes and context that consistently create meaningful experiences.

As we “look through” our perceptual lens as our mental paradigm, we only see in everything else what matches our idea about it. Memories form transparent patterns as an internal reality that’s projected and superimposed over the outer reality where it’s reorganized in such a manner that it can be interpreted to be the same in terms of semantics. Through a form of transference, we interpret everyone and everything to be a part of our story about them. Because our model as accumulated memories form the basis for all interpretation, we’re always transforming others, our situation, and our environment to be of the same criteria as our past. Memories are the programming of our subconscious/DNA and act as a filtering system for all of our automatic perceptions and natural behaviors. It’s only by becoming aware of this, and realizing what we’re doing, that we can begin using it in a deliberate and intentional manner to proactively create our life experiences, and fashion ourselves by way of those experiences.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Cleansing Sexual Energy – Vibration, Attraction and Repulsion

Sexual Union

The easiest way to get a working understanding of this idea is to look at the principles governing energy as vibration. All vibration resonates with vibration of a similar nature and acts to attract, absorb and integrate it, forming coherence as a harmonious whole. All vibratory frequency exists as a range of vibration (wave-form) that forms a gravitational field with what’s of the same frequency, while acting to repel or deflect whatever is outside of its range. All vibration has a rate (speed) and mode (type) of vibration as a quality and level of consciousness that moves along a hierarchical scale as an accumulative, progressive or digressive movement from a lower (singular and separate) to a higher (unified and whole) level, within the same frequency as a wave-form.

A vibratory frequency as a pattern forms a “state of mind” as a type of personality and identity that naturally acts to initiate and cooperatively participate in certain types of stories as “life themes”. A life theme is a vibratory frequency that expresses as natural behavioral tendencies. Vibration contains a pattern that’s self-organizing, self-perpetuating, and self-sustaining. Form as a pattern is always associated with function as an operation or set of behaviors that are acted out as a behavioral dynamic. Whatever vibratory frequency we resonate at, determines the type of behavioral dynamic we participate in as a natural expression of our mode of consciousness as a “life theme”, and determines what type of people and activities we feel attracted to or repulsed by.

All subtle energy exists as a dynamic interwoven series of complementary frequencies that are comprised of attributes, qualities and properties that make up our character as our morality. The electromagnetic field of the body (individual mind), formed by subtle energy that divides into polar opposites and forms a hologram as a breathing sphere of alternating currents, is both magnetic and projective. What’s of the same nature (vibration) as we are is drawn in, absorbed, and maintained by our system, and what’s not is diffused, emitted, and repulsed. Frequency, which exists as a holistic wave of archetypal energy that forms our morality is the determining factor of what we “hold” and what we “release” from our mind and body.

The main factor in our soul’s growth and development in terms of evolutionary digression or progression is our moral nature. Our Moral values are a set of principles that we use as a means of evaluating things in order to make good decisions in terms of “good and bad” or “right and wrong”. Not as an opinion or societal rule, but as a recognition and practical application of universal law as the means of consciously self-creating. By creating a “moral code of conduct” based on an understanding and utilization of Universal laws within our everyday life, we take conscious control of regulating and determining our own vibratory frequency and personal/moral development.

Morality – Immortality and Mortality

Our morality can be thought of as a holistic idea that includes all of the factors that result in behavior, or actions, and activities of some kind, that we willingly participate in. It’s the unified expression of our mental paradigm (vibratory frequency) of what we relate to, feel a connection to, and have a desire for. It’s the end result of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and what we “blend ourselves with” as a form of inner imagining and thought process that forms the basis for our outer activities. Anything we “take into our mind” (act as a receiver and channel for) and form into an inner reality, we become one with in spirit and essence. Whatever we have an attraction for and feel an affinity with, we’re always seeking out, merging into, becoming one with, taking on the same qualities and moral characteristics.

Our mind is an electromagnetic field (EMF) of subtle energy that’s charged with and tuned to a certain vibration, and is always interacting and exchanging energy with the equivalent consciousness in everything else. We are always connecting with those of a similar nature to us, both unconsciously through a form of spontaneity, chemistry, or natural attraction, and consciously where we notice them, they stand out, and we find ourselves drawn to them. While most sexual attraction takes place predominately at the subconscious level (a part of our animal/instinctual nature), consciously we’re able to evaluate people and situations in order to make decisions as to what we engage in and what we don’t.

The Nature of Subtle Energy

Subtle energy is the invisible energy of the spiritual plane that forms the basis for the material plane as a holographic substratum. As we think, (words and images) forming ideas in our mind as a reality that provides us with an experience of it as a kind of preview, is the same as actually “doing it” in spiritual terms. Our thoughts as imagined realities (sensory experiences) are how we willfully create ourselves to vibrate at the frequency of our thoughts. As we form thoughts into realities, we have an emotional response to our own thoughts, and those harmonious emotions are the language of the lower material plane and act to connect us with everything else that’s of the same emotional state. Thoughts (spirit) and emotions (soul) are always connected and act together to produce our behavior and activities (body). Our thoughts and emotions are how we use our creative power of mind to shape matter into internal images and dialogue that forms our perceptual lens and becomes the basis for our outward expression.

We don’t necessarily generate thoughts, but act instead as a receiver for thoughts as archetypal ideas, where we become the channel for that idea to express by adapting it to our mental paradigm (vibratory frequency) where we morph it into a new variation of the same type of idea, played out through our character and within the conditions and circumstances of our everyday life, forming it into a subjective experience. Whatever we engage in morally, we enter into relationship with, blend and fuse with energetically, taking on the same consciousness and way of being. As long as we are morally in tuned to the activity as a relationship that we use to experience ourselves, we “hold” or exist as that same energy and consciousness, and it continues to express through us by governing and directing our thoughts, emotional states, and what we’re prone to in terms of behavioral tendencies.

Temperament, Disposition and Tendencies 

To have a tendency towards something means that we are of the same nature as it is. You’ll have a tendency, under the right conditions, to actively engage in in certain types of behaviors in a consistent and predictable manner. Whatever we feel a connection to and a desire for; we vibrate at the same frequency. Our temperament and disposition is what we’re prone to, and is an inherent part of our nature which is what serves to form our character. Whatever we willingly engage in, shows us in very certain terms what our moral values are. We never act either consciously or unconsciously to violate our moral values. Any activity that we engage in, fits within our moral values, and we can justify our right to do it by how we look at it, and what we tell ourselves about it that makes it okay. Our actions (whether deliberate or compulsive) show us what our tendencies are in very clear terms, and what we’re naturally feel “tempted by”. It shows us what we can reasonably justify and feel validated in doing under the right circumstances and conditions.

Our moral nature is our energetic, spiritual, vibratory frequency that forms resonance with everything that’s of the same nature as we are. Whenever we engage in an act with someone, we are being the same type of person, and we share the same type of consciousness. If we go out to a bar or social activity and pick-up someone with the intention of having sex with them, we are morally equivalent to that person. We mix energetically (consciously) with them, and everybody else that they have had sex with, which is probably quite a few. Likewise, they’re acquiring all the moral energy of everyone we’ve ever had sex with. Sex is a direct exchange of energy as a “fusion” – symbolized not only by the nature of the act itself as entering into and becoming one with that person (swapping body fluids as seed and egg), but through the climax or orgasm, where all resistance subsides completely, and a form of expansion and integration takes place. Anytime we have sex with someone we don’t really know very well, we’re opening ourselves up to a vast array of unknown possibilities as moods and emotions that alter our state of mind.

As long as we’re of the same moral nature as the people we had sex with, performing the same activities and tendencies, we still carry their energy. As long as we still have a desire for the person or act itself, we maintain an energetic equivalent and bond. Their energy, as their morality, lives in us, because we’re the same way. When we consciously become aware of what’s  really going on, and the nature of our moral code of conduct that we hold ourselves to as a basic means of self-creating at the energetic level, we begin loosening up the acquired energy, allowing it to discharge, and we begin repelling it. As long as we still feel a desire for the person or act (sex with a stranger, cheating and infidelity, sex with someone we don’t love, etc.) we still act as a magnet or carrier wave for their energy. Like always attracts to and creates more of what’s like itself. By losing our desire for it (them), our connection with it, where we quit thinking about it altogether, we become of a different moral nature and vibratory frequency, and we no longer maintain the energy through resonance.

Once we lose our desire for it, where we no longer see it as pleasurable, we’re no longer tempted by it. Anything that tempts you, you still have a desire for and connection to. Anything that you continue thinking about while experiencing strong emotions, you continue holding the energy of that vibration. Energy as emotion (energy in motion) is directed by and flows into thought. What we think about is the result or expression of our vibratory frequency. In order to clear yourself of certain experiences, you have to see it in such a way that it’s no longer pleasurable and desirable, but rather disgusting and repulsive. Where you are no longer tempted by it and have no trouble at all refraining from it, and it no longer controls your thoughts. You know you’ve cleared energy from your system when you no longer think about it or act unconsciously to create yourself by way of the activities involved and the experience it brings.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Integrative Mind-Body Consultant and Spiritual Mentor