Neutralizing Demonic Forces that Render Us Unconscious – Passions, Emotions, and Creating in an Unconscious State

In order to understand how to work with negative forces in our life, which are commonly referred to as demonic forces, we have to move away from the Hollywood depiction of what demons and demonic forces are, and look at them more from the perspective of how we actually experience them in our day-to-day life. The entire material world is a part of what’s called the Astral Plane, which acts as a magnetic fluid and medium for what we experience as emotions, passions, and ideas combined with a strong emotional component that make them seem very compelling and often hard to resist. Passions usually take the form of a strong emotion that’s being expressed and transmitted through the atmosphere by someone around us, that immediately overwhelms us with the same emotion, causing us to react in an automatic and unconscious fashion. Most of the dramas we form in life result from allowing our emotions to take hold and start running our thoughts and imagination. Our emotional states keep us locked into delusions that ultimately form the basis for all of our self-induced pain and suffering. Sexual desire and lust can form a kind of fanaticism and mania by arousing an intense emotion that can take over and seem hard to bring under control. Emotions are the language and motivating force of the material plane and govern our subconscious mind as our instinctual nature. We cultivate emotional states naturally through our living conditions, life circumstances and situations, moods, and relationships with others.

The lower material plane exists within what we call the Astral Plane in Esoteric Sciences which, as the name implies, can also be thought of as the “atmosphere” of the Earth, which is comprised of the Elements of fire (light and heat), and water (primordial substance), which combine to form air, which is illuminated and fortified by starlight (our sun). The invisible atmosphere all around us is populated and made up of living forces called elementals, which are a primal form of consciousness that exists as “singular qualities” that form the intelligences of the instinctual plane and the Collective Unconsciousness of Nature. They exist as what we could think of as “memory” that have personality traits and distinct behaviors or operations associated with them. As humans, we tend to experience them as emotions that produce an imagined reality that’s a form of illusion or fantasy. If you pay close attention you’ll realize emotions are readily transmitted through the atmosphere and are designed to produce immediate reactions and behaviors of some kind. We sense them as the “energy” in a place or situation, and act to “receive” them from others who are outwardly expressing and projecting them, and when we “take on” an emotion, it alters our state of mind, which has a certain type of reality inherent in it that starts playing out in our mind as a memory of some form, and causes us to act in a certain way.

What we traditionally call “demons” or demonic forces, which are typically represented as being bad or evil somehow due to their ability to take control of our will and imagination, in the most general sense are neither good nor bad, but neutral forces that give animals their personality and behaviors, and only become “evil” when used inappropriately for selfish reasons that ultimately end up being harmful and destructive. It’s usually the intention, will or tendencies of the person they’re inhabiting and expressing through that make them evil. Otherwise they’re simply qualities that can be employed to develop certain powers and qualities in us that help us to perform certain feats in a more proficient and expressive way. They come to us as instinctual forces that operate in an unconscious way to produce automatic, animal-like behaviors. The name “daemon” originated as meaning any astral form or invisible entity that inhabits the astral field that are of a partially terrestrial nature, including our Higher Self, until the name was incorrectly interpreted and corrupted to mean only evil or bad. Anyone who can see the impressions inherent in the Astral field all around us knows that it’s often filled with images of what can appear as beautiful daemons, vividly structured in varying degrees of intense prismatic colors, that are often very benevolent and pure in nature.

Beings of the astral plane

All energy, of both the subtle and gross realms exist in polarity as complementary opposites that serve to stimulate each other into an active state of expressed, forming the stage necessary to act out certain types of dramas. In order to act out a scenario, you have to have multiple players cast in different roles. We can only ‘know’ ourselves ‘as’ something specific by how it contrasts or relates to what it’s not, with its opposite. We can only know ourselves as ‘good’ in comparison and opposition to what we also deem to be ‘bad’. We can only know and experience ourselves as courageous and brave in comparison to being scared and cowardice. We have to create and be in the situation that requires us to ‘decide’ who and how we’re going to be as the drama necessary to ‘act it out’ as an experience of our self, by employing and bringing into expression the necessary qualities. We don’t ever ‘take in’ or acquire energy as entities from the atmosphere around us, because they already exist within our own nature (animal constitution). Outside energies of any kind only act to awaken and bring forth in us those same qualities through resonance.

When we’re in a situation where different passions are actively expressing and we’re stimulated by them and they become active ‘within us’, through a deeper form of self-awareness we can choose to actively employ them as a means of intentionally developing ourselves. When we remain unaware of what’s happening, they act to shape us, but when we’re aware of what’s happening inside of us in response to everything around us, we can actively utilize them as the means for developing our own character. This process forms the basis for what’s called Shamanic journeying into the underworld, which is referring to the instinctual, animal powers associated with our own subconscious, that we share in common with the natural world around us. Shamanic medicine always works with the ‘whole person’ by working with the astral-etheric body of the psyche (soul), animal-subconscious to heal the physical body by empowering the person with the ‘animal power’ the person needs and is deficient in. These animal powers, which can also be thought of as the ‘memory of instinct’, are commonly referred to as demons or nature spirits, with the idea of a Demon being similar in the lower, animal plane to that of an Archetype in the Higher, Divine Planes. By acquiring the quality and characteristic of the demon or animal power, we can develop that same quality in ourselves as a part of our character, and correct a psychological and emotional imbalance that alters and modifies the physical malady associated with it.

They can also come as a psychological state that rises spontaneously in an automatic and unknown fashion, rather than through a deliberate conscious effort of some sort, which are accompanied by or produce a physiological change in us as a feeling or emotion of some kind (love, joy, anger, hate, fear, etc.). We’re constantly taking on (absorbing) and being internally stimulated by the energy that’s around us through a form of energetic respiration, not only through the air we breathe, but also through what we drink and eat. Water holds memory and can be structured energetically with intention, and is the primal source of all life, and whatever food we consume we acquire and assimilate its life-essence (consciousness), and it literally becomes a part of our physical make-up. We’re constantly undergoing a form of transformation through resonance and by whatever it is we use to fortify and sustain us. All physical substances are living entities that also contain mental, emotional, and spiritual constituents. We’re constantly being stimulated by whatever forces are actively expressing around us, which serve to naturally activate complementary forces within us. We’re always engaged in an unconscious interaction with everything around us as a natural form of evolution. These energies exist all around us as invisible forces that become a part of our psyche and energetic make-up, both in an aware and unaware manner, as well as by intentionally taking them on to develop those same qualities and abilities within us.

the astral plane of instinctual forces

We’re constantly transforming and evolving based on what type of qualities of consciousness we interact with. Out of emotion comes a reality as an imagined experience that forms the “lens we look through” to interpret and describe the situation that gave rise to it. Our “reaction to it” is what creates in the situation as a way of influencing its course and what transpires as a chain-reaction set in motion through our reaction. Every action sets into motion and infinite series of like reactions that are of the same nature, kind, and type. There’s always a natural process of equilibrium taking place between our inner self and outer environment as the most basic form of growth and evolution that’s constantly making the adjustments necessary to keep us of the same energetic state and consciousness as the environment we exist, function, and survive in. This takes places through the natural process of resonance, sympathetic induction, and coherence. So in this sense, demonic forces can be thought of as vibratory frequencies that form patterns as physical forms of some sort that have distinct qualities and characteristics that simultaneously produce natural behaviors.

Other forms of what we call demons (Qliphoth) are what we can think of as “empty shells” or “harlots”, which are a form of etheric remnant left behind from a dead person who was considered evil. The etheric body, which is the shell or holographic model of the physical body, lingers in the Astral plane for quite some time after death of the body before gradually disintegrating and dissolving. It dies along with the body, but because it’s subtle in nature, takes longer to actually deteriorate. These are the destructive forces always at work in the universe and are formed and developed by the willful actions of the person who created their persona out of them. These etheric remnants remain for a time within the plane they belong to, unable to ascend, and are available to haunt or inhabit other people who either live near them or that are of a similar enough nature that they act to attract and serve as a host for them. This order of demons inhabit what’s called the fifth world, which we consider hell, and can’t enter higher worlds, and so when we play host to them, we condemn ourselves to the lower regions of death and destruction.

Orders of demons are assigned to each level of our multidimensional reality, just like orders of angels are. All energies in both higher and lower regions exist as dual, polar forces that together form a kind of sliding scale as degrees of consciousness that move between polar opposites of the same overall idea. What we call angels are considered the higher, creative and benevolent principle, and demons are their complementary opposite, as the lower, impulsive and destructive principle, of the same essential quality. One can only be known and assigned specific attributes by how it exists in relation with it’s opposite quality. Good can only be ‘defined’, and therefore known, by how it exists in relation and contrast to bad. Negative qualities can also develop through the excess, extreme, or exaggeration of the positive quality, which makes them destructive in nature. They can come through an imbalance brought about through repetitive emanations or by employing them consistently over an extended period of time. These energies are of the Astral-etheric field, and inhabit the Astral body (subconscious) of man (animal). They’re the remains of an earlier cycle of creation, void of a soul and will of their own, and can only continue to live and create by inhabiting a person (soul) and commanding their will. This is commonly referred to as “possession” or “obsession”, and the person acting as a host for these forces can literally become another person and take on a whole new personality, demeanor, and set of behaviors.

Spiritual Mentoring for self-mastery and Personal Transformation

Demons of various sorts are also considered the “tempters” and “testers” of mankind, challenging and often corrupting their morality by appealing to their animal passions and instinctual nature. The Angel of Death, often to refer to as Satan, is known as the “accuser and deceiver”, preying on the feeble minded and weak willed, as a means of sorting out the weak from the strong, revealing their true nature as “lower beings”. This produces what we could call the “deciding point” between who ascends to a higher domain, and who descends to a lower one. The more animal-like we are, selfish and ruled by our passions and emotions, the more destructive we are and we cast ourselves into an infinite existence in the lower worlds of animal instincts and unconsciousness. One of the things that separate us from the animal world of Nature is that we have a higher aspect of the mind, called the conscious mind, where we’re capable of creating ourselves through active use of the higher capacities of realization, choice, and will. When we use our will to become like an animal, selfish, self-motivated, and governed by our emotions and instinctual impulses, we condemn ourselves to an eternal realm of pain and suffering, rendered by our own hand, where whatever it is we do to others, is likewise done to us at a future point or in a different life. The demons of the material world are bound to this world and remain a permanent part of it.

Evil, which is a destructive force, can’t exist on the higher realms, and so those who act as a host for demonic forces can’t pass through the “Gates of Heaven”, or the tunnel of light, and move into an existence of higher, loving, creative consciousness. We only move between planes, which exist as levels and ranges of vibration, by cultivating our nature to vibrate at a similar enough rate within the lower planes of passions, emotions, and animal instincts, that we can ‘resonate’ with the higher plane, and be “drawn up” into it after we separate from our physical body. All single planes of existence are formed as a hierarchy of multiple planes that form a ‘range of vibration’ that have higher and lower regions of the same plane, and when moving from a lower plane into a higher one, we enter into the higher plane at the lowest point on that plane. Once we have moved to a higher plane and level of consciousness, we begin the process of growing and transforming ourselves all over again through active use of our higher, creative capacities of choice and free will to a more universal, benevolent, and selfless way of being.

All “energetic entities” of the material plane can be influenced and directed through awareness and conscious use of will. Emotional states, passions and desires, lust, sexual attraction, and anything that has a strong magnetic feel to it that normally overtakes you in a completely natural and unconscious way (no thought or realization), can be recognized for what they are and ‘neutralized’ by not reacting to them, or acting in accord them. However these forces are very magnetic and gripping and may be quite difficult to resist based on their intensity and the level of consciousness you’ve consistently employed and cultivated up to this point to create your experiences, and yourself by way of those experiences. When we live out of our emotions and allow our emotions to run our thoughts, we exist within and create out of an unconscious state. A strong emotional trigger causes us to instantly go into a reactive state, which is what ‘unconscious’ means. To act unconsciously means you act out a pattern of behavior without a ‘thought process, realization, or decision’ taking place. We begin automatically reliving a memory that’s associated to the emotional charge, and act the same way we did in the past when we experienced the same type of emotion. When experiencing strong emotions, they form illusions (imaginary scenarios) in our mind that we perceive as real (because we form them as an experience), and we use them to interpret the present to mean the same thing as the past, creating more of the same ‘type’ of experiences as the past.

The unconscious mind of the Astral-animal plane doesn’t have the ability to create through self-aware, deliberate acts, and merely creates in an automatic fashion out of memory of some sort. All memory is directly associated to the emotional state we were in when we created the memory, and the emotions are what acts as the “activating mechanism” of behavioral pattern associated with the memory. All natural behavior is emotionally driven, and is formed out of memory of some sort. Memory provides the automatic program or pattern for the behavioral dynamic that ensues from it. Anytime we experience an emotional charge, we instantly go unconscious and begin running automated patterns of behavior, which is what forms the basis for our reaction. The emotion instantly references a memory formed out of the same feeling, and uses our will and imagination to play out the memory as a pattern that has a behavioral dynamic inherent in it. Likewise, anytime we dwell in memories of the past, we create the emotional state of those memories, and create more of the same type of behaviors and experiences in the present. No realization or decisions takes place because we don’t even realize that’s what we’re doing or what’s actually happening. This is what unconscious means – natural and automatic – no thought process or effort is required. It comes “over us” as a state and we become the means through which it expresses in a completely automated fashion.

The instinctula forces of the astral plane

By forming an awareness of our own emotions and how they affect us, and by forming a practical understanding of Nature and the energetic world around us, we can learn how to detach from our emotions, residing outside of and a part from them, so to speak, and exercise our will in preventing them from entering us and taking hold without our consent. We can remain self-aware, and through our awareness we can consciously decide whether we want to engage and cooperate in co-creating the joint-reality inherent in the emotion, or refrain from it altogether. We can prevent the emotional charges being transmitted through the atmosphere from entering our mind and taking hold through active use of will and visualization. All energy can be directed, utilized, and transformed through imaginary processes (visualization). Imagination is the mental faculty we utilize in exercising our will in creating. Once you gain an understanding of what’s actually happening, the awareness alone neutralizes the reaction. By simply visualizing the process, you can form an invisible field that prevents energy from entering your body, taking hold, and stimulating you into a reactive state. Once you gain control of the triggering mechanism involved, you’re in a position to think about it. You can learn how to contemplate what will result from actively expressing the emotions you’re being stimulated by reflecting on it and allowing the reality that will result from it to naturally play out in our mind as a possible scenario.

The true meaning of ‘resistance’ doesn’t come by struggling to abstain from something that feels very compelling and is tugging at you, it comes by learning how to look at it in a way that makes it seem different and less appealing. Where it’s no longer desirable or compelling. Once you learn how to see it in a different way, you have no trouble saying no or walking away, and it no longer even engages you. It’s about learning how to stay conscious in situations you normally go unconscious in, and by simply focusing your mind on what’s actually happening in terms of the energetic exchange taking place, where you can see it for what it is, and in doing so, it no longer acts to control or seduce you. Once you learn how to stay calm in volatile situations where strong emotions are being outwardly expressed, you have a ‘choice’ as to how you’re going to respond or engage. By remaining calm and not taking on or being affected by the emotions being expressed by someone, you act to neutralize them instead of amplifying them. Once something is no longer compelling to us and no longer triggers an instantaneous reaction in us, we have no trouble remaining calm and resisting it. Once we become aware of how our emotional states are created and how they affect us and our ability to see clearly, we can learn how to direct and influence situations to a more peaceful and beneficial outcome. Once we’re no longer controlled by our emotions, we can learn how to intentionally utilize emotions as a means of influencing situations in a more productive way. We can only consciously control and therefore use what’s NOT controlling and using us.

All demons or entities of the Astral Plane of the Collective Unconscious can be controlled and directed by active use of the will. If we’re aware of the negative energies that are active within us, and we can identify them based on how they make us feel, what we think about when feeling that way, and what behaviors it makes us prone to, we can thank it for its service and ‘command’ it to leave, and it has to. It can’t refuse or override us, because it doesn’t have a will of its own. Instinctive forces only inhabit and direct unconscious beings that lack awareness of what’s really going on. They’re designed to produce automated behaviors that don’t require thinking, judging, discrimination, reasoning, or making a decision. Many people love who they become and the experiences created through their emotional dramas (demons) and have built their identity out them, and not only don’t want to give them up, but will defend their right to keep them. When this occurs, they literally “sell their soul” to the devil (become absorbed in their animal nature) and condemn ourselves to an eternity within the lower planes, where they reside as an unconscious mortal animal instead of a divine immortal ruler of the lower planes.

Emotions and passions, in terms of how we’re talking about them here, don’t exist on the higher planes of the conscious mind, because they’re a product of the unconscious mind of Nature that are designed to produce automated behaviors in beings who lack the ability to think rationally and make conscious decisions. Only humans are bestowed with the conscious aspect of the mind and have the innate ability to ‘create themselves’ through their ability to create their own experiences. On higher planes of the conscious mind intuition, thought, and will are the creative forces. Intuition on the higher plane comes from a sense of unity with all life, where we penetrate the outer appearance of things and perceive it through its true inner nature. Only the higher, human soul has the ability to control its own will and imagination. We have the ability to wake up to our higher nature and exercise full control over our mind and assume full responsibility for what we create. Divine forces reside in a reverent state of sovereignty, and create in a way that’s beneficial and life-promoting to everyone and everything involved. It respects and honors life in all its forms. Death and destruction are only attributes of the lower, material planes where immortal gods render themselves mortal animals. By learning how to take control of our animal nature of instinct and passions, we can use it in a deliberate and intentional manner to create in benevolent and selfless ways that will promote life in all its forms and benefit everyone involved in the highest way possible.

Dr. Linda Gadbois