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All educational programs are designed for obtaining self-knowledge and the skills necessary for applying that knowledge to self-create while simultaneously expressing your self in very precise and effective ways. All teaching is based on Natural Laws that require personal interpretation in order to apply within your own life. They provide you with the theory as the basis that facilitates your ability to think in an individual and original manner in order to apply them – which develops your creative and intuitive abilities simultaneously.

We are happy to design custom training programs for your group or profession based on their primary interests and areas of desired exploration. We are also available to speak to a group as a “guest speaker” on whatever subject you desire within our range of expertise. If you are interested in any of these, please contact us and we’ll be happy to make special arrangements. :-)

All Classes are designed & taught by
Dr. Linda Gadbois


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Our Areas of Expertise and Advanced Knowledge:

Mind / Psychological Development
These are classes that pertain to the Mind, Consciousness and Psychology. The primary model used is the “Quantum Mind” as it pertains to Consciousness as the Subtle Energy that is considered the Mind-field that surrounds and encapsulates the body, the holographic effect, and how consciousness serves to influence and animate matter. These classes pertain to all levels of the mind and use several different models for looking at the mind, all of which allow us to see something different. They also include the Spirit/Soul aspect of the mind and body.


Professional Training and Development
These training sessions provide advanced skills that are ideal for professionals and those who require a high skill level of dealing with people in various capacities in their profession. These classes help improve your ability to use psychological skills in all areas of your practice to increase and enhance your effectiveness and help create a bonding effect between professionals and their clients.


Spiritual Sciences / Development
These classes cover the basic study of Spiritual Sciences, Sacred Psychology, Soul Science, Metaphysics, Transcendental Magic, Shamanism. The knowledge of Spiritual Sciences is based on Universal laws that govern both the energetic realm of the mind, the physical realm of the body, and the astral realm of the soul. We explore Universal Principles & Law and their application, and the Divinatory Arts of Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Book of Knowledge – Tarot, Archetypes and Hermetic Sciences.


Integrative Medicine / Therapies
My area of expertise is in Mind Sciences and Consciousness studies that form the basis for: Meditation and Hypnosis, Applied Psychology, Intuition, Shamanic Arts & Huna, Energy Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Mind/Body Medicine, and Artistic Therapies. These of course all have a common ground and blend together to form what we call “the Art of Healing”. We view life as holistic, organic and energetic. We emphasize the skillful practice of in-depth knowledge in a masterful way.


Mystery School of Ancient Wisdom
Our Mystery School is based out of Hermetic Sciences that formed the basis of “Spiritual/Esoteric Sciences” that developed into the Eastern Philosophies and Shamanic Arts. This is spiritual knowledge that also includes the Natural Sciences, Divinatory Arts, Practical application of Universal Law, Masterful Mind development, and well developed intuitive abilities. It teaches a masterful understanding of the Law of Analogy and developing spiritual faculties through devoted practice. It teaches an in-depth understanding of subtle energy, Mind Power, and Magical Ritual. Magic was a holistic practice before Art and Science (right & left brain), religion and science (God and man) were separated and set against each other. Magic views all of life as containing some degree of consciousness and sees God as life itself, as all of Nature and the Cosmos.



Playshops & Adventure Seminars
Playshops are scheduled classes with open registration. We call them playshops because they are experiential in nature, and can involve music, dance, art, poetry, drama, and creative movement as part of the learning experience. We focus on Creative Learning that is fun to do and involves activity. We use humor, reflecting on the irony of life, and use everyday language that is realistic and common.

Adventure Seminars are Playshops that involve travel to different locations around the world where performing arts, entertainment, cultural activities, exploration and outdoor activities are apart of the experience. These classes are usually half-day classes allowing time for tours, field trips and scheduled activities that are fun and adventurous in nature. :-)

All of our Educational Programs are catered to a higher level of understanding. They may be confusing for the novice or beginner. They are centered on “Self-Mastery” and focus on how to use your mind, access inner resources, and develop practical skills. They are formulated from Spiritual Sciences and bridge the essential Truths from a variety of domains such as: Art; Metaphysics; NLP, Cognitive Psychology; Transpersonal Psychology; Hypnosis; Neurobiology; Natural Sciences; Computer Science; Physiology; Quantum Physics; Philosophy; Ecology; and Creativity.

These classes are designed to teach skills, methods and “direct experience” that can be practically applied to daily life producing transformational results. They will enhance your creative ability by bringing an acute sense of awareness to the creative process by mastering “Mind/ Body Integration.”

These Classes are ideally suited for correspondence with the MENTORING PROGRAM- which is designed to take specific skills – in specific areas and practice implementing them by experimenting with them in your everyday life to produce desired results.

The Class Designer, Linda Gadbois, owns the copyright to all class outlines on this page and within this web site. They may not be used, imitated, copied, sold or published in any way without the exclusive, written permission of the Author.

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