Divine Providence – Intuition, Fate and Destiny

The idea of Divine Providence, like fate and destiny, indicates that there’s a grand plan laid out for our life and that a higher power acts to organize the events of our life and the order in which they unfold. It’s the idea that the general course of our life as a theme is set before we’re born and plays out in a completely natural way without our direct awareness of what’s happening and why. The soul is bonded to and born into the body and life conditions and circumstances that provide it with the ideal disposition, temperament, conditioning, connections, and tendencies to cooperatively participate and facilitate its own evolution and grow through the experiences it creates in relation to the events of its life.

Reality as we know it is produced by an interaction and correlated relationship between the mind and soul as it exists on multiple levels simultaneously, where the lower is organized by the higher and forms a kind of feedback loop that provides the higher with an experience of itself through its own self-administered creation. The lower plane of the material world exists in its entirety as a whole coherent event on the upper plane of spirit. The higher plane of the true soul (human) and spirit, exists in eternity outside of space and time, as a unification of what we think of as past, present and future, which are really continuations of the same idea as an overall greater idea playing out in a linear fashion as a step-by-step unfolding that has a beginning, full expression, and conclusion.

Ideas on the material plane are expressed through what we perceive as life and death processes of solution, resolution, and dissolution. The only purpose of the events of our life is to set the stage with specific factors as a continuous unfolding drama that allows self-realization in relationship with them and as a co-creator. They produce experiences that provide us with the opportunity to become conscious in situations we’re normally unconscious in and create ourselves and our life from a fully aware and conscious state in a deliberate manner. If we remain unconscious and unaware of our part in the events of our life, or fail to gain insight into the true meaning of things and our ability to create ourselves in new ways by how we choose to create our “experience†of events, then we repeat the same type of events over and over. Once we gain self-realization, we’re able to see a different reality and make new choices that break the existing pattern and form a new one.

Walking our life's path

The Material Nature of Reality

Life in the general sense of material reality plays out through instinct, which is the intelligence and guiding life force of the entire natural world. Instinct comes naturally as the wisdom of the unconscious mind that motivates movement and produces the behaviors of life in an automated and natural fashion that doesn’t involve self-realization, thought, decisions, or will. Our life plays out as a natural series of events that seem beyond our control, where we simply find ourselves in situations and play a role in them through what is primarily reactive (natural) behavior based on our conditioning (programming). Through the same natural processes of instinct that guides our life through an unconscious state where we have no direct awareness of our identity or creative abilities, we live our life subject to our own ignorance. We live our life from the perspective of a somewhat intelligent animal instead of a Divine and creative Being.

The subconscious, which is the same aspect of the mind we share with the entire plant and animal kingdom, is constantly being informed and given instructions by the Higher Self of that entity or species as its true source of life and intelligence. Our subconscious is constantly being given suggestion by our Higher Self that it uses to systematically produce a corresponding outer reality. The self-conscious mind, which is the complementary aspect of the subconscious on the lower, material plane, then witnesses and forms an experience out of the outer reality produced by its own subconscious mind as its “perception†of it (which is really a form of “self-perceptionâ€). Our ability to perceive it forms the illusion that it’s happening outside of our self, and we use it to create an experience of ourselves by how we associate with it. We create an “experience†by how we interpret the events of our life through the story we tell ourselves about it that give it meaning. The experiences we create through the relationship formed between the three aspects of our mind form an “image of our self†as both a character within that story and as the author of the story simultaneously.

Masculine and feminine aspects of the mind working in tandem

The Three-fold Nature of the Mind

What we call the mind, which is an invisible field of consciousness that accompanies all living forms, exists in polarity as both masculine and feminine aspects that form a dynamic, procreative relationship with each other, and span multiple dimensions. The subconscious-feminine aspect is passive and receptive, with no will of its own or ability to make decisions, that takes in the seed of the active idea as a form of suggestion, and turns it into an internal image that acts as a metaphor for producing an equivalent or analogous outer reality of the same nature and likeness. The idea that impregnates it as a form of “thematic patternâ€, gestates and develops into a physical form of the idea as an internal representation that draws in and magnetizes it with life force energy, producing an electromagnetic field that telepathically programs the subconscious mind of everything else around it, organizing and orchestrating an outer reality to symbolically match the inner reality.

The self-conscious, self-aware mind (a feature only humans have), that’s birthed exclusively on the material plane within the body by the subconscious, then witnesses and experiences it “self†within the reality produced by the subconscious. Because the self-conscious mind of outer awareness is primarily unaware of the activities of its own subconscious mind, it doesn’t realize that what it’s experiencing it has also acted in a cooperative manner to produce. And because of this, imagines it’s happening to them by outside forces that are random and beyond their control or ability to influence, change, and redirect. And of course this remains true as long as we remain unaware of our true nature and how reality is formed by our own mind on both higher and parallel planes.

The womb of creation

Our subconscious forms what we can think of as our personality, which is largely a product of our genetic make-up, formative conditioning, environmental influences, and acts to give birth to our self-conscious, self-aware mind which is the complementary (polar) opposite of our subconscious and forms our identity as an outgrowth and natural expression of our personality. Our identity or ego is formed based on how we think about things to give them meaning, the roles we naturally take-on and play in any situation, and the story we begin telling ourselves as the means of describing, explaining, justifying, and trying to make sense of things. The events themselves have no meaning outside of the one we give them which serves to shape how we experience them.

The self-conscious, masculine mind of the material plane also has the ability to not only impregnate its own subconscious with instructions for creating reality (just as Higher Consciousness does), but also communicate a desired reality to the Higher Conscious, which is the willful aspect that acts to oversee and orchestrate all of the events of the lower, material plane. What we can think of as a continuous feedback loop is formed between all aspects of the mind and parallel dimensions, because the Higher Mind programs and feeds the subconscious with continuous instructions, which produces the thoughts and outer reality of the self-conscious, producing its wishes and desires, that it then reflects back to the subconscious as a memory, allowing the Higher Self to first produce reality, then witness its own creation, and create an experience of Itself within that reality. So what we tend to call the will of the lower self is actually produced by the Higher Self through what is largely an unconscious process.

Dual nature of the self and mind

The Nature of Experience and the Law of Cause and Effect

All of what we experience as the events of our outer life is administered in an objective and neutral way by our Higher Self as a form of Karma or Divine Providence as justice. How we respond to these events produces an experience of either fate (unconscious and unaware) or destiny (aware and conscious). Karma is based on the Law of Cause and Effect, which says every action, whether as a feeling, thought, or behavior, produces an equal or greater reaction of the same nature. The reaction then becomes the action that causes another reaction and a chain-reaction as a synchronistic series of events are set into motion and expresses over time in various ways. The patterns that produce reality are self-perpetuating in nature through a dynamic series of cause and effect relationships that play out in a linear fashion.

The creative forces of the universe are polar in nature, and whatever we cause or put out, we also experience on the receiving end of our own actions as a balancing mechanism of universal justice. What we put out we always get back. What we do unto others is done unto us in return. Whatever we remain unaware of that’s motivating and guiding our thoughts and behaviors, we continue creating out of and form the nature of all our experiences. All energy as consciousness is rhythmic, cyclical, and self-perpetuating in nature. Cycles repeat until they’re broken through awareness and making new decisions that produce new actions.

Divine Providence is a grand plan or whole-life plan as a continuous and congruent story-line that comes about through a natural and synchronistic series of events that are ultimately beyond our control in the most basic sense. It comes as the natural and unbiased administration of karma as the Law of Cause and Effect. Whatever we set into motion as an active and creative force by our feelings, thoughts, and actions, produces natural consequences as an outer event, which we then experience as returning or happening “to usâ€. Every idea exists in polarity as opposite positions and perspectives of the same thing necessary to play it out as a life drama. Whatever we put out or project, we stimulate a like reaction in everything else, bringing it into an active and expressive state, then form an interaction that draws that same force back into us as an outer experience.

Sending out energy

Intuition, Premonitions, and Anticipation

We can know Divine Providence by how it comes to us intuitively as an inner knowing or feeling that forms a mental impression that’s not produced by us as a wish or desire or replay of an existing memory in a new form. Though all memories in our present life were and are being produced by the suggestions of our Higher Self, when a new command or set of instructions comes into the subconscious, they are noticeably objective in nature and not being produced by us personally. They’re also accompanied by a deep and strong feeling, which, regardless of how we initially respond to it, we feel an affinity with it. It comes as a form of premonition that gives us a preview of what’s to come.

When we become aware of a deep inner feeling and the mental impression that accompanies it, it often comes as an icon or symbolic image as a snapshot that’s metaphorical in nature. As we recognize it, we place our attention on it and think about it briefly as a means of seeing its potential or what it represents as a possibility. As we begin thinking about it, we expand it into a possible reality in our imagination, consider it briefly, and make a decision regarding it. Usually, if we like it and want the reality it offers we accept it and continue to develop it by thinking about it with a feeling of desire attached to it. If we don’t like it, we reject and ignore it, put it out of our mind and go on our way, and it continues to be developed into an outer reality without our awareness. When we begin experiencing it, sometimes we recognize and make an association to the premonition we had, and other times we don’t because we fail to understand the nature of symbolic ideas or archetypes as metaphors. Because of this, when that same idea shows up under a different guise, we don’t recognize it or connect the dots. Other times when we start experiencing it as an outer life event we have a deep sense of having known it was coming through our intuition about it.

Dual aspects of the mind, soul, and self

Divine Providence as our fate and destiny play out in a neutral fashion that’s beyond our control on the material plane as a form of universal justice or balancing that brings us the experience on both the giving and receiving end. While we don’t necessarily have any direct control over what happens, we do have complete control over how we respond and enter into relationship with what happens. Whether we realize and accept it and cooperate in playing it out, or resist and struggle against it, we’re still the one choosing and creating our own experience and what role we’re going to play in the drama that ensues as its fulfillment. Even when we take a position of opposing and fighting against something, we’re acting to create it, the only difference is “how we experience it†and how we create ourselves through how we associate and identify with the role we play in our own self-made experiences. So while we can’t control what happens to us, we can absolutely choose how we’re going to respond and how we’re going to use it to create as a result.

The Higher Will, which is actually an aspect of our self that we’re only vaguely aware of most of the time, operates through us on the lower plane of instinct through intuition. All ideas of our Higher Soul come through the subconscious mind and are reflected in the mind’s eye as a mental impression, feeling of knowing or sensing the invisible forces that form and orchestrate the material world, and as an inner voice commanded by a higher authority. The mind exists in a primary state of excited anticipation where it’s always saying “what’s nextâ€. If we realize what it is and that it’s showing us what’s to come, or the true nature of something, we can anticipate it and prepare ourselves in whatever way we deem appropriate in terms of how we choose to undertake it, whether it’s perceived as good or bad. All suffering and pain comes from resistance to what is, and is a product of our own mind in response to our self on a higher level.

Mental waves

The Great Unfolding

The other feature that can seem confusing and perhaps frustrating at times, is that we’re never shown the whole picture as a series of events our life is going to take on, but it reveals itself instead in a step-by-step fashion of what’s coming in the moment and immediate future. This is largely due to the fact that the subconscious is unaware of time and is always present in the moment and telepathically interacting with everything around it. This affords us the opportunity to begin connecting with our Higher Self, where we can choose to accept universal justice and actively participate in its fulfillment by using it as guidance and seeing the true reality of it as our own creation.

When we merge into an become one with our intuitive awareness, we learn the lesson involved and form a new response as a conscious decision that corrects and modifies our own attitude and actions in relation to it. We complete a pattern as a cycle of events that we remained unaware of our part in co-creating, and we make what was unconsciously operating in our life conscious. Through conscious awareness, self-realization, and the ability to make new decisions by taking on a new perspective, we break the pattern as an unconscious tendency and produce a new experience in its place.

Creating worlds

All of our actions are creative and form the cause that sets a series of events into motion as the reality or consequences of our actions. On the spiritual plane, feelings and thought are “actions†that are creative and produce realities in the faculty of the imagination. As a feeling is translated into a thought and injected into the womb of the subconscious, it’s formed into an image as a mental impression. This mental impression is metaphorical (universal) and can be applied to any number of situations and circumstances to produce an analogous, corresponding idea. The metaphor represents an idea as a kind of theme in its potential state and gives us insight into the “type†of reality it will produce. The feeling associated with it is its true creative source, and whatever reality is produced will express and give us more of that same feeling.

What we call reality, which is made up of matter as an empty shell that serves as a vehicle for consciousness to inhabit and express through, is organized, animated, and the means for expressing feelings. Not as emotions, which are an inherent part of the lower regions of the astral plane designed to produce automatic reactive behavior and an imaginary illusion that replaces objective reality, but as an inner knowing that has an entire reality inherent in it. Feeling is what we can call the “thought†of the higher plane as a direct inner experience of something. We only truly “know†through direct experience. Thought as dialogue reshapes true reality into the illusion indicated by the words being used to shape it. Words can’t appropriately describe what is only known through experience, and serves only as an approximation.

When we have a vision as a form of premonition that acts as guidance, we should concentrate on the feeling it give us, not the nature of the image itself. It’s the feeling that’s the source of the reality and nature of the experience it’ll produce as its offspring. We only “sense†the spiritual idea underlying and giving rise to the material world by the feeling it gives us. The feeling is the inner nature that organizes light into form, and then animates it, producing all of its activity. The image and outer form itself is just a shell for the inner spirit, and should only be looked at symbolically as representing the outer form that will multiply and produce more of the same inner feeling.

Solidtude brings mental clarity


Divine Providence comes to us intuitively as feelings and mental impressions that we don’t produce ourselves in a deliberate manner. They’re often accompanied by an inner voice as our voice used by a higher authority. These mental impressions which have a strong feeling associated with them are a form of premonition as a metaphorical preview of what’s to come. They’re previews of an event, experience, or outcome that’s about to come into being through us. If we realize what it is and accept it and continue to develop it by thinking about it and creating a full-blown reality out of it that we then concentrate on, we cooperate in co-creating it with awareness and how we experience it changes dramatically.

When we step into an idea with full awareness we realize the lesson as a realization that it offers by becoming aware of our own unconscious aspects that are ordinarily playing out in our life without our awareness. This awareness alone moves us from a reactive state to a creatively active one. Instead of being at the mercy of our life events, we’re being elevated by them, producing a whole new experience that produces new actions. When we see the truth in situations and what they’re serving to show us, we realize we have the ability to choose our response, and we become conscious and creative in our own life as a result.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

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