Developing a Moral Code – “Practical Application of Universal Laws”

Many people hold the belief that moral values or a moral code of conduct is a form of standards as a man-made concept born out of various types of judgment of right and wrong, or good and bad. In much the same way we think of the idea of a ‘sin’, and while this may be true for many, the idea of a moral code used to monitor your own behavior originated in a more objective and intelligent form as guidelines that were created from the recognition, understanding and conscious application of Universal Laws within our daily lives in order to consciously self-create at the spiritual or energetic realm of pure consciousness. It’s a tool used for developing ourselves to a higher level of consciousness as the use of absolute truth inherent in Laws and Principles themselves.

How we choose to live our life, and how we conduct ourselves and behave as a result, is constantly reforming us as a direct correspondence, it determines “who” and “how” we become by way of our own actions. A moral code that’s used to direct our behavior and remain fully conscious of our actions and what dynamics we are engaged in and become apart of, is Law used as creative instructions for how to create ourselves at both the conscious and subconscious levels, in terms of our character and the type of person we are as a basic form of self-expression.

Morals, as universal law applied in a conscious and creative manner, are a form of strategy as the intelligent and deliberate application of law, which is absolute and not subject to beliefs and mental distortions, within our life to use them as the powerful tools they are for developing ourselves to a higher level of consciousness that’s not subject to habitual patterns, illusions, addictions, emotional dramas and the temptations they pose, which can be very powerful and misleading in the most detrimental sense. A moral code, once established in a conscious and deliberate manner, must be applied without exception, knowing that in doing so, will without exception help us to recognize and gain realization around our own tendencies to violate law and render the consequences as a result, and also to be able to resist and transcend those tendencies born out of error, through conscious choice and use of our will to discipline ourselves. This turns weaknesses as creative errors into strengths as creative intelligence.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Transpersonal Psychologist, Mind-Body Medicine Consultant, and Spiritual Teacher

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