Interference Patterns Create Reality – Relationship and the Transformative Ability of Complementary Frequencies

 By understanding the primary substance and structure of all reality as photons or light that possess the qualities of both a particle and a wave, yet exists primarily in wave-form, only shape shifting into a particle when being measured (observed) “as” something specific (stabilized into a specific configuration by a matrix of other fully interacting interference patterns), and therefore taking on a specific material appearance, we can understand how light of various forms is always interacting with the same frequency in everything else, and transforming itself through the relationship it forms with it as an interference pattern of a unique nature. By building a conceptual model of this idea in our mind, we can gain a working understanding of it, which is what is needed in order to utilize the knowledge that it contains, and use that knowledge in a deliberate manner to self-create.

What this idea basically shows us, is that light (the substance of matter) exists as waves of different frequencies that are all interacting with each other through a dynamic matrix of relationships based on angles, degrees, and proportions. A wave-form can be thought of as a frequency or range of vibration that has indigenous patterning inherent in it as a form of “theme”. All the potential realities of that theme are contained within it as in a purely “potential state”, which means “unformed” or uncreated (in the material sense). One potential as a possibility, is “selected” by the relationship it forms with another mind or energy field of the same frequency (theme) that “collapses” the wave (an infinite number of possibility) into “one” as the complementary match to the mind interacting with it. All (material) reality only exists through a relationship of two interacting fields that together create a new combination as a congruent version of a universal reality. The universal exists as all possibilities within a given idea as a theme, and the personalized version emerges through a very basic form of “choice and will” as an interaction of the individual consciousness with the universal, forming a subjective reality that expresses the same theme in a unique fashion as a personal creation. Here, I’m going to keep it simple in order to establish a basic idea that’s necessary in order to set-up the basic law as an idea that will allow the process of personal realization to take place as a means of developing it through your own understanding, rather than from somebody else’s description that you accept as fact without an intuitive cognition.

The light of the universe as we currently know it, correlates with the musical scale, where frequencies exist in a hierarchical structure as a scale that are formed out of the same basic tones that moves through a series of progressions from a lower vibration to a higher one, all within the same scale as a range of vibration or frequency. Starting at the lower end and moving up the scale, it builds on itself as an accumulative process of absorption, synthesis and coherence. All the notes of one scale (7 primary) as an accumulative building effect or summation, form the tone (vibration) that becomes the first note in the next higher scale. So the first note of any scale, is both the beginning (new) and the end (total of the previous). The entire summation of the previous begins the building process of the next procession. Notes, as frequencies in the lower half of the scale can only resonate with the higher notes of the scale that preceded it, and can’t fully resonate with the higher notes within the same scale, until it undergoes a progressive process of resonating, absorbing and integrating with the slightly higher vibration within its range (2 to 3 notes), because the gap is to great, and it acts instead to repel it, or fails to be able to conceive of it. You have to get over half way (3.5 or 4) through the scale (7) in order to begin vibrating with the next higher scale (phi relationship of halves and doubles). So one frequency is only capable of resonating (harmonizing) with the frequencies that it’s comprised of and contains within its own vibratory structure, or the ones that are within close range of it that once comprehended “raise its vibration” or increases its ability to perceive higher ideas. The mind as an energy field can’t form harmony with ones that are too far away or of a significantly different structure as a mental model or paradigm.

Light of a certain frequency exists everywhere at once (through the larger unified field) in its wave form, and is omnipresent and omnipotent. As it propagates through space and time, it interferes with itself (same frequency) in everything else. As it interferes (effects and reshapes) through a relationship it forms with itself (same frequency) in another (unique aspect of that frequency), based on the differences in where it’s at on the shared scale, it matches and reinforces some qualities and aspects, while contrasting and canceling out other aspects. Through varying degrees and angles it acts on another with the same frequency to transform it through a natural reformulation of qualities that reform its characteristics, by activating and amplifying some, while deactivating and returning to a latent state other qualities. So it acts to reconfigure what’s being expressed and what’s not, within the already existing nature of a person or thing. Because the interaction is of a subtle nature (energetic) and largely unconscious in nature, and only works through already existing qualities and characteristics, the change comes about in what seems like a totally natural way. Totally natural means without direct awareness, because it’s “in us” to be that way, and so we don’t necessarily realize that we’re being manipulated and our mind modified by an interfering mind or force.

dyad abstract-digital-art-fractal-Geo_matrix

So the interaction that’s going on all the time as the energetic frequencies of a subtle nature, are constantly acting on us at the subconscious level to grow and transform us through natural means. Light, as photons, which is the primal substance of what we call matter, exists naturally as a wave, which permeates the entire fabric of space or the ether, and is not affected or diminished by distance or the illusion of separation as individual beings or particles. Because of this unifying existence of wave-forms as vibratory frequencies that make up the fabric of life, we are effected, and ultimately being shaped and reformed by the influence of light that exists throughout the universe, not just within the Earth-plane. This means that light traveling from (what seems like) distant stars are interacting with us energetically (that are of the same frequency or range of vibration), and producing a subtle and unconscious effect in us, causing us to access and take on certain aspects of ourselves and bringing them into expression within our daily lives, while removing our attention from others, returning them to a passive and inactive state. In this way, through subtleties that work within our own nature, to simply reconfigure our conscious matrix, we are influenced to undergo natural and gradual changes, that over an extended period of time, can serve to transform us in a somewhat drastic way, moving us into upper or lower scales as qualities of consciousness that we strengthen and develop into a natural part of our character.

Light, as subtle energy, interferes with and influences us by altering our “state”. Our state as our vibration is our mind or accumulated energy of consciousness that we experience from “within it”, as being it, and so, as new aspects of ourselves are brought into an active state, while others are turned off, we can remain essentially unaware, in the direct sense, of the changes we go through over extended periods of time. This is partly due to the fact that we’re no acquiring anything new or that’s significantly different or foreign, we’re simply coming into or utilizing different parts of ourselves that were always there to be utilized, but we simply never had before. Though the activation of new parts of ourselves can feel awkward and unfamiliar, this is simply because we haven’t developed them by utilizing them in some manner. In the normal sense, when we take an attitude of continuously learning and growing in our life, it comes as a natural growth process of becoming, or coming into new aspects of ourselves that give us new abilities and allow for a greater range of expression. This is analogous to the idea of activating latent potential or activating dormant abilities in our DNA, which is vibrating light also, as information, which works through a process of “turning on, or switching off”, and creating new combinations that express in new ways.

EM field

As we draw in (magnetize) energy or light of varying complementary frequencies, and develop in us the qualities they predispose us to, fully integrating and harmonizing them as part of our nature or natural way of being, we acquire them through an awareness of them and by actively bringing them into expression, we not only enhance our ability to draw in more of the same type of energy from various outside sources that are apart of the wave or field of that vibration, but we can draw in the new “ranges” associated with that vibration as a state of consciousness. By increasing or decreasing our vibration by what we actively express, becoming a magnet for more of the same state, we acquire and begin building it up as an accumulative process or graduation that alters our vibration accordingly, making it permanent.

While many are misled into thinking that the evolution of consciousness is a one-way street of constant progression and improvement, this is not the case. It’s a two-way street, and we can digress and degrade as well as progress and upgrade. It’s all about what we associate with on a daily or regular basis, whose energy we’re absorbing and assimilating at the subtle, unconscious level, that’s reforming us as a state of mind to be like them through the interference patterns that are always in place that reinforce and bring out some qualities through utilization, and canceling or deactivating other qualities through non-use, that ultimately transforms us accordingly. We are constantly moving up and down a scale of consciousness as “states of being”. Any interaction, whether literal and actual, or subtle and purely energetic or unconscious, with whatever we exist in some form of relationship with, or conduct our lives in near proximity of, is effecting us in some way. These effects may be noticeable as an actual dialogue or behaviors that we become aware of through our own reactions, while others come purely as a feeling or as imaginary mental impressions, our through the symbolic realities of our nightly dreams. We’re always being influenced and transformed by everything around us that’s within the same vibratory frequency or complementary range of vibration as we are.

If this energetic influence as our state of mind appeals to the qualities and characteristics of our “lower range”, then it acts to reproduce and accumulate more of that same consciousness through the experiences and memory it creates, devolving or degrading us to a lower frequency. If these energetic influences appeal to the consciousness of our “higher range”, developing and increasing those qualities, it advances us. As we move up the scale so to speak, our lower end becomes higher, and our highest even higher, making us no longer susceptible to the influence of anything that exists outside of our range. This is experienced as things or people and ideas that used to attract or cause a reaction in us, no longer affecting us. There’s no “emotional hook” (as the experience of resonance) that grabs onto and immediately engages you, and therefore is no longer “tempting”. You have no interest, no problem saying no, and walking away without continuing to think about it. Once you rise to a certain point you’re no longer in danger of falling back. You no longer relate, engage and participate, and it doesn’t even hold your attention. You no longer think about those type of things, or get distracted by them.


So once we understand this basic law of light and energy, it gives us great insight into several things that previously eluded us or remained somewhat mysterious and therefore unusable. The most fundamental means we have of conscious and deliberate self-development is to intentionally place ourselves in certain environments, and associate only with those people that we respect, honor, admire, revere and aspire towards and want to become more like. Cultivate only relationships that foster our growth in a desirable way, honor and enhance our morality, and act naturally to bring out the best in us, strengthening and exercising our best and highest nature as virtues. While simultaneously severing ties with everyone and everything that doesn’t call on us to be the best we can be, or always act to contradict us and try to seductively persuade us to give up what we hold valuable and meaningful in order to agree and settle into being more like them.

People are always working on us just through their interaction with us to make us more like them, living out of the same values and quality of consciousness as a lifestyle or mind set, and conversing in the same way with the same attitude, while thinking the same type of things out of the same emotional perspective and attitude. They don’t do this necessarily on purpose, though some definitely do, but it comes as the very nature of the interaction itself that’s working at the energetic level to form interference patterns that work by way of reformulating our basic nature to match theirs. Whomever we enter into relationship with, acts naturally to transform some aspect of us through their influence, which, through resonance and sympathetic induction, eventually forms coherence and thereby becomes correlated as a coordinated (similar) movement and way of behaving. The more personal and intimate the relationship, the more pronounced the transformative effect. Intimate, sexual, and romantic relationships that involve deep feelings of love, ultimately produce the effect of becoming singular in nature and functioning together as a unified entity that’s of the same mind, nature, and style of expression. So these relationships are particularly important to engage in with full awareness of what they’re bringing out in you, and what kind of person you become when you’re with them. As well as, what you are acting to bring out in them as a means of creating a joint reality as the theme inherent in your shared vibration.

Dr. Linda Gadbois




How Intention Influences Matter – The State-of-Mind we’re in when we Handle and Prepare Food, Impregnates It

There’s always an interaction going on between Consciousness, Energy, and Matter

One of the easiest ways to really understand this idea is by recognizing the most basic law governing the relationship between energy and matter as passive and active aspects of each other, and vibration that programs substance with qualities of consciousness, which through resonance, sympathetic induction, and coherence alters the state of the material object being “inhabited” by consciousness. Primal matter doesn’t have any “life” of its own, and only lives by way of the consciousness that first constructs it into a physical form which then serves as a receptor or vessel for it. Consciousness infuses matter with a program as patterning (vibration) that it acts as a carrier or vehicle for. Matter has the ability to “take on” and store information as intelligence of the consciousness it comes into contact with it, is being  transferred into it through touch (handling) and mental projection (what you’re feeling and thinking), or of that which exists in near proximity of it as a form of transmission. We have chakras or strong energy centers in the palm of our hands, that infused whatever we handle and hold with our consciousness as a state of mind.  Not only is the food we eat itself important in terms of nutritional quality, and the method used to prepare it (which further alters its chemical state), but also the “spirit or consciousness” of the person who’s preparing it, who transfers their consciousness into the food, and is “sensed” as a feeling impression or quality by the person who eats it. Just as we digest and assimilate the nutritional and energetic properties of the food, using it as building blocks for regeneration of our molecular structure, we also digest and integrate the consciousness it was impregnated with and acted as a vehicle for. All energy can be converted into matter, and matter converted into energy, through the same metabolic processes.

All senses, both material and spiritual, are interchangeable in terms of one being able to systematically produce the function of the others. Taste, for example, will also produce feelings, an inner hearing, and a mental impression or visual idea,  indicate a color, and so on. All attention or consciousness that’s directed into something by looking at it, thinking about it, and handling it with that quality of consciousness, enters into its material substance, which is a conductor and carrier of consciousness, infusing it, and “held in it” as a form of mental pattern or memory. So no matter what sense is used in handling, using, or eating the object, it invokes all other senses simultaneously, including higher senses, which all act together in a unified fashion to form the “consciousness of the object” in the mind of the person consuming it and taking it in as part of their consciousness. Matter acts as a vehicle or carrier for consciousness as spirit (invisible), which readily moves into and through it, infusing it, and impregnating it. The food contains the mental attitude and “state” (quality of consciousness) of the person growing and caring for it, handling it in the harvesting and market, the intention being employed when selecting or purchasing it, and of the person that handles it as a means of preparing it.

Woman seasoning food

Food prepared while in a loving state, provides a feeling of love and pleasure for the person eating it. Food prepared with resentment, anger, or dislike or lack of enjoyment (drudgery), is also taken in and digested by the person eating it. The state of mind you’re in when you prepare the food becomes the spiritual component infused in the food, and becomes a part of the state of mind of the person eating it. We’re influenced by the “feeling” in the food as we eat it, which is sensed through an inner experience of a sensory nature (idea as its essence), that comes as an imaginary mental impression. What we “hear”, is wholly identical with what we taste, smell, feel, and visualize as a thought, internal concept or idea. In the spiritual sense of the mind, which exists in a unified state where all things are interconnected as a continuous part of everything else, and as the means of perceiving and experiencing everything in the material world, all things exist nested within each other and systematically unfold “out of each other”. So whatever material sense is dominant, it acts naturally to birth all other senses through a natural process of unfolding into a complete idea as the expression and representation of the consciousness living within it.

Plants are neutral and void of higher levels of consciousness, and exist as a passive receptor, and so their essence is programmed by higher consciousness as an intake process. Whereas an animal possesses higher forms of consciousness as a personality with natural behaviors and tendencies, and so in killing and eating the dead flesh of an animal, we acquire or experience internally and take on the consciousness of that animal. We absorb it’s essence through its blood infused meat, and take on its state of mind as an influence or subtlety, as well as acquire some of its actual DNA.  Blood, as plasma, which is the same thing stars are made out of, hold things together in a charged state as the essence and qualities of consciousness infused in it that make up its character which dictates how it behaves. The act of killing an animal infuses it with that intention as an experience, which saturates its blood stream with the hormones produced by the experience of being killed while desperately clinging to life. Hormones are chemical regulators that form emotional “states” that produces natural behaviors of that state, while regulating the biological processes of the body through that same state of mind and behaviors. As the hormones in the blood stream saturate the muscles and organs of the animal, infusing them with the stress of the fight or flight response as a form of anxiety, when we eat the hormone saturated flesh, we absorb and assimilate the same chemical messengers along with the animals essences as a quality of consciousness, and take on those same states and types of behavior as applied to our species, level of consciousness, and life circumstances. Ultimately, what we consume and metabolize, we become the same as in both the material and spiritual sense.

aura plant

The attitude that we walk through life with impregnates material nature around us with that same quality of consciousness, which it “holds” and acts as a carrier or vessel for. We “infect” matter with our consciousness, which then continues to influence everyone connected with it, or in near proximity to it, as well as re-infecting ourselves. This is easy to understand in terms of distinctly sensing the vibes people put off as their energy, or walking into a place where you can distinctly sense the energy of the place as the consciousness and activities of the people inhabiting and operating within it, that are what give it the “feeling it has”. If we pay attention, and stay present within our life experiences, we realize that we have a pronounced ability to sense the energy emanating from all material objects, whether living or not. The energy emanating from living bodies, have a kind of “signature” to them in the sense that they possess souls as a level of individuality or active properties that give them distinct form, characteristics and behaviors. Though plants aren’t “animated” through a regulatory process of nerves, hormones and neurons, they do possess active properties which produce a physical effect in our body by altering our chemistry. They simply don’t produce a direct effect on our mood, emotional state, or influence how we feel and behave (outside of producing a “clearing effect”). Plants have a neutralizing quality, and only carries the “mind-like” qualities of consciousness that it receives from those of a higher mind.

So along with the idea of not eating while in a bad mood, or experiencing a strong emotional reaction, you should also avoid handling and preparing food while in a negative state of mind, or while dwelling in an idea, thought process, or reliving a memory that’s born out of or that produces a negative emotional state. Food handled and prepared by those who love and take great care in preparing and cooking food, or that are doing it as a means of caring for those they love, is double nutritious in that it carries the feelings of love and enjoyment. In a like manner, plants of all kinds always grow better when people who love them are the ones caring for them. Plants that are in a house or living space, are infused with the consciousness of the people living in that space, and act as a recorder for emotional events that take place within the house. Modern technology has realized that lie detector probes can be attached to plants, much like humans, and when people walk into the room with them that are of various states of mind, that the plants actually form a reaction as a correspondence. Upset, ill will, angry or negative emotions produce a tense state as a strong reaction, while happiness, love, and laughter produce a relaxed and harmonious state. All of which can be measured and evaluated in the same manner as a lie detector test for a person that registers their reaction. While plants don’t understand verbal ideas or questions, they very much register the “state of mind” of the person asking the questions, as well as the people who are anywhere near them.

Dr. Linda Gadbois


Spiritual Perception – Intuition and the Soul’s Signature

The Soul Perceives the Soul of Everything Else

three selves

In order to understand this model, we have to clarify the difference between the physical body as the outer appearance of a thing, and the “essence” or inner qualities that are animating the material body with a kind of personality imbued with distinct characteristics. We have what we call “planes of perception”, such as the physical, etheric, astral, and spiritual, which are all inter-dimensional aspects of any living entity, and exist at different levels of density requiring different senses in order to be able to perceive with any amount of distinction or accuracy. These “bodies” as levels, correspond to the 4 “states of matter”, which are charged (electrified) plasma, gas, liquid, and solid. Accuracy, in this case, of course is referring to being able to actually sense them through a personal experience, rather than through reading a book on it or have someone tell you what the experience is like, and then somewhat making it up or trying to see what you believe you should be seeing instead of letting it come in whatever way it naturally does. I’m not going to go into each level, because it’s not necessary or important in order to understand the process, but simply want to distinguish between the “inner” and the “outer”, and the visible and invisible aspects of any living being. Each plane or level of existence, which has its own unique qualities and properties, is necessary to “be in” in order to perceive the reality within that level of existence. You can’t perceive one level using the senses of a different level.

The body and the material senses perceive the outer appearance of things in terms of sensory qualities (seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and tasting), whereas the soul doesn’t perceive the external physical construction of things, but intuitively conceives of their innate powers and virtues, and what we could call their “signature” or unique, individual way of being. Through spiritual perception we can come to recognize the inner nature of things. While we live in a basic illusion of mind and matter being separate, and the individual mind being separate from the universal mind, as well as from each other, in fact, all secret powers of Nature may be discovered through our own “inner perception”. Intuitive perception comes by sensing everything around us by what’s being awakened within us in relationship with it. We can sense the true nature of things as its being reflected (stimulated) in us. We sense it as a “feeling quality” that can be felt inwardly by our being, that can’t be seen. It comes to us as a feeling that forms a translucent mental impression of the internal nature or essence of a living entity.

subtle matter

Our soul (sidereal) body is directly connected to the soul of everything around us. All qualities, powers, and characteristics of a thing, is it’s “spirit” (ethereal substance), essence, or principle (active force), and is strongly perceivable by our own sidereal body. All living forms have a soul or sidereal body as an etheric double to the physical body, which is what gives it the properties, characteristics and behaviors it naturally possesses. In animals and humans this is sensed as the nature and behaviors that form its personality. In plants it’s seen as the active properties that not only give a plant its outer characteristics, but determines whether it produces a healing and nutritive effects or poisonous and toxic effects. The essence of all things is the active spiritual component that animates the material aspect, giving it life as qualities, characteristics, and behaviors or “ways of being”.

Our inner sense, the center of all senses, is the faculty whereby we’re able to feel the impressions produced by the exterior senses. These various impressions are received into the imagination (mind’s eye) of a person as bodily sensations that give rise to spontaneous mental images as representations or metaphors for the qualities it possesses. The imagination is an energy transformer that turns feelings and bodily sensations as “vibrations” into physical forms that are analogous to it as correspondences. And though the impressions can seem fleeting and pass quickly, the impression they make as a feeling lingers and is lasting. All senses that we possess are in fact “one sense” operating through multiple aspects that all interact on multiple planes of existence simultaneously, and produce the process of how energy as an invisible force is turned into a physical form or shape, through the mind which acts as a transductor for converting energy from one form to another. In this case, is assigns physical properties to what exists a pure feeling sensations.

The signature of a living entity is like its fingerprint, it’s a particular and specialized vital activity possessed by each natural object. The internal signature as inner qualities also effect the exterior appearance of the form, and by simply examining the exterior form with an intuitive mind, you can learn a lot about the interior form. The inner and the outer correspond to one another in the basic sense and are analogous, and the inner nature of a person can be recognized by a trained observer without using spiritual sight. The internal character of a person can be seen in their appearance, behavioral style, manner of walking and how they hold themselves, sound of their voice and how they speak, their emotional state, style of dress, personal grooming, and so on. The more connected we stay to nature, the more we can sense the inner nature of things, but when we become consumed with unnatural things, and begin living in an illusion, we lose this power, and instead buy into the exterior appearance of things and the false image they project, and can fail almost completely to perceive their true character.

mental energy

In order to develop this ability, which exists within you as a latent potential, when you’re around someone or something, start off with someone you don’t know and where there’s no emotional charge taking place, turn your central attention away from the outer appearance by letting your eyes go out of focus where you’re not seeing any details that may be distracting, and simultaneously tune into how you’re feeling inside because of them. Create a neutral state of mind that’s not judging, viewing through a belief or opinion, or setting an expectation for what you’re going to find, and with as objective a mind as you can muster up, concentrate all your attention on what sensations your feeling by how you’re being stimulated on the inside of your body. Notice that these sensations have feelings in them that are emotional in nature. This emotional feeling being awakened within you in response to them is what you would call their “state”. Out of our state of mind comes our perceptual lens and natural thought processes as well as our behaviors. As you concentrate on how you’re feeling, allow natural impressions to form in your mind out of the feelings. Don’t try to “make it happen” if its not naturally, and at no point in the whole process try to “control the thoughts and impressions”. Keep your mind blank, and mentally form an open space or arena within your mind, and allow an idea to spontaneously arise, take on a form of its own with attributes and qualities, and allow it to “entertain you”, while you simply watch and observe  it with a passive mind. Don’t try to interpret it in terms of what it means about the person, because once we begin interpreting, we’re now “blending with their energy” and directing it by forming it into our mental model. As we interpret we reshape them to be like us. Stay neutral, and simply allow everything to happen of its own volition without needing to direct it in any manner.

What I call the mental impressions that arise out of feelings, aren’t necessarily actual images that have a visual property, but rather an invisible picture that forms more as the qualities and motion it takes on as a character or as expressing qualities of some sort. It can be fowl, grotesque, and evil feeling, or it can be graceful, flowing, and inspire a feeling of adoration, it can contrast you drastically, or resonate completely with you, and of course, everything in between. Notice that you may also be able to sense it as a color(s), sound, having a texture, as a flowing pattern or dynamic design, as being heavy or light, sweet or bitter, or any number of corresponding sensory attributes. What we refer to as the “senses” exist on multiple planes at once, are interchangeable and able to perform the functional of any of the other senses, and though it requires a physical body in order to perceive through physical sense, the fact is, we also have “higher sense”, which come more as feelings and inspiration, that correlate to the physical senses, and bring the same idea inherent in the feeling (vibration) into a physical form with sensory qualities within the mind’s eye.

Sometimes what we sense doesn’t produce an image with sensory qualities, but stays in the form of a feeling or mood. The stronger the emotional state, the more vivid and active the physical sensations it activates within you, and the more “sensory” the imagined experience becomes. Some feelings bring ideas and images that are up close, in full color, and very immediate and specific in nature, others have a distance, longing feeling to them and may seem somewhat monotone, or more like a reflection on glass that has a melancholy reality to it. But regardless of what forms in your mind as a way of reading the inner state of the person, always keep in mind, these are metaphors and symbolic ideas that represent the nature of the energy, and are not to be taken literally, but rather as representing a certain quality of consciousness. Practice first on things that you have not real attachment to or strong judgments around, and as you start getting the hang of it, and it starts coming easily and faithfully, then progress to more challenging ones, where more intense emotions are involved, or who are overly dramatic and intense in how they express themselves and have a stronger “triggering” ability. Again, always staying objective and unattached, in a neutral mindset that’s not directing or controlling the process, and that has no motives involved. If at any point you become involved or begin taking on the emotions of the person, quick practicing and resume only when you’re back in a situation that you can remain unattached to with no problem. Then, continue practicing. With daily and consistent practice, this will become a natural mind-set and ability.

Dr. Linda Gadbois






What Reactive Behaviors are showing you about Yourself

Reactive Behaviors show you the Areas of your Life that you’re still Unaware of


In order to understand this idea, we have to look at the nature of a reaction, and what’s actually happening when we react, as well as what it means to “heal” in the sense that it’s being used here. Someone who acts to stimulate you into a reactive state because of how they’re being, what they’re doing or saying, or how they’re treating you, shows you areas about yourself, that you still remain unaware of,  either through denial, repression, or conditioning of some sort. Anytime we begin reacting, we switch into a form of auto-pilot, and literally go unconscious to what’s happening and what it is we’re actually doing. We’re being “controlled” by the person or idea that’s eliciting an immediate reaction in us. Because of this instant, automated factor, we not only create out of an unconscious state, but we do so by repeating patterns born out of memory of the past, which is what gives us the pattern necessary to act out in an automated fashion, requiring no awareness or thought process on our part as to what we doing and why, let alone realizing the consequences we draw to ourselves while in the illusory state.

Reactions come through associations of some sort that instantly references a memory where the same type of idea was being played out (which is the triggering mechanism), where we pull it out, superimpose it over the current situation using it to perceive it through, making it about the same idea, and act the same way we did in the memory, by making what’s happening in the present mean the same thing as the past. Our mind registers that “this” is the same as “that”. Because we make it mean the same thing, and therefore react in the same way, we can be triggered into a blind reaction by a behavior, tone of voice, a feeling, an attitude, an emotional state being demonstrated around us, the words being used, or through an idea being played out that we have strong emotional ties to that form what we call our “issues”.

Reactions can be both of a good nature, stimulating positive emotions that bring about pleasurable experiences, or of a bad nature that stimulate negative emotions that are painful and violent, and ultimately destructive in nature. But no matter the nature of the experience it causes, it comes as being controlled by whomever or whatever is causing the reaction, and going unconscious in our own life and acting in a way that creates our experience, shapes us by way of our own self-created experiences, and renders a like reaction to our actions as a chain reaction, where what we do in a reactive state becomes the cause for producing an equal or greater reaction in others, which becomes self-perpetuating and gains momentum through escalation. This is the most basic form of repeating the past in the present, or being a product of our conditioning and what we call karma, and the basis for all “sin” as creating while in an unconscious state and unaware of what we’re doing, and therefore creating in error.

DNA and the Pineal

The opportunity being offered anytime we’re feeling stimulated inside to instantly react to something outside of us in a pronounced and intense manner, is it allows us to see what idea as a conditioned memory is still alive in us, able to be activated and repeated in the present, causing more of the same ideas and situations as in the past. In shows in what ways we are controllable by outside forces, and how we keep repeating the past in the present as a means of determining our future. It allows us to see what our karma is as unconscious tendencies that we repeat over and over without any actual realization of what we’re doing. It allows us to see things about ourselves that we don’t normally see or recognize, because we’re covering them up or justifying them (as being real) through the story that we keep telling ourselves about them that make them seem real and true, and therefore justify our right to feel the way we do and “keep” them.

By realizing this ability to show us aspects of ourselves that we remain unaware of, where we build an illusion around it through the story we tell about it that makes it appear different than it really is, we fail to own it or be able to regulate it through awareness and willful action. If we completely remove all attention from the outside source causing the reaction, and instead place all of our attention on what’s happening inside of us that has nothing to do with what’s happening outside of us, we can see a process that takes place, instantly forming a “version of reality” that we systematically superimpose over the present situation as a means of instant interpretation that has a whole, preprogrammed pattern of behavior inherent in it as what we did before when the same thing happened to us. If we refrain from actually reacting while still letting the process that’s going on internally continue while observing it, we can notice what memory we associate to it, reference in relation to it, and use as an automated program for repeating a past idea by acting it out. We can notice what begins running through our mind as a story we start telling ourselves “about” what’s happening and what it means about us, other people, and the way the world is in general. Through reactive behaviors we repeat the patterns of the past in the present and they set the basis for our creating more of the same idea in our future. If we turn all our attention inwardly while allowing the reactive state to continue playing out in us, we’ll get a very clear idea on what areas in our life still remain unresolved and alive inside of us, that we’re continuing to create out of.

Through awareness alone, we can see our own internal process for how “we create” the reactive state as a means of cooperating with the same quality of consciousness in the present that we did in the past. We can witness what we’re doing to create our reactive state. Nobody ever “makes us” do anything, they just provide the stimulus for us to do it to ourselves. We create the inner state which produces the outer behavior as what we call a reaction that’s compulsive in nature. Nobody ever really controls us, we simply fail to be able to control ourselves, and in doing so, allow ourselves to be controlled by others. Because we imagine that something’s being done “to us” by another, we claim no responsibility for our own actions, and instead blame it on the person causing it. Blame itself is an illusion, because our internal state is always being conducted by us, and whatever is being done to us, is being done by us through a lack of self-awareness as to who’s doing the doing. So by becoming aware of what memories we have associated to reactive tendencies, and how our memories of the past continue to define us by shaping our experiences in the present, we can neutralize the “triggering mechanism” as an emotional charge, and in doing so, consciously decide how we want to perceive and respond to whatever is happening in the present moment, with full awareness of what we’re doing and what will result from what we’re doing.


Most of our memories as our primal conditioning are created by the mind of a child ingrained with a certain nature, predisposition, temperament, and tendencies, as an “interpretation” of events and activities in order to make sense of them, which comes by way of the meaning we give them that fashions the story we begin telling ourselves about them as a result. This story, formed from the imagination, intelligence and emotional state of a child, forms our “core beliefs” as the reality of our story and what’s required to sustain it, which is a personal creation as an illusion, which continues into our adulthood, where we continue perceiving reality according to our childhood story. Our beliefs shape our reality, not in the literal sense of the external elements themselves, but in terms of what we see and don’t see in any situation and how we interpret it to give it the meaning it holds for us as the means of experiencing it, while shaping our identity by way of our story about things. In this way, our memories, which are formed largely through an imaginary process of storytelling based on not knowing the true reality or other facts to what’s going on and only viewing it from “our perspective”, becomes our programming as our perceptual lens and mental filtering system, which forms the basis of all our perceptions of what we call reality, which is in fact a subjective experience of an outer objective reality. In this way our beliefs replace “actual” objective reality as an illusion that becomes a delusion, because we live out of this illusion as though it was true and thereby making it true for us.

As we witness the whole process that’s taking place within us, and being conducted by us, while shutting off all reference to the outside conditions and circumstances prompting the internal process, we can see clearly the illusion of it. We can see what we’re doing to ourselves to create the emotional state of the reaction. Through this self-awareness of the true reality of the situation, neutralizes the emotional charge as the triggering mechanism, dulling

the compulsiveness, and in that moment of calm where their used to be a storm, we realize we have a choice. We can choose how to first perceive it in a new light from a new (mature) perspective by staying in the present with what’s actually happening now, and how we want to respond accordingly. What originated as a thoughtless, knee jerk reaction, becomes a thoughtful relaxed response. In this way, the only thing that has changed, is that we took control of our own internal process instead of forfeiting it to others. We move from being “other referencing” to being “self-referencing”. By becoming aware of what we were previously unaware of, it loses its grip on us, and we find ourselves easily taking control of what was previously out of control.

Once we realize that our “perception as an interpretation” is actually something we do with our mind as a process of association and referencing the past with the present, we can actively engage in incorporating new models and paradigms necessary to form new types of experiences. We can literally take control of our own internal mental processes and direct them in an intelligent and deliberate manner by learning how to work by way of the laws as natural processes of the mind to create reality as a personal interpretation of what originates from a neutral set of events, completely devoid of personal meaning. Things only mean what we make them mean. Meaning is something we assign to material things as a way of interpreting them through a story about them as a way of experiencing them while simultaneously fashioning ourselves by way of our own perceptions. We can realize, that any time we experience being controlled by somebody else through a reaction were forming to them, we can realize that what’s actually happening is we are failing to take control of ourselves and turning over that right to another by remaining unaware of our own internal experience as a creative process. As we become aware of how we create our experiences, and we learn how to take control of our own internal processes, we come to a place where we no longer react, and instead remain relaxed and calm inside, and able to think clearly through an isolated state of inner peace. By taking control of our own mind, we exist in a constant state of introspection, that once we master, forms inner peace as self-awareness, responsibility, and competency in regards to our own self-creation and soul evolution.

Dr. Linda Gadbois